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Chapter 163: Fantasy of a Thousand Faces and Interchangeable Bone Technique

“I believe so, therefore, I don’t plan on being impetuous!” Liu Ming deferentially replied.

“However, Xuanjing can be considered an extremely dangerous area for you. Before leaving, I will confer three Scarlet Flame Beads to you in case you encounter a strong enemy in the future.” Zhu Chi hesitated before speaking. He shook his sleeve, and from within, a small bottle flew out.

Liu Ming grabbed the small bottle and delightedly spoke a word of thanks.

Last time, the three Scarlet Flame Beads helped him heavily wound the half Dragon Monster. With another three of these, they truly did suddenly increase his confidence.

“Since your Martial Uncle Zhu has gifted you something, I cannot let you walk away empty-handed. How about this, I purchased an expensive treasure back in the day that helps one alter his or her face. It should be very useful for your travels in Xuanjing.” Martial Aunt Zhong let out a light laugh and felt out a flimsy mask-like object from her bosom. She then presented it to Liu Ming.

“Thank you master. This is…” Liu Ming respectfully received the item, but after meticulously examining it, he couldn’t help but stare blankly.

“Haha, I can’t believe Junior Sister unexpectedly gave this ‘Fantasy of a Thousand Faces’ to Martial Nephew Bai. This is an unusual treasure. As long as one puts it on his or her face and they use a bit of Fa Li, one can change one’s face to his or her heart’s content. Moreover, the expression can change without constraint; there isn’t even the slightest difference from a normal person’s face. The only downside is that the price of this mask is dozens of Spirit Stones and it is only a one-time use object. Once it is used, it will only last for four to five years.” Seeing the object, Gui Ruquan revealed a face riddled with surprise as he spoke.

“I can easily hide my identity with this item.” Hearing him, Liu Ming was very moved and deeply bowed to his master.

“Since you are my disciple, I cannot be too petty. Senior Gui, Senior Zhu and I have already given our gifts. Surely you aren’t stingy enough to not give anything.” Master Zhong shot a glance at the scholar before suddenly letting out a smile and speaking.

“Hehe, there’s no need for Junior to say such a thing. As a Martial Uncle, I also cannot present nothing. However, Martial Nephew Bai shouldn’t lack a normal practitioner weapon type item. How about this… I have a self-created ‘Interchangeable Bone Technique.’ It’s a small technique that can change one’s skeletal structure for a fixed period of time. If it’s cultivated and used with the Fantasy of a Thousand Faces, I’m sure that hiding your identity will become even more flawless. Are you willing to cultivate it?” Gui Ruquan smiled at Liu Ming.

“Thank you Martial Uncle for your gift. I naturally would like to learn it!” After listening to his words, Liu Ming was delighted and bowed his body as he replied.

“Good, the technique is recorded on this page. Take it and memorize it before destroying it.” Gui Ruquan nodded his head and fetched a light-yellow page filled with writing. He handed it over.

Liu Ming hastily stepped forward and received the page.

“Another thing, I also have a high level detoxification pill. As long as you don’t encounter one of those legendary absolute poisons, I’m sure it is enough to shield you from most poisons.” Gui Ruquan flipped over a hand and produced a small, dark-green bottle. He then tossed it at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming respectfully grabbed the small bottle and continued to speak words of thanks.

In the remaining time, Gui Ruquan and Zhu Chi spoke to Liu Ming before leaving first.

In an instant, only Liu Ming and Master Zhong remained in the large hall.

“Congtian, earlier you said that you wanted to tell me something alone. What is it? Why wait until you are about to leave?” Once Martial Aunt Zhong saw that the other two had left, her expression turned serious as she asked Liu Ming a question.

“Truthfully, I want to speak about a matter regarding the origin of my identity…” Liu Ming hesitated before slowly speaking.

“Origin of your identity… What does this mean?” After hearing him, Martial Aunt Zhong’s face was full of astonishment.

“Truthfully, I am not a Bai Clan disciple. My actual name isn’t ‘Bai Congtian,’ it’s Liu Ming. This matter stems from when I was born…” Liu Ming’s expression turned heavy as he began to narrate his story.

After a while, Liu Ming revealed a trace of relaxation as he flew from the mountain top. Martial Aunt Zhong, who was still sitting on the chair in the large hall had a bitter smile etched all over her face.

“I really did not think that this child had this sort of a complicated history. This affair isn’t large or small; it seems that as a master, I must use a bit of my prestige to make this large affair into a small one. It’s a good thing that this child has just recently done great merit for our sect. Moreover, he was forced to leave the sect, so I don’t think those fellows can grasp tightly onto the matter.” Martial Aunt muttered to herself before sinking into silence. She then stood up and walked out of the large hall.

Currently, Liu Ming had already returned to his dwelling. After doing a bit of cleaning, he nimbly left Nine Infants Mountain.

Six hours later, Liu Ming was sitting on a gray cloud, flying fifty kilometers away from Barbarian Ghost Sect’s main gate.

