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Chapter 187 – Xuan Zhi and Empress Dong

“Hmph, those three bastards, only the gods know what the old monsters from the Imperial family gave them, making them go into secluded cultivation at once. They stay inside the system but instead what to stick their noses in matters outside, how can there be such an easy thing in this world. The things I have previously discussed with them, you need not pay heed. As the situation in Xuan city becomes murkier, we cannot afford to make another strong enemy; if we can create relations with him, we might find a big use for him in the future.” Qiu Longzhi sniffed.

“So boss was thinking like this! But this man’s past is a mystery, he is also a guest on the Third Marquis’ side. There won’t be any problems right?” The other cloaked man asked, showing hints of uncertainty.

“He is only a guest of the Hundred Spirit house and the Hundred Spirit House and the Third Marquis are also working under the premise of business partners. Thus, he can’t be counted as an underling of the Third Marquis. Later, send a man to investigate whether Hundred Spirit House really has a new guest called Qian Ming.” Qiu Longzhi ordered briefly.

“Understood, I shall investigate immediately.” The black cloaked man answered.

“Speaking of the Third Marquis, I’ve thought of something. Not long ago we sent spies into the in house. What is their situation? Any news?” Qiu Longzhi inquired.

“Boss, the spy we sent hasn’t contacted us in half a month. Judging by the situation of the other spies we sent before, he has been compromised and killed.” One of the cloaked men heard and reported with a grimace.

“Hmph, the Third Marquis really is a cautious man. We’ve sent seven to eight spies, yet even our best could only last for half a year and after which he disappeared without a trace.” Hearing this, Qiu Longzhi face instantly darkened.

“Boss, the Third Marquis has been laying low these past years, he doesn’t even show his face around court much. Why do we need to pay so much attention to him? It is known that he had helped the current Emperor to his throne from the past years and if someone were to snitch on us for this, although we won’t be too hurt, we won’t end up in a good spot either.” The other cloaked man asked.

“Hmm, I was contemplating on telling you guys later but since you’ve both asked, I should explain. The reason why I’m so worried about this marquis is because I received information saying that this Third Marquis could be part of the Black Spirit Group, which is one of the strongest powers in Xuanjing. Heck, he might even be the person behind the Black Spirit Group.” After thinking a while , Qiu Longzhi revealed a shocking revelation.

“What? The person behind the Black Spirit Group is the Third Marquis?!

“Correct, if that wasn’t the case, then I would be an idiot to continue sending men in to die. Gathering information is actually not that important. They are only there to remind the Third Marquis that people are watching him and thus preventing him from acting carelessly and by that, forcing the Black Spirit Group to stay quiet. You two should find another spy that is willing to die and send him into the Third Marquis’ place again after a few days.” Qiu Longzi laughed and said.

Overcoming their shock, the two cloaked men bowed as they acknowledged the order.

Since Qiu Longzi didn’t want to stay any longer, he let the two men retrieve their flag formation and took them along as he flew towards the direction of Xuanjing.

Two hours later, another black cloud appeared above the forest. Standing above the cloud was actually Liu Ming.

Him being here alone made it obvious that he came back after sending off the few carriages.

He circled above as he scanned the forest below with his strong Mental Strength. Feeling the residual energy waves of formations, he laughed out coldly as he flew off.

Meanwhile, in a prestigiously decorated palace underneath Xuanjing’s, there was a middle aged man adorned in a golden robe rolling on the ground. His normally intimidating face had various rice sized cyan scales pop up as his hair also became blue like the ocean while his pupils gained a silver hue.


A huge turquoise colored fish tail suddenly flailed out of his robe, slapping hard onto the ground. The extraordinarily hard stone floor was instantly demolished to dust.

The man however, looked as if he was in extreme agony, as he dragged his two hands along the ground. Looking carefully, one could notice his hands left blood-stained scratch marks all around him.

Time passed by as the man continued to struggle, suddenly his body gave a huge twitch. Afterwards, the man became more relaxed as he took heavy breaths while staying still on the floor.

“Hehe, to half bred Sea Race like you, the pain of body transformation would only get worst as you transform more. If you knew this was going to happen, why would you still act this way.” The door to the secret room flung open as a haughty woman dressed in a silk robe. walked in.

