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Chapter 946: Senior, there would be no justice if you didn’t father a daughter!

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The gorilla general was dumbfounded.

“I like your disposition. The more violent a pet is, the more amusing it is to tame,” Venerable White said with a smile.

“You aren’t Venerable White!” After seeing that the saber-shaped bronze mirror in his hand had broken into pieces, the gorilla general was suddenly enlightened.

If one knew oneself and knew the enemy, they would obtain a hundred victories in a hundred battles. As such, they had spent a lot of time collecting information on Venerable White. According to their information, Venerable White was still a ‘True Monarch’ when he’d closed up and advanced to the Venerable Realm as he came out of secluded meditation. But, how could a Venerable that had just reached the Seventh Stage be so powerful?

There could be only one possibility! The person before his eyes wasn’t Venerable White!

“Hehe.” Senior White smiled, and said, “I never said I was Venerable White.”

The gorilla general had only one thought in mind at this time: F*ck!

“Senior, since you are not Venerable White, everything has been a misunderstanding. How about we shake hands and make up?” the gorilla general said.

While speaking, he was already making preparations to escape with his secret technique, the [Mysterious Principles of Space]. Even while facing a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender, there was a small chance he might be able to escape.

Although the possibility was very small, he wasn’t going to give up.

“Hmm, sure,” Senior White said with a smile. “I think we’ll get along very well in the future.”

After hearing these words, the gorilla general made up his mind and prepared to use his [Mysterious Principles of Space] technique to escape into another layer of space. This man pretending to be Venerable White still hadn’t given up on making him his pet. If he didn’t escape now, when would he escape?

“Whoosh~” The gorilla general successfully escaped into another layer space, and Senior White didn’t seem to plan on stopping him.

Although the gorilla general was somewhat confused, he didn’t look back, and continued drilling into space.

In the next moment, everything before his eyes became black.

He hadn’t fainted, but reached a dark world.

In this strange world, everything was dark.

The gorilla general vigilantly looked all around.

Very soon, he saw a huge cocoon not too far from him.

The cocoon was glistening, and was the only source of light in this world.

When he saw the huge cocoon, the legs of the gorilla general turned into noodles, and he knelt on the ground.

The one in front of him was the ruler of this world, and under the pressure of the will of the world, the gorilla general suffered a crushing defeat.

After sending the gorilla general to the world of the black lotus, Senior White clapped his hands, very satisfied. “Done. I managed to get an interesting pet this time. It was worth it to make this trip.”

After saying this much, Senior White gazed at the projections of the holy apes above his head. The apes were orderly positioned, just as though they were elite troops.

After giving away 143 holy apes, Senior White felt that the troops above his head were more pleasing to the eye. The number 587 sounded too stupid.

But after a short moment, Senior White was suddenly dumbfounded.

He discovered that there was again something wrong with the number of projections above his head! After checking several times, he determined that there were 444 of them!


Senior White: 😫

This number seemed very unlucky! 1

Why did they end up being 444?!

As expected, my luck today isn’t too good!

After this blow the 444 holy apes gave him, Senior White’s mood plummeted quite a bit. After recovering, he went to look for Song Shuhang.

However, Song Shuhang had entered his Inner World to break through. As such, Senior White decided to quietly follow that purple-robed cultivator as the latter entered the forbidden area. He really wanted to see what kind of tricks he was going to play.

At this time, on the Spirit Butterfly Island.

Soft Feather was hugging her knees and sitting on the seashore, gazing at the distant waves.

Amidst the churning sea, one could faintly see Senior Thrice Reckless’ silhouette getting tossed about. According to what she had heard, Senior Thrice Reckless was shooting a movie called ❮My Reckless and Unrestrained Life❯.

Soft Feather had taken a look at the script of this movie, and she felt that it was more appropriate to call the movie ❮Chronicles of Thrice Reckless’ Dangerous Adventures❯. After all, the whole plot of the movie consisted in throwing Senior Thrice Reckless into all sorts of dangerous places. It looked very exciting and stimulating.

Senior Thrice Reckless seemed very lively from the way he was shouting.

Soft Feather looked at Senior Thrice Reckless, falling into deep thought.

According to the plot, her father was now going to apply five seals on Senior Thrice Reckless’ body and bring him to an altitude of 20,000 meters, throwing him down from there. Senior Thrice Reckless had to break the five seals before reaching the ground if he wanted to escape with his life. Otherwise, he could only brace himself and get ready to kiss the ground.

Note: this event was courtesy of Venerable White.

According to the leaked conversation between him and Venerable Spirit Butterfly, they were planning to use Thrice Reckless Mad Saber to test the waters and see if this event was going to be exciting or not.

If it was exciting enough, after the next session of the hand-guided tractor competition, Senior White and a few other seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group would hold a ‘skydiving event’. The degree of difficulty would be divided into several levels, such as [20,000 meters, 5 seals], [30,000 meters, 10 seals], [50,000 meters, 20 seals], and so on.

