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Chapter 993: Do you know how it feels having a cannon aimed at your head?

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However, the Palace of Winter was only able to shrink due to its key having fallen into Song Shuhang’s hands, and because of the relationship between Ye Si and Jade Lake Empress Cheng Lin. With the key, one could control the Palace of Winter to make it shrink, and then bring it into their Inner World.

Yet, the Palace of Summer did not have a similar function. The Palace of Summer only had a single stone tablet and a public square. All the structures on it were added by the scholarly faction. Therefore, shrinking the ‘Palace of Summer’ was impossible. The only way would be to directly bring it into his Inner World…

Wait! Perhaps it was really possible to directly bring it into his Inner World?

However, there was no need to rush this matter. After True Monarch Eternal Fire had transferred the control of the ‘Palace of Summer’ and the other fragments of the Heavenly City to Shuhang, he’d find an opportunity to test it out.

“Daoist Friend Tyrannical Saber, I’m happy that you’re satisfied with it. To be honest, although the Palace of Summer is a fragment of the ancient Heavenly City, as a paradisiacal land, it’s rather small,” True Monarch Eternal Fire said with a smile.

After speaking, True Monarch Eternal Fire reached out with his hand over the ‘Palace of Summer’, and read out a scripture.

He read what seemed to be a classic from the scholarly faction. With his chanting, sheets of golden text appeared in the air—more than 50,000 golden texts appeared, wrapping around the ‘Palace of Summer’ and forming an exceptional otherworldly scenery.

Then, True Monarch Eternal Fire reached out, and pulled out one of the sheets. He turned around, and handed the golden page to Song Shuhang. “Little Friend Tyrannical Saber, please place your mental energy mark and true qi mark on the golden page. With that, the ownership of the Palace of Summer will be transferred to you.”

Song Shuhang followed his instructions, placing his mental energy mark and true qi mark on the golden page, and said. “Is this fine?”

…It felt the same as purchasing something online then signing to show that you’d received the delivery.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” True Monarch Eternal Fire waved his hand, and the golden page flew back to the over 50,000 other sheets.

In the next moment, all 50,000 golden pages resonated and let out a sound.

At the same time, Song Shuhang felt a connection with this paradisiacal land known as ‘Palace of Summer’. He could now open and close the entrance to the paradisiacal land with a thought, and also remotely monitor every movement in the Palace of Summer and its surroundings. With a single thought, he could now make the 50,000 pages form a scholarly formation and release devastating attacks.

When the ‘ownership transfer’ was completed, Song Shuhang felt a tremendous amount of spiritual energy emerge from the Palace of Summer. After getting transformed by those 50,000 pages, it condensed beside Song Shuhang’s body.

Rich spiritual energy enveloped Song Shuhang. Without even cultivating, and merely breathing, he could now lead spiritual energy into his body, tempering his physical body and enhancing his strength.

If he were to train in such a state, the results would be three times higher compared to the outside world.

“This is?” Song Shuhang asked curiously.

“That is the wonder of the paradisiacal land.” True Monarch Eternal Fire slightly smiled, and said, “For cultivators, money, companions, techniques, and land are all essential. Additionally, a place with rich spiritual energy would allow a cultivator to get twice the result with half the effort when cultivating. The Palace of Summer is a fragment of the ancient Heavenly City, and is blessed with abundant spiritual energy. Even in this fragmented state, the spiritual energy it contains is still comparable to a low-rank spiritual vein. Moreover, with the support of the great formations the scholarly faction set up, the absorption of spiritual energy is even more efficient.”

“So that’s how it is.” Song Shuhang nodded.

“Alright, the ‘Palace of Summer’ is already yours, so let’s head to the next paradisiacal land,” True Monarch Eternal Fire said with a smile. There were still ten paradisiacal lands to be transferred in half a day; time was limited.

Little Cai looked at this paradisiacal land. As an arduously cultivating little monster, she of course knew the importance of a ‘paradisiacal land’. Monster cultivators that had their own paradisiacal land would at least be of the Fifth Stage Realm.

And yet, her teacher Song Shuhang already had his own immortal cave even when he was just at the Third Stage Realm.

“Teacher, how many caves do we still have to receive?” Little Cai asked––she had heard True Monarch Eternal Fire say that there were still several paradisiacal lands to be given to Daoist Friend Tyrannical Saber, but she didn’t know exactly how many.

“There should still be ten more,” Song Shuhang answered.

“T… T-t-ten?!” Little Cai’s eyes widened. Were the scholarly faction’s paradisiacal lands so cheap? Eleven paradisiacal lands were handed over to her teacher in a single breath?

