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Book 19 Chapter 12 - Bloody Battle Outside The City Gate

Maintaining her usual calm and cold confidence, her jade countenance did not reveal the slightest change due to the gradually resounding, growing faster and more intensive hoof beats, Wanwan spoke indifferently, "As long as you agree to let us take something from the 'Duke Yang's Treasure' first, we can temporarily negotiate peace and cease the battle."

After exchanging glance with Xu Ziling, Kou Zhong said with a frown, "What exactly is so important? Can you explain clearly, so that we can consider it carefully?"

Revealing a flirtatious and captivating expression, Wanwan hunched her shoulders and narrowed her eyes as she looked at Kou Zhong and said, "It could be a box, or a small chest, but definitely has nothing to do with wealth or weaponry. As for what's inside, please forgive nujia for not disclosing it. In any case, it will be completely useless for you."

Kou Zhong smiled wryly and said, "Please don't use that kind of gaze and expression to tease Xiaodi, all right? If you provoked Xiaodi's misunderstanding, that would not be good, because Xiaodi have always liked to imagine that my love is reciprocated."

The hoof beats suddenly stopped outside the city gate. The sudden silence was as depressing as the heavy atmosphere before the rain fell on the mountain.

Kou Zhong spoke to Xu Ziling, "This business deal doesn't seem to bring us any harm. Even though we still have deep hatred and great enmity, we could always haggle over it after the 'Duke Yang's Treasure' is obtained." He secretly kicked Xu Ziling's leg under the table.

Naturally Xu Ziling understood what he meant.

With each passing day, their confidence is resisting Yin Gui Pai also increased by a notch. But if at the moment they disagreed and broke into a fight, they could only end up failing and being wiped over the floor.

Sighing, Xu Ziling spoke in a heavy voice, "Let's do whatever you think is best!"

Kou Zhong laughed aloud and said, "It's a deal! But if you eat your own words and rush indiscriminately into a fight, this deal is void."

The hoof beats rose up again. When the horses galloped across the suspension bridge over the moat, the sound was like the rumbling of thunder. Several dozen of riders appeared from the city gate. They all rode slowly, in cautious and solemn manner.

As if she was completely unaware of Khitan horse-mounted bandits entering the city, Wanwan stretched out her delicate hand, showing her bent little finger, and spoke in gentle, charming voice, "In that case, let us hook our fingers to make an oath, whoever go back on this deal, let him not have a good death."

Kou Zhong craned his neck to scrutinize her lily-white hand, which was fairer than the snow; full of suspicion, he said, "No crafty plots and machinations, right?"

The enemy coming into the city was only about a hundred or so. The vanguard quickly spread out on both sides of the long main street, they looked quizzically at the three people, men and woman, sitting around the table full of food and wine, set in the middle of the street, chatting and laughing. It was obvious from their expression that even in their dream, they had never expected to see such a scene inside the city.

Wanwan angrily said, "Gutless ghost! In vain I regarded you as a man whom I might fall in love with."

Giggling, Kou Zhong also stretched out his little finger and hooked it with hers.

The sound of hoof beats arose again, like an arrow more than a dozen riders rushed into the city straight toward the three people, and reined their horses to complete stop at about ten zhang away from the table, and arranged themselves in a row.

The warhorses skipped over and neighed wildly. More than a dozen pair of vicious and harsh eyes were trained on the three people, none did not show bewildered and uncertain expression.

Hooking her finger with Kou Zhong, Wanwan pulled it three times, and then said with a tender laughter, "Oh Kou Lang [young man]! Don't you dare going back on this deal! Otherwise nujia will never let you off!"

When her words fell on these unsuspecting strangers' ears, they certainly thought that these people were pledging their unchanging love to each other.

The bandits' leader was a ferocious looking big man with a full-bearded face, a pair of hatchets hanging on his back, his clothes were animal skin and black leather, his imposing manner was oppressive.

To his left was a Han man, about fifty years of age, with grave and stern countenance, his eyes shot spirited light; it was evident at a glance that he must be a martial art master with strong internal power.

The other men had fierce and malicious countenance, big and sturdy, robust Khitan men. Their bare arms either had arm protector, or iron hoops on their wrists, enhancing the imposing and ferocious air around them.

Pulling back his little finger, Kou Zhong's gaze, which were shining with sharp rays, fell onto the big Khitan man with a pair of hatchets on his back, who was riding high on his horse; he shouted, "You, the tall guy, are you Ku Ge of Khitan?"

'Qiang! Qiang!' There was an unending ringing as the bandits, except the old Han man and Ku Ge, more than a hundred men drew all kinds of weapons at the same time, striking a posture that they were about to attack, ready to pounce.

