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Chapter 925: Is it possible that Old Northern River’s face is really that handsome?

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

“…” Song Shuhang.

Just in this fashion, Song Shuhang and Striped Dragon Two stared at each other for a long time.

“In that case, what person’s reincarnation am I?” Song Shuhang asked. “A lot of people already mistook me for a certain ‘Slow-Witted Song’. If you are going to tell me that I’m not anyone’s reincarnation, I won’t believe it!” In addition, he had come in contact with the Imperial Pearl twice, and the pearl had shattered both times. There was definitely something strange about it.

“You really aren’t anyone’s reincarnation. You are just you. A human cultivator named Song Shuhang with pretty good luck,” Striped Dragon Two said in all seriousness.

“Really?” Song Shuhang asked again.

“Really,” Striped Dragon Two assured him.

After hearing these words, Song Shuhang rejoiced a little, but he was also somewhat disappointed. He rejoiced because he wasn’t anyone’s reincarnation and hadn’t been reborn. He was just himself, only Song Shuhang. As for why he was disappointed… it was still for the same reason!

“In that case, who is Slow-Witted Song?” Song Shuhang asked.

“I heard from Cheng Lin that she had a good friend named Slow-Witted Song… however, this should only be a nickname. As for the real daoist name of the opposite party, I don’t know it. In addition, I’ve never seen this Slow-Witted Song before. I’m not all-knowing,” Striped Dragon Two said.

After hearing these words, Song Shuhang was somewhat disappointed. Then, after pondering for a moment, he said, “Senior, can I ask two more questions?”

“Go ahead,” Striped Dragon Two said with a gentle nod.

“First question… is the current Wielder of the Will a ball?” Song Shuhang asked.

“I have no idea… I’m actually hiding from the current Wielder of the Will. There is no way I will investigate or come in contact with the opposite party,” Striped Dragon Two replied.

If the current Wielder of the Will learned of his existence, countless troubles would come his way.

“Right… in that case, the last question. Why did the third Wielder of the Will suddenly decide to leave his position?” Song Shuhang was really curious about this matter.

The Wielder of the Will! All the cultivators in the world, as well as practitioners of other systems, dreamt of becoming the one and only Wielder of the Will.

As such, why was Wielder of the Will Striped Dragon planning to resign from his position back then?

“I know the answer to this question. However, are you sure you want to know this secret?” The corner of Striped Dragon Two’s mouth rose. “After knowing this secret, don’t even think about leaving this world of mine. As long as you leave this world after coming to know this secret and enter the main world, the heavenly tribulation will reduce you to ashes, and no one will be able to save you. Therefore, are you sure you still want to know it?”

“…” Song Shuhang.

Nevertheless, he could feel from Striped Dragon Two’s words that perhaps becoming the Wielder of the Will wasn’t as wonderful as the various cultivators thought.

“Thank you, Senior. I can’t recall any other question at the moment,” Song Shuhang said. “In that case, do you have any matter you need my help with?”

In this world, very few people were willing to do you a favor without asking you anything in return.

One of the fundamental rules of the Nine Provinces Number One Group was that if there was an investment, there would be a return, and Song Shuhang really liked this rule.

Striped Dragon Two basically told him the whole truth without holding anything back, giving him a lot of valuable information. Such being the case, Striped Dragon Two probably needed him to do something as well, right?

“Oh?” Striped Dragon Two tilted his head.

Soon after, he patted his folding fan, and said, “I see. Although it was just a casual conversation as far as I was concerned, it was actually something of value for you? Such being the case, I won’t stand on ceremony.”

Song Shuhang: 

Did I just say something stupid?

“Actually, I discovered that the nucleus of the lotus that guy had planted was now concealed inside your body, and that it had evolved into a small world. Therefore, I brought you here so that I could take a look at you, that was all. But since you want to give me a hand…” Striped Dragon Two struck the palm of his hand with the folding fan, and said, “Help me with two matters.”

Song Shuhang said, “Do tell. I’ll try my best to complete the task.”

Since he had dug his own grave, he could only clench his teeth and jump inside.

“First, help me look for Cheng Lin. If you find her, tell her that I’ve woken up, and that she should come over and look for me if she has time. A good girl should return home on time, and not always stay outside, causing trouble,” Striped Dragon Two said.

Song Shuhang nodded. “If I meet Cheng Lin, I’ll convey these words to her.”

“Second, if there is a chance, help me look for Cheng Lin’s fragments,” Striped Dragon Two said in a soft voice.

There was a fragment of Cheng Lin inside the body of Song Shuhang’s current ghost spirit, Ye Si. Therefore, thanks to the fact that the fragments would resonate with one another, Song Shuhang was the most suitable person to look for Cheng Lin’s fragments.

In addition, Striped Dragon Two had a hunch that he would be able to summon Shenron— ugh, that stupid striped dragon if he managed to collect all of Cheng Lin’s pieces!

“I understand. I’ll try my best to complete these two tasks,” Song Shuhang replied.

Striped Dragon Two waved his hand, and said, “Very well. Since there isn’t anything else, you can leave by yourself. I won’t send you off personally.”

Song Shuhang said, “Eh? You won’t ‘whizz’ me away like the others?”

“You can ‘whizz’ away on your own and go back. You are just returning to your house, do you really want me to see you off until the door?” Striped Dragon Two tilted his head and looked at Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang felt that the eyes of the senior were filled with concern, concern for his stupidity.

Soon after, Song Shuhang gave a mental order, and whizzed back into his body.

