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Chapter 162 – The Great Symbol Sword Technique and the Dragon Tiger Hell Method

Although the portrait of the Six Yin Martial Ancestor was taken from the back, he was dressed exactly like the person in front of him.

How could that be possible!? The Six Yin Martial Ancestor was the founder of the Barbarian Ghost Sect and had already passed away several thousand years ago. How could he suddenly appear in this weird place!?

“You are indeed very smart to actually be able to recognize me with a single glance. However, I am not the Six Yin Martial Ancestor himself. I am only a sliver of consciousness left behind all those years ago before I died.” Hearing what was said, the middle-aged man in a robe revealed a slightly surprised expression, but still smiled as he spoke.

“So it is like such. However, the name of Six Yin Martial Ancestor is not necessarily incorrect. However, do you know what this place is? Perhaps it is inside the Walls of Shadows?” Liu Ming was somewhat surprised and asked again with some weariness.

“This is not in some Walls of Shadows, but rather inside a fake Consciousness Room for me transformed from a small portion of mental strength from Six Yin when he fell years ago. As for how you entered, I am unsure. After all, I am only a sliver of consciousness left behind by Six Yin years ago and have no way of knowing everything that has occurred outside. Only when I feel a few disciples nearby, that are deemed capable of inheriting the legacy of Six Yin, do I give them some small benefits. As for you, who is a mere Spirit Apostle, to be able to enter this area is just a little too weird. Tell me exactly what happened outside a moment ago.” The middle-aged man in a robe stared at Liu Ming with his eyes shining and spoke slowly.

Hearing what was said, Liu Ming’s heart skipped a beat.

He naturally could not reveal the matter regarding the mysterious bubble to the sliver of Six Yin’s consciousness in front of him, but using some other excuse to hide it was perhaps also impossible. After all, he did not know what this “Consciousness Room” was at all.


Liu Ming’s eyes flashed slightly a few times. Just when he wanted to say something, the whole room suddenly trembled and the crystal walls in all directions let out a crisp “ga beng” sound at the same time. Afterward, dense cracks appeared out of nowhere from above as if the whole crystal room was about to break apart.

“Impossible, this Consciousness Room is actually about to collapse.” Seeing this scene, the middle-aged man in a robe, who was originally calm, immediately exclaimed as if he could not believe what was happening.

“What, this place is about to collapse.” Hearing what was said, Liu Ming was also scared witless.

“How is this possible, it is the power of the consciousness! Although this Consciousness Room was not created with all of my mental strength years ago, its strength is at a level where even an expert of the Golden Pill Level would not be able to crush it just through the strength of their conscious.” The middle-aged man in a robe stared at the threads of gray air that leaked in from the cracks and his face immediately became extremely pale.

Liu Ming stared at the gray air that leaked in with an extremely weird facial expression.

“The aura released by this gray air is on such a familiar level. It seems like it really is the aura from the grayish room inside the mysterious bubble. Perhaps this is…”

“It seems like this time I cannot escape from my doom. Oh well, I have stayed here for thousands of years after all. The energy of the Walls of Shadows was almost consumed anyway, so I would cease to exist in the same manner just a little later. Right now is just a little earlier. However, it means that you really do have the destiny of meeting me since you are able to enter this place, and perhaps you can even leave here alive. Here, I have an item to give to you. It is a Sword Spirit Embryo that I once spent half of my life refining, yet still did not refine completely. Promise me that if you have the chance, you will give this item to a descendant of mine on the Midheaven Continent. Remember, this item has been refined by my essence blood and only those who have my blood can continue the refinement and use it. The sect I originate from is the Supreme Purity Sect that is located in the eastern part of the Midheaven Continent. As a reward for helping me, I will pass the flying sword secret technique that is related to that Spirit Sword Embryo. You must know that even in my original sect, this Flying Sword Secret Technique was a forbidden technique, so you must remember to not show it to people rashly.” Seeing the surrounding crystal walls falling apart piece by piece, the middle-aged man in a robe calmed down, and quickly told Liu Ming a bunch of things. Afterward, he suddenly closed his mouth and spat out a light-yellow, small sword made of light before suddenly grabbing it and pressing it to Liu Ming’s chest. He then waved one hand at a golden book that was on a stone stand in one of the corners of the room.

With a “pu,” the green light barrier on the stone stand broke open and the golden book immediately transformed into a golden rainbow that shot over. After a flashing action, it stopped quietly near Liu Ming.

Liu Ming naturally caught the golden book without even thinking. However, after a blur, it actually burrowed into his hand without warning and disappeared.

He was first startled but then immediately spoke quickly as if he had thought of something, “Elder, what junior cultivates is the Dark Bone Method. Perhaps the latter part of the method may be here…”

“What? You cultivate the Dark Bone Method? No wonder that method flew out by itself before. The Dark Bone Method was an ancient ghost cultivation method that I accidentally found. I only received the first half of it years ago. You will need to rely on your luck to find the latter part. However, according to what I know, it seems that there are already people who have found traces of the latter part in the Midheaven Continent. Whatever, since it is like this, I will also gift you this cultivation method. After you reach Liquid Level, you can change your cultivation method to this one.” The middle-aged man in a robe hesitated slightly before speaking with a sigh. He once again waved his hand at another stone stand that had a black book, the one Liu Ming had seen before.

