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Chapter 976: Senior Creation, I’m your fan!

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So that’s what happened… Senior White had temporarily left! the various fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group thought to themselves.

After all, had Venerable White been there, Song Shuhang wouldn’t have fallen in this dangerous situation.

“That sounds amazing! I really envy Senior Song’s experiences! Those invisible sword insects also seem really interesting!” Fairy Tribulation Transcender (Soft Feather) added.

Getting surrounded by a group of invisible sword insects sounded really exciting. Just how cool would it be if she could also fight the invisible sword insects alongside Senior Song? Truly a scene befitting a movie!

Venerable Spirit Butterfly: “Soft Feather, do you like invisible sword insects?”

“Yes, I find them very interesting,” Fairy Tribulation Transcender (Soft Feather) said.

“In that case, I’ll go buy some for you tomorrow,” Venerable Spirit Butterfly said.

“Thank you, Father,” Soft Feather replied. Actually… buying invisible sword insects didn’t seem exciting at all. However, she didn’t want to reject her father’s kind feelings.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber: “…”

Sun Splitting Halberd Guo Da: “Right, I didn’t rub for good the dog head I sent earlier. I’ll start anew.”

“Speaking of dog head combo, didn’t Fellow Daoist Guo Da have the picture of the head of a dog being furiously rubbed? How come you used letters this time?” Young Master Phoenix Slayer asked out of curiosity.

“Because I’ve updated my dog head combo. Fellow Daoist Phoenix Slayer, don’t tell me that you didn’t notice that the dog in the [picture of a cute puppy] I sent earlier isn’t the same one as before? The one in the picture this time is a Poodle, and I just took a picture of its cute head. In a while, I’ll take another picture where I’m furiously rubbing its head, and combine them together. I didn’t have the time to take a picture until now. As such, I was forced to use letters earlier,” Sun Splitting Halberd Guo Da said.

After saying this much, he quickly sent the picture of a cute puppy.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer: “…”

Sun Splitting Halberd Guo Da: “Head of a dog being furiously rubbed!”

Sun Splitting Halberd Guo Da: “Grrr, Phoenix Slayer, stop messing up my dog head combo!”

Young Master Phoenix Slayer: “Meow, I’m going to bite you!”

Sun Splitting Halberd Guo Da: “Whatever… In the end, I still don’t have both pictures ready. I’ll send the dog head combo again when I have the complete set.”

Young Master Phoenix Slayer: “…”

“Hey, you are leading the conversation astray! Is no one here concerned about the fact that little friend Song Shuhang is currently surrounded by a group of invisible sword insects? Little friend Song Shuhang, what is your current situation?” Tyrant Flood Dragon wants to father a football team said.

Tyrannical Saber Song One: “Shuhang is still thinking about what he should use to replace dye or powder. Fear not, he’s not dying anytime soon. I’ll report to the seniors if anything happens, just like a live thread. Next time, I’ll ask Shuhang to buy me a mobile phone with a high definition camera so that I can directly stream the event online.”

“Speaking of streams, I just remembered Fellow Daoist Creation’s live concert from the last time. I almost lost my life back then.” Scholar Drunken XXX sighed.

“Senior Creation’s live concert? Oh, right. I have the live version of Senior Creation’s latest song, ❮Seven Deaths Song❯, and it’s very cool. I’ll share it in the folder of the group,” Fairy Tribulation Transcender (Soft Feather) said happily.

True Monarch Northern River: “Soft Feather, don’t~”

Young Master Phoenix Slayer: “Soft Feather, don’t~”

Fairy Dongfang Six: “Soft Feather, don’t~”

Soft Feather: “…”

Truly disappointing! Senior Creation’s songs are obviously excellent, so why does none of the seniors like them?

Right, Senior Song should like Senior Creation’s songs! After all, I heard the ❮Seven Deaths Song❯ through his mobile phone first! 

On the Spirit Butterfly Island, Venerable Spirit Butterfly looked from afar at his daughter’s disappointed appearance, quietly sighing. Then, he uploaded a file to the shared folder of the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

[The file ‘Thoughts on how to transcend the heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage’ was successfully uploaded.]

[System notification: Venerable Spirit Butterfly shared the file ‘Thoughts on how to transcend the heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage’ in the group.]

The file Venerable Spirit Butterfly had uploaded was a document with some thoughts regarding the heavenly tribulation one would have to face while advancing from the Third to the Fourth Stage. That thing was the real deal, with no useless padding. In addition, it was the analysis of a Seventh Stage Venerable. If this document were to spread, loose cultivators would surely cry from joy.

If this file called ‘Thoughts on how to transcend the heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage’ were to end up in the hands of loose cultivators of the Third Stage, their success rate while advancing to the Fourth Stage would definitely increase by a big notch!

And inside this file that discussed the heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage was a small thesis about the effects of Dharma King Creation’s music on Inner Demons generated during the heavenly tribulation. To his surprise, Venerable Spirit Butterfly had discovered that Dharma King Creation’s ❮Seven Deaths Song❯ was pretty good at dealing with Inner Demons.

At the end of the file was also attached a small video.

It was a video of Venerable Spirit Butterfly’s beloved daughter, Soft Feather, transcending the heavenly tribulation—after all, a thesis still needed to be verified!

This video of Soft Feather transcending the heavenly tribulation was a pretty good example.

The complete version of the ❮Seven Deaths Song❯ was also present in this video where Soft Feather was transcending the heavenly tribulation. Soft Feather had used the song as her background music while resisting the heavenly tribulation back then.

