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Chapter 188 Fan Baizi
Xuan Zhi saw the bottle and twisted his face, but after a while, sighed as he picked it up and consumed a blue pill from the bottle.

His original extremely pale face, immediately gained some color as the scales on his body disappeared and his hair returned to being black. It was as if nothing ever happened.

“I originally wanted to attract the people from the sect, so that I could lurk under their radars, seeing if there were any chances I could use. Looks like there is no more hope besides following the Sea Race. I only hope it will turn out as she said.” Xuan Zhi lifted his now normal hands and after staring in front of him, he spoke to himself feebly.

This emperor of the Xuan Kingdom, then opened the door to the secret basement before slowly limping out.

That night, Liu Ming sat with his legs crossed on the wooden bed in his residence, playing with the cyan scale in his hands. His face had a thoughtful expression.

With his experience, it was natural that he couldn’t observe anything special from the scale, but it was obvious that it wouldn’t belong to someone normal.

It looks like what Mister Sun said was true.

The current emperor that the five sects had propped up was actually not a human. This was a huge joke and enough to make the faces of the sects fall to the ground.

However, because of this, he couldn’t simply send this information back to the sect.

After all, the only evidence that he had was the scale that was in his hand. If there was anything wrong or some mistake, his blame would be quite great.

In addition, with Gao Chong about to become a true Spirit Master, he could not leave such an obvious mistake out in the open.

Liu Ming thought it over before deciding to temporarily keep the information on hold. Until he found another piece of obvious evidence that could confirm the information. Then, he would send the information at that time.

However, there might have been some kind of connection with the ambush that was laid on him in the Small Clear Temple and the previous Supervising Disciple’s disappearance.

Liu Ming put away the scale and started thinking about the connection between those kind of things.

In the following few days, Liu Ming used almost all of his time in the underground marketplace of Xuanjing and bought some pills and Glyphs that he thought were somewhat useful. However, he didn’t find anything of much value.

This wasn’t strange.

With Liu Ming’s experience and wealth, there weren’t many things that Liu Ming would find useful.

However, this day, Liu Ming had just returned from the marketplace and about to go back to his house when he was stopped by Qian Chao who left the main hall. With a smile, Qian Chao asked;
TL: This following chapter is going to be confusing since the fake name of Liu Ming starts with Qian and the owner has the name of Qian Chao

“Mister Qian, you have finally come back. I have some good news, would you be interested?”

“Since it is good news, why would not be interested.” Liu Ming replied with a smile.

“Hehe, this good news is that Master Fan Baizi is finally willing to meet us. This time, Master Fan has refined a new type of pill and plans to sell it at our auction. Thus, he was willing to see you. Does mister have time right now? This piece of information came a bit late and it would be best if we left right now to go see Master Fan in case anything unforeseen happens. As long as we have Master Fan’s new pill, I believe that the auction will have a much higher chance of proceeding successfully.” Qian Chao said excitedly.

“Now? Is anyone else coming besides Mister Qian?” Liu Ming first paused before opening his mouth and asking.

“No, it will only be the two of us. Elder Mian is responsible for matters regarding the auction so he will be near the warehouse and unable to leave.” Qian Chao replied without thinking.

“Alright, if that’s the case, let’s go.” Liu Ming thought about it for a second before nodding.

Qian Chao was surprised as he hurried to order a servant to prepare a carriage, and walked with Liu Ming out.

After two hours, Liu Ming and Qian Chao appeared on a mountainous road.

“This Master Fan actually lives on Immortal Dawn Mountain, such a coincidence.” Liu Ming smiled gently as he took in the surroundings.

“With Master Fan’s alchemy skills, he naturally wouldn’t put himself under the control of various powers. Furthermore, Immortal Dawn Mountain has dense Yuan Qi, while also being secluded which makes this a good place to refine pills.” Although Qian Chao is an ordinary mortal with no Spiritual Pulse, but his movements showed no sign of fatigue when walking next to Liu Ming.

“Such is true. With the rarity of Alchemists, if they were in dangerous areas, it wouldn’t be surprising if they were kidnapped and forced to refine pills. But this alchemist, Fan Baizi, living on Immortal Dawn Mountain…. Doesn’t this mean the Imperial Court is reaping some sort of benefit?” Liu Ming replied.

“Haha, Mister Qian really is an understanding person. Of course, for sheltering Master Fan under their wing, Master Fan has to refine a set number of medical pills for the imperial court. Furthermore, if Golden Spirit Guests were to buy medical pills from Master Fan, they can also get a ten percent discount.” Qian Chao laughed out and answered.

Liu Ming nodded as he showed an expression of understanding.

After the time that it takes to eat a meal, the two finally arrived under a cliff. On the cliff, a huge green marble door could be seen; the sides of the door had statues of black iron lions, each towering over ten feet tall.

