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Chapter 132 – Rock Spirit

Near the edge of the large hole, four human figures slowly regained their balance after being unsteady.

“That ape is truly quite fearful. It was already almost dead from our combined efforts yet it actually knew to self destruct its conscious. If it weren’t for the power of the formation which blocked it slightly, perhaps some people really would have immediately died.” The robes of the black-faced young man were now in tatters from the explosion before, and after seeing the black, burned carcass in the huge crater, he could not help but mumble with some fear.

“Yes, I also didn’t think that this monster ape had the temperament to explode like this. Seeing that there was no chance to win, it actually did not plan to flee. Instead it decided to take us down with him!” A small part of the silver mask on Yang Qian’s face was blackened and he spoke with a deep breath.

“However, Senior Yang’s formation flags are completely destroyed. It really is a pity!” Liu Ming put on a new robe as he looked around to see the situation before he suddenly speaking with a laugh.

“No problem, it is only a set of formation flags after all. As long as we find enough treasures on the mountain, it is more than enough to make up for this loss.” Yang Qian instead replied without caring at all.

“It is a pity that the gallbladder of this monster ape is gone. Since this ape was so strong, the effects of its monster gallbladder must have exceeded the gallbladders of the other monster apes.” The black-faced young man also pulled off his tattered robes and spoke with an expression of pity.

“There is nothing that can be done about this. Who thought that something like self-destruction would occur.” Yang Qian spoke plainly.

“Seniors, can we discuss other matters later. Why don’t we head up the mountain quickly? Now that there are no more monster apes on the mountain, we can’t let other people steal our place.” Jin Yu could not bear it any longer and suggested they move on.

“Hmph, we put forth so much energy just to get rid of these monster apes, who is brave enough to steal our spoils? If there really are people, don’t think that they will be able to leave this mountain alive.” Hearing what was said, an ominous glint flashed across the black-faced young man’s eyes as he replied.

“What Junior Jin said makes sense! Brother Yun, Junior Bai, it is better to move quickly. We also do not need to travel together anymore. Once on the mountain, any Spirit Items you find are yours. However, if you really meet any strangers, immediately shoot a fireball into the air to alert the other people, so we can work together to scare away other people.” Yang Qian spoke of the matters at hand.

Hearing this, Liu Ming and the others naturally had no objections.

As a result, they immediately took to the sky, directly flying to the mountain peak not far away.


A giant, light blue blade, over a hundred feet in length, slashed past like lightning and chopped off the head of the Silver Crowned Python that was encased in a surface of blue frost.

Only now did the Lan brother and sister, who had their hands clasped with each other, relax and slowly release the hand seal formed with their hands.

“Hua la!”

The giant blue blade that was originally floating mid air immediately transformed into a wave of blue sea water, scattering apart. From within, a short, blue blade the size of a thumb entered the big sleeves of the male with a flash, not to be seen again.

“Haha, we have finally gotten rid of this Silver Crowned Python! The huge amount of energy and effort we used will not be in vain. With this monster gone, we can go up the mountain to search for that Scarlet Dragon.” The male released the hand of the cute girl and looked at the headless corpse of the huge python before laughing crazily.

“Brother, it is better if you leave your true form and make the most of the time left to recover Fa Li. Otherwise, people will recognize us with just a glance right now. Perhaps anybody can guess that we are a part of the Sea Race.” The cute girl who had also transformed warned her brother with a harsh and unmistakable tone.

“What sister said is correct, I let the victory get to my head just then. However, there is not much time, so let’s not recover Fa Li. First we should go looking for that Scarlet Dragon. Otherwise, if an accident were to happen during that period of time, it would affect the important matter!” The male first nodded before speaking with some hesitation.

“Brother, you really are silly. Although that Scarlet Dragon was heavily injured by the powerful people of the human race and should not have the power to resist, it is still a crystal level existence. Even if it were to recover a little of its power, it could easily affect whether we die here or not. So to really be prepared in case something happens, ascending the mountain in optimal condition is a sensible act. After all, the time we will spend recovering Fa Li will not even be over half a day’s worth of time.” The cute girl replied while shaking her head.

“Okay, I will listen to you.” Although the male was still slightly reluctant at heart, he knew that while his sister was in true form, her intelligence could not be compared with normal people. Her decisions had never been wrong before , so after a period of hesitation, he agreed.

Subsequently, the two people each grabbed a white leather pouch from their waist and threw it into the air. They chanted some words and formed a hand sign, causing the blue, rolling seawater that was nearby to rumble. Afterward, the water transformed into two blue water pillars that flew into the leather pouches.

After the time it takes to drink a cup of tea, all of the seawater had been sucked into the leather pouches with not a single drop left out in the open.

Only at this moment did the hand sign of the two change, and with a sudden blur of their bodies, they returned to their humanoid appearance like before.

In the next moment, the two people put their leather pouches away and they each immediately ate a pill. They sat down cross-legged and began to meditate and rest.