Song Shuhang laughed, and patted Little Cai. “At that time, I will give you partial control over the eleven paradisiacal lands, so that you can get in there at any time to train.”

“Thank you, Teacher.” Little Cai replied dully––no wonder it was said that acknowledging a teacher was a kind of skill. As long as one acknowledged the right teacher, they would get the opportunity to reach the peak of cultivation.

If one acknowledged the wrong master, that would make the life of the monster miserable.

All the eleven paradisiacal lands would be open to her in the future if she wanted to train.

At that time, when she was in a good mood, she could go cultivate in the cave number 1. If she was in a bad mood, she could go cultivate in the cave number 11. And if her period was to come, she could go cultivate in the cave number 6. It was truly wondrous to imagine.

Afterward, True Monarch Eternal Fire quickly brought Song Shuhang to the other ten immortal caves to finish the transfer. The ownership of all the caves was finally given to Song Shuhang.

Besides the Palace of Summer, the other paradisiacal islands didn’t have that great of an origin.

The second immortal cave was called Sword Saber Peak. Rather than being its original name, it was merely the name it had been given by the scholarly faction. On the top of the Sword Saber Peak, there were incomparably powerful sword and saber intents that hadn’t dispersed even after tens of thousands of years.

There were once a legendary sabersman and a legendary swordsman in the ancient Heavenly City that had gone all out against one another, and traces of their saber intent and sword intent remained since after. The two intents weren’t aimed towards outsiders; instead, they wound around the mountain peak, seemingly continuing the fight between the legendary sabersman and the legendary swordsman over the years.

The third immortal cave was a desert with a small oasis. It was about 30,000 square meters in size. Besides the rich spiritual qi, the cave didn’t have anything else to offer.

The 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th immortal caves were five fragments of the living spring of the Heavenly City. The 4th, 5th, and 6th immortal caves had a cold spring within, while the 7th and 8th immortal caves had a hot spring.

These five fragments of the ancient Heavenly City were each around 50,000 square meters big—about the same size as the Palace of Summer. True Monarch Eternal Fire speculated that the five caves were likely to be one entire fragment, but they were now missing a lot of parts, and could no longer be combined together.

The 9th immortal cave was called Illusory City, one of the places of the Heavenly City they had some records about. The scholarly faction was only able to collect a corner of the Illusory City, only 10,000 square meters in size. The entire Illusory City was one gigantic illusory realm, and would randomly create illusory warriors of various strength. It was a good way to increase one’s combat experience.

The 10th immortal cave made Song Shuhang rather speechless. It was one humongous stone with an area of around 100,000 square meters, but it was completely barren.

According to True Monarch Eternal Fire, this boulder was probably a part of the foundation of the ancient Heavenly City. After the ancient Heavenly City was destroyed, the foundation also fell apart and was obtained by the scholarly faction. However, there wasn’t really that much spiritual energy, and after it was transformed into a paradisiacal island, it didn’t have much use.

The last immortal cave was near Wenzhou City. It was an ordinary small immortal cave, and it had nothing to do with the ‘ancient Heavenly City’. It had small streams, pavilions, and lush vegetation, and was akin to a ‘haven of peace’.

True Monarch Eternal Fire had especially prepared this immortal cave for Song Shuhang to allow his family to use it.

“Senior Eternal Fire, thank you for your kindness,” Song Shuhang said thankfully.

This place was a paradise, and had abundant spiritual qi—it was simply what Song Shuhang had once envisioned to be the ideal place for him to cultivate in seclusion.

True Monarch Eternal Fire slightly smiled as he said, “You are welcome. Compared to what Daoist Friend Tyrannical Saber has done for our scholarly faction, these gifts are nowhere near enough to repay your great kindness.”

Song Shuhang had staked his small life, protecting the world of the golden lotus for the scholarly faction, allowing the top experts of the scholarly faction to survive. That kindness was simply too great; when compared to the entire scholarly faction, the eleven immortal caves were truly little.

All the immortal caves were successfully transferred, and True Monarch Eternal Fire’s task was complete.

“Daoist Friend Tyrannical Saber, do you need me to send you back to the Jiangnan area?” True Monarch Eternal Fire asked.

It was already deep into the night. Song Shuhang and the True Monarch had set out at noon, and now it was already past three in the morning of the next day.

“I’ll have to trouble Senior Eternal Fire,” Song Shuhang said.

“It’s nothing.” True Monarch Eternal Fire brought out his immortal boat, and delivered Song Shuhang and Little Cai back to Jiangnan University Town.

