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Chapter 879: The voice that Lady Onion didn’t want to hear the most

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

I really want to tell you that I love you~

That girl wearing colored clothes advanced with quick steps, jogging toward her beloved. She could maintain her human form for thirty minutes at most, and she didn’t want to waste even a second of her time.

The closer she was getting, the faster her heart was beating. At this time, she was gasping for breath and having trouble walking steadily—she almost tripped and fell to the ground. She even subconsciously waved her arms around, but in the next moment, she discovered that she had already assumed human form—she had no wings that she could flap.

Very soon, she would be able to convey her feelings to the man she loved.

The girl wearing colored clothes gazed at the handsome middle-aged man in the distance.

At this time, aside from him, there was no other person in her world in her eyes.


Just as those several monster hunters were chatting, the conversation couldn’t help but shift to female cultivators that were famous in the world of cultivators as of late. They were talking about the ideal dual cultivation dao companion.

“I really envy those guys that already have a dual cultivation dao companion. According to the rumors, one’s cultivation speed would increase by several times after they find a dual cultivation dao companion, is that true?” a young monster hunter asked. This monster hunter was around fifteen or sixteen years old.

“That’s true only if you find a dual cultivation dao companion from the Xuan Nu Sect, right? Otherwise, it’s unlikely that your cultivation speed would increase that much,” Director replied.

Only those disciples that had studied ‘dual cultivation secret techniques’ could increase the cultivation speed of both sides by several times after becoming someone else’s dual cultivation dao companion. Ordinary dual cultivation dao companions weren’t capable of this.

“Now then, which one of you has a dao companion? From what I remember, Pure-hearted has a girlfriend, right?” one of the monster hunters asked after looking at Director.

“That’s just you misunderstanding. There is no such relationship between Senior Sister and I. Furthermore, there seems to be no chemistry between the two of us. Our relationship is the same as the one between an elder sister and a younger brother.” Director sighed, and said, “Anyway, if you really want to ask about dao companions, go ask Brother Yan!”

Brother Yan was handsome, and he was quite old too. Therefore, if the conversation was related to dao companions, he should be the most experienced one.

The other two monster hunters also gazed at Yan Shao.

That handsome middle-aged monster hunter called ‘Yan Shao’ pinched the butt of the cigarette in his hand and laughed. “Actually, I’m still single. I don’t know why, but I’m really unpopular with women.”

As far as Yan Shao remembered, he had been confessed to only once… it happened over ten years ago, and the person that confessed to him was a small fairy maiden around the age of ten.

After recalling this experience, he felt somewhat sad.

He was obviously handsome, and he didn’t lack charisma, either. As such, why was he so unpopular among women?

After hearing these words, the heartbeat of that monster bird called Little Cai sped up.

She had stealthily observed Yan Shao several times in the past, and she already knew that he was a cultivator.

However, what she didn’t know was that her beloved was one of those ‘monster hunters’.

He doesn’t have a dual cultivation dao companion… that’s great. Such being the case, he shouldn’t be too troubled even if I were to confess to him.

Go! You can do it, Little Cai! The monster bird Little Cai grabbed the corner of her clothes and arrived beside the three monster hunters while encouraging herself.

The monster hunters raised their heads and looked at the girl wearing colored clothes in puzzlement.

She was a very pretty girl. In addition, faint golden light covered her whole body… was that the ‘light of virtue’ that buddhist cultivators had? While shrouded in that faint golden light, an extra layer of holiness was added to that girl wearing colored clothes.

Director slightly furrowed his brows. The golden light of virtue shrouding the body of that girl wearing colored clothes was continuously weakening, slowly getting replaced by an aura that he wasn’t too fond of. Nevertheless, this aura was very weak, and Director had no way of telling if it was just his misconception or not.

Yan Shao raised his head, and asked out of curiosity, “Fellow Daoist, can I help you?”

“I… I…” The face of the monster bird Little Cai turned red as she kept fiddling with her fingers.

While in front of her beloved, she had been unable to say the words she wanted even after trying for a while.

Quickly say it! Tell him, tell him that you love him! There is not much time left, I absolutely have to tell him those few words! The body of the monster bird Little Cai had started trembling.

“I like… I like… I…” Little Cai kept stuttering, and she was unable to finish her sentence.

“Fellow Daoist, calm down.” That handsome monster hunter called Yan Shao stretched out his hand and gently patted Little Cai’s shoulder. “Regardless of what you are trying to say, say it slowly.”

“Huff~ huff~ huff~” Little Cai felt that her heart was about to jump out of her chest.

