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Chapter 887: Shuhang, your light of virtue turned into a girl

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Song Shuhang could sense this entire process where the stickman was transforming.

[Just as we guessed earlier, when the light of virtue materialized and transformed into that stickman, it was still incomplete. Now that the strength of my light of virtue increased, the stickman likewise started undergoing a transformation!] Song Shuhang said to Ye Si.

Song Shuhang was looking forward to seeing the complete version of his light of virtue. If the stickman could get a normal pair of hands and a proper face, he would be able to display the perfect version of the [Three Heads and Six Arms] skill with Ye Si’s help.

[Indeed,] Ye Si replied.

At the same time, she gazed at the evolving stickman, looking pensive.

She felt that the eyes of this stickman somewhat resembled those of a woman. And if that long and beautiful golden hair was also taken into account… was it possible that Song Shuhang’s stickman was transforming into a girl?

[Shuhang, why don’t you try the visualize the picture of a ‘dragon’ in your head?] Ye Si suggested.

After hearing these words, Song Shuhang asked in puzzlement, [Why? Is there something wrong with the stickman?]

[That stickman made of light of virtue is seemingly transforming into a girl. If you don’t do anything, it will very likely transform into a beautiful snake lady,] Ye Si reminded.

In addition, for some unknown reason, when she saw that pair of beautiful phoenix eyes, she felt all panicky.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Why was his light of virtue transforming into a beautiful snake lady? What he had been longing for was a golden dragon-shaped light of virtue!

Wait a moment… is it possible that I unconsciously thought about the ‘Calabash Brothers’ cartoon I used to watch during my childhood since I had nothing to do during the past few days, getting influenced by the great villain of the show—’Qing Shejing’—who also happened to be a beautiful snake lady?

Just as Song Shuhang was in deep thought, the eyes of the stickman completed their transformation.

Those long and thin phoenix eyes looked very realistic. Afterward, a round golden dot quietly resurfaced next to the corner of the stickman’s right eye, just as though it was wearing make-up.

No, wait a moment. That wasn’t make-up… it was more likely a beauty mark. Since the whole light of virtue was golden in color, the beauty mark also became a round golden dot in the end.

At this time, Ye Si had gotten even more restless.

When she saw that pair of phoenix eyes and that beauty mark, she immediately thought of a certain person, which made her even more worried.

[It’s her!] Ye Si called out.

[Who?] Song Shuhang still had no idea what was going on.

Ye Si said, [Do you still remember that woman with the beauty mark we met in the Jade Lake Realm? Look carefully, aren’t the new eyes of your light of virtue the same as those of that woman with the beauty mark?]

Song Shuhang turned around and controlled the stickman, making it stop in front of him.

Afterward, he carefully looked at the new eyes of the stickman.

Just as Ye Si had said, this pair of phoenix eyes was very similar to the eyes of that woman with the beauty mark wearing a phoenix coronet and a phoenix robe they met in the Jade Lake Realm.

It wasn’t exaggerated to say that they were identical.

Song Shuhang blurted out, [The stickman isn’t going to assume her appearance, right…?]

[Hopefully, it won’t! I felt a lot of pressure whenever I looked at that woman with the beauty mark back then!] Ye Si called out.

Her voice had hardly faded that a large amount of power of virtue poured from the buddhist relics into the stickman.

In the next moment, the rest of the face of the stickman also started to materialize.

First a small and exquisite nose, and then plump lips.

This time, the changes happened very quick…

In just a few breaths, the face of the stickman had turned into the face of that woman with the beauty mark.

Aside from the fact that it was expressionless and made of golden light, the face of the stickman was completely identical to the face of that woman with the beauty mark.

Song Shuhang said, [Pfff~ It really changed into her appearance!]

“…” Ye Si.

[Still, why did this happen?] Song Shuhang was confused.

After all, there wasn’t any relationship between him and that woman with the beauty mark…

Was it possible that it happened because he ferried her soul back then?

Did she leave a mark in his light of virtue before thoroughly disappearing? Was this the reason his light of virtue turned into her appearance as it materialized?

Ye Si sighed.

Whenever she looked at this stickman with a face identical to that woman with the beauty mark, she felt a lot of pressure. She instinctively felt like hiding from the owner of this face.

[Perhaps I really owned her a lot of money before? Otherwise, why would I feel this worried each time I see her?] Ye Si shrank back into Song Shuhang’s body, gazing at the face of that woman with the beauty mark condensed from golden light, getting more and more panicky as she looked at it.

Song Shuhang pondered for a moment, and said, [Actually, I conceived this theory a while ago, but… perhaps there is some relationship between you and that Jade Lake Empress ‘Fairy Cheng Lin’ the woman with the beauty mark mentioned back then. Fairy Cheng Lin owned a great ‘debt’ to that woman. This should be the reason you panic whenever you see that woman with the beauty mark.]

[There is some relationship between Fairy Cheng Lin and me?] Ye Si asked out of curiosity.

Song Shuhang said, [Do you still remember what happened after the destruction of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion? At that time, the ghost spirit passed down in your family suddenly appeared and used a special method to ‘bring you back to life’.]

Ye Si furrowed her brows, and said, [Wait a moment, are you saying that the ghost spirit passed down in my family is Fairy Cheng Lin?]

[I’m not sure if it’s Fairy Cheng Lin, but that ghost spirit passed down in your family should be related to Cheng Lin,] Song Shuhang said.

If the ghost spirit passed down in Senior Sister Ye Si’s family was somehow related to Fairy Cheng Lin, a lot of things would start to make sense.

The destruction of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion was surely linked to the ancient Heavenly City. Afterward, someone took the godly weapons of the Tribulation Transcender-rank of the ancient Heavenly City and used them to pay tribute to the defunct Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion. Now, the fragments of those godly weapons of the Tribulation Transcender-rank were in Venerable White’s hands, and he had reforged them into a ball.

Then, the destruction of the ancient Heavenly City was likewise linked to Fairy Cheng Lin.

Therefore, it was possible that Fairy Cheng Lin had secretly planned the destruction of the ancient Heavenly City to retaliate against it for what it had done to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

However, Song Shuhang hadn’t seen Fairy Cheng Lin’s appearance yet. Therefore, he wasn’t sure of this theory.

A few days ago, he had asked Venerable White to describe Fairy Cheng Lin’s appearance. After hearing Venerable White’s description, he was even more convinced that Fairy Cheng Lin looked very similar to that ghost spirit passed down in Ye Si’s family that he had seen in Pavilion Master Chu’s memory fragment.

Afterward, Venerable White agreed to paint Fairy Cheng Lin’s portrait for him… but Senior White had been busy for the past two days, and he hadn’t sent the portrait over.

[In a few days, Senior White will bring us to Immortal Cheng Lin’s immortal cave. At that time, we’ll be able to determine the relationship between you and Cheng Lin,] Song Shuhang said.

Just as they were discussing, the transformation of the light of virtue was completed.

The originally stickman-like upper half of the body had now completely transformed and assumed the appearance of that woman with the beauty mark.

She was wearing a phoenix robe and a phoenix coronet, and she looked the same as the time they’d met her in the Jade Lake Realm.

Her appearance was very lifelike, just as though that woman with the beauty mark had been reborn.

“Now then… don’t tell me she has a consciousness as well?” Song Shuhang suddenly thought about this matter.

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