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Xiaohu, Tail, Hungry, thanks for providing the entertainment. Oh, and I think Wanwan did not seduce Bian Bufu, he was the one who wanted to deflower her. Xu Xiong, careful now, some of us are Wanwan's fans. HPC, DongBin, Anh, Jaya, Spy, Ysabel, you are welcome.

Such an overbearing skill, even Ku Ge and Mi Fang's countenance changed greatly.

Ku Ge was the first to regain his composure. "Kill them!" he thundered angrily.

The crowd of bandits urged their horses to charge forward.

Looking back at the two boys, Wanwan laughed and said, "I'll see you again in Guanzhong!"

Two streams of ribbons flew out of her sleeves like butterflies, intercepting the charging cavalry that the bandits were thrown backward and their formation was crushed; unexpectedly no one was able to stop her even for a short period of time.

Watching Wanwan charging into the enemy formation, opening a bloody path toward the city gate, Kou Zhong said in shock, "How did she know the 'Duke Yang's Treasure' is in Guanzhong?"

Xu Ziling pushed the edge of the table with both palms. The entire tabletop left its legs and flew up, spinning toward the dozen or so bandits on horseback attacking them; he shouted, "I am not the worm inside her belly; how would I know?"

The tabletop was spinning faster and faster, but the food and drink, bowls and plates, were like stuck to the surface that they spun together with the tabletop, not even half a cup spilled out.

Just a split second before the tabletop spun, Kou Zhong casually picked up a bottle of wine. This moment, while biting the cork off the bottle, he mumbled, "The time to repay our fellow citizens' blood debt has arrived!"

Two miserable screams. The tabletop knocked two bandits off their horses and threw them away and down to the ground. The warhorses were startled and charged sideways, so that the bandits were thrown into confusion.


Applying his internal power Kou Zhong spat the cork in his mouth. It flew and struck the face of a bandit charging toward him. The bandit fell backward from his horse. Kou Zhong kicked a table leg, and another bandit was knocked over.

He was still sitting comfortably on his chair; lifting the wine bottle in his left hand, he drank his fill. With his other hand he pulled the Moon in the Well, and then carelessly, without even looking, swept it across.


A Khitan overbearing fiend, who was stooping down to pierce him with a spear, was swept over; both the man and the spear were thrown to the ground, his head split and his blood flowed without being able to even groan. Losing its rider, the horse continued galloping toward the empty and wide long street on Kou Zhong's right rear side.


The tabletop lost its momentum and fell down.

Two charging bandits were struck by Xu Ziling's splitting-the-air palm strike that they spurted blood and fell off their horses. One of the horses was still running toward Xu Ziling. He diverted his force and slapped the horse's head with the back of his palm. By lucky coincidence the horse changed direction and galloped pass two enemies charging toward him.

Kou Zhong laughed aloud and said, "It is fun! It is fun!"

The battle was in full swing.

In the meantime, Wanwan was attacking the enemy outside the gate, and thus drawing the enemy's main force.

Kou Zhong let out a long whistle.

Chen Jiafeng and his men, who were waiting in ambush on top of the city gate, released arrows using crossbows through the battlements on the city wall. From their higher elevation, they had clear shot toward the enemy; they also threw down lighted firecrackers, so that momentarily there was continuous 'Crash! Bang!' noise that scared the warhorses, sending them fleeing in all direction.

In this total chaos, naturally the bandits could not tell that there were only fifty people acting behind the scenes, driving them to insanity; they thought that they had fallen into an ambush, and hence their heart was in great confusion.

Kou Zhong bent his body at the waist and pounced forward. His left hand unleashed the Cutting-Meridian Technique taught by Tu Shufang, to grab a piercing spear. Applying his power, he sent out a spiraling qi, jolting the enemy off his horse.

'Whoosh!' His right hand swept the saber across the enemy's rank. And then using the 'listening to the wind to differentiate the sound' skill, he flashed forward to evade an arrow shooting from behind. His movement flowed so smoothly that he himself was extremely pleased.

He was not new to the battlefield; on the contrary, he was an old hand, having a deep understanding that in a melee like this, the thing he had to avoid the most was fancy move and empty style, while the most important thing was speed and accuracy, by all means, he had to try to kill the enemy in one move.

Suddenly a strong gust of wind came from his left side, Kou Zhong recognized it as Ku Ge's pair of hatchets. Laughing aloud, he said, "Ge Laoxiong, has your beauty slipped away? Has the scabies toad failed to eat the swan's flesh? Such a profound sentence, I wonder if you'd understand? Do you want me to explain it in simple terms for you?"

Although his mouth was spewing his forte, frigid irony and scorching satire, to the greatest extent, his hands were not idle; he met the enemy's double hatchets attacking from the horseback. Amidst continuous ringing his saber hacked with full strength, shaking Ku Ge's wrists that they went numb, forcing him to have no choice but to pull his horse back to evade.


Kou Zhong's right leg flew up, kicking the foot of another bandit on the stirrup. The violent and ferocious force unexpectedly sent that man up into the air. Kou Zhong added a long-distance punch to it, and the unfortunate man was like being struck by lightning; blood splashed as he was thrown about a zhang away.

Such formidable power scared the several other enemies attacking him that they scattered everywhere trying to escape.

Xu Ziling also unleashed his divine prowess. His palms opening up and closing in, sending gusts of wind from his palms and fists, combined with exquisite and profound technique that he developed right then and there, just like the opponents' sabers, spears, swords and halberds as nothing. When the lance attacked, he broke the lance, the spear attacked, he broke the spear, as if everything was swept by a gale.

Because the hundred or so enemies inside the city gate were being held up by the two boys, while Chen Jiafeng and his men were also successful in following the battle plan by holding up the enemies on the suspension bridge, the enemies were cut into two groups. The group outside could not go in to provide assistance, the group inside could not get out without facing the arrows.

The 'Wolf King' Mi Fang's weapon was a wolf-teeth mace, which was the origin of his nickname.

He first realized that riding on a horse actually limited his flexibility, hence he made a somersault and flew overhead Xu Ziling, attacking him with a killer move. Like the wind or a thunder bursting forth, the wolf-teeth mace swept down on Xu Ziling's head.

Xu Ziling stretched out his finger to touch the wolf-teeth mace, sending out a violent spiraling energy. Mi Fang let out a muffled grunt as he was jolted into another somersault, and unexpectedly flew five more zhang upwards.

"Zhong Shao!" Xu Ziling called loudly, "This old fellow is yours!"

Kou Zhong shouted his acknowledgement, while forcing five bandits surrounding him to back off. The Moon in the Well turned into yellow rainbow, and slashed at an angle; like an arrow it shot toward Mi Fang, who was still flying in the air.

By this time, separating the city gate from the spot where the two boys were being besieged was only a several-dozen-paces-long section of the long street, which was already strewn with seventy, eighty dead and wounded enemies. At least half of those casualties were the handiwork of Wanwan's delicate hands, who had already disappeared without a trace. The rest were either hit by the arrows, or were killed by Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling. From this, the intensity of the battle could clearly be seen.

Under the illumination of the raging flame, the long street seemed to become the underworld of the Asura [malevolent spirits in Indian mythology].

Seeing the far-from-good situation of his side, Ku Ge called out loudly, "Mi Gong, be careful!"

He was about to leap high to intercept, Xu Ziling already darted from an angle and delivered a punch.

Ku Ge's mind was thrown into great disorder. For the first time he had a feeling that in this jumbled battle, his side has been defeated into a total mess.

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