The old man leaned close to Ku Ge and spoke a few words. Ku Ge then signaled with his hand, stopping his men from rushing indiscriminately into action. Only after everyone calmed down did he shout, "Since you know my name, Ku Ge, yet still dare to sit here whispering sweet nothings to one another, speaking about wind, flower, snow and moon [i.e. trite poetry subject], you must be tired of living."

His Han speech was dry and heavy, and stiff, yet he loved to bite words and chew characters [i.e. meticulous in his choice of words], it was quite laughable.

Kou Zhong leaned back comfortably into his chair while shot him a sideways glance and said, "Laoxiong, you are right. Since we know what kind of character you are, yet still dare to sit here having a drinking party, waiting respectfully for your honorable self's arrival, naturally it is not because we are tired of living!"

Seeing him making an eye with her as he spoke, "Pft!" Wanwan burst into tender giggle and stood gracefully. Turning around her tender body, she faced the bunch of bandits, who were dumbstruck to suddenly come face-to-face with her beauty. And then with a sweet smile she said, "I am just a guest who was passing through. You want to fight, whether death or alive, it has nothing to do with me. Nujia is leaving!"

Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling knew she was going to make a kill; they weren't sure if they should be happy or ought to be resentful.

Severely shaken, Ku Ge asked, "May I ask where is Beauty going?"

Momentarily caught off guard by the peerless beauty, he was completely in awe and unexpectedly spoke such refined and courteous sentence, which was totally incongruous with his previous style.

Wanwan moved behind Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling, making the two boys so scared and on edge, before she regained her smiling expression and returned to her usual ice-cold demeanor. Her eyes shot at the old man, as she spoke gently, "This Qianbei [Senior] must be Mi Fang, Mi Laoshi [teacher], whose appellation is the Wolf King, who ran amuck in the northeast region? Lately you vanished from the Central Plains, who could have thought that unexpectedly you take refuge among the Khitans."

Mi Fang's countenance changed; he said, "Which Sect's disciple are you, unexpectedly you know Ol' Mi's background."

Letting out a long laugh, Kou Zhong said, "Old man Mi, sit tight, this Da Xiaojie's venerable master is … hey! Pardon me!"

Wanwan withdrew the Tianmo­-power poised to attack him, and then she unhurriedly said, "Now that's an obedient child!"

Ku Ge and the others looked at each other; even after racking their brains, they could not figure out the relationship among these three people.

Xu Ziling impatiently said, "Miss, aren't you going to leave?"

Wanwan suddenly moved to the front, as if she was about to pass through between Ku Ge and Mi Fang's horses, floating toward the city gate.

Kou Zhong blurted out, "Would you please close the city gate on your way out?"

Ku Ge let out a long laughter and said, "Beauty wants to leave? It's not that easy!"

But Mi Fang showed a grave expression; without blinking he stared at Wanwan's bare feet.

The two riders on his left and right suddenly rushed out and closed in to intercept her.

These Khitan men grew up on horseback; every one of them had consummate skill in equestrianism. Capturing people from horseback was a cheap trick for them.

Only Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling were familiar with Wanwan's ruthlessness; they could not bear to watch.

Naturally they would not stop her either. Every one of these horse-mounted bandits has committed multifarious evil, even death cannot wipe out their crimes, not a single one.

Meanwhile four riders were getting closer and closer; the crowd of bandits cheered in chorus to boost the morale of their brothers. Their shouts shook the long street.

From the city gate several dozen riders came pouring in; they were curious and came inside to watch the show.

Suddenly the two riders on the left and right closest to Wanwan reined their horses. The warhorses immediately reared; high in the air, their front legs were kicking randomly this way and that.

The other two riders sped up and joined the fray; their horsemanship was exquisite, their coordination was amazing, making others sigh in admiration.

Wanwan appeared to be completely unable to resist, as the two horses came together in a pincer attack.

By the time the other two horses' legs landed back on the ground, suddenly the riders screamed the horses neighed. Pressed from both sides, the two steeds were thrown outside like a collapsing mountain, falling pillars. The riders, who were incomparably dauntless Khitan warriors, were completely helpless to resist; as if their bodies were devoid of any bones, they both, together with their horses, fell to the side.

Even with Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling's brilliant eyesight, they still could not see clearly what technique Wanwan was using.

'Bang!' The horses landed on the ground, the dust rose up. Without moving further, they all died on the spot.

Wanwan has effortlessly lifted up the two men, casually tossed them so that they heavily knocked against the head of the other two riders' horses.

The crowd of bandits was dumbstruck with this sudden change. While they were at a loss of what to do, as if they were struck by lightning, the two warriors on the horseback fell down, with all seven orifices spurting blood. On the contrary, the horses were completely uninjured.

The two warriors that were thrown also fell to the ground; fresh blood flowed from their eyes, ears, mouth and nose.

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