Not far away from the door was a huge wooden pavilion. Inside a dozen people sat and rested.

Liu Ming sweeped his eyes around. He was able to tell that most of these people were Spirit Apostles but there were also a few mortals.

“These people are…….” Liu Ming asked subconsciously.

“No need to pay them attention. These people are either here to learn Master Fan’s Alchemy skill or ask the master to make certain medical pills. Under normal circumstances, Master Fan wouldn’t even bother noticing them.” Qian Chao answered, being accustomed to this scene.

After which, he brought Liu Ming along the cliff towards the stone door and rolled back his sleeves as he knocked loudly on the door.

Moments later, the stone doors opened. Within, a young boy, with red lips and white teeth along with a pigtail on his head, walked out.

“You two are?” The young boy glanced at the two as he asked.

“I am Qian Chao of the Hundred Spirit House, I have already booked an appointment with Master Fan.” Qian Chao replied with a smile.

“So it’s Owner Qian, Master has already given his orders. If Owner Qian were to appear, there is no need to notify him and they can enter to the lobby immediately.” The boy showed a smile as he turned around and lead the way.

Owner Qian, seeing this situation, gave thanks as he followed Liu Ming inside.

The people outside in the wooden pavilion immediately started a commotion after witnessing this scene.

This Master of Alchemy, Fan Baizi, was known throughout the whole of Xuan City for having a weird temperament.

The people in the queue have waited for a long time. The longest, already half a month. The shortest, have also already waited for 2 to 3 days. But it was the first time someone was able to walk in full of swagger after conversing merely a few sentences, making people shocked and awed.

Immediately, Liu Ming and Qian Chao walked into a lobby under the guidance of the young boy.

The lobby was no bigger than a hundred feet wide. Each corner rested unknown exotic flowers, in the middle laid an ebony table and a few chairs, showing a simplistic look.

“May you two sirs wait for a while; master is still refining pills and only after can he come see you.” The boy brought the two to some chairs and said respectfully as he served some tea.

“No worries, the master’s pill refinement comes first. The two of us can wait.” Qian Chao replied.

The boy nodded his head as he left.

Liu Ming and Owner Qian drank tea as they started some small talk.

“Mister Han, did you perhaps met Commander Qiu from the Golden Spirit House a few days ago?” After a while, Qian Chao asked suddenly.

“Hmm, we have indeed met. How does owner know about this?” Liu Ming was surprised, but after a thought he asked back.

“It’s nothing, just few days ago someone came by to ask about Mister Qian and it looked as if they were under the order of commander Qiu.” Qian Chao smiled and said.

“Hehe, it looks like this commander Qiu is one caring fellow.” Liu Ming heard and snickered.

“I heard Elder Mian said this Qiu Longzi and another three commanders are all Perfect Late Spirit Apostles. He is said to be one of the strongest cultivators in Xuanjing. Mister Han didn’t offend him unknowingly right?” Qian Chao asked, probingly.

“Owner should be at ease, I only sparred with Commander Qiu for a few bouts when we met, which was what caused the attention.” Liu Ming answered casually.


Qian Chao, the Hundred Spirit House owner, was startled when he heard this.

Although he knew that Liu Ming could have been a Late Spirit Apostle, he never thought Liu Ming could be compared with a Perfect Spirit Apostle like Qiu Longzi.

With a face full of shock, he moved his mouth and was about to ask something else when suddenly, a hoarse voice came from the side doors to the lobby.

“I am also curious about the final results of Fellow’s spar with Fellow Qiu. Qiu Longzi is well versed in the arts of Insects with the Insects in his possession to not be trifled with.”

As the voice died down, an elderly man with white hair and rosy cheeks, dressed in a white robe, walked out of the side door. His face wore an expression of interest.

“Master Fan, you medical pull have been refined.” The moment Qian Chao saw the elder, he immediately stood up and greeted him cheerfully.

Liu Ming’s eyes flashed, as he stood up and covered his fist:

“I am a guest of the Hundred Spirit House, Qian Ming. Hello, Fellow Fan.”

“You two, please sit, no need to show such courtesy. So this is Fellow Qian, Owner Qian, you have really accepted a extraordinary guest.” Fan Baizi waved his hand and waited for the two to sit before saying with a smile.

“Mister Qian indeed has skill. Even though you saved my wife and son, even I couldn't phantom that Mister Qian’s abilities have reached such a level.” Qian Chao grimaced as he answered.

“Of course. With Qiu Longzi’s identity, if it isn't people with similar cultivation levels, it would be very hard to spar with other people. It looks like Fellow Qian is also a Perfect Late Spirit Apostle.” Fan Baizi said thoughtfully as he stroked his beard looking at Liu Ming.

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