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Chapter 133: Spirit Fruit

To the side, Gao Chong instantly moved forward without demur. Letting out a low roar, the blood Qi on the exterior of his body abruptly rushed forward. Subsequently, it rushed from the point of his finger toward the Lion Tiger Beast in an imposing manner.

A stream of sparkling and translucent blood was forced from his finger and after a “peng” noise, it immediately transformed into a fog of blood that exploded.

After being controlled by Gao Chong, the fog of blood immediately transformed into a blood red tentacle as thick as an arm. It then underwent a sudden coiling motion and wrapped around the Lion Tiger Beast, who didn’t have time to react

The Lion Tiger Beast was startled and the arc of lightning on the exterior of its body violently and unceasingly attacked the tentacle.

However, the fog of blood was clearly completely different from the techniques Gao Chong had performed earlier. Not only was it not immediately dispersed by the lightning, but it also managed to tighten its rigid grasp on the beast amid the lightning. This caused the Lion Tiger Beast to feel even more pain and the lightning arc on its body began to flourish even more.

“Symbol Qi!”

Someone felt the terrifying aura emitted by the blood red tentacle and couldn’t help but cry out involuntarily.

A shocked expression successively appeared on the others.

Adjacently, Feng Chan looked profoundly at Gao Chong before also rushing toward the Stone Spirit in a flash.

A yellow light flickered in the Stone Spirit’s eyes and a rock spike pierced from under Feng Chan’s foot.

However, Feng Chan’s body abruptly shriveled up and the exterior of his body momentarily turned a jet-black color; he unexpectedly continued to rush forward without regard for the rock spike that had pierced the ground by his foot.


The rock spike pierced Feng Chan’s waist but unexpectedly disintegrated after a boom.

Seemingly simultaneously, Feng Chan’s body flashed again and forcibly made its way right in front of the Stone Spirit. Black gas from his two hands rolled together and astonishingly formed a light silver-colored boxing glove that proceeded to attack the Stone Spirit.

At this time, a successive series of smothered echoes immediately resounded.

It was the seven to eight enormous green-colored stones that were rotating in the air that continuously smashed into Feng Chan’s body. It seemed as if they were striking steel essence as they exploded one after the other upon contact.

Although Feng Chan continuously retreated under the strikes, not even a trace of an injury appeared on his body; instead, he abruptly stamped his foot on the ground and arrived right in front of the Stone Spirit in a flash. He violently attacked with his two hands.

In an instant, a sonic boom resounded and countless figures of silver boxing gloves violently flashed. They immediately caused a plethora of disintegrated rock to break off and fall from the Stone Spirit’s body.

Although the Stone Spirit’s movement was slow, it would not let the opponent attack it at such a close range without retaliation.

Instantly, it emitted a low, peculiar roar from its mouth. Abruptly, it stomped its foot on the ground and promptly, on the nearby ground, myriads of large and small rocks began floating into the air. After another shudder, they flew at Feng Chan like torrential rain.

Feng Chan let out an angry roar and the silver boxing silhouettes suddenly changed directions. Like a blossoming flower, they wildly shot in all directions and a majority of the rocks were forcibly smashed; however, a small portion still managed to smack into his body where they then exploded on contact.

Nevertheless, Feng Chan still didn’t seem to sustain any injury.

“The two of us can’t hold on for very much longer; Brother Tian, hurry up and make your move.” Although Feng Chan looked like he was impervious to swords and spears, causing the Stone Spirit to have no method of injuring him for a while, he still gave voice to an urgent cry.
TL: Impervious to swords and spears – Invulnerable

It was clear that this astonishing method of defense couldn’t be sustained for too long.

The Tian Firestorm Way disciple wiped the surprised look off his face and gave a sound of agreement. He then turned toward the stone formation behind him and threw the palm leaf fan in his hands into the air; then, he extended his ten fingers and performed hand signs.

These hand signs all shot into the palm leaf fan and disappeared without a trace. Immediately, a loud droning sound resonated and a plethora of blue and red inscriptions rushed out.

Qian Hui Niang and the other remaining disciples also successively performed their techniques in preparation to coordinate with Tian, the Firestorm Way disciple, to create an astonishing attack.

“Pu! Pu!”

When the red and blue inscriptions near the palm leaf fan grew massive and seemed to have condensed into such a dense amount of space without leaving any room, the aura on the Tian Firestorm Way disciple suddenly flourished. On his body, astonishingly, one blue and one red thick light halo simultaneously appeared and began revolving around him.

“Ice and Fire Twin Spirit Pulse!”

Seeing this situation, immediately, someone cried out in shock.

Just at this time, the youth’s incantation came to a stop and the hand sign he was performing abruptly changed.

The palm leaf fan faintly shook and resolutely fanned the stone formation.

A smothered sound rang out!

One red and one blue light beam flew out and intersected with each other. After a flash, they successively knocked into the nearby incorporeal air wall whereby they transformed into an enormous ball of light that continuously rolled around. Simultaneously, loud rumbling sounds rang out and the neighboring empty space began to shake.

Seeing this, the other four naturally didn’t hesitate to release their attacks.

Qing Hui Niang let out a yell and a sparkling ice spear that was almost 10 feet long instantly morphed into a glittering light as it shot forward.

As for the other three people, one summoned scarlet red fire python, one created enormous yellow rock shadow and the last one shot out a number of densely packed cyan awns rapidly. All of them struck a place near the red and blue ball of light.

The Tian Firestorm Way disciple lifted his arm and a ball of light suddenly condensed in the empty space above his hands.

