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Chapter 947: This method to come back to life is very advanced!

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

At this time, at the entrance to the forbidden area.

Senior White followed the purple-robed cultivator and jumped into that golden disc acting as the entrance of the forbidden area.

As soon as he entered the forbidden area, that paradisiac scene they’d seen earlier from the outside crumbled to pieces. It was nothing but a pretty background placed there to lure people in.

The interior area of the forbidden area was covered with ice and snow.

The space inside wasn’t too big, and had a surface of roughly 300 square meters. The area was square-shaped, with a sacrificial altar in the middle and a door in each of the four walls.

In other words, this golden disc wasn’t the only entrance to this forbidden area. Somewhere in the world, there were other three secret entrances that led to this place.

A space-type magical technique had been used to create all this.

At first, I thought this was a forbidden area of the Seventh or Eighth Stage rank… but now, it seems it was the work of a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender, Senior White thought to himself.

“Hiss~ so damn cold. How can this place be this cold?” At this time, the purple-robed cultivator ahead started to tremble due to the cold.

This place with a surface of only 300 square meters was incredibly cold.

Actually, cultivators could run naked to the coldest places and not feel anything…

…but after the purple-robed cultivator set foot in this place, he felt bone-piercing cold. This cold wasn’t only affecting his physical body, but even his soul! Although the purple-robed cultivator operated his true qi to protect his body, it was to no avail.

In this land of snow and ice, one could only tremble if they wanted to warm up a little.

“I can’t stay in this place any longer than this. I have to get to the second layer as soon as possible,” the purple-robed cultivator said, shivering.

After saying this much, he quickly ran to the sacrificial altar in the middle of the room. The passageway that led to the second layer was hidden there.

However, the biting cold kept getting stronger and stronger as he approached the sacrificial altar located in the center of the room. Halfway there, his body was already covered in a thick layer of ice, while his legs almost got sealed in it.

The purple-robed cultivator had no choice but to operate the true qi in his body to melt the layer of ice covering his body. As a consequence, his true qi was being consumed nonstop.

Senior White followed that purple-robed cultivator while in an invisible state. The cold in this place didn’t have any effect on him.

“It was fortunate that Song Shuhang didn’t immediately barge into this place. Otherwise, given his strength, he would have immediately turned into a popsicle,” Senior White said.

In the end, the purple-robed cultivator managed, with much difficulty, to crawl up to that sacrificial altar. At this time, more than half of the true qi in his body was consumed.

As soon as he reached the sacrificial altar, the bone-piercing cold disappeared.

Surprisingly, the area in the range of the sacrificial altar was warm, and the cold outside had no effect on it.

The purple-robed cultivator gasped for breath, and took out a bottle of medicinal pills, taking some in order to recover the consumed true qi.

The strength of this body is too weak, and even if I have the skills, I can’t display them. Unfortunately, that general guy isn’t here with me. Otherwise, things wouldn’t be this troublesome, the purple-robed cultivator thought to himself.

Then, he bent his waist and started to examine the altar in the middle of the room.

According to the information he had obtained, the passageway that led to the next layer was concealed somewhere in the altar. However, he didn’t know how to open this passage.

Just as the purple-robed cultivator was researching the sacrificial altar, four small silhouettes appeared on the four sides of the altar.

The four silhouettes had condensed from the ice and snow around, and they looked like ice spirits.

After appearing, they didn’t speak, and started attacking the purple-robed cultivator.

“Whizz, whizz, whizz~”

Countless needles made of ice shot toward the purple-robed cultivator, who was standing on the altar, and the ice and snow in that place happened to be imbued with such intense cold that it made even one’s soul shiver.

The sacrificial altar beneath the feet of the purple-robed cultivator could block the biting cold, but it was unable to block these ice needles.

As if that wasn’t enough, the ice needles came toward him from all directions, making it impossible for him to dodge. He could only brace himself and erect a defensive barrier.

The defensive magical technique was directly engraved on the body of the puppet he was using, and was thus very quick and easy to use.

But right at this time, something unexpected happened.

As soon as that defensive magical technique erected the barrier, the sacrificial altar beneath his feet exerted a powerful attraction, and completely absorbed the defensive formation that the magical technique had spawned.

“Damn!” the purple-robed cultivator exclaimed.

In the next moment, the blood-freezing sound of ice needles piercing a body echoed.

“Aaaaah~” the purple-robed cultivator called out pitifully as he was turned into an ice sea urchin.

The biting cold inside the ice needles poured into his body, directly transforming him into an ice sculpture. But it didn’t end there… the bone-piercing cold even affected the soul of the purple-robed cultivator, sealing it in ice.

But even so, the four ice spirits didn’t stop attacking, and kept on shooting ice needles toward the purple-robed cultivator.

Several waves of ice needles were shot into the range of the sacrificial altar.

A few breaths later…


The ice-bound body of that purple-robed cultivator suddenly exploded. During the explosion, his body turned into ice crystals that mixed with the ice and snow around, becoming part of that world of ice.

Not even a piece of flesh or blood was left behind; he had died thoroughly!

