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Chapter 994: Drink a cup of Ganges river water and be reborn as an Indian in the next life Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu


Was it the heavenly tribulation? Had his modernized and fully automated heavenly tribulation finally come?

This was the first thought that came to Song Shuhang’s mind.

Lately, he had constantly been thinking about about that modern heavenly tribulation of his that could befall at any time. Therefore, when he saw the cannon appear, he first thought about the heavenly tribulation.

However, he immediately returned to his senses and concluded that the cannon couldn’t possibly be part of his heavenly tribulation. After all, which heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage would drill out of a space crack? If the heavenly tribulation from the Third to the Fourth Stage was this powerful, cultivators would have ceased to exist long ago.

Besides, his current strength was still far from reaching the point where the heavenly tribulation would commence.

So… who had brought this cannon here?

At this time, the big cannon completely drilled out of the space crack, gently landing on the ground without issuing the slightest of sound.

Then, Senior White wearing blue sleepwear yawned as he came out of the space passage.

“Oh, good morning, Song Shuhang,” Senior White said.

“It’s already night, Senior White.” Song Shuhang stared at this Senior White in front of him, and silently assigned the number ‘two’ to him.

Venerable White was currently with Ye Si in the courtyard, making beast food. The one that had come from space, therefore, could only be Senior White Two, or perhaps a clone created by Senior White Two using some magical technique.

“Eh? It’s already been that long? Ahaha…” Senior White Two gave out a dry laugh, then pointed at the big cannon beside him. “Ah yes, I’ve brought you the thing we agreed on. The completely brand-new ‘Supernatural might capable of overturning the world… something something… see gods, slay gods mother-child cannon’. This is the mother cannon, I’ll bring the child cannon next time. Anyway, with your current strength, you wouldn’t be able to fire both the mother and child pair. Well… even if it’s just the mother cannon, its power is still great, so it would definitely be able to kill an enemy with a single shot without a problem.”

“This is for me?” Song Shuhang looked at the big guy beside him.

The power of this [God Slaying Cannon] was something that Song Shuhang had personally witnessed. It was something that was truly deserving of the name ‘God Slaying Cannon’.

Of course, its power in his hands would definitely not be as shocking as when it was in Senior White Two’s hands. Moreover, the consumption would definitely be very great. But, as long as Song Shuhang was able to use this God Slaying Cannon, it would immediately become the strongest weapon he currently had.

“Mm, I said I would give it to you, and so I did. In addition, I’ve several similar styles of God Slaying Cannons.” Senior White Two sat down on Song Shuhang’s bed, and saw a small bag of what seemed to be food. He then casually open it. “What is this? It’s really fragrant, can I eat it?”

Before Song Shuhang could answer, Senior White Two had already taken out a piece and placed it into his mouth. “Mm, it’s pretty good. What is it called, and where can I buy it?”

Song Shuhang looked at the bag of food in Senior White Two’s hand, the corner of his eye twitching.

That bag of beast food, according to Venerable White and Ye Si, was the first one they made, and was a failed product. They had only allowed the Fighting Beast kangaroo to taste it, but after eating it, the Fighting Beast kangaroo began to grow crazily.

“Senior White…” Song Shuhang opened his mouth and was just about to tell Senior White Two that what he had eaten was actually beast food… but when he saw Senior White Two happily take another piece, he was suddenly at a loss for words.

It would be really awkward to tell him the truth now.

Helpless, Song Shuhang suddenly thought of a story.

[It was said that a long time ago, Queen Victoria received a diplomat from India, and threw a banquet for them in the palace.

Everyone ate very happily.

After everyone had finished eating, a servant brought them a glass of water, placing it in front of everyone.

It was said that according to the royal etiquette, this glass of water wasn’t actually for drinking, but rather for washing one’s hands after having a meal.

But the Indian diplomat had no knowledge of this custom. Therefore, he drank up all the water in the glass in a single go, and even said that it was sweet and delicious. Indians were known to drink very frankly––the so-called “Drink a cup of Ganges river water and be reborn as an Indian in the next life”.

The behavior of the Indian diplomat shocked the British nobles and ministers. They wanted to tell the envoy that the water was actually for washing one’s hands, and not for drinking. However, they felt that it was very inappropriate to tell the envoy that, so all of them just remained silent.]

Song Shuhang currently felt the same way.

He felt it was very inappropriate to tell Senior White Two that it was actually beast food.

