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Chapter 886: Getting a pair of eyes and transforming!

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

“…” Song Shuhang.

Although he knew that were was a certain affinity between his light of virtue and that buddhist relic, the fact that the solidified half serpent and half stickman entity had directly mounted the relic in its face as though it was an eyeball was a little too much.

After mounting the buddhist relic in its face as though it was an eyeball, that half serpent and half stickman entity turned its head around, seemingly trying to adapt to its new sensory organ. The newly mounted left eye was shining, and it was unknown what kind of special ability it would have.

Song Shuhang wasn’t sure if it was only his misconception, but he felt that this stickman made of light of virtue had become more vivid after mounting that left eye in its face.

Ye Si said, “Your light of virtue is truly unique… however, will it still be able to return to your body after mounting that buddhist relic in its face?”

In the end, that eye was a foreign object attached to the face of that stickman made of light of virtue. As such, wouldn’t it simply fall to the ground if Song Shuhang’s light of virtue were to return to its body?

Song Shuhang said, “There shouldn’t be any problem. I can feel that the left eye has already fused with the body of the stickman.”

After saying this much, he transmitted a command to that stickman made of light of virtue. The stickman whizzed back into Song Shuhang’s body, and then quickly whizzed out again.

The newly mounted left eye was still glistening. There hadn’t been any obstruction.

“Interesting,” Ye Si said.

“It’s a pity that it only has a left eye. It looks somewhat strange,” Song Shuhang said. Someone with an obsessive-compulsive disorder would truly feel uncomfortable in this situation, wishing they could find the stickman a right eye as well.

Just as this thought flashed through Song Shuhang’s mind… the stickman above his head suddenly moved. Its hand, which resembled a round stick, quickly drilled into Song Shuhang’s clothes, looking for his size-reducing purse.

In the next moment, the enlightenment stone, as well as Lady Onion, were pulled out.

“What are you doing!” Lady Onion called out in alarm.

The stickman lifted Lady Onion and the enlightenment stone and pressed them against its face without the slightest hesitation. This idiot wasn’t thinking of mounting the enlightenment stone in its face and using it as its right eye, right…?

What kind of joke was this!

If the left eye was a small bead-sized buddhist relic, and the right eye a fist-sized enlightenment stone, the final result wouldn’t be a normal-sized eye! Someone with an obsessive-compulsive disorder would feel even more uncomfortable after seeing this scene!

In addition, Lady Onion was still attached to the enlightenment stone… what would happen to her if the enlightenment stone was mounted in the light of virtue?

Would Lady Onion start living in its right eye? And would her green onion sprout grow out of that eye?

That picture was simply too unsettling.

“Quickly stop,” Song Shuhang said. “Don’t insert the whole stone into your face. It’s too eye-blinding.”

That stickman made of light of virtue stopped.

Lady Onion heaved a sigh of relief. The scene just now had been simply too scary. She was almost mounted in the face of that stickman, becoming its right eye.

However, just as Lady Onion was heaving a sigh of relief, that stickman stretched out its other hand and dug around Lady Onion’s green onion sprout area.

It was unknown where it dug it from, but in the next moment, the stickman took a glistening buddhist relic out of Lady Onion’s body.

Since the very beginning, Song Shuhang had been wondering if Lady Onion had a portable world with her. After assuming her human form, she could carry a lot of items on her person, but after reverting to her green onion form, these items wouldn’t fall down.

In addition, even if her green onion sprout was cut off, the items she had on her person wouldn’t fall down. Even now that her green onion sprout had withered, with her whole body shrinking in the enlightenment stone, Lady Onion still happened to be hiding a buddhist relic on her person. Now then, could someone tell him where was this buddhist relic hidden?

After all, it was impossible for it to be hidden inside the enlightenment stone, stone, right?

“That’s mine! That’s my treasure!” Lady Onion screamed as she stretched out her toothpick-sized small hands, tightly hugging the buddhist relic and starting to fight with the stickman for it. Lady Onion had released some explosive power and tightly held onto her treasure.

One couldn’t underestimate her! After all, she was a monster that had practiced for 300 years!

Unfortunately, the fact that she had developed intelligence didn’t mean that she would be strong as well.

In the end… the stickman pressed both Lady Onion and the buddhist relic against its face.

This stickman didn’t have any intelligence, and it had started to look for something suitable to take the place of its right eye after getting affected by Song Shuhang’s thoughts.

As long as it could find a second buddhist relic that it could mount in its face, it was fine. As for the fact that Lady Onion was also attached to this relic… it didn’t matter.

“Stop, stop, stop!” Song Shuhang said in a hurry.

The stickman stopped in its tracks.

As a consequence, Lady Onion was able to protect her buddhist relic.

Afterward, she cautiously looked at the frozen stickman and hugged her buddhist relic even more tightly.

After looking at her actions, Song Shuhang smiled, and said, “Lady Onion, you don’t have to worry. I’ve not fallen so low that I would steal your treasures. You can store that relic away; the stickman won’t try to steal it again.”

Lady Onion hugged her buddhist relic and fell into deep thought.

After a short moment, she clenched her teeth, and pushed the relic toward Shuhang. “Transaction.”