Of course, Venerable Spirit Butterfly had slightly modified this version of the ❮Seven Deaths Song❯ to avoid harming the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, greatly reducing the lethality of its sound. In addition, it was the recording of a recording, and other than being unpleasant to the ear and causing nausea if one was exposed to it for a long time, it didn’t have any other negative effects.

Hopefully, the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group will like it.Venerable Spirit Butterfly gently sipped his spirit tea.

The Nine Provinces Number One Group quieted down, and a lot of people silently downloaded the file Venerable Spirit Butterfly had shared in the group.

After reading the document, several fellow daoists couldn’t resist the urge to play that video.

Although the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group knew that the video might contain a trap, the thesis they had just read was too good. Therefore, they decided to watch the video even though it might be dangerous.

It was simply an overt plot.

Soft Feather, your father can only do this much for you. Venerable Spirit Butterfly quietly sipped his tea.

In the size-reducing purse, Lady Onion also downloaded the document.

After meeting Song Shuhang, her strength had also increased by leaps and bounds. Additionally, once she started practicing Ye Si’s ❮Tome of Never-Ending Tears❯, she felt that she had to find the right method to cultivate her heart.

Someday in the future, she, too, would face the heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage. Therefore, it was important to increase her knowledge related to the heavenly tribulation in advance.

Lady Onion first opened the document with the thesis, reading it from beginning to end.

Although there was a lot of things she didn’t understand properly, the thesis was incredible—exactly what you would expect from something Venerable Spirit Butterfly had written with his own hands. Lady Onion felt that she now had a better understanding of dealing with the heavenly tribulation. Even if she was far from advancing to the Fourth Stage and facing this particular level of the heavenly tribulation, it wouldn’t hurt to prepare in advance.

After reading the document, Lady Onion clicked on the video.

In the video, Soft Feather was standing above a huge number of formations and facing the heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage.

“Soft Feather is really cool.” Lady Onion looked at Soft Feather in the video and felt somewhat envious.

If she had the same strength as the current Soft Feather, she would definitely be able to thrash Song Shuhang, right?

The thought alone was wonderful.

But, what should she do after thrashing Song Shuhang? Should she plant him in the enlightenment stone and place him in the size-reducing purse?

Then, she would exchange roles with Song Shuhang.

Just like Song Shuhang, she would go adventure outside, barge into secret realms, and face a large number of terrifying invisible sword insects.

As for Song Shuhang, he would stay in the size-reducing purse, watching the TV, eating medicinal pills, practicing, and lazing around.


Stop right there!

She felt that there was something wrong with this situation.

Why on earth should she take risks outside and barge into secret realms after defeating Song Shuhang… just to use the medicinal pills she had collected to raise him?

Song Shuhang would get to stay in the size-reducing purse and watch the TV, and eating all the medicinal pills she had gathered outside with much difficulty, while doing nothing himself!

This was wrong on so many levels!

As long as she thought that she would have to slave outside and risk her life to obtain cultivation resources just to feed the lazy Song Shuhang, Lady Onion felt like crying. This was the aftereffect of the ❮Tome of Never-Ending Tears❯. As long as one’s mood dropped, they would feel like crying.

In the video, Soft Feather was facing the various waves of the heavenly tribulation.

Then, the final wave of the heavenly tribulation started to condense.

In the picture, Soft Feather wasn’t scared in the slightest.

“Music!” Soft Feather snapped her fingers in the video.

Next, the hoarse voice of a man echoed!

At this time, in the outside world.

Ye Si created a whole six defensive layers to resist the attack of the invisible sword insects.

The invisible sword insects were still testing the waters with their attacks. Although they had surrounded Song Shuhang and Ye Si, they didn’t attack them en masse. Instead, two to four invisible sword insects would step forward and bump into Ye Si’s defenses.

From the looks of it, the invisible sword insects were somewhat worried about the ‘invisible saber insect’ or some other thing on Song Shuhang’s body…

Anyway, since the invisible sword insects hadn’t rushed at them together, Ye Si’s powerful defensive magical technique could easily ward off the attacks.

“Since we don’t have dye or powder, can we use a magical technique with a similar effect instead? For example, a colored water-type magical technique or something similar?” Song Shuhang asked.

“There might be similar magical techniques, but I haven’t studied any of them,” Ye Si said.

“From the looks of it, we are unable to make use of the method that Senior Thrice Reckless Mad Saber took the trouble to come up with,” Song Shuhang said. “Senior White hasn’t returned, either… In that case, how about trying to kill a wave of these insects and then fleeing to the Inner World as we wait for Senior White to return?”

“Alright. Let’s test the strength of these invisible sword insects,” Ye Si said with a nod.

Song Shuhang grabbed his treasured saber Broken Tyrant with his left hand and the ‘invisible saber insect’ with the right one.

After eating that medicinal pill, he had recovered some of his true qi, and he should be able to use the Flaming Saber Technique a few times.

As soon as Song Shuhang grabbed the invisible saber insect, the invisible sword insects around went crazy.

They had reacted to the attack signal of the invisible saber insect.

Thereupon, several hundred invisible sword insects charged toward Ye Si’s defensive formation at once.

After mere three breaths, the first layer of Ye Si’s defensive formation was broken.

“There are a lot of them, more than 300,” Ye Si said in a grave tone. “Do we still want to fight them?”

“I think it’s better if we flee,” Song Shuhang said.

But right at this time, the hoarse voice of a man was transmitted from Song Shuhang’s size-reducing purse along what seemed Lady Onion’s scream…

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