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Chapter 977: A new song for my fan little friend Shuhang

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This dignified voice, which was even more high pitched than that of a tenor, wasn’t Dharma King Creation’s voice? And the song seemed to be none other than his ❮Seven Deaths Song❯.

Song Shuhang still remembered when Fairy Lychee’s windmill spin and Dharma King Creation’s ❮Seven Deaths Song❯ fused together, creating a melody that made people wish they were dead.

However, why was Lady Onion listening to Dharma King Creation’s songs? And in the size-reducing purse on top of that! Wasn’t this the same as seeking death?

Still, this wasn’t the main problem right now… As the sound spread from the size-reducing purse, the consequences followed. Listening to this song made people feel dizzy and a little nauseated. They would be unable to concentrate and feel as though their body had been hollowed out… and this was the ❮Seven Deaths Song❯ after getting weakened. Otherwise, had this been the original version, Song Shuhang would have been KO’d after just a few sentences!

“Shiet, let’s immediately return to the Inner World.” Song Shuhang focused and prepared to bring everyone to the Inner World.

But right at this time, the invisible sword insects attacking Ye Si’s barrier stopped at once.

“Eh? The invisible sword insects stopped their attack?” Ye Si said curiously.

“They stopped? Is it possible that…” Song Shuhang looked at his size-reducing purse.

Lady Onion’s pitiful cry echoed from within the purse. “Save me~”

Song Shuhang opened the size-reducing purse and took out his mobile phone— Dharma King Creation’s voice became even louder and clearer.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz~” the surrounding invisible sword insects cried out.

“This song has rather interesting effects.” Song Shuhang pondered for a moment, and then said, “Ye Si, let’s seal our hearing.”

He minimized the video and looked for Dharma King Creation’s name in his contact list.

Song Shuhang’s finger hovered above Dharma King Creation’s contact for a short while. Then, he clenched his teeth and pressed on the call button.

Dharma King Creation picked up very quickly. “Hello, little friend Shuhang. Is something the matter? Yo! Yo!”

That ‘Yo! Yo!’ at the end of the sentence was just Dharma King Creation rapping.

“…” Song Shuhang.

“How come you aren’t speaking? Yo, yo! If you don’t say anything, I’ll hang up! Yeah!” Dharma King Creation continued.

Song Shuhang said, “Senior Creation, don’t. Actually, it’s like this… I suddenly felt the urge to listen to one of your songs. Therefore, I was wondering if you had the time to sing one for me!”

Song Shuhang said the truth.

“You want to listen to one of my songs? Yo yo, little friend Shuhang, did you finally understand the beauty of my music?” Dharma King Creation said happily.

“Yes, Senior Creation. In particular, that ❮Seven Deaths Song❯ of yours… now that I’ve recalled it, I feel as if my whole body is soaring in the sky, truly terrific! Unfortunately, you decided to hold your concert abroad. Otherwise, I would have definitely loved to come over to cheer for you!” Song Shuhang said.

“No problem~ Yo! Yo! I’ll come back to China in a short while. At that time, I’ll first hold a concert in Jiangnan University Town. Yeah!” Dharma King Creation said. Then, he also added, “Anyway, you said you wanted to listen to my songs, right? Lucky you, I just happen to have a new one here. Yo, yo! I haven’t had the time to make it listen to anyone else. Therefore, you’ll get to be the first one to appraise it.”

“Very well, Senior. I’m all ears,” Song Shuhang said.

After saying this much, he increased the volume of his phone and activated the speakerphone feature. At the same time, he turned on the sound recording as well.

“Cough, cough.” Senior Creation cleared his throat. He then took his guitar and started to sing as he played it.

[A new song for my fan little friend Shuhang.]

[Yo! Yo! Check it out!]

[The song of nature~ Yeah!

A mountain, a temple, and an ancient well~ Yo yo~ Everything is so peaceful!

A daoist priest, a monk, and nature~ striking directly at one’s soul! Yeah! Yeah~]

Dharma King Creation’s voice spread in all directions through the mobile phone.

The music disregarded defenses and didn’t differentiate between friends and foes, causing mass destruction.

Just as he heard Senior Creation’s voice, Song Shuhang asked Ye Si to seal his hearing and arrange a soundproof formation around the size-reducing purse.

But, even if he had sealed his hearing, the strange sound waves of Dharma King Creation’s music still pierced his ears through his pores.

Song Shuhang felt somewhat dizzy.

Actually, if those awkward ‘yo yo, yeah yeah’ were removed, the lyrics of Dharma King Creation’s song weren’t even that bad.

At this time, outside the range of Ye Si’s defensive formation, the sound of bodies dropping to the ground echoed nonstop. All the invisible sword insects flying in the air had been traumatized by Dharma King Creation’s new song, fainting. When they fell to the ground, they left several sword marks on the floor.

The sword insects didn’t have the ability to seal their hearing, and the sword qi protecting their body couldn’t block sound waves. After falling to the ground, they could only roll all over the ground.

They were unable to speak. As such, they could only issue pitiful buzzing sounds.

