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Sighing inwardly, Wandong recollected himself and went on, staring at Leng Shuangrong.

"Nobody is gonna split us unless Yuecui doesn't feel like being my friend anymore in the future!"

Laying conspicuous emphasis on "nobody", Wandong was literally threatening Leng Shuangrong without scruples.

His astounding bravery literally blew away Xu Wenchuan, scaring the latter to death.

"Never! It'll never come to us!"

Pretty thrilled, Leng Yuecui rushed forth, regardless of her grandma's reaction. As an old saying went, women were never afraid of sacrificing themselves for love. Eyes fixed on Wandong with tenderness, she declared her affection for him to all.

"Filthy lad! You're forcing me to kill you!"

Shocked by her granddaughter's unexpected disobedience, she hit the ceiling forthwith, livid with rage.

"Then you'd better take action now if you have your heart set on it!"

Wandong retorted.

"Yaoting, what are you talking about?"

Leng Yuecui shouted in spite of herself.

His words sent chills down the spine of Xu Wenchuan as well, as that literally sounded like an invitation to Death.

"Because this is the only chance you have! You can't wait till three months later! I'll be fully recovered and reach a higher level in my martial capacity! Then it will be the other way around! You will be the one to get killed!"

Smiling at Leng Yuecui, Wandong looked back at Leng Shuangrong.

"What…what are you talking about?"

Wandong's unflinching manifesto came as a striking eye-opener to Leng Shuangrong. She had never met anyone crazier than Wandong.

Utterly slack-jawed, Leng Yuecui stared at Wandong, eyes glazed. She was gonna get carried away with Wandong's masculine charms. She felt, right then, that Wandong was the most macho man in the whole wide world.

"I wasted my whole life! If I had been as masculine as my grandson when I was his age, Yaoting would have had dozens of uncles and aunts now!"

Shaking his head nonstop, Xu Wenchuan felt like crying,

"Three months! I shall, by all means, defeat you within three months!"

Eyebrows raised, Wandong laid emphasis on each syllable, sneering at Leng Shuangrong's face.

"Are you nuts? You think you can defeat me within three months? Don't you find it hilarious? Xu Wenchuan, how do you view it?"

"I…I view it right here standing beside you two…"

Xu Wenchuan literally went speechless. Having such a promising grandson, he could only stand aside.


Leng Shuangrong went more speechless than him. In her eyes, the granddad and grandson both went insane. Otherwise, they hadn't taken notice of her in the slightest.

After a brief analysis, she found it more like sarcasm to her.

She was right about it, as Xu Wenchuan and Wandong couldn't be more normal, at least more normal than her.

"Three months later, I shall issue my challenge to you. It won't stain your reputation if I get killed by you. You won't suffer any loss at all. What do you say? Dare you accept my challenge?"

Faced with Wandong's unswerving stare, Leng Shuangrong had an illusion in spite of herself — she had been at the mercy of him.

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