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Chapter 131 – Exterminating Apes (Part Six)

However, the golden monster ape in the formation seemed to feel restriction power of the formation increase in strength, so it began crazily swinging the huge stave in its hands again. The shadow of the stave whirled around in all directions forming something like a small mountain. It shook up waves of black air, once again causing rumbles.

Yang Qian, who originally only wanted the formation to stabilize a little before leaving, could not help but grumble and stay near the formation, heavily pouring the Fa Li in his body into the formation flags.

Immediately inside the formation, the black air and shadows of the stave clashed forcefully, and from time to time, a black tornado that rushed into the sky would be whipped up, causing the entire restriction to constantly shake.

On the other side, with the sway of his body, Liu Ming flashed past the gray monster ape like a ghost while the ape had its two legs firmly clamped by the White Bone Scorpion. At the same time, many blades of azure Sword Qi shot forward with flashes, cutting the giant ape into several parts. The fresh blood from the ape dyed the ground red.

Subsequently, Liu Ming did not stop at all and raising one hand, he shot four or five wind blades into the battle on the other side.

On that side, the black-faced young man had once again used his Body Cultivation Secret Technique. He swung the golden stave at the black monster ape, fighting blow for blow in his battle.

However, compared to the gray monster apes, the strength of the black monster ape was obviously much greater. Although the black-faced young man had used several supporting secret techniques together, he was still not a match for the black ape, since he was the only opponent. Therefore he was forced to constantly retreat.

If it were not for the two mechanical short, silver cylinders that appeared from his shoulders out of nowhere and the balls of silver lightning flames that were spat out from the cylinders from time to time, perhaps he really would not be able to keep the monster ape busy and would have already lost.

The black monster ape used the black metal stave in its hand to ferociously hit forward three times, causing the black-faced young man to be knocked back a few steps. Afterward, when he wanted to take a step forward and continue fighting, he heard a small whooshing sound and saw several wind blades shot over.

The monster ape let out a deep roar and suddenly placed the black metal stave horizontally in front of its body. With a slight movement, it knocked all of the wind blades away with a crisp sound.

However, in this period of delay, the silver wings on the back of the black-faced young man suddenly flapped and his body rushed into the sky. After a twirl, the two wings shook, and countless rays of silver light immediately shot out from within. The attack was actually composed of countless silver needles that were as thin as the hair of a cow.

Seeing this situation, the black ape below was not frighted at all. With a blur, the black metal stave in its hand turned. Immediately, a huge gust was created as the stave gained numerous afterimages that protected the ape within it.

The rays of silver light seemed to be densely packed, like torrential rain. However, they did not even make it to the afterimages of the stave and were instead all blown away by the gale created from the stave.

Subsequently, the short, silver cylinders on the shoulders of the black-faced young man let off a few bangs as a dozen or so clumps of silver lightning fire were ejected with exploding silver light. The silver wings on his back flapped crazily a few times again and he shot down like a crossbow bolt.

At the same time, he took advantage of the power of swooping down and swung the golden stave in his hand.

At the same time, Liu Ming arrived nearby with a few flashes and without saying anything, his short, azure sword trembled. After a few “sou” sounds, four or five azure Sword Qi blades rushed out close together.

Although the two had not discussed this matter beforehand, their teamwork was actually flawless.

The giant, black ape naturally realized it was surrounded and that the attacks of the two people were all very aggressive. It seemed that neither attack could be ignored.

It immediately gave off an angry roar, before all of the hair on its body stood on end. The metal stave in its hand suddenly swayed and transformed into two huge shadows several tens of feet long with a blur. They each separately flew at Liu Ming and the sky.

Two loud, earth-moving bangs seemed to sound at the same time.

On Liu Ming’s side, the Sword Qi and the air waves made from the stave mutually exploded after making contact.

In the sky, above the giant, black ape, the silver lightning fire and the golden stave ferociously hit the black shadow of the stave and a shocking air wave rolled out from the collision.

The monster ape gave off a cry before it was uncontrollably pushed down. Its two calves actually completely sank into the ground.

The black-faced young man midair instead seemed to be in an even worse situation. The rebound of the huge power caused his body to be immediately knocked back. He flipped several times in a row before he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and could stabilize himself midair again.

Although Liu Ming on one side had caused the black ape to divert a small part of its attention, fighting blow for blow this time had caused the black-faced young man to suffer.

Of course, the ape was also not in such a good situation. Its two calves had sunk into the dirt and it actually suffered from a period of paralysis, unable to immediately get out of the ground.

At this moment, Liu Ming stomped on the ground with one leg without saying a word, and became a shadow, rushing at the monster ape.

Seeing this situation, the huge, black ape let out a deep roar of threat. With the movement of its arms, the black metal stave sweeped across with a whoosh. Although it had not really hit yet, a wave of huge, invisible force was already rushing at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming had a flash of clever light in his eyes. With a twist of his body, he became as light as a feather under the powerful, invisible force, like a willow leaf dancing in the air, floating in from above the black metal stave.

At the same time, he murmured, and formed a hand sign with one hand before raising it again. Three scarlet fireballs shot out.

However, what nobody realized was the moment the fireballs were shot out, a ray of jade light also shot with a flash behind the fireballs from Liu Ming’s fingers.