After a deafening rumbling sound, the ball of light and the other attacks simultaneously exploded. The incorporeal air wall resisting them was immediately torn into smithereens.

A few piles of rocks nearby shook and myriads of stones exploded in the air, transforming into fine powder.

“We’ve succeeded, hurry and go!”

When everyone saw the scene unfold, an excited cry instantly rang out from within the stone formation.

Gao Chong and Feng Chan who were tying up the Stone Spirit and Lion Tiger Beast, respectively retreated without saying anything else.

The Stone Spirit’s movements were slow and it was unable to catch up to Feng Chan.

To the side, the Lion Tiger Beast was tied up by the blood-colored fog for a while and could only watch Gao Chong run away.

After a short while, the Lion Tiger Beast let out an angry roar and freed itself from the fog of blood. However, by this time, the group of people had already disappeared without a trace.

The Stone Spirit expressionlessly chased them until the edge of the rock piles where it let out an angry noise and submerged itself into the ground, disappearing without a trace.

Seeing this, the Lion Tiger Beast could only give off a few low, angry roars before it turned around and returned to its mountain peak.

Liu Ming was riding his grey cloud. He reached up and grabbed a rather large black red-colored Ganoderma on the cliff. Subsequently, he exposed an expression of content and put it away. The cloud under his feet moved and he flew to an even higher point on the cliff.

In that place, astonishingly, was a light yellow-colored Spirit Grass that was emitting a rich fragrance.

This mountain was worthy of harboring the most concentrated Spirit Qi in the secret realm. It would have been hard to find a variety of Spirit Medicines in other areas but not long after arriving at this mountain, he had continuously found them; moreover, among them, there were a few plants that would immediately increase one’s Fa Li after being refined and used properly.

This naturally resonated deeply within Liu Ming’s consciousness and he instantly followed a certain path on the mountain, slowly searching.

He spent his time like this and after four hours, he flew vertically to an enormous mountain rock. There he raised his head and looked at an even higher area. His heart couldn’t help be faintly moved.

A few dozens of meters up, on a large platform, was a small peach forest. In it were a few half green but not red, hairy peaches. Most of them were shriveled and small, causing a lack of desire for people to eat them.

However, at the edge of the peach forest laid a few young ape corpses that had been chopped into several pieces.

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s heart couldn’t help but shake.

He unfortunately forgot that those few monster apes were rather smart and were further able to occupy this mountain for a long time. In their nest, there were probably a few valuable Spirit Objects.

Looking at the situation in front of him, the peaches had clearly already been taken by someone else.

However, even if this was the case, Liu Ming immediately flew up.

In seconds, Liu Ming descended to the stone platform in a stable manner. His gaze swept across the corpses of the young apes and fell on an irregular enormous cave nearby the dozen or so peach trees.

He didn’t hesitate as he strode past the peach trees and into the cave.

When his two feet stepped into the cave, he clearly saw the interior.

The mountain cave astonishingly was a natural cave, covered in various forms of stalactites; furthermore, the area was so large that it surpassed his expectations.

Aside from a small pool in the center of the cave, a few short shrubs grew everywhere in the cave.

Within the shrubs, a few fresh patches of dirt had been overturned; clearly, someone had dug something up here.

Not only was it like that but some areas on the walls of the cave had been smashed in, indicating that someone had also pried a few important objects.

Apparently he really had arrived one step too late and had just missed out on the valuable objects that were swept away by someone else.

Liu Ming let out a bitter laugh but didn’t lose hope as he meticulously searched through the stone cave; however, his search didn’t bear fruit.

He even jumped into the pond in the middle of the cave to search. Nevertheless, aside from a few small ores, he didn’t find anything else.

Helplessly, he could only leave the cave in a foul mood. He then decided to go to other areas to search for Spirit Medicines.

This place had been plundered so cleanly that it was most likely Yang Qian or that Brother Yun who had been here. Perhaps, the two of them had rushed here at the very start. He also didn’t know what kind or how many treasures had been stored in the monster ape’s nest.

Liu Ming’s thoughts quickly spun about as he walked by a peach tree. By coincidence, a small half red peach fell onto his head; it was about as large as a chicken egg.

Unconsciously, he moved his arm and grabbed the peach bringing it to his mouth. He took a small bite into it and seemed to plan on throwing it away.

However, in the next second, Liu Ming’s feet suddenly stopped. The expression on his face underwent a large number of changes. At first, it showed one of extreme shock but in the next second, it changed into an expression of disbelief.

“This peach is…”

He seemed as if he still didn’t believe it and muttered to himself before he suddenly took a second bite and quickly swallowed it into his stomach.

The pulp instantly transformed into fluids that flowed into his stomach. A surge of abundant Yuan Li instantly flowed all over his body.

These peaches unexpectedly were the same kind as those hundred year old, mature Spirit Grasses. They also possessed the unique ability to increase Fa Li.

Liu Ming efficiently ate the rest of the pulp in his hands and after making sure of the effect again, he was immediately extremely content. He then moved and his figure flashed a few times in succession as he began to pick the fruit off the peach trees.

Just at this time, he discovered that although there were a dozen or so peach trees, each tree only bore seven or eight peaches.

Multiplying by the dozen or so fruit trees, he would only garner around a hundred peaches.

After picking off all the Spirit Peaches, a large pile had accumulated under his feet. Subsequently, Liu Ming let out a long sigh and reached for one peach. He then brought it in front of his eyes and meticulously examined it.

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