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Chapter 899: I’m sorry, but I already have someone I like

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

“Girl, don’t be this shy.” After saying this much, the huge pig, who had now transformed into a middle-aged man, stretched out its hand, and firmly grabbed Immortal Master Copper Trigram’s small hand.

Then, it looked at Immortal Master Copper Trigram with a gaze full of love.

“Girl, do you know something? Since the moment I saw you, I knew that you were the one. Come, touch my heart. Look how fast it’s beating.” After saying this much, the huge pig spared no effort and pressed Immortal Master Copper Trigram’s hand on its chest.

Immortal Master Copper Trigram really wanted to die at this time!

“Let’s go, girl. Although I don’t know your name yet, I really wish to let you know everything about me and make you soar into the sky! Let’s build a happy future together!” The huge pig was very serious about it, and even said these shameful and mushy lines.

Then, it moved its other hand, preparing to hold Immortal Master Copper Trigram’s waist.

Immortal Master Copper Trigram moved to one side, dodging those authentic pig hands. Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, he said, “Fellow Daoist, is this how you flirt with every other girl?”

The huge pig shook its head. “No. Actually… it’s my first time flirting with a girl.”

The pig was speaking the truth!

Since the day it had started practicing up until now, it’d never fallen in love. But today, its dead heart started to pulsate again as it saw this golden-haired female cultivator.

It was simply unable to suppress this strange feeling welling up in its heart.

Was this what they called love?

The pig had never expected that it would eventually get to experience something as melodramatic as ‘love at first sight’.

Therefore, it decided that it had to carry off this golden-haired female cultivator at all costs. That way, the two of them would be able to chat about their life experiences, discuss sentiment, and talk about love in peace.

Then, after they had thoroughly fallen in love, they could give birth to several children. That ending would be simply perfect.

When it pulled the hand of this golden-haired female cultivator, the huge pig felt that its heartbeat had increased even further, to the point that its incurable ‘sloth cancer’ had also started to get better!

“I feel like I should give you a piece of advice,” Immortal Master Copper Trigram said. “Now that it’s so easy to share information, you should find the time to look for some TV series, movies, or novels about love and learn some techniques to flirt with girls. Otherwise, with your current skills, you will remain single for a lifetime.”

“It’s not a problem. After we go back, we can watch these movies and TV series about love together and get to know how it feels to be in love,” the huge pig said happily.

“That’s why I said that you’d remain single for a lifetime! Because you are too goddamn blind!” Immortal Master Copper Trigram sighed, and said, “Actually, I’m a man. I look like a woman only because I applied some make-up and disguised as one. Do you understand now? There can’t be any future between us!”

“A man?” The huge pig, who had now transformed into a middle-aged man, was dumbfounded. It opened its eyes wide and stared at Immortal Master Copper Trigram.

“Yes, I’m a man. If you don’t believe me, I can remove this make-up and show you, alright?” Immortal Master Copper Trigram said.

The huge pig suddenly laughed, looking very happy. “If you are a man… that’s even better!”

“Ah?” Immortal Master Copper Trigram had a bad premonition.

“Actually, compared to my male form, I prefer the female one.” After saying this much, the pig, who had transformed into a middle-aged man, magically changed its appearance again. This time, it turned into a beautiful silver-haired woman wearing a pure white dress. She had six pairs of wings on her back, and was giving off a holy aura from all over the body.

“A member of that clan of divine beasts, the White Crane Clan?” the nearby Northern River’s Loose Cultivator said in amazement.

When the opposite party changed form, they looked very similar to True Monarch White Crane from the Nine Provinces Number One Group, the difference being that the number of wings on the back of the opposite party was even higher.

“No, the White Crane Clan you’ve mentioned is actually a branch of my clan.” The silver-haired woman faintly smiled, and said, “The members of my clan have a total of 36 transformations, and each transformation has different properties. The White Crane Clan is a branch that inherited the powers of the ‘crane’ form present in the bloodline of my clan. Amidst the 36 transformations of my clan, the crane form is a pretty good one.”

This elder sister was really incredible!

In short, the clan of this silver-haired woman was the clan from which True Monarch White Crane’s bloodline had originated!

It was one hell of a bloodline, really cool!

“Dear, let’s go.” The silver-haired woman happily stretched out her hand, and grabbed Immortal Master Copper Trigram. “I discovered that I like you more and more. When I’m with you, my heart keeps beating like crazy, and even my sloth cancer was cured. Such being the case, let’s head back and chat about love. Next year, we’ll make several babies.”

She felt that her heart was beating really fast, just as though it was about to jump out of her chest. Due to her heartbeat speeding up,even her face turned red.

This feeling was really wonderful.

Was this how one felt when they were in love?

Immortal Master Copper Trigram was dumbfounded.

After the silver-haired woman dragged him along for several steps, he had a big bad premonition.

If he got taken away, wouldn’t he become a breeding machine, and be forced to raise the children in the nest day and night?

No! This future wasn’t the future he wanted!

He had to stop everything!

“W-wait a moment! Fellow Daoist, no need to be in such a hurry,” Immortal Master Copper Trigram called out.” Actually… I was deceiving you! I’m actually a woman, a woman!”

“It doesn’t matter. Whether you are a man or a woman, it doesn’t make a difference,” the silver-haired woman said coyly. “I can accept you regardless. If you are a woman, you can bear the children. If you are a man, I can bear them. My race has all sorts of different forms; it’s very convenient.”

