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Demon's Diary - C287

The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader said with a slight cough, "Since Junior Brother Liu has already advanced to the Liquid Level, you are now entitled to read some of the sealed material, including the information of the Vast Sea Royalty. If you are interested, I can give you a general introduction."

"Thank you, Senior Brother!" Liu Ming slightly bowed to him.

"I don't know how much Junior Brother Liu knows about our Yunchuan Continent. Do you have any idea that how big the world outside Yunchuan is?"

The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader asked with a serious look on his face.

"I've heard people say before that our Yunchuan Continent wasn't big. Outside of Yunchuan, there is a Zhongtian Continent. That should be where the Six Yin Martial Ancestor came from."

Liu Ming replyed.

"It is extremely rare for junior to know the name of the Zhongtian Continent." The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader said slowly.

"However, the so-called Yunchuan Continent was nothing more than a name Yunchuan sects gave to it. The true name should be Yunchuan Island and it could not even be compared with a real continent like the Zhongtian Continent."

"There are billions of human beings in the Zhong Continent. There are countless cultivation sects and that place is where our human race originate."

"In addition, there was the Savage Continent, which was ruled by the Demons, and the Myriad Devils Continent, which was ruled by the Devils."

"In addition to that, there are some smaller sub-continents which are only a thousandth the size of the real continents. Although they are occupied by other outsiders, they are many times larger than ours."

"The outside world is actually so vast!" Liu Ming said in wonder.

The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader continued with a smile, "Beyond these continents were endless seas. Vast Ocean is a region of the sea that includes our Yunchuan Island."

"This area contains thousands of islands. There were seven or eight islands larger than Yunchuan, and more than ten islands the same size as Yunchuan."

"Most of these islands are occupied by the Sea Race and other powerful Demonic Beasts. The most powerful force is the Vast Ocean Royalty. It's also known as the Golden Scale Clan. Not only did this clan occupy the largest islands, they also have countless experts. Just the Fake Pill Level masters alone, there should be around ten of them."

"The Sea race had always been arrogant. They don't feel like dealing with other races. In addition, Yunchuan is a remote place, so we know little about each other. But we are more or less related to the human sects on the Zhongtian Continent. This has also caused the Vast Sea Royalty to be somewhat afraid. Therefore, this time, the clan's sudden dispatch of Fake Pill Level expert to help the Three Seas Clan is beyond our expectations."

"So that's how it is!" Liu Ming understood. "The Vast Sea Royalty is truly so powerful"

"If Junior Brother is really interested in these secrets, you can learn more details on your own."

The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader said while twirling his beard.

Liu Ming nodded.

"Although we have called a truce, the possibility of them going back on their word is not high, there will still be a large number of people stationed here. Our sects are discussing this matter these few days. Junior brother Liu is a Liquid Level Cultivator. Maybe you'll be posted here for a while。"

The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader wished for him to contribute a little bit

"That is Liu Ming's responsibility." He did not hesitate.

"But, Martial Nephew Liu had just advanced into the Liquid Level, We'd better assign other people to station here first." Martial Martial Uncle Yan, who was at the side, suddenly said this.

"Yes, Yes. I should let Junior Brother Liu consolidate his cultivation."

The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader turned around and replied respectfully.

Liu Ming naturally gave his thanks.

On their way home, Liu Ming learned a few more details from the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader. The Crystal Level Cultivators of the sects had luckily not lost their lives, but the Liquid Level Cultivators and Spirit Apostles suffered a lot of casualties

In this battle, six or seven Liquid Level Masters from the Barbarian Ghost Sect died. Among them were Zhu Chi and the leader of the Yin Faction, who Gui Ruquan had never liked.

When Liu Ming heard the news of Zhu Chi's death, his face slightly changed.

Although he didn't have much contact with this "Martial Uncle" back then, they had met a few times and he was very friendly to him. Therefore, he naturally felt a sliver of sadness in his heart.

Liu Ming chatted with the two for a while before saying goodbye to them.

"Martial Nephew Liu, when you have free time, you should practice the Corpse Refining Technique I taught you."

Martial Uncle Yan's eyes flashed twice before he spoke.

Liu Ming was slightly startled when he heard this, but he immediately gave a bow in response before turning around and leaving the room.

"Martial Uncle, it seems that you really think highly of Junior Brother Liu."

After Liu Ming's figure disappear at the entrance, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader suddenly asked Martial Uncle Yan with a smile.

"What do you think of Martial Nephew Liu's performance in this battle?" Martial Uncle Yan asked with narrowed eyes.

"In terms of strength alone, Junior Brother Liu was outstanding. Otherwise, the disciples would not compare him with Zhang Xiuniang."

The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader replied truthfully.

"In that case, why should I not think well of him? After all, my green-furred iron corpse will become a true Silver Corpse in a short period of time if nothing goes wrong after this battle. At that time, the stronger you are, the more likely you will be able to subdue him." Martial Martial Uncle Yan said slowly.

"That's true. " The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader said with a strange expression.
"Since Junior Brother Liu is proficient in flying sword arts, would he really plan to focus on cultivating sword arts in the future?"

"Hehe, who knows. Since he has advanced to Middle Liquid Level, He will make his own choice. This is not something that you and I can interfere with." Martial Uncle Yan replied indifferently.

The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader revealed a thoughtful expression as he nodded his head. However, in the next moment, he changed the topic and said, "Martial Uncle, the matter regarding the Sea Demon Emperor should not be false. A Golden Pill Level Master had actually appeared! I really think that's a terrible thing."

He had a serious expression on his face.
"No matter who won, it won't be easy for Yunchuan to maintain its original independence."

"There is no need for Fellow Yuan Mo to deceive us. Otherwise, with the strength of the Vast Ocean Royalty, it would not be so easy to make the Three Clans to retreat. I' afraid the Sea Demon Emperor forming a Golden Pill was definitely true. As for the matter between the Vast Ocean Royalty and the emperor, it is not something that we can interfere with." Martial Uncle Yan muttered to himself for a moment before slowly replying.

"However, no matter how powerful a Golden Pill Master is, the Vast Ocean Royalty had already dominated this area for many years. It was possible that the battle between the two would be at a stalemate of hundreds or even thousands of years. What we can do during this period is to try our best to strengthen and protect ourselves."

"What do you think about the proposal to establish the Yunchuan Alliance?"

"The Yunchuan Alliance will be great! In the future, the entire human race might face a powerful enemy. We, the big sects, must band together in order to have a chance to fight with them. I don't know if Three Saints and Six Scions Plan will work. Most of the sects would have to consider this carefully."

"First, choosing three cultivators who have the potential to break through into the Fake Pill Level, and nine Spirit Apostles with the most outstanding potential. Second, training them with the entire Yunchuan's resources to get one or two Fake Pill Cultivators and even a Golden Pill Level Master within a thousand years. What if we fail?"

The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader said with a bitter smile.
"This plan must cost a lot of manpower and material resources, and every sect must contribute. If someone from a sect was chosen, of course, his sect would be willing to contribute resources. But what if no one was chosen? I'm afraid any sect would not be happy to nurture the people from other sects."

"That is why Fellow Yuan Mo suggested at the very end that we choose nine people to leave the sect they belong to and swear that in this life they will fight together and protect the entire Island and never interfere in the disputes between the sects."

Martial Uncle Yan's eyes sparkled as he slowly spoke.

"A mere oath, how could it restrain those people whose cultivation increases greatly in the future? Unless he could establish a blood contract that could restrict even Golden Pill Cultivators."

"However, this blood contract has been lost in the Yunchuan for many years, where can we find it?"

The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader shook his head and said.

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