A grayish white rock spike, several tens of feet in length, rushed out of the ground without warning and actually pierced at the body of a Fusion Sect disciple that could not dodge in time. The layer of protective light barrier around the disciple immediately broke with a blur, as if it was not effective at all.

However, under this situation, the Fusion Sect disciple did not immediately die and instead constantly shrieked miserably for help.

At this moment, other than the Lion Tiger Beast, there was an additional stone person thirty feet tall and covered in green moss in the center of the rocky region.

The outer appearance of the stone person looked crude, but it was covered in a layer of an unknown, hard rock. Near its body, there were seven or eight additional green boulders that spun around without stopping, forcing the nearby disciples of the various sects to constantly retreat.

At the same time, the stone person seemed to move slowly, but every time a yellow light flashed across its eyes, a rock spike would emerge from the ground nearby. There were at least thirty to forty spikes that were packed nearby, greatly restricting the movements of the disciples of the various sects. Their dodging became more and more uneasy.

As for the other side, the Lion Tiger beast covered in scales and injuries constantly spat out fireballs and lightning bolts. Behind it, there was the black, burned corpse of a disciple of the Firestorm Way on the ground.

What was even weirder was that whenever someone wanted to turn around and flee out of the region, they would hit an invisible air wall and be repelled back.

This situation around the rock region was entirely different than before.

The big and small rocks that were originally scattered around had begun coalescing together one by one at an unknown time during the battle and vaguely formed a simple, yet crude, natural stone formation.

Under the chase and attacks of the two monsters, Feng Chan, Gao Chong and the other complained at heart secretly.

Under their various attacks from before, the Lion Tiger Beast had become injured. Just when they thought that they could win with one more push, a Rock Spirit, which was also a being that was only heard about in legends, suddenly appeared from the ground.

The Rock Spirit could be considered a creature that was half monster and half spirit. It was just barely considered a monster beast. However, it had the natural ability to be able to use various earth element techniques from birth and its skin was extremely thick and tough. It could also easily use rocks to form an outer shell as well as repair the shell anytime. As a result, normal methods or tactics could not hurt it at all.

Feng Chan and the others had heard rumors about Rock Spirits, but they were only things recorded in books. They had already injured the Lion Tiger Beast, and thus, they naturally were not willing to give up slaying the monster halfway. As a result, they immediately stayed where they were, wanting to kill the Lion Tiger Beast.

However, what had never crossed their mind was the Rock Spirit’s ability to control all of the nearby rocks. Originally they were unmoving, but after a short period of time, they actually formed a natural stone formation, forcefully trapping them here.

Although the rock formation had a few tricks, trapping them here was not something that would happen under normal situations.

If the formation was combined with the attacks of the two monsters that had great strength, the situation would naturally be completely different.

What was even worse was that the Lion Tiger Beast, who seemed to be at death’s door earlier, suddenly increased in strength. Whether it was the fireballs spat out or the power of the lightning protecting its body, all attacks had literally become half a times stronger than before.

This monster had actually never used all of its power. Only after waiting for the Rock Spirit to appear, did it finally reveal its terrifying strength.

If it were not for Tian, the young man from the Firestorm Way in their group, who suddenly used an extremely powerful Secret Technique that combined water and fire to endur a large portion of the attacks from the Lion Tiger Beast, perhaps everyone really would have been wiped clean by these two monsters in just a short while.

However, even though it was like this, two people had fallen in the blink of an eye.

“Brother Tian, we cannot continue like this. We must break this rock formation!” Feng Chan dodged another rock spike that had emerged from below with a sudden movement. He shouted toward the other side with abnormal pessimism.

Not far away, the young man with the surname of Tian currently swung a palm leaf fan, that had expanded crazily to the size of several tens of feet, in his hand and released two inscriptions, one blue and one red, that he forcefully shot at the Lion Tiger Beast.

“I also understand this logic. As long as there are people that will cooperate, I will put all my power into a strike and break open this stone formation in the shortest time possible with force. However, I need people to keep the two monsters busy so I have time to cast the spell.” Tian, the Firestorm Way disciple, replied plainly.

Even up to this point, this disciple from the Firestorm Way was still calm and unhurried.

“I have a Secret Technique which can temporarily keep the Rock Spirit busy for a while. However, during this period of time, we will be unable to attack the monster.” With a flash through his eyes, Feng Chan spoke quickly.

“As for the Lion Tiger Beast, let me handle it. If I use Fa Li unsparingly, I also have a method to keep it busy for a short while. This way, Brother Tian should have no problems.” Hearing what was said, Gao Chong also spoke while grinding his teeth.

At this point in time, they naturally could not afford to care about other matters. They could only work together to break through this formation.

“Okay, then I will leave this matter two the two of you. As for the other fellows, use your strongest attack in a while’s time and cooperate with me to strike at the same point in the formation.” The young man with the surname of Tian suddenly fell back, and commanded without hesitation.

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