Inside Medicine Master’s multistoried building.

When Song Shuhang and Little Cai got home, Senior White and Ye Si were still busy.

The two came out of the kitchen, moving a large pot into the courtyard. Then, Senior White used the fire controlling art to control the fire.

“Senior White, Ye Si, you still haven’t succeeded in making that ordinary beast food?” Song Shuhang asked.

How long had it been? Had Senior White and Ye Si actually failed again and again?

With Senior White’s luck, that didn’t make any sense!

“Heh, Shuhang, you look down on us too much,” Ye Si said smugly. “We succeeded in making the ordinary beast food the second time we tried. It’s just that your invisible saber insect really likes ordinary beast food, and emptied the entire pot in one go.”

Emptied the entire pot?

“Then, is my invisible sword insect still good? Did it become a gigantic saber?” Song Shuhang asked.

The Fighting Beast had eaten beast food and ended up becoming too big. If his invisible saber insect were to also grow crazily…

“How could that possibly happen? As I said, we succeeded in making ordinary beast food the second time we tried. After the invisible saber ate its fill, it went to rest,” Ye Si said.

“Then what are you trying to figure out now?” Song Shuhang asked curiously. To be honest, after hearing that the invisible saber insect hadn’t become gigantic, he had actually faintly felt… a tinge of a loss.

Because when he thought about it, if the invisible saber insect had become over 60 meters long, then when he wielded the invisible saber insect, he would only need to swing it around once to easily sweep through his enemies.

“We aren’t trying to figure anything out. Ye Si and I are currently just making beast food the normal way,” Venerable White said.

“From yesterday noon to early morning, you’ve been making beast food?” Song Shuhang looked confused. “Senior White, what are you making so much beast food for?”

“I carelessly hatched a thousand invisible sword insects.” Venerable White dryly laughed.

Currently, there were a thousand invisible sword insects that were crying for food—a thousand mouths that needed to be fed. No wonder Senior White and Ye Si were so busy.

“If that’s the case, Senior White, couldn’t you have just bought ordinary beast food to support the insects?” Song Shuhang said.

“I already tried, but the ordinary beast food I bought didn’t seem to be appealing to the sword insects. They didn’t eat much of it.” Venerable White sighed.

“…” Song Shuhang.

“Senior White, where are the invisible sword insects right now?” Song Shuhang asked.

“Oh, they are all around us. The place beside you is filled with invisible sword insects,” Venerable White replied.

Song Shuhang immediately remembered the image that Lady Onion had sent to the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’.

Sword Insect Sword Insect Sword Insect

Sword Insect [Shuhang] Sword Insect

Sword Insect Sword Insect Sword Insect

“Then, Senior White, do you need any help?” Song Shuhang asked. He had enough sleep this morning, so he currently no longer felt like sleeping.

He was just a little hungry. Therefore, when he got to smell the ‘ordinary beast food’, he ended up salivating.

“Ye Si’s help is enough. You go sleep first. At sunrise, we have to head to class. I’ll drive you to school,” Venerable White said.

Senior White still hadn’t given up on the idea of driving that flashy 10-meter-long car to class?

A picture appeared in Song Shuhang’s mind.

In the morning, when the students who had early morning classes in Jiangnan University woke up to head to class… A flashy 10-meter-long car would stop by, attracting people’s attention.

The handsome Venerable White would come out from the driver’s seat, and then Shuhang would come out from the passenger seat.

He felt that if that scene were to actually take place, his university life would become a lot more troublesome.

Nah… Today, I’ll just make an excuse to go to sleep at the dormitory.

Song Shuhang eventually went to bed alone. Meanwhile, Little Cai stayed with Senior White and Ye Si.

Before going to bed, he first meditated as usual, then practiced the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯.

Nowadays, he was getting closer and closer to the heavenly tribulation before the Fourth Stage Realm, so he had to take it easy. It was best to prepare well and try to transcend the tribulation only afterward.

After practicing, Song Shuhang sat on his bed, thinking back to the eleven immortal caves he had gained today.

“When I’m free, I’ll go to that Palace of Summer close to Jiangnan City and see if I’m able to bring it into my Inner world,” Song Shuhang said to himself.

Just as he was speaking, the space in front of him suddenly fractured.

Then, a shiny, black cannon muzzle drilled out of the space crack.

The dark cannon muzzle was directly aimed at Song Shuhang’s head.

There were several glistening runes on the cannon, and each rune seemed to contain devastating power.

Song Shuhang gulped.

If this thing were to shoot at his head, it would definitely put a [The End] on Song Shuhang’s life.

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