“I am the current emperor; even if I don’t consume Sea Race medicine, I shall still overcome this suffering. Else wouldn’t I really become your puppet.” The middle aged man took a deep breath as his tail became legs again. Struggling to stand up, he replied with an icy cold tone.

“A petty human kingdom is nothing compared to the endless boundaries of the sea, in which the sea race reside in. A child like you, who has never been to our kingdom, knows nothing about how big the world truly is. If it wasn’t for the fact that we have big plans in store, with my high social standing in my clan, I wouldn’t even bother coming here to be a bride for a lowly human and give birth to you. Stopping your medication this time was only a small warning, try not to do anything stupid again.” The middle aged woman shook her head as she slowly sat down in a chair inside the room.

The man wearing the exquisite robe is actually the emperor in name of Da Xuan Country, emperor Xuan Zhi

The middle aged beauty is, surprisingly, the emperor’s mother, Xuan Kingdom’s empress Dong

But when these two met, there was no feeling of family, on the contrary, a weird tension filled the air.

“What exactly are your plans! To have already start setting it up decades ago… I’ve already agreed to comply to your demands, shouldn’t it be about time you told me your plans.” Xuan Zhi hesitated, then opened his mouth to ask.

“Our plans! That isn’t something you can learn of yet. Right now, you should try your hardest to swap Da Xuan Country’s important government members with our people. You have to make sure, if anything big happens, Da Xuan Country will not fall into turmoil. Neither will masses of mortals escape the kingdom.” Empress Dong looked at her son and replied briefly.

“Hmph, all these years, at least a third of the royal court follows you. Is that still not enough?!” Xuan Zhi retorted.

“Obviously, it isn’t enough! At least half of the government members should be from the list I gave you. I know that in these years, although you’ve been obeying to me at the surface, I know you still have a rebellious heart. Else you wouldn’t have contacted the supervising disciple from the Barbarian Ghost Sect. If it wasn’t for me pulling some strings, making your third brother thinking the disciple was coming for him and manipulating him into killing the disciple for me, our plan might have been ruined.” The empress gave a cold laugh and said.

“Even I didn’t expect third brother to be so reckless, to lay his hands on people from the Barbarian Ghost Sect. Is he not even afraid of the consequences when they find out? Even I can’t help him then.” Xuan Zhi remarked.

“Child, even now you’re trying to be smart with me; think about who raised you up. Don’t tell me you don’t know that your third brother isn’t doing things by himself anymore.” The empress laughed as she heard Xuan Zhi’s comment.

“So you found out. Then you clearly know what actions the Black Spirit Group are taking.” Xuan Zhi finally dropped his poker face and said.

“Of course I’d know. If someone else is willing to spend human resources and money to do hard labor for me, I couldn’t be happier about it.” The empress stated as a matter of fact.

“Then let me ask another question, how are my uncles faring. Ever since they were tricked into secluded cultivation by you, even I couldn’t see them again.” Xuan Zhi stayed silent, then sighed as he asked.

“Be relieved, your uncles still have great use to me so I won’t take their lives. However with their current situation, I’m afraid it isn’t any better than yours. In time, the decision of standing on the Sea Race’s side won’t be their decision.” Empress Dong smirked.

“The same as me… What do you mean?” Xuan Zhi shivered slightly.

“It’s nothing, you will learn about it in due time. But contacting the Barbarian Ghost Sect’s disciple was the last straw. If something like this happens again, not only will you not get anymore medication, I’m afraid we might even have to make you disappear and replace a puppet on the throne of this kingdom. I can’t even tell if you’re smart or playing stupid. With your identity as a half Sea Race, even if the human cultivators can banish us from this land, do you believe the humans would continue to let you be King? You would probably spend the rest of your life locked up, much less rewarded. When we Sea Race fully take control of this kingdom, we would still need someone to manage this land, making a half blood like you the perfect candidate. Compare this and being controlled by the five great sects, what is the difference? I’ve said all I have to said, this is the last warning I’m giving you and don’t blame me for not taking into account our familial relationship.” The empress’ gaze turned sharp, as she threw a glass bottle on the floor and left the room.

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