At this time, she was already unable to think, and her mind had gone blank.

However, this state actually allowed her to say the words she wanted to say.

“I like you!” Little Cai bravely faced the middle-aged monster hunter, and said, “I like you. I’ve liked you for a very long, long time.”

Yan Shao’s whole body stiffened.

A girl had just confessed to him!

Beyond that, this time, it wasn’t a little loli, but a grown-up fairy maiden.

However, he had never seen this female cultivator before… Faint buddhist aura was emanating from her body, so to which buddhist sect did she belong?

Several hundred years had passed since the day the monster hunters withdrew from the world of cultivators and went into hiding, and they had become active only a few years ago. Therefore, he was sure that he had never seen this female cultivator before.

“Fairy maiden, who are you?” After the single dog Yan Shao asked this question, he immediately regretted it. At this time, he really wished he could slap himself in the face.

Asking such a question would definitely destroy the atmosphere!

However, the mind of the monster bird Little Cai was completely blank right now, and she didn’t even hear what the opposite party said. Her small mouth slightly opened, and she muttered something to herself in a very low voice.

“Hmm? Fairy maiden, did you say something?” Yan Shao asked.

“I like you. I just wanted to tell you that I liked you a lot,” the monster bird Little Cai said loudly.

But right at this time, that faint golden light covering Little Cai’s body disappeared.

This faint golden light was a supplementary effect of those golden pearls that Little Cai had given to Lady Onion and her female monster friend. Those two golden pearls were buddhist relics that had condensed from the body of a senior monk that had passed away while sitting in meditation due to him gathering a lot of virtue, wisdom, and compassion during the course of this life.

When she had those two buddhist relics with her, her monster qi was completely suppressed, and even monster hunters would be unable to see that she was a ‘monster’. Due to those buddhist relics staying with her all this time, the lingering power preserved that layer of faint golden light even after she had given them away.

But at this moment, the lingering power of those buddhist relics had thoroughly disappeared.

Along with the golden light disappearing, the monster qi in her body couldn’t be concealed anymore.

The monster bird Little Cai knew nothing about this matter related to the ‘monster qi’ in her body suddenly leaking out.

Her eyes had been staring at that handsome middle-aged monster hunter all along, and her mind was black, waiting for the reply of her beloved.

But right at this time, she discovered that the facial expression of her beloved one had changed, becoming somewhat strange.

“A monster!”

“A female monster!” The expressions of Director and those two other young monster hunters became ferocious. They shouted and took out various types of monster-vanquishing magical treasures.

Yan Shao felt as if there were ten thousand horses galloping in his heart. The girl that had confessed to him this time was a female monster!

After hearing the voices of those young monster hunters, the monster bird Little Cai sobered up. She looked at the fierce expressions of the three monster hunters and the monster-vanquishing monster techniques in their hands dumbfounded, standing in place.

Then, just as the three young monster hunters were planning to suppress this monster bird in front of them, Yan Shao stretched out his hand and blocked the trio.

Next, he took out a cigarette, lighting it up. At first, he wanted to take out his Monster Slaying Dagger. But in the end, he controlled his urge and took out this cigarette instead of the Monster Slaying Dagger.

“I’m a monster hunter,” Yan Shao said.

After hearing these words, the monster bird Little Cai was shocked. She only knew that her beloved was a cultivator, but she hadn’t expected that he was a monster hunter.

Since she had approached him in secret earlier, the opposite party hadn’t revealed that he was a monster hunter. In addition, she had never seen him capture monsters, either. Therefore, she had never considered the fact that her beloved might a monster hunter.

“Is there anything else you want to say?” After saying this much, Yan Shao stretched out his hand and opened his outer garment, revealing the runic chain hanging from his arm.

From the way he was dressed, he was definitely a monster hunter.

“I still like you,” the monster bird Little Cai said with a serious expression on her face.

“Thanks.” The handsome middle-aged monster hunter stretched out his hand and opened his palm, revealing a glistening rune in the center.

It was a rune that could make monsters reveal their true form, and it was something specially designed for female monsters with powerful charming abilities.

The monster bird Little Cai didn’t escape and let the rune come in contact with her body.

In the next moment… that girl wearing colored clothes turned into a little bird.

The hands of that handsome middle-aged monster hunter stiffened. Although forty years had passed, and his memory was a little blurry, he could still tell that this little bird was the same one he picked up forty years ago.

So that was what had happened!

The cigarette in Yan Shao’s hand was consumed until it burned his fingers.