The green light barrier immediately broke in the same manner and the black book also shot out. After a flash, it also disappeared into Liu Ming’s body.

The body of the middle-aged man in a robe, who had done such things began to blur, as if taking out a book from that light barrier was an extremely burdensome matter.

Seeing this, Liu Ming naturally hurried to say his thanks.

The middle-aged man in a robe waved his hand at Liu Ming. Just when he wanted to say something he had thought of, the surrounding crystal walls finally cracked and broke apart inch by inch with a loud sound. The rolling gray air immediately rushed to the center like huge waves, submerging both Liu Ming and the middle-aged man in a robe.

Liu Ming felt his heart suddenly skip a beat and his consciousness blurred again. Surprisingly he discovered that he had once again appeared in front of that blue Walls of Shadows, and even had a single hand sign formed, as if he was about to make a hand sign to defend himself.

“This is…”

Although this situation was somewhat familiar, Liu Ming still could not help but suspect whether everything that had happened before was real or an illusion.

He swept his gaze across the Walls of Shadows and only saw that the wall still radiated blue light. He could not tell any differences when compared to before at all.

Liu Ming sucked in a deep breath and shot his consciousness into his body to have a look. His expression immediately changed several times.

He saw, in his Spirit Sea, the mysterious bubble continue to flash slightly and there was actually an extra tiny small sword that was faintly yellow. However, it seemed to greatly fear the mysterious bubble and only floated in the Spirit Sea, unwilling to approach the mysterious bubble by the slightest.

Liu Ming suddenly closed his eyes and swept across his own sea of consciousness. Two balls of blue light immediately appeared out of nowhere and using his mental strength to touch them, the two balls of light spun a little. They then transformed into two books, one gold and one black.

“Great Symbol Sword Technique”

“Dragon Tiger Hell Method”

Although it was Liu Ming’s first time hearing the names of these two cultivation methods and techniques, it was obvious that these were no small matter.

He became happy at heart and immediately pointed his mental strength at the golden book, reading it page after page.

At the same time, in an extremely well hidden secret room on the other side of the valley, Martial Ancestor Yan, who was originally cultivating with his eyes closed, suddenly opened them for some apparent reason. At the same time, he revealed an expression with a sliver of doubt.

He immediately flipped a hand and an light blue formation disc suddenly appeared in his hand. Patting it with one hand, layers and layers of restrictions immediately appeared. After another blur, it transformed into the scene where Liu Ming sat quietly cross-legged in front of the crystal wall.

Martial Ancestor Yan looked at the scene of Liu Ming and the crystal wall several times carefully before patting it with one hand again, causing the blue formation disc to return to how it was before.

“Weird, what was that sudden outflow of blood pressure in my heart about. Perhaps I have been overly worried with my cultivation lately and my mind was not stable.” He mumbled a few words before shaking his head and putting the formation disc away. He closed his eyes and began to cultivate again.

The morning of the second day, Liu Ming, who was currently sitting in front of the crystal wall, opened his eyes and immediately stood up when the boy pushed open the stone door on time.

“Senior Bai, your time is up. You must immediately leave the valley.” The child in a yellow shirt walked in before speaking to Liu Ming with a smile.

“Many thanks to the warning from Junior. I also felt that the time was about up and wanted to leave.” Liu Ming also spoke while speaking.

“Oh, looking at how Junior Bai is like, perhaps you have some harvests from the Walls of Shadows?” Seeing this, the boy could not help but brighten up and ask.

“There are some harvests, but it is just solving a hard problem that I had thought a lot about. Also, I do not know whether it really is effective or not, so I still need to return to confirm it by trying it out personally.” Liu Ming replied with an ambiguous answer.

“Hehe, it can be considered good as long as Senior was able to gain something. There are many Martial Uncle who have entered for a night and did not gain anything.” The boy in a yellow shirt replied with a laugh.

“Keke, I also believe that it is like that.” Liu Ming also laughed plainly.

As a result, in the remaining time, Liu Ming followed the boy as he lead the way, walking out of the valley.

Once the boy lead Liu Ming out, he returned back to the valley and once again arrived at the stone hut. He walked around the Walls of Shadows several times and used his hand to touch and check it in an exaggerated manner. Only after discovering that there seemed to be no problems did he leave the hut again shaking his head.

Two days later, Liu Ming appeared in the great hall on the peak of Nine Infants Mountain. He stood in front of Spirit Master Zhong, Gui Ruquan, and Zhu Chi with his hands together.

“Since you have already made a personal decision that you must leave the sect for several years, the three of us will not stop you. However, the fact that you chose to not attempt to break through to Spirit Master right now is indeed a sensible act. We believe that after a period of training, you definitely will have a better chance than now if you attempt to break through to Liquid Level again years later.” Gui Ruquan spoke slowly to Liu Ming.

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