The music made their whole bodies soft, making them incapable of concentrating. It also made them feel dizzy.

Several invisible sword insects tried to get up. After all, if they couldn’t fight, they could still escape, right? These several invisible sword insects had decided to retreat while they still had some strength left. Their objective was to get out of the range of the music.

But, just as they managed to get up with much difficulty, that ‘Yo! Yo!’ KO’d them again.

Not even giving the insects the possibility to get up… this music was truly going against the rules!

Ancient humans fussed about the fact that you had to spare people that had surrendered, but this song didn’t even let off the dead!

At this time, the invisible sword insects wished they were dead.

After struggling for a while, quite a bit invisible sword insects started to foam at the mouth, fainting.

The fact that they had fainted was actually a blessing in disguise. In fact, some more tenacious invisible sword insects were still getting torment by the music. Their will was unable to get them out of the range of the devilish music, and only prolonged their agony.

Truly tragic!

Dharma King Creation sang to his heart’s content, and this time, he had surpassed himself while singing. After all, it was one of those rare occasions where a fellow daoist of the Nine Provinces Number One Group was showing interest in his music, to the point that they even called him and asked him to sing a song. As such, he had to give his 200%.

Dharma King wanted to use this song to thoroughly subdue Song Shuhang, and turn him into his number one fan in the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

After concluding his performance, Dharma King Creation licked his lips, and although somewhat reluctant, stopped. Then, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva to moisten his throat.

At this time, a few members of the staff next to Dharma King Creation had already been KO’d and were lying on the ground.

These staff members were in charge of taking care of the matters related to Dharma King Creation’s world tour.

They were elite members that the Warring Buddha Sect had selected, and every single one of them was deaf.

Under normal circumstances, they were responsible for making arrangements for the concert, and they could even musically accompany Dharma King Creation during the concert with the addition of a few protective measures.

But the lethality of Dharma King Creation’s new song was one level higher than usual, and the people present on site felt as if the music had directly invaded their souls—even deaf people were affected.

Exactly what you would expect from the ‘Soul King’. Other than their ears, people could also use their souls to experience his music.

“Little friend Shuhang, what do you think? This new song was pretty good, right?” Dharma King Creation said.

After Dharma King Creation stopped singing, Song Shuhang unsealed his hearing. His mobile phone had stopped shaking and wasn’t emitting those terrifying sound waves anymore. It was a sign that Dharma King Creation was done with his performance.

“It was very good, Senior Creation. I’ve already recorded this song so that I can listen to it every day,” Song Shuhang said. “Senior Creation, with this new song, your performance will absolutely reach new heights.”

Actually, Dharma King Creation’s fans were truly incredible. Each time, they were devastated by his music until they started foaming at the mouth and losing consciousness… but upon waking up, they would become even wilder. Some people had even crossed most of Europe to attend the concerts Dharma King Creation was going to hold.

It was unknown what was going through the heads of people nowadays!

“Ahahaha, thank you for your kind words, little friend Shuhang. Let’s meet when I come to Jiangnan for the concert.” Dharma King Creation laughed loudly.

After concluding his call with Dharma King Creation, Song Shuhang looked all around, seemingly very satisfied.

“Saber insect, how are your peers now?” Song Shuhang asked as he gently patted the nearby invisible saber insect.

The invisible saber insect quietly turned over its body, crying out pitifully while foaming at the mouth, “Buzz, buzz, buzz~”

Shiet, he had forgotten to add a soundproof formation on the body of the invisible saber insect.

As a result, his own invisible saber insect had become one of the biggest victims of Dharma King Creation’s live performance through the mobile phone.

There was another spirit beast nearby, the kangaroo-like Fighting Beast. This spirit beast had also been KO’d by Dharma King Creation’s music since it didn’t have a soundproof formation to protect it. At this time, it was lying on the ground, its eyes white and hind legs twitching from time to time.

“The invisible sword insects seemingly fell to the ground. None of them is currently attacking my barrier,” Ye Si said.

At this time, the area around Song Shuhang was littered with invisible sword insect foaming at the mouth.

Too bad that neither Song Shuhang nor Ye Si could see this beautiful scene.

“Ahaha, it worked.” Song Shuhang was very pleased with himself. Senior Creation’s music was simply a weapon of mass destruction.

Since the invisible sword insects had all fainted, Ye Si operated her golden book and brought Song Shuhang far from that place where a tragedy had just taken place.

Along the way, Ye Si used a healing technique on Shuhang’s invisible saber insect.

The invisible saber insect gradually recovered.

“Saber insect, which place is the safest?” Song Shuhang asked.

“Buzz?” the invisible saber insect cried out, confused.

Song Shuhang said, “Which place is the farthest from your ‘peers’?”

The invisible saber insect looked all around and saw the ground littered with the twitching bodies of his peers. It could feel their pain since it was a victim as well.

However, this feeling didn’t last long, because the invisible saber insect discovered that the twitching and foaming invisible sword insects had slowly started to get up…

Moreover, their eyes were bloodshot. They had seemingly entered into a strange, frenzied state.

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