If life was like a movie… Yan Shao would have really liked to throw the director of this movie on the ground and give him a good beating.

Just what kind of script was this?

When Little Cai revealed her true form, the urge to kill ‘monsters’ Yan Shao felt until a moment ago unexpectedly disappeared.

After a short moment, he stretched out his hands and used the Monster Binding Chain to tie Little Cai up, taking her into his sleeve.

After Little Cai was ‘suppressed’, the urge that Director and other two monster hunters felt was likewise lightened.

“You can leave this monster bird to me. I will deal with it,” Yan Shao said.

The three young monster hunters nodded their heads.

Just as they were discussing, the display of Yan Shao’s mobile phone lit up.

“The head group leader sent a message. The operation is starting ahead of time. Let’s move!” Yan Shao said in a grave tone after putting away his mobile phone.

The three monster hunters took out their magical treasures, and their expressions became serious.

“Keep the pace, and don’t get separated from the rest of the team.” After saying this much, Yan Shao led the group and headed toward the 250th branch of the [All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family] organization.

But after taking three or four steps, they started to get sleepy.

In the next moment, the four monster hunters fell to the ground. They rolled on the ground a little and got tangled, quickly falling asleep.

This very same scene took place in several nearby places too.

The people residing in the Jiangnan area, or passing through, curiously gazed at these guys that had suddenly fallen asleep on the ground.

“Are they drunkards?”

“But they don’t reek of alcohol.”

“Did they fall ill?”

“Perhaps let’s try to help them up first? It’s dangerous if they keep lying on the ground like that!”

“Who will go? My family is relatively poor, and I can’t really help them up!”

“What’s the relationship between helping them up and your family being poor…?”

“Should we report this incident to the police?”

“While at it, let’s call an ambulance too, alright?”

Thereupon, some good-hearted passersby took action.

In the sky, Ye Si rubbed her hands, very satisfied. Afterward, she stretched out her hand and patted her life-bound golden book. “All the monster hunters have been put to sleep. They will sleep for a few hours at the very least.”

Among the monster hunters that had come over this time, the strongest one had the strength of the Fourth Stage Realm. Therefore, Ye Si had been able to put everyone to sleep through the sleeping spell of her life-bound golden book.

By the time these monster hunters were going to wake up, they would find themselves in the hospital.

“Luckily, we made it in time.” Song Shuhang heaved a sigh of relief. The monster hunters were about to enter into action when Ye Si used that spell to put them to sleep.

Had Ye Si been a little slower, the monster hunters might have already broken into the 250th branch of the [All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family] organization.

After solving this problem related to the monster hunters, Song Shuhang gazed at that handsome middle-aged monster hunter below called Yan Shao.

Just now, Song Shuhang and Ye Si had also seen Little Cai’s confession.

“Should we rescue that monster bird first?” Ye Si said. “She fell in love with a monster hunter even though she is a monster bird… I’m not sure how we should comfort her.”

“Yes, let’s rescue her first.” Song Shuhang and Ye Si slowly descended to the ground.

As they arrived next to that monster hunter called Yan Shao, they discovered that he had fallen asleep in a rather peculiar position. He had fallen asleep while kneeling on the ground.

Even while sleeping, he had subconsciously bent his body, seemingly trying to protect something that was in front of his chest.

Song Shuhang and Ye Si gazed at his chest area and discovered a little monster bird tied up with the Monster Binding Chain.

Due to Ye Si’s magical technique, the monster bird had also fallen asleep.

Ye Si said, “Is he trying to protect the monster bird?”

Song Shuhang replied, “Seems like it.”

“Let’s take away this monster bird and bring it back to the 250th branch of the [All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family] organization.” Ye Si stretched out her hand toward the chest of that monster hunter, picking up the monster bird tied up with the Monster Binding Chain.

After picking up the monster bird, she turned around and left with Song Shuhang.

After Song Shuhang and Ye Si had taken a few steps, the monster hunter Yan Shao unexpectedly sobered up a little.

He looked at Ye Si and Song Shuhang’s disappearing figures in a daze, stretching out his hand toward them. But, he fell asleep again soon afterward.

In the 250th branch.

Lady Onion fondled the golden buddhist relic in her hand, and said, “I wonder if Little Cai succeeded with her confession or not.”

The nearby female monster sighed, and said, “Hopefully, she succeeded.”

Just as they were discussing, someone knocked on the door of the 250th branch.

“Senior Dongfang Six, can you open the door?” The voice that Lady Onion didn’t want to hear the most echoed

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