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Chapter 900: A sword from the North, Otherworldly Flying Demon!

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After taking one step, the silver-haired woman was already inside the space gate. After hearing Venerable White’s voice, she curiously turned her head around, asking, “Young Venerable, is something the matter?”

Immortal Master Copper Trigram’s eyes immediately lit up as he shouted, “Senior White, save me!”

At this time, he could only beg the super lucky Senior White to save him from the evil clutches of this silver-haired woman.

However, Venerable White shook his head, and said to Immortal Master Copper Trigram, “I’m sorry, Fellow Daoist Copper Trigram… but I’m unable to defeat her, and if she wants to carry you off, there is nothing I can do to stop her.”

At first glance, this silver-haired woman seemed to have the strength of a Venerable. In addition, there was also a faint smell of blood coming from her body. It was clear that she was injured. However, it was impossible for her to be just a Venerable. Since she could open a space gate so easily, it meant that she was at least a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender.

Immortal Master Copper Trigram: 

Then, with a serious expression on his face, Venerable White said, “Fellow Daoist, it’s going to be very difficult for me to stop you from taking Immortal Master Copper Trigram away… therefore, if you really have to take Fellow Daoist Copper Trigram away, can I ask you to treat him well, not to make things difficult for him, and not do something that goes against his wishes?”

As Venerable White was speaking, his life-bound flying sword, Meteor Sword, started to emit small buzzing sounds. If the opposite party didn’t even agree to these simple conditions, Venerable White couldn’t let her easily carry off Copper Trigram.

“You don’t have to worry about it. I’m deeply in love with him, and I won’t make things difficult for him, let alone injure him. Actually, if anyone wants to injure him, they would have to get past my corpse first!” the silver-haired woman said in all seriousness.

After several tens of thousands of years, she had found someone that could move her heart. Therefore, how could she let this person die so easily?!

However, while speaking of getting moved… She couldn’t help but quietly glance at Venerable White again. Aside from this Copper Trigram guy in her embrace, this young Venerable also seemed capable of moving her heart.

But the silver-haired woman immediately shook her head. There was no way she could betray her love.

After finding with much difficulty—and after so many years years—someone that made her fall in love at first sight, how could she destroy this love due to unfaithful thoughts? After thinking up to this point, she hugged Immortal Master Copper Trigram even more tightly.

“I’m relieved, then,” Venerable White said with a nod.

“In that case, let us meet another time, young Venerable.” The silver-haired woman waved at Venerable White, and drilled in the space crack, bringing Immortal Master Copper Trigram along.

She felt that it was better to leave this place as soon as possible. Otherwise, if she started to develop feelings for this young Venerable, it would be troublesome. She didn’t want to be an unfaithful woman!

The space crack gradually closed.

Immortal Master Copper Trigram: 

“Eh? Wait a moment!” Song Shuhang waved the wooden box, and shouted, “Senior Copper Trigram, I still have this small gift I need to give you! It’s something from Senior Yellow Mountain!”

Immortal Master Copper Trigram bitterly looked at Song Shuhang, and before the space gate could close completely, he waved his hand, and sighed. “Forget about it… I’ll leave it to you, little friend Shuhang.”

Song Shuhang was dumbfounded. “Ah?”

But in the next moment, the space gate closed, and Copper Trigram and the silver-haired woman disappeared.

Song Shuhang held the wooden box with his stiff hand. Then, he sighed, and put away Immortal Master Copper Trigram’s gift. He would give it to Senior Copper Trigram the next time he met him.

Next, Shuhang turned his body around, and took out another wooden box and a flying sword, giving them to Senior Northern River. “Senior Northern River, this is a small gift that True Monarch Yellow Mountain asked me to give you. True Monarch Yellow Mountain didn’t have the time to come over, and thus gave this task to me. This flying sword is yours, and Scholar Drunken Heaven asked me to return it to you.”

“Thank you, little friend Shuhang. In addition, it’s not Scholar Drunken Heaven, but Scholar Drunken Goon.” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator took the wooden box and the flying sword, and also pointed out the mistake Song Shuhang had made.

“Oooh, right, Scholar Druken Coon! I almost forgot his name. I wonder when he will show his divinity in front of the masses. His daoist name is really too troublesome,” Song Shuhang said, sighing with emotion.

“It’s not easy to show one’s divinity in front of the masses. Up until now, no senior in the Nine Provinces Number One Group managed to do so,” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator said with a smile.

The path to immortality was a very long one! But as long as one fearlessly marched toward this objective, they would one day be able to reach it.

After putting the wooden box and the flying sword away, Northern River’s Loose Cultivator gazed at the reporters below, who were quickly writing something. Given his eyesight of the Sixth Stage, he only needed to revolve the spiritual energy in his eyes to see clearly the text on their draft.

At this time, the members of the [Daily Cultivator], [Secret Information Center], and [Shengang Broadcasting Station] were writing their second draft.

Tonight’s battle on the summit of the forbidden city was already enough to fill several pages with text. As if that wasn’t enough, at the end of the battle, an old senior, who seemed to be a Tribulation Transcender, made a dazzling appearance, and confessed to Immortal Master Copper Trigram.

The reporters of the Daily Cultivator and Secret Information Center were decent men, and had some moral integrity. As such, they truthfully described the event from two different points of view.