Not long ago, Senior White saw the advertisement of 2020’s Olympic Games on the TV, and he felt that the sport events in the world of cultivators were too monotonous. In the Olympic Games that mortals held, there was a total of 28 different sports!

Thereupon, Senior White thought of holding some explosive Olympic Games in the world of cultivators as well; they had to be exciting, challenging, and include a lot of different disciplines.

Afterward, Senior White looked for a few fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group and discussed the matter with them, obtaining answers from a lot of people.

Aside from the classic flying sword competition, cultivator martial arts competition, pure magical techniques competition, and live alchemy competition, there would also be the hand-guided tractor competition, the skydiving competition, and other interesting and exciting competitions.

In addition, they could prepare a large number of rewards, such as new magical techniques, spirit stones, valuable medicinal pills, and so on. That way, the world of cultivators would become more lively, and some talented cultivators obtain good cultivation resources.

However, the whole idea was still in an early stage, and it was unknown when they would be able to hold the first Olympic Games of the world of cultivators.

But returning to our story…

Just thinking about skydiving was enough to make Soft Feather excited.

It consisted in jumping from a high altitude after placing several seals on one’s body. If one failed to break the seals in time, they would get to experience how it felt to fall from several thousand meters and kiss the ground. If they one day held the Olympic Games in the world of cultivators, she would definitely participate in the skydiving competition!

Still, she was eager to immediately try skydiving. There was no need for seals; it was fine as long as she could jump from an altitude of several thousand meters. After all, under the pressure of this situation where life and death were unknown, she would be able to learn how to ride a flying sword even more easily!

Earlier, under the empowerment of Senior Creation’s ❮Seven Deaths Song❯, she learned very quickly how to make the flying sword float. But, for the time being, she could only wobble around, and there was still a long way before she could properly ride a flying sword.

Who knew? If she was thrown from an altitude of several thousand meters, perhaps she might learn how to ride a flying sword due to the pressure and great stimulation?

Soft Feather was dying to get into action.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly appeared beside Soft Feather, and asked, “Soft Feather, what are you thinking about?”

“Father, it’s nothing. I was just in a daze,” Soft Feather said with a smile.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly said, “There is good news for you. Little friend Shuhang and Fellow Daoist White took action, and the crisis of the Chu Family was resolved. That little fellow daoist called Chu Chunying is also well.”

“Senior White made his move this quick?” Soft Feather blinked her eyes. “When I called earlier, Senior Song and the others were still in the Jiangnan area!”

“There is nothing strange about it. After all, Fellow Daoist White can use space-related magical techniques. Distance means nothing to him, and he can instantly bring Song Shuhang to the territory of the Chu Family. The strength of the attackers that had stayed in the Chu Family wasn’t high, and Fellow Daoist White took care of them on his own,” Venerable Spirit Butterfly said.

Sometimes, one just couldn’t compete with talent. Venerable Spirit Butterfly had researched the mysterious principles of space for several years, and the best he could do was to interfere with teleportation. On the other hand, Fellow Daoist White directly awakened an innate skill that allowed him to teleport. Venerable Spirit Butterfly was really envious of this skill.

Soft Feather nodded. If Chu Chunying and the Chu Family were safe, she felt much more at ease.

“Right. Father, why did you throw Senior Thrice Reckless amidst the waves? He looks really pitiful,” Soft Feather asked out of curiosity. Had Senior Thrice Reckless offended her father?

Venerable Spirit Butterfly raised his head and looked at the sky. “Actually, I was originally planning to let Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless off.”

During the past few days, after he had borrowed Thrice Reckless from Fellow Daoist White and brought him here to film the movie and torment him a little, Venerable Spirit Butterfly’s anger had gradually disappeared.

This was the reason he was drinking tea with Thrice Reckless and even aiding him with his cultivation as of late.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly was thus planning to let him leave the Spirit Butterfly Island.

However, just as the two of them were conversing, the topic of their conversation unknowingly shifted to Soft Feather.

While talking about Soft Feather, Venerable Spirit Butterfly couldn’t help but recall the old days when Soft Feather’s mother got pregnant with their daughter. Venerable Spirit Butterfly sighed with emotion, and began to narrate the story. Perhaps due to their ‘genes’, his family had had only male progeny for several generations in a row.

From Venerable Spirit Butterfly’s grandfather generation, no matter how many children were birthed, they were all males.

“Back then, when my wife was pregnant with Soft Feather, I thought it would be a son.” Venerable Spirit Butterfly narrowed his eyes, and said happily, “But I didn’t expect that Soft Feather would be a girl in the end…”

Venerable Spirit Butterfly’s voice had hardly faded that Thrice Reckless Mad Saber couldn’t help but interject, “Ahahaha, that’s a given! People that fuss over minor things have sons without a penis, so there would be no justice if you didn’t father a girl, Senior Spirit Butterfly. After all, you fuss over every single detail!”

People that fuss over minor things have sons without a penis, so there would be no justice if I didn’t father a daughter?

“…” Venerable Spirit Butterfly.

This was the reason Thrice Reckless Mad Saber was still getting tossed about in the sea, drifting along the waves.

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