The giant, black ape naturally also did not realize the secret within. With the swing of its two large, furry hands, it crushed the fireballs.

However, in this momentary gap, the jade light immediately flashed forward and pierced right through one of the eyes of the black ape at an indescribable speed.

The monster ape gave voice to a miserable shriek. Influenced by the pain it felt, it threw the metal stave away and smashed the ground nearby ferociously with its two hands. It finally pulled its two calves out of the soil. Subsequently, it rushed at Liu Ming in a crazy manner, swaying from one side to another.

Seeing the ferocious look that the black ape displayed with only one eye open, the other eye was constantly spurting out fresh blood, it was obvious that it hated Liu Ming to the bone. It even ignored the black-faced young man who was still in the sky.

Seeing this situation, the black-faced young man naturally became surprised and excited. With an immediate deep shout, he stabilized the Fa Li that was knocked around his body before rushing down with the swing of his stave.

However, at this moment, a sudden change occurred on the ground!

The black monster ape only took two steps toward its target before the soil under it opened up. Two giant, blackish claws emerged from within and clamped onto the furry calves of the ape with lightning speed.

The black ape gave off a loud howl and instinctively arched over subconsciously, using one big hand to scoop at below.

With a “chi chi” sound, a dozen or so black lines shot out from the dirt and passed through the giant hand with a flash.

The giant ape once again let out a miserable shriek, but its fury allowed it to clench its other hand and swing it ferociously at the ground, like a huge hammer.

A muffled “hong” sound rang across the ground.

A huge ditch, the diameter of several tens of feet, appeared underneath the monster ape.

The entire body of the White Bone scorpion was revealed at the bottom of the ditch and it seemed to be stunned.

A ferocious expression appeared on the face of the giant ape and its calves suddenly shook. A huge amount of power rushed into them. The two huge claws immediately opened from the force generated by its calves. The huge ape then used a big hand to scoop down with lightning speed. It forcefully grabbed the White Bone Scorpion, bringing it out of the ground. After using power through its five fingers, it immediately crushed the body of the scorpion to the point where it could not move even in the slightest.

If it were not for the unbelievably firm body of the White Bone Scorpion, perhaps it would have been crushed into smithereens.

However, the black ape was obviously not satisfied with this and opening his bloody mouth wide, he revealed a set of sharp fangs. It was about to throw the White Bone Scorpion into its mouth and crush it into pieces, to avenge itself.

However, at this moment, the White Bone Scorpion instead gave off a cry of “gu gu” and a cloud of thick, purple fog was suddenly spat out of its mouth. At such a close distance, it was perfectly spraying into the face of the giant ape.

The giant ape let out a miserable cry and firmly threw the White Bone Scorpion at the ground. It used its two hands to cover its face, constantly giving voice to a mournful cry.

This all seemed extremely complicated and slow, however, it all occurred in the time of two breaths.

Liu Ming had not even landed on the ground yet. After seeing the situation, he immediately knit his brows and pointed a finger at the empty space in front of the monster ape.


The ray of jade light that had previously disappeared once again shot out of nowhere from nearby, and with a flash, it actually entered through the ear of the black ape and emerged from the other ear with a spurt of blood. Subsequently, it shot back with a blur and disappeared into Liu Ming’s sleeves.

With a plop, the huge body of the black monster ape actually loosened and it fell to the ground without any life left in it.

At this moment, the arm of the monster ape had turned black and red. The dozen or so black holes in its palm also began to dissolve the palm as black blood flowed out.

“Junior Bai, what great strength. You actually finished off this monster ape by yourself!” Only now did the black-faced young man slowly drop down from high up and his gaze at Liu Ming had a shred of extreme amazement.

“Brother Yun has flattered me. If it weren’t for you attracting its attention, I would not have been able to succeed this easily. Senior Yun should go help out Senior Yang first. He has not returned, so it seems that there are a few problems on that side. I will first finish off this gray ape with Jin Yu before immediately meeting up you the two of you.” Liu Ming smiled a little and looked in the direction of the formation in the dense forest. He then spoke smoothly.

“Very well, the gallbladder of the black ape belongs to you. I will first go and help Yang Qian then.” The black-faced young man pondered a little before agreeing with a sentence. His wings shook and he transformed into a ball of silver light that shot toward the center of the dense forest.

As for Liu Ming, he used his consciousness to communicate with the bone scorpion, telling it to retrieve the gallbladder of the black ape. He himself turned around and walked toward the last battle that was going on.

On that side, the three azure wolf puppets were still in a tangle with the gray monster ape.

Jin Yu had also long since hidden himself in a large tree not far away as he put all his attention into casting puppet techniques.

It was obvious that he had learned from his mistake last time. He only controlled the azure wolf puppets to play around with the gray ape without facing it head on at all.

When Jin Yu noticed that Liu Ming was walking over, his serious expression on his face turned to relief.

An hour later, there was a huge, sky-shattering sound from the dense forest and a huge ball of light, like the sun, appeared out of nowhere. The astonishing air waves that it created almost crushed all of the nearby trees flat.

In addition, when the white ball of light disappeared, a huge crater, around a fifteenth of an acre in size, appeared. The formation cast down nearby the epicenter of the explosion was also completely gone.

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