But the reporters of the [Shengang Broadcasting Station] were utterly shameless. The title of their draft was one of those second-rate, clickbait titles—[Shocking, you will never guess who the person Immortal Master Copper Trigram loves is!].

At this time, Northern River’s Loose Cultivator really regretted inviting the reporters of the [Shengang Broadcasting Station]. He wondered what he had smoked to do something so stupid!

He had truly dug his own grave!

The curtain fell on the battle on the summit of the forbidden city.

In the end, the reporters and the fellow daoists that Northern River’s Loose Cultivator had invited slowly dispersed.

The fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group stayed behind.

Since it was rare to be all together, they decided to seize this opportunity to go somewhere and have a chat and drink some tea, as well as discuss the things that had happened recently. For example, the recent moves of the Netherworld Realm, which was continuously luring ordinary people and animals, causing them to fall, as well as the other recent news of the world of cultivators.

“We should also get down.” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator gazed at the deserted summit of the forbidden city, feeling a little lonely.

He defeated Immortal Master Copper Trigram with much difficulty, but Copper Trigram was ultimately kidnapped and carried off. As a result, Northern River’s Loose Cultivator’s sense of accomplishment was greatly diminished.

Song Shuhang nodded his head. He gazed at the huge moon in the sky and Beijing’s nighttime scenery while standing on the summit of the forbidden city. The whole city was shrouded in smog, giving off a dream-like feeling.

“Let’s go. Perhaps I should look for Senior Medicine Master so that I can make some money?” Song Shuhang said in a soft voice.

“Money! I also want to make money! Let’s make money together!” Senior Sister Ye Si said as she waved her small fist.

Earlier, after Song Shuhang told her that she didn’t need to worry about money and it was fine as long as she was happy, she cast off all worries, and spent as much as she wanted!

Thereupon, Ye Si didn’t hold back, and bought a lot of things under Fairy Dongfang Six’s strong recommendation. The speed at which she spent money increased exponentially, and she spent something like 6 million RMB in the end.

Song Shuhang only had around 3.6 million RMB with him. As such, he gave Fairy Dongfang Six 3 million RMB, and owed her another 3 million.

The speed at which he was going into debt was truly something.

Anyway, 3 million RMB were nothing for Fairy Dongfang Six. Therefore, she decided to cancel this debt on Ye Si’s behalf.

However, Ye Si and Song Shuhang were still embarrassed after this turn of events. As such, they decided to look for Senior Medicine Master and learn how to make money. Just now, Shuhang happened to have several places where he could spend this money.

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator jumped down from the summit of the forbidden city, leaving the place.

Song Shuhang was also preparing to leave… but right at this time, a sealed letter whizzed over from afar, and fell in his hand.

This method seemed somewhat similar to the document-delivering flying sword…

However, Song Shuhang only saw the letter, and not the flying sword.

Senior Sister Ye Si quickly checked the letter, and said, “It’s a very ordinary letter, and there is no hidden mechanism or poison concealed within. You can open it without worries.”

Song Shuhang nodded his head, and opened the letter.

A toothpick was stuffed in there… and there were also some huge characters written on the paper inside.

[Summit of the forbidden city, night of full moon! A sword from the North, Otherworldly Flying Demon!]

Then, there was the picture of a chibi hamster in the place of the signature.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Was this a letter of challenge?

When he saw the picture of the hamster, Song Shuhang immediately recalled the demonic hamster that dragged him to that ‘battle arena’ during the battle between the scholarly faction and the demons of the Netherworld.

The demonic hamster was seemingly Senior White Two’s subordinate. The last time he came looking for him, bringing back the ‘demodragon medicine’ was one of its tasks. Given their relationship, the opposite party couldn’t be considered an enemy.

But, Song Shuhang found that demonic hamster very troublesome. Its train of thought was rather strange, and Song Shuhang didn’t know how to deal with it.

Thereupon… it was better to tear this letter of challenge to pieces.

Song Shuhang calmly tore the letter, and acted as if he hadn’t seen it.

As Song Shuhang tore the letter, a flustered voice was transmitted from a place 200 meters away from them.

“Damn! Song Shuhang, are you an idiot? Why did you tear my letter of challenge to pieces?!” The demonic hamster also came out in the next moment.

Like the last time, it was wearing that elegant and spotless white robe.

This guy unexpectedly dared to appear in public even though it was a demon of the Netherworld?

Wasn’t it afraid that Song Shuhang would call the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group over here and make them kill the demon?

The demonic hamster jumped a few times, and arrived beside Song Shuhang. Then, it stretched out its hand, and the toothpick-like sword in the letter flew back to it, sliding into the sheath hanging from its waist.

“Why did you tear my letter of challenge?” The demonic hamster glared at Song Shuhang with its small eyes.

Song Shuhang said, “Because I reject your challenge.”

“How can you do that?! I came over from such a distant place to challenge you, and you don’t want to fight against me?!” The demonic hamster stamped its foot in anger. “Recently, I went through a lot of trouble to revise my ‘Otherworldly Flying Demon’ technique. Now, I’m 100% confident that I’ll be able to break through your turtle-like defense. This time, I’ll surely defeat you, and make you kneel and beg for forgiveness. You can’t reject my challenge!”

…Since I know that you want to beat me until making me kneel and beg for forgiveness, why should I accept your challenge?!

“I won’t change my mind. I still reject your challenge,” Song Shuhang said with a smile.

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