After he left, Striped Dragon Two assumed his true form, transforming into a one-legged striped dragon that overshadowed the entire world. “No matter how I looked at him, he’s nothing but an ordinary human cultivator. He’s not the reincarnation of a powerful person or someone that used some method to come back to life. He’s no different than other human cultivators that you can find everywhere in the streets. As if that wasn’t enough, he isn’t even that handsome.

“But what was the deal with his innate skill? He can unexpectedly get into the memories and lives of other people through his dreams? This ability of his really makes me envious.”

After muttering to himself, Striped Dragon Two closed his eyes, and fell into deep sleep.

At this time, on the Heavenly Island.

The Heavenly Island was another name for that ‘mysterious island’ that Song Shuhang and the others had visited in the past. But, after leaving the island, they had lost part of their memories.

In a certain place on this small island.

A silver-haired woman was dragging ‘Northern River’s Loose Cultivator’ around, showing him around the Heavenly Island.

This ‘Northern River’s Loose Cultivator’ was obviously Immortal Master Copper Trigram in disguise.

The reason he had decided to disguise as Northern River was that Copper Trigram was someone that didn’t believe in heretical beliefs! He believed that the silver-haired woman was pestering him because he had sought death and disguised as Northern River’s Loose Cultivator’s ‘ex-girlfriend’ during the battle on the summit of the forbidden city. This silver-haired woman then fell in love at first sight with Northern River’s ‘ex-girlfriend’. Therefore, today, he intentionally changed his appearance into that of Northern River’s Loose Cultivator, who was also present on the scene back then.

But although he had changed his appearance, that silver-haired woman was still looking at him with a lustful gaze— umh, no… with a loving gaze.

As such, it was obvious that what the opposite party liked wasn’t his outward appearance. In that case, did she like his… inward appearance?

What inward appearance! He wasn’t even familiar with this silver-haired woman, so what inward appearance did she like? That being the case, what did this powerful person like about him?

His smell? his appearance? Or his strength?

No matter what it was, Immortal Master Copper Trigram could just change it!

While he was in deep thought, the silver-haired woman brought Immortal Master Copper Trigram to a graveyard.

“In the past, when the ancient Heavenly City fell, we collected the remains of a few members of the Heavenly City, and buried them here,” the silver-haired woman explained to Immortal Master Copper Trigram.

“Is this the graveyard where the members of the ancient Heavenly City are buried?” Immortal Master Copper Trigram looked all around. Although this place was permeated with an aura of death, there was no trace of resentment. It seemed that a righteous senior monk or daoist expert had ferried the souls here.

“Wait a moment, you are actually a survivor of the ancient Heavenly City?” Immortal Master Copper Trigram asked.

“You can say that,” the silver-haired woman faintly said as she caressed her long hair.

Copper Trigram was sweeping the various tombstones when he suddenly saw two tombs positioned in an elevated position.

On the one on the left side was written: ‘Tomb of the Old Heavenly Emperor’.

On the one on the right was written: ‘Tomb of the New Heavenly Emperor’.

The tomb of the old Heavenly Emperor was clean and shining. It seemed that someone came over to clean it frequently.

As for the tomb of the new Heavenly Emperor, there were all kinds of weapons stuck in it. It seemed that someone came over to vent their anger rather frequently…

“Why are there two tombs for the Heavenly Emperor?” Immortal Master Copper Trigram asked out of curiosity. “Were there two Heavenly Emperors? In addition, didn’t they say that the Heavenly Emperor had disappeared? Don’t tell me that he’s dead already?”

“It’s only a tomb with the personal effects inside, without the body. No one actually knows if the Heavenly Emperor is still alive or not,” the silver-haired woman said in a soft voice.

When it came to someone as powerful as the Heavenly Emperor, one couldn’t say for sure whether they were dead or alive without seeing the body first. But if the Heavenly Emperor was still alive, why hadn’t he shown himself even after so many years had passed?

The silver-haired woman shrugged her shoulders, and said, “As for why there are two tombs, I don’t know, either. The day I came to the Heavenly Island, there were already two tombs.”

“Aren’t you a survivor of the ancient Heavenly City?” Immortal Master Copper Trigram asked in puzzlement.

“When I was living in the Heavenly City, my strength wasn’t that high, and there were many things I didn’t know. I saw the Heavenly Emperor a few times, he was a very gentle man, and also very handsome. Unfortunately, I wasn’t attracted to him,” the silver-haired woman said in all seriousness. “Still, you are also quite handsome, my dear. When are we going to have a baby?”

Immortal Master Copper Trigram rubbed his face.

Being told that he was handsome—while disguised as Northern River’s Loose Cultivator—didn’t make Copper Trigram happy.

Which part of that Northern River guy was handsome?!

As far as he was concerned, Northern River had an ordinary face, the type that you wouldn’t recognize anymore if he was thrown into a crowd of people!

“I feel that my current appearance isn’t handsome in the least,” Immortal Master Copper Trigram said.

“No! Dear, you look very handsome right now. Even my heartbeat is speeding up,” the silver-haired woman said.

“Don’t say stuff like that. I’ll feel sad if you keep praising my current appearance,” Immortal Master Copper Trigram said. “Quickly say that this face is ugly and that it makes you feel like throwing up, or that you feel like punching it.”

The silver-haired woman pondered for a moment, and said, “No, I can’t. I find it hard to say these things that go against my feelings.”

“…” Immortal Master Copper Trigram.

F*ck, is it possible that Old Northern River’s face is really that handsome, and that I ignored his handsomeness because I was too busy hating him?

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