“Transaction?” Song Shuhang smiled, and then asked, “What do you want in exchange? Another lotus seed?”

“I already ate a seed of the Virtuous Golden Lotus, and I don’t need another. Therefore, I want something else in exchange. I want the spring water of your living spring, two people’s share,” Lady Onion said with a serious expression on her face.

She had been together with Song Shuhang all along. Therefore, she was aware that aside from those lotus seeds that could prolong one’s life, Song Shuhang also had the water of his ‘living spring’, whose effects didn’t overlap with the lotus seeds’ and could likewise increase one’s lifespan by 50 years. Other than that, it apparently tasted great.

“Eh? But didn’t you drink the water of the living spring already?” Song Shuhang asked out of curiosity. “Earlier, I planted you on that small island inside the nucleus, right? Is it possible that you didn’t you noticed the ‘living spring’ on that small island?”

Lady Onion’s movement of pushing the buddhist relic toward Song Shuhang stiffened.

After a while.

“That spring water was the water of the living spring?” Lady Onion opened her eyes wide.

“Yes, that was precisely the living spring,” Song Shuhang affirmed.

“Aaaaaah!” Lady Onion screamed. If she had known that that spring water that could prolong one’s life by 50 years, she would have jumped into it and drank to her heart’s content!

“Since you didn’t drink it, we can keep carrying out this transaction,” Song Shuhang said with a smile. After saying this much, he took the second buddhist relic from Lady Onion’s hands.

Then, he looked for two plastic cups in the room and stretched out his hand, caressing them.

Afterward, the two cups of living spring water were handed to Lady Onion.

Lady Onion took the living spring water with tears streaming down her face.

She first gave one cup to that female monster, and said, “Help me pass this cup to Little Cai. After all, those buddhist relics were something that belonged to her. Just like the seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus, this water can also increase one’s lifespan by 50 years. The effects of these two items can overlap. As such, Little Cai’s life will be prolonged by a hundred years altogether.”

“Thank you, Lady Onion.” The female monster happily took the living spring water. With an extra hundred years at her disposal, Little Cai would be able to break through without a doubt!

As for that other cup of living spring water, Lady Onion opened her mouth and drank it. To be more precise, since she was in her green onion form, she absorbed it.

After absorbing the water of the living spring, Lady Onion’s green onion sprout grew a little. A fingernail-sized green onion sprout had now grown on the enlightenment stone.

Upon seeing this sight, Lady Onion was overjoyed. Therefore, she said happily, “Shuhang!”

Song Shuhang replied, “Hmm?”

“Plant me on that small island again! I feel that that place is very suitable to become my new home. I think I’ll like it a lot,” Lady Onion said earnestly.

“I can’t right now,” Song Shuhang said with a smile. “I can’t plant you there without solving that problem related to the tunnel first.”

“…” Lady Onion.

After a short moment of silence…

Lady Onion angrily opened Song Shuhang’s size-reducing purse and jumped inside. The purse had become Lady Onion’s home. As such, she didn’t need Song Shuhang’s help and could open and close the purse at will.

Lately, Lady Onion felt that it was better if she just closed up and practiced wholeheartedly.

In addition, she was very angry with Song Shuhang at the moment, and she decided not to talk to him anymore.

The nearby female monster blinked her eyes. She was having some trouble understanding the relationship between Song Shuhang and Lady Onion.

At first, she thought that Lady Onion and Song Shuhang were in a forbidden monster-human love relationship… but now, this didn’t seem the case. From what she could see, the relationship between the two of them was more like the one between a master and its pet.

Song Shuhang smiled, and put the size-reducing purse away.

Then, he stretched out his hand and threw the buddhist relic upward, giving it to that stickman made of light of virtue.

After getting its hands on the buddhist relic, the stickman mounted it in its face just as before, turning it into its right eye.

The two buddhist relics came from the same source, and their size was basically the same. After they were mounted in the face of the stickman, they unexpectedly suited it quite a lot.

“Not bad. The stickman is much more pleasing to the eye now,” Song Shuhang said with a nod.

At the very least, it now looked like a person… well, maybe a snowman rather than a person.

The stickman shook his head, and during this process, its left and right eye merged with its body.

As the two eyes fused with the body of the stickman, its appearance became clearer.

Afterward, a special type of energy was released from those two buddhist relics.

Song Shuhang felt as though a senior monk was chanting buddhist scriptures beside his ears.

The voice of the monk was full of compassion and virtue…

Along with the buddhist relics merging with the stickman, that compassion and virtue merged with Song Shuhang’s body as well.

After Song Shuhang accidentally ferried the soul of that woman with the beauty mark in the Jade Lake Realm, his power of virtue had sharply increased and reached a critical point, ultimately assuming the shape of a stickman.

Now, alongside the power of virtue in those buddhist relics pouring into Song Shuhang’s body, the stickman behind him also started to change.

The power of virtue flowing out of those buddhist relics transformed into fine golden threads that fell on the head of the stickman, turning into long hair.

This beautiful golden hair added a certain charm to the stickman.

The next thing that changed was its eyes.

At this time, the originally round buddhist relics stretched.

In the end, the two buddhist relics were stretched until they turned into a pair of beautiful phoenix eyes…

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