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Demon's Diary - C286 Returning

This was very different from before. When the Heavy Water Pearl was activated, there was no such thing.

Liu Ming was quite surprised and hurriedly let out his Mental Energy to scan the interior of the bead. After a moment, he hurriedly shook his sleeve. A ball of blue light flashed and the Sumeru Conch that was previously kept by "Liu Ming" appeared once again.

Liu Ming grabbed the Sumeru Conch and extended his spirit imprint into it. Immediately, he cried out: "The Golden Essence Dirt has indeed disappeared!"

"That fellow actually dissolved this kind of material into the Heavy Water Pearl, but he only raised it to a high grade Spiritual Weapon!"

His expression was naturally filled with endless regret!

He originally planned on using this piece of Golden Essence Dirt to refine a top grade pill furnace, but now all of it had been used up by the person who stole his body from him.

The lament in Liu Ming's heart only lasted for a moment. After a slight thought, he vaguely felt that something was wrong.

If he could easily raise the Cyan Moon Sword to a top grade weapon, how could he not know how valuable this material was?

After a few flashes of his eyes, Liu Ming put away the other items, including the Sumeru Conch. A ball of black gas immediately shot out from his body.


Liu Ming rushed out of the mountain peak and his body appeared high in the sky.

He raised his head, using his spirit imprint to search the surroundings.

After confirming that there were no others, he flipped his hand.

The black bead appeared in his hand.

Liu Ming muttered incantations and began to wildly pour his Fa Li into the bead.

His wrist sunk, for the bead instantly became over 5 thousand kilograms in weight!

If Liu Ming hadn't been careful and had increased his strength, he would have really let the treasure fall out of his five fingers.

But, in the next moment, he stopped chanting and raised the brow of his brow. The bead in his hand suddenly flew toward a small mountain nearby that was a few hundred feet tall.

The moment the bead left his hand, countless black fog immediately rushed out and crushed into the top of the mountain.


An enormous earthen yellow mountain shadow flashed from within the black fog. Then the black fog transformed into a long black river. After a few coiling around the huge mountain, the two descended together with a rumbling sound.

A loud and shocking sound echoed out!

Under the pressure of the enormous earthen yellow mountain shadow, the mountain below immediately cracked and exploded. At the same time, the black mist in the area within a radius of a few kilometers surged and caused the space to suddenly become extremely thick.

Seeing this, Liu Ming's heart trembled.

This was not something that a high grade Spirit Weapon could accomplish. Moreover, he hadn't used all of his Fa Li and the newly added restrictions on the bead had never been truly refined.

With a pensive look on his face, he waved his hand in the air.

The earthen yellow mountain shadow and the surrounding black fog disappeared in a flash.

As for the black bead, it let out a loud sound as it flew up from a pile of rocks. After a few flashes, it returned to Liu Ming's hand.

He carefully examined the bead before putting it into his sleeve.

Then, he waved his sleeve and a green ball flew out.

After being urged by the spell, it suddenly transformed into a twenty-foot long blue flying boat.

Liu Ming's body flashed and with a tap of his foot, he flew into the boat.

The boat turned into a ball of green light and flew through the air.

At this time, a magic plate appeared in Liu Ming's hands. He used the plate to drive the boat.

A few hours later, he arrived at the edge of the mountain range without a sound and appeared in a nearby mountain peak.

This was where he had fought with the golden-armored man earlier!

Liu Ming was sure that there were no Sea Race Army here before he actually dared to drive the boat out.

His gaze swept across the large rocks on the mountains and the ground. He easily determined that he had not been possessed by another man for long. It should only take him three or four days at most.

Subsequently, he flipped his hand again and a stack of light blue formation flags and a jade box appeared in his hand.

Not long ago, when he was examining the items in the Sumeru Conch, he accidentally discovered two additional items.

He recognized the flags. They were previously inserted into the surroundings of this area.

As for the talisman within the jade box, he had a faint guess, but he wasn't too sure.

Standing in the front of the flying boat, he put them back into his sleeve. Then he urged the boat to leave.

However, the moment he took off, he formed a sign with one hand and pointed at the flying boat. Immediately, a layer of concealment restrictions caused the boat to become as light as a feather.

He had already made up his mind. If he ran into a spy from the Sea Race near the huge city, he would immediately turn around and escape into Da Xuan Country.

His worry was clearly unnecessary.

After flying for half a day, he did not encounter any scouts from the Sea Race. Instead, he ran into a group of human disciples.

Among them were a few Barbarian Ghost Sect disciples.
Liu Ming was overjoyed and immediately went up to greet them.

From these disciples, Liu Ming learned that the battle had ended early due to the intervention of Fake Pill Level experts. Furthermore, the Sea Race Army had already retreated.

He was surprised and happy. After asking for a bit more, he also knew that Zhang Xiuniang and a few other companions who had snuck into the floating city with him had all returned to the huge city.

Not long ago, the Barbarian Ghost Sect had also sent out several groups of disciples to search for the only missing person.

Liu Ming relaxed and flew at full speed toward the huge city.

A few hours later, Liu Ming appeared within the area of the Barbarian Ghost Sect. Furthermore, he was in front of the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader and Martial Uncle Yan.


"Martial Nephew Liu, after your disappearance for such a long time, the Sect Leader and I originally thought that you might have met with some mishap. Now that we saw you return with our own eyes, we can be at ease."

Martial Uncle Yan's face was somewhat pale, but his eyes were still filled with gratification when he looked at Liu Ming.

It was obvious that the battle had damaged his Yuan Qi quite a bit, and he would not be able to recover in a short period of time.

"I shouldn't have made you so worried."

"When I escaped from the floating city, I unexpectedly met the Crystal Level Cultivator of the Sea Race on the way back. With the help of the golden talismans, I hide in the nearby mountains and only then did I dare to return to the city."

"Martial Uncle, please forgive me! The Ten Thousand Bone Devil has been taken away."

Liu Ming's face was full of shame.

"Junior Liu, no need to worry. It is very fortunate that you are able to escape from a Fake Pill Level Master. Since the other party was so strong, there was nothing you could do about it. Even if I were there, the result would have been the same."

The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader let out a bitter laugh.

Martial Uncle Yan also sighed lightly.

"That's right, no one would have thought that the Vast Ocean Royalty would send a Palace Master to help the three clans of Yunchuan. If it weren't for Yuan Mo's help, we would have been wiped out."

"I've heard that the army of the Sea Race has already returned to the Kingdom of Hai Yue. However, I'm not too sure about the final agreement between our sects and the Sea Race."

Liu Ming's expression relaxed a little, but he still asked with some doubt.

"The truce is very simple." Martial Uncle Yan slowly replied. "All the land the three clans of Yunchuan had occupied was theirs. They will no longer invade the inner regions for three hundred years, and nor shall we send troops to these coastal states."

"What? These countries have been their territory ever since? Isn't this raising tigers to cause trouble?" Liu Ming's face slightly changed.

"Once the Sea Race occupied the coastal countries for a long time, they might really take root in these countries. It would be many times harder than now to drive them away after a few hundred years."

"We naturally know about this as well. But they had the support of the Vast Ocean Royalty. Even Yuan Mo could not make them make too many concessions, and there were also some hidden reasons."

"We have already discussed this with the sects, at the moment we can only agree to their terms."

Martial Uncle Yan replied with a frown.

"So that's how it is. It seems that our human race isn't strong enough. But how could they easily send out a Fake Pill expert?"

Liu Ming sighed and asked curiously.

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