Presently, his hand was clasped around a map and he was meticulously studying it. A while later, he finally muttered to himself, “I must take a slightly longer detour to go to the Bai Clan; however, as long as I can quickly resolve this matter, I can go to Uncle Qian’s hometown and complete this matter. Next, I can go to Xuanjing and not even be late.”

After speaking, Liu Ming retracted the map and retrieved a compass-like object. He then compared the map to the compass and nodded his head before putting it away. He then grabbed the ‘Interchangeable Bone Technique’ page that Gui Ruquan gifted him, and put it in front of him where he began reading it.

This technique didn’t bring any useful amplifications aside from easily changing the length of one’s bones. Therefore, the entire technique wasn’t complicated.

With Liu Ming’s intelligence, it didn’t even take half a day before he had completely comprehended the technique.

Subsequently, he put away the page, formed his two hands into hand seals and followed the incantation to abruptly expedite Fa Li. Instantly, his Spirit Sea began to spin around. A warm flow suddenly and rapidly rushed forth. It spread over every part of his body.

In the next instant, Liu Ming let out a low yell and a firecracker-like sound immediately rang out. His shoulders flashed and his body astonishingly grew a head taller. His figure instantly turned rather tall and sturdy.

Liu Ming stood on the gray cloud and examined his own body. He moved his arms and legs, and after feeling that they weren’t uncomfortable, he performed another hand technique. An identical explosive noise resounded and his body shrunk by a large margin — his body had become a lot smaller and skinnier.

A trace of excitement appeared on Liu Ming’s face, and after he returned his body to normal, he looked over the page twice more. He then slapped it with his two hands.

“Pu!” The page suddenly caught ablaze and transformed into ashes.

Subsequently, Liu Ming calmed his mind and swept through his Spirit Sea.

He saw that the mysterious bubble was astonishingly flashing in his Spirit Sea without stop!

Liu Ming’s eyebrows slightly creased.

Ever since this bubble had appeared a few days ago, it hadn’t mysteriously disappeared like before. It also didn’t begin devouring his Fa Li; instead, it continued to incessantly flash in his Spirit Sea.

This naturally caused him to feel uneasy.

When he returned to his dwelling, he had tried to use his Fa Li and mental strength to touch the bubble; however, it was to no avail.

When he thought of that day when the Consciousness Room constructed by Six Yin Master’s mental strength was devoured by the gray space, his heart was even more bewildered. He truly had no idea what kind of history the mysterious bubble and the hazy gray space had. They unexpectedly were able to do such things.

However, he hadn’t solved the problem in the past few years, so he clearly could not understand the situation in the present short period of time.

Thus, Liu Ming shook his head and rested his eyes on the quiet, unmoving, small, light-yellow sword in his Spirit Sea.

Having taken the past few days to study it, he understood that this so-called ‘Sword Spirit Embryo’ wasn’t an actual object. Instead, it was a collection of some sort of energy; moreover, it was like Six Yin Martial Ancestor had said, he would be unable to force it out or expedite it.

Fortunately, this object didn’t pose any threat to him so it was better to leave it in his body for now.

He had hastily looked through these two ancient books, Great Symbol Sword Technique and Dragon Tiger Hell Method.

Nevertheless, the things written down within the two books were too profound and definitely not something that he could comprehend in a mere few days.

However, the Great Symbol Sword Technique seemed to be the written account of some sort of flying sword technique — this was true.

The Dragon Tiger Hell Method seemed to be an extremely tyrannical body cultivating method. It seemed to faintly resemble the Dark Bone Method and seemed to also be able to restrain ghosts.

Unfortunately, according to what was written down, one had to have advanced to the Spirit Master Realm from the Liquid Level before cultivating and comprehending it.

It was the Great Symbol Sword Method that had no restrictions. After thoroughly comprehending it, Liu Ming would be able to choose and cultivate a bit of its foundations.

However, this step had to wait until he reached Xuanjing. He needed to be completely undisturbed before proceeding.

What he had to do right now was hastily go to the Bai Clan and completely resolve the issues regarding his identity and his marriage with Mu Mingzhu.

He had already explained the matter of him impersonating someone else to Master Zhong before he left. His master had also agreed to help him resolve this matter.

In this way, he had already assumed an invincible position; going to the Bai Clan to resolve the related issues would naturally be success after these perfect conditions.

With his current identity and strength, the Bai Clan with a mere Spirit Apostle had no way of dealing with him.

Liu Ming thought like this in his heart and instantly expedited his technique. The gray cloud underneath him instantly sped up and rushed into the distance.

The sky had begun turning black when night arrived. Even though Liu Ming was very audacious, he wasn’t willing to take a risk and continue his journey.

He immediately found a mountain top on a mountain ridge in the wilderness and descended. Subsequently, he then created a simple cave and sat inside, preparing to continue his journey on the morning of the second day.

However, when midnight arrived, the seated Liu Ming suddenly felt the mysterious bubble in his Spirit Sea heat up. Subsequently, a tremendous mental strength rushed forth and instantly arrived at his head without even the slightest warning.

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