After saying this much, she kept pulling Immortal Master Copper Trigram along.

That was to be expected. The clan of the opposite party was the one from which True Monarch White Crane’s bloodline originated. If True Monarch White Crane could change its gender for love, the other party, whose bloodline was even stronger, could easily do the same.

Copper Trigram had to quickly think of something else!

Immortal Master Copper Trigram clenched his teeth, and said, “Fellow Daoist, wait a moment. Actually… there is already someone I like.”

“Ah?” The body of the silver-haired woman stiffened. “There is someone you like?”

“Yes, there is someone I like… it’s him!” Immortal Master Copper Trigram grabbed Northern River’s Loose Cultivator, and said, “I’m deeply in love with him. His name is Northern River, and he’s my lover. We deeply love each other—”

“Get lost!” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator snapped, then said honestly, “Copper Trigram is lying. We aren’t lovers, and I don’t even like him.”

“…” Immortal Master Copper Trigram.

“Are you trying to deceive me?” The silver-haired woman turned her head around, and looked at Immortal Master Copper Trigram. A dangerous light flashed in her eyes.

“No, I’m not deceiving you. Actually, it’s like this… Right, this is unrequited love! I’ve been secretly in love with Northern River’s Loose Cultivator all along,” Immortal Master Copper Trigram said in all seriousness. “Therefore, you’ll have to forgive me, but I already have someone I like. I can’t fall in love with you.”

“Pfff…” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator couldn’t help but spurt out a mouthful of saliva after hearing these words.

Copper Trigram, you bastard, if you want to seek death, why are you dragging me along?!

At the same time, Northern River’s Loose Cultivator also looked at the members of the [Daily Cultivator], [Secret Information Center], and [Shengang Broadcasting Station] below.

The reporters had pens in their hands and were quickly writing.

“It’s over,” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator said, dejected.

He could see the news [Immortal Master Copper Trigram was secretly in love with Northern River’s Loose Cultivator, love affair between the two] spreading far and wide in the world of cultivators tomorrow at dawn.

His life was over.

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator had started to wonder if he would even be able to find a suitable girlfriend in the future…

Shady fortune teller, I’ll tear you to pieces!

In the meantime, Song Shuhang put some distance between himself and the others.

A wise man should stay low-key when it was time to stay low-key.

For example, now wasn’t the time to keep a high profile!

If he approached Immortal Master Copper Trigram and Northern River’s Loose Cultivator right now, the anxious Immortal Master Copper Trigram would surely drag him down as well, involving him in this love triangle with Copper Trigram and Northern River!

Therefore, as a wise man, he would keep a low profile!

The silver-haired woman didn’t move for a long time.

In the end, she faintly sighed, and said, “It’s really a pity.”

“Yes, yes, it’s really a pity.” After hearing these words, Immortal Master Copper Trigram was inwardly happy. Then, he tried to comfort the silver-haired woman. “Unfortunately, something like love can’t be forced upon others… but I’m sure that you’ll be able to find a better partner than me in the future. There are a lot of men in this world, and most of the cultivators on the scene are dragons among men. You should take another look, perhaps you’ll find someone else you like!”

The silver-haired woman desolately shook her head. “That’s impossible… since the day I was born up until now—which amounts to several tens of thousands of years—I’ve met countless humans, demons, monsters, celestial beings, and even divine beasts and spirit beasts. But aside from you, I’ve never met anyone that could move my heart.”

The corner of Immortal Master Copper Trigram’s mouth twitched. He had no idea how to comfort the opposite party.

“Therefore, I thought about it and made up my mind,” the silver-haired woman said resolutely. “Even if I can’t get your heart, it’s fine as long as I can get your body.”

“Ah?” Immortal Master Copper Trigram had another very bad premonition.

What kind of logic is this?! Darling, stories about overbearing CEOs aren’t that popular anymore!

“Fellow Daoist, you can’t! If there isn’t love, there can’t be happiness between two people! You should think about it again, don’t act on impulse!” Immortal Master Copper Trigram said in a hurry.

But the silver-haired woman had already made her decision.

She suddenly stretched out her hand, and grabbed Immortal Master Copper Trigram.

Immortal Master Copper Trigram wasn’t able to revolt in the slightest when she grabbed him. Even if he had just fought with Northern River’s Loose Cultivator and was weakened, Immortal Master Copper Trigram was still a Sixth Stage True Monarch! And yet, a Sixth Stage True Monarch was as weak as a little child in the hands of this silver-haired woman.

After grabbing Immortal Master Copper Trigram, the silver-haired woman wore a sweet smile on her face and hugged Copper Trigram as though he was a princess.

Copper Trigram struggled with all his might, but he was unable to do anything.

“Goodbye, everyone. The next time we meet, I’ll offer you wedding sweets and wedding wine.” The silver-haired woman politely waved her hand at the people present.

In addition, she faintly smiled at Song Shuhang.

After that, she raised her foot and stepped forward.

In the next moment, a space gate was opened in midair.

The silver-haired woman held Immortal Master Copper Trigram in her embrace, and stepped toward that space gate.

Was this silver-haired woman a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender…?

“Fellow Daoist, please wait a moment.” Venerable White’s voice echoed at this time.

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