So, Song Shuhang just gritted his teeth, and said, “Cough, that was actually self-made, so you wouldn’t be able buy it anywhere else.”

“Self-made? Well, that’s a pity. I was already preparing to get some,” Senior White Two said regretfully.

“Haha. Senior White, if you really like it, you can have this bag of… food.” Song Shuhang squeezed out a smile.

This bag of beast food was Venerable White’s failed work anyway, and it didn’t really have any use.

If Senior White Two liked it, there was no problem with giving it to him. Anyway, with Senior White Two’s strength, mutated beast food like this wouldn’t do him any harm.

“Well, I won’t be polite.” Senior White Two accepted the beast food.

But, when he took it, he felt slightly embarrassed.

“Hm, it feels wrong to take it all when it’s your snack. So, I’ll split it and only take one half,” Senior White Two said, and then poured out half the beast food and gave it to Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang silently received half of the beast food… Frankly speaking, it was indeed rather fragrant. When Senior White and Ye Si were in the kitchen making beast food, Song Shuhang had started salivating after smelling the fragrance.

“Right, what happened to the stone giant? I exhausted all my energy while fighting, and had to leave ahead of time. It was rather embarrassing. Fortunately, you don’t seem to be hurt. That’s a relief,” Senior White Two said.

“At that time… I shifted the trouble onto someone else, pushing the stone giant to blow up the den of that metallic ball in the Netherworld Realm. Then, the metallic ball captured that stone giant,” Song Shuhang replied.

“Ah?” Senior White Two was stunned. Then, he laughed, and said, “Well done, little friend Shuhang.”

Song Shuhang smiled—in fact, he had almost died at that time. Fortunately, his Inner World was super and saved him in time.

“By the way, Shuhang, aren’t you going to eat?” Senior White Two suddenly looked at Song Shuhang curiously.

“Haha, well, I’m still a little full,” Song Shuhang said as he reached for a piece of beast food.

The beast food really looked like beef jerky, and smelled really good.

Song Shuhang then remembered the follow-up of that Queen Victoria story.

[While the ministers were still at a loss as to what to do, Queen Victoria resolutely raised the cup meant for hand-washing and drank it all up. That was why she was the queen, and the others merely subjects. After all, how could she be the ruler without such decisiveness?

The other nobles and ministers saw the scene, and immediately understood the queen’s intentions. They then raised their glasses and drank the hand-washing water as well.

The diplomat from India, who had only learned of everything afterward, was deeply convinced by the wisdom of the queen. In this way, the queen had silently protected the dignity of the diplomat, and as such allowed the British and the Indians to forge a deep friendship.]

The queen drank that glass of hand-washing water, so… did he also have to eat this dog food to forge a good friendship with Senior White Two?

After thinking about it… Song Shuhang felt that it was not worth it.

This beast food wasn’t something that one could randomly eat. Especially since it was a failed product of Venerable White and Ye Si—there were side effects, after all.

Although Senior White Two had eaten so much, and didn’t experience any side effects, Song Shuhang’s strength was incomparable to Senior White Two’s.

It might be fine for Senior White Two to eat it, but that didn’t mean that it would be the same for him.

Song Shuhang didn’t want to become Gianthang.

Not too long ago, after drinking too much demodragon medicine, he had turned into Hulk, and it had been fairly awkward.

Thinking of this, Song Shuhang silently kept the beast food.

Now then… Senior White Two had passed through space and directly appeared in his room, which should’ve caused quite a stir. As such, why did it seem like Ye Si and Venerable White downstairs were unaware of what was happening in his room?

Was Senior White Two too powerful, preventing Venerable White and Ye Si from noticing anything?

“Right, how did you explore the ‘forbidden area’ later?” Senior White Two asked.

“Afterward, I accidentally revived the master of the forbidden area the Great Northern Emperor of the ancient Heavenly City. As such, the trip to the forbidden area came to an end,” Song Shuhang answered. “However, the Great Northern Emperor already promised to refine a pill for me and give me a set of ‘supplementary techniques’. With those two things, I would be able to cure Yinzhu’s cold sickness.

“Mm, it’s great if you found the thing you were looking for. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to enjoy myself to my heart’s content last time,” Senior White Two said regretfully. “Right, are there any fun things to do today?”

After giving it some thought, Song Shuhang said, “Today, I woke up at noon, as for fun things… Afterward, I was together with True Monarch Eternal Fire of the scholarly faction and received several paradisiacal lands, many of which were fragments of the ‘ancient Heavenly City.”

