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Chapter 926: Little friend Shuhang, are you picking a fight?

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Where has time gone~? I still haven’t taken a proper look at you, and my eyes are failing already~

Four days later. September 6th, early morning.

Today, Song Shuhang’s university was going to start officially.

Song Shuhang opened his eyes, concluding his meditation. Then, he said, “Senior White, I’ve already finished practicing the self-recovery technique inscribed on these six stone walls. Since it’s almost time, I’m heading to the Jiangnan area.”

After leaving Striped Dragon Two’s world, Song Shuhang and the others returned to Cheng Lin’s ruins.

Aside from that recording with her speech, there were also six stone walls with a secret technique inscribed on them in Cheng Lin’s ruins. After learning the self-recovery secret technique inscribed on those stone walls, one would be able to regrow their severed limbs. In addition, it also contained information about Cheng Lin’s path to immortality.

Therefore, Venerable White brought everyone to see those six stone walls so that they could study the secret technique inscribed on them. While studying, time passed by, and it was already the 6th of September.

During these several days, the various fellow daoists all obtained some good results.

Among the six people that Venerable White brought to the ruins, Fairy Lychee was the first one to comprehend the secret technique. After all, she was Cheng Lin’s ‘twin sister’, and it was a piece of cake for her to learn that secret technique.

Then was Northern River’s Loose Cultivator. Since he had advanced to the True Monarch Realm, his comprehension skills and understanding of the ‘Great Way’ were higher than the other fellow daoists.

The third person to learn the secret technique was unexpectedly Song Shuhang. Due to the special relationship between Ye Si and Cheng Lin, Song Shuhang obtained twice the result with half the effort while learning the secret technique. After studying the technique, he could very quickly regrow some parts of his body—in this case, his hair.

Song Shuhang suspected that it was related to the ‘hair growing technique’ he had learned from Dharma King Creation in the past. After the hair growing technique and Cheng Lin’s self-recovery technique resonated, he gained a superficial understanding of the ability to ‘regrow one’s severed limbs’. Unfortunately, even if he could use Cheng Lin’s self-recovery technique, the only thing he could regrow for now was his hair. If he really wanted to reach a level where he could regrow limbs, he would have to practice diligently.

Venerable White said. “Oh, today is the 6th day of the month. Your university starts today, right?”

“Yes. It’s the first day of the new semester, and I have to show up,” Song Shuhang said. Moreover, his training session had come to an end, and it was pointless to keep sitting in front of these stone walls…

Anyway, Venerable White had planned to head to that forbidden area Daoist Priest Li Tiansu had discovered on the 7th and 8th of September. It was weekend during that period, and as long as Venerable White was willing to put some effort into it, two days should be enough to explore a forbidden area. Hopefully, they would be able to find the cure to Li Yinzhu’s disease in there.

At this time, Northern River’s Loose Cultivator also opened his eyes, and asked, “Right… little friend Shuhang, is it really alright for you to go to your university without making preparations?”

“?” Song Shuhang said, “Is there any problem?”

“❮Apocalypse War❯ broke a lot of records recently, and it’s getting more and more popular as time passes by. As a result, Senior Brother Gao Sheng’s character has deeply taken root in the hearts of people. If you, the one playing Senior Brother Gao Sheng’s role, were to head to university just like that, something very interesting might happen,” Medicine Master said with a smile.

“The situation is already this bad?” Song Shuhang immediately felt uncomfortable.

“It’s probably even more serious than you think,” Riverly Purple Mist added.

“This sounds very interesting. At that time, will there be a long line of people chasing after Song Shuhang throughout the campus?” Fairy Lychee said with a smile.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Although they wouldn’t go as far as chasing after him while shouting ‘Senior Brother Gao Sheng must die’ and similar things, ❮Apocalypse War❯ was very popular right now. As such, if they discovered that ‘Senior Brother Gao Sheng’ was someone that studied at the same university as them, the students would surely gather together after class and try to understand what kind of person Senior Brother Gao Sheng was.

What Song Shuhang had to consider right now was whether or not he should charge these people a fee if they wanted to look at him…

“Seniors, do you have any way to solve this problem? For example, a way to make me less conspicuous?” Song Shuhang asked.

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator held his chin, and said, “A way to make you less conspicuous? Is there such a magical technique? Maybe you could try to conceal your aura?”

Medicine Master said, “It’s useless. Concealing one’s aura isn’t the same as decreasing one’s presence.”

“Otherwise, he can just make himself invisible. Just become invisible after getting out of class, and don’t let other people find you.”

“Otherwise, he could temporarily leave the university?”

“No, going to school is such an interesting experience, and it would be a pity to drop out.”

The various seniors got engaged in a heated discussion.

At this time, Venerable White gently clapped his hands, and said, “If we are speaking of presence… we should ask a specialist.”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator was lost in thought. “For example…”

“Scholar Drunken Heaven!” Medicine Master immediately reacted.

“Scholar Drunken Sun!” The husband sang, and the wife followed. Riverly Purple Mist also spoke at the same time.

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator sighed, and said, “You two, if you really can’t remember Scholar Drunken Goon’s name, just keep in mind other words that have similar sounds! If Scholar were to hear you, he would get hurt deeply!”

“Keep in mind words with similar sounds? How does that work?” Young Master Phoenix Slayer asked out of curiosity.

“It’s a small discovery I’ve made. I can tell you this secret, but don’t let Scholar Drunken Gloom know about it,” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator said in a low voice. “Anyway, don’t we keep forgetting Scholar Drunken Meme’s daoist name? Therefore, we just have to remember an incorrect daoist name with a similar pronunciation. If you say it aloud, wouldn’t the final result be the same? Since the incorrect daoist name isn’t really Scholar Drunken Moan’s daoist name, we won’t have to worry about forgetting it.”

“I see. To think that there was such a method…” Medicine Master said in praise.

“Exactly what you would expect from Fellow Daoist Northern River. Your mind is really nimble,” Riverly Purple Mist said.

“Therefore, as long as I can remember Scholar Drugged Goon’s incorrect daoist name, I can say it aloud and obtain the same effect,” Young Master Phoenix Slayer said. After saying this much, he tried to repeat the name several times. As expected, he didn’t commit mistakes as long as the pronunciation was similar to Dru**** *oon.

“It’s a really good method,” Venerable White said with a nod.

Song Shuhang said, “Senior White, even you can’t remember Scholar Drunken Toon’s daoist name?”

“Hmm, I can’t remember it too clearly. My memory about it is blurry,” Venerable White said. “Shuhang, if you don’t want to be that conspicuous while in university, perhaps you can ask ‘Fellow Daoist When the Bright Moon Appears’ to give you a hand.”

“I’ll immediately ask him,” Song Shuhang said.

Said and done. Shuhang took out his mobile phone, and gave Scholar Drunken Toon a call.

The phone was quickly picked up.

Although it was still early morning, Scholar Drunken Moone was already awake. He was a Sixth Stage True Monarch, and he didn’t need to sleep every day.

“Hello? Is this little friend Shuhang? Did you need something since you called so early in the morning?” The voice of the scholar was transmitted from the other end.

“Senior Drunken Coon, I wanted to ask you a question. Do you have some method to reduce the presence of a person and make them less conspicuous? For example, making them a little invisible and make others feel like neglecting them?” Song Shuhang asked.

“…” The scholar clenched his teeth, and said, “Little friend Shuhang, are you picking a fight?”

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