“This attack wasn’t bad,” Senior White appraised.

After killing the purple-robed cultivator, the four ice spirits turned their heads around and looked toward Senior White. However, they didn’t seem to intend on attacking him. They merely looked at him and melted, becoming part of that world of ice and snow.

Senior White pondered for a moment, and got on the sacrificial altar.

A series of ancient letters were engraved on the boulders of the sacrificial altar.

Senior White read aloud, “At the end of the cold winter, there is the warm spring.”

He then remarked, “From the looks of it, these ruins were left behind by a cultivator that reached the pinnacle of the ice element.”

This small area of 300 square meters was a place of extreme cold, frosty to the point that it could even freeze one’s soul. However, at the center of the altar, where the cold was actually at its strongest, something strange had happened, and the air was warm.

The extreme negativity had given birth to positiveness, and the biting cold had transformed into a warm current.

In addition, below the boulders of the altar was concealed a teleporting formation, which should be the key to head to the next layer.

“Should I go to the next layer and take a look?” Senior White wondered.

But right at this time, the sound of footsteps was again transmitted from the entrance of the forbidden area.

Soon afterward, an exquisite puppet appeared in that world of ice and snow.

After getting in the room, the puppet didn’t hesitate, and sprinted toward the sacrificial altar with all its strength.

Senior White curiously looked at the puppet.

The aura on the body of this puppet was the same as that of the purple-robed cultivator, and it wouldn’t be a mistake to say that this puppet was that very same purple-robed cultivator from before. He had just swapped bodies.

Was this some method to come back to life?

Earlier, that purple-robed cultivator had died thoroughly. Both his soul and body had transformed into ice crystals during the explosion.

Senior White had seen with his very own eyes the soul of that purple-robed cultivator getting annihilated.

However, the opposite party was able to come back to life even under these circumstances… This method to come back to life was very advanced!

It looks like a technique from the Jet-Black Sect… Senior White thought to himself.

From the looks of it, the technology in the world of cultivators had advanced by leaps and bounds during the period he couldn’t get in touch with the main world!

The Jet-Black Sect, in particular, would come up with quite a few interesting tricks every now and then.

After gazing at that exquisite puppet, Senior White started to get restless.

He really wanted to grab that puppet and research it… If he could disassemble it and take a look at its structure, and also understand the principle behind that advanced resurrection method, even better.

The exquisite puppet didn’t notice that someone was staring at him. He quickly reached the sacrificial altar and squatted down, starting to research it again.

Very soon, his eyes lit up. “There is a teleporting formation! As long as I activate this formation, I’ll be able to get to the next layer!”

Just as he was speaking, those four ice spirits appeared once again at the four sides of the altar.

Senior White laughed and stayed invisible, quietly floating to one side.

The exquisite puppet quickly rolled away, getting away from the sacrificial altar.

Those four ice spirits were apparently programmed only to defend the altar, and they would appear as long as someone stepped on the sacrificial altar.

Thereupon, the purple-robed cultivator guessed that the ice spirits would stop attacking him if he were to leave the sacrificial altar.

His guess turned out to be correct.

After he rolled away from the altar, the four ice spirits looked at each other, and gradually disappeared.

The puppet-version purple-robed cultivator laughed, and rolled back to the sacrificial altar, starting to research the teleporting formation again in an attempt to activate it.

While researching the formation, the puppet was inwardly counting how much time had passed.

Three seconds later…

The exquisite puppet rolled back from the sacrificial altar again.

In the air, the four ice spirits reappeared. Next, they absent-mindedly looked at the sacrificial altar, and then disappeared while still clueless.

“Ahahaha, such a rigid defensive system is bound to be full of holes. As long as I can see through it, it won’t work against me again,” the exquisite puppet said smugly.

Afterward, he rolled back to the sacrificial altar, speeding up the research of that teleporting formation.

After three seconds had passed, he rolled away from the altar.

The ice spirits appeared once again, and then disappeared, at a loss as to what to do.

In the sky, Senior White was speechless.

While looking at that exquisite puppet rolling back and forth and the continuously appearing and disappearing ice spirits, he felt as though he was looking at a monkey show.

If a matching fast-paced music started playing in the background, the resulting scene might be even more mind-boggling.

Rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, appearing, disappearing, appearing, disappearing…

The same scene kept repeating over and over again, just as though it was an infinite loop.

Then, after the same scene had repeated for a whole twenty times, that exquisite puppet laughed loudly. “I finally succeeded!”

After he had said this much, he madly patted the sacrificial altar, and continuously poured his true qi into it.

After completing these steps, he once again rolled away from it.

The ice spirits appeared once again, and then disappeared, at a loss as to what to do.

Senior White was starting to worry for the sanity of those ice spirits.

“Clang, clang, clang~” A loud noise was transmitted from the altar.

In the next moment, a mini-space gate appeared in the airspace of the sacrificial altar.

The exquisite puppet waved his hand at the four ice spirits, and barged into the space gate, disappearing without traces.

When the puppet drilled into the space gate, Senior White really wished to take action and make him stay behind…

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