…Originally, he wanted to take some time to visit these paradisiacal lands and see if he could bring the ten fragments of the ancient Heavenly City into his Inner World. Now, if Senior White Two were to help him out, then it would be much simpler for him to bring those fragments into the Inner World…

With Senior White Two’s personality, he would definitely not covet such small fragments. Even if Senior White Two wanted these fragments of the Heavenly City, he would definitely trade for them with something of equal value.

“Fragments of the ancient Heavenly City? The scholarly faction is really extravagant.” Senior White two laughed.

“Actually, when I visited these ancient Heavenly City fragments, an idea came to my mind… I wondered if I could take them into my Inner World, just like how we did with the ‘Palace of Winter’. Would it be possible to do the same with these fragments and then expand my Inner World? But, I wasn’t able to find the time to try it out this morning,” Song Shuhang said. “Moreover… those fragments of the ancient Heavenly City are really big, each one being a few tens of thousands of square meters large. If I don’t shrink them, I don’t think I’ll be able to bring them into my Inner World.”

“That’s rather easy to do! Do you know the spirit beast ‘Little Finger Snake’? The ‘size-reducing purse’ you have with you was made using the skin shed by that spirit beast,” Senior White Two said.

“Yes, I’ve heard of the Little Finger Snake. However, I don’t have a proper image of it,” Song Shuhang said—his memories from the mysterious island still hadn’t been completely restored.

Nevertheless, he remembered that Soft Feather had introduced the ‘Little Finger Snake’ to him, saying that it was very small. As such, although it had the heaven-defying innate skill of being able to shrink things, there was a limit as to what it could shrink. Generally speaking, something the size of an elephant was within the range that the Little Finger Snake could shrink, and some ‘Little Finger Snakes’ could even shrink somewhat larger creatures.

As for something tens of thousands of square meters big, any Little Finger Snake would be unable to shrink it.

Senior White Two laughed as he said, “I remember that there is a creature in the Netherworld Realm of the same ancestry as the Little Finger Snake, but of a higher grade. If it’s that creature, it should be able to shrink those fragments of the ancient Heavenly City to a certain extent. Wait for me, I’ll go catch that creature and bring it over.”

Then, with a wave of his hand, he opened up a space crack and drilled into it, disappearing.

Song Shuhang heaved a sigh of relief and then looked at the beast food in his hand. “I feel sorry toward Senior White Two.”

However, Venerable White’s failed beast food was truly fragrant.

The fragrance was similar to that of the lotus flower from his ‘Lotus Blossoming Tongue’ skill. It really whetted one’s appetite, causing them to salivate.

“No, definitely not.” Song Shuhang kept the beast food, took out a ‘fasting pill’, and swallowed it to curb his hunger.

About a minute later, another space crack appeared beside Song Shuhang.

Then, half of Senior White Two’s body came out of the space crack. “I caught a ‘Little Evil Dragon’ and brought it here. However, that guy’s aura is too strong to directly bring it into your room. So, let’s just go straight to your ‘paradisiacal land’, alright? Do you have the coordinates?”

“I do.” Song Shuhang unlocked his phone, opened up a map, and then marked out the location of the first paradisiacal land, the ‘Palace of Summer’.

“Alright, I know the general coordinates. Let’s go!” Senior White Two pulled Song Shuhang toward the space gate.

After Song Shuhang was taken away… a small hamster appeared on the bed in his place.

The hamster took out a ring, and wore it on its body. In the next moment, its appearance became the same as Song Shuhang’s.

The hamster gritted its teeth as it said, “That hateful Song Shuhang, using the fragments of the ancient Heavenly City to seduce my master.”

After transforming into Song Shuhang, the hamster drilled into the quilt, rolling up into a ball.

At this time, it was seriously considering one thing: should it urinate on Song Shuhang’s bed…?

The first paradisiacal land, the Palace of Summer.

Song Shuhang took Senior White Two into the Palace of Summer using his authority.

“This public square is your paradisiacal land? The Palace of Summer?” Senior White Two asked curiously.

Song Shuhang pointed at the stone table, and said, “Yup, there’s only the stone tablet left.”

“Haha, this Palace of Summer is a lot worse than the Palace of Winter of the Great Northern Emperor,” Senior White Two said, then reached out into the void, pulling out a black dragon. “Don’t sleep, get up! Use the world smelting skill of you black dragons to shrink this fragment for me.”

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