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Chapter 878: I really want to tell you that I love you~

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Director’s position when he sent the message wasn’t far from the 250th branch of the [All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family] organization.

If this piece of information was coupled with the content of Director’s message, as well as with the fact that monster hunters would roll up their sleeves and go for the kill as soon as they saw a monster without even bothering to think about the consequences…

Was it possible that Director and his monster hunter friends were planning to raid the 250th branch of this monster organization…?

The chances of his guess being correct were very high.

Song Shuhang rubbed his temples; he had a headache at this moment.

How strong was this group of monster hunters going to be?

If their strength wasn’t too high and they dared to openly fight against Fairy Dongfang Six… she would probably run them over with her off-road vehicle and crush them to pieces, turning them into departed spirits demanding vengeance!

Perhaps it was time to tell Director that there was a powerful expert in the 250th branch of this monster organization?

No, that was inappropriate as well. After all, Fairy Dongfang Six, the three disobedient children, and Lady Onion were in the branch, and Song Shuhang couldn’t just sell them out.

After seeing the message displayed on Song Shuhang’s phone, with a smile, Ye Si said, “Is that your monster hunter friend? Is he also nearby? Ahaha, they aren’t planning to raid this branch, right?”

“Yes, that’s Director, and I think that this objective of theirs… is really this branch,” Song Shuhang said with a nod.

“Is that why you are worried? Hmm… in that case, should we quietly head over to the side of the monster hunters and check their strength? If they aren’t too strong, I can use a sleep-inducing magical technique on them to render them unconscious. That way, we don’t need to worry about them causing trouble in the 250th branch of the [All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family] organization. On the other hand, if they are very powerful, we can contact Fairy Dongfang Six and tell her to make everyone evacuate before the monster hunters get there,” Ye Si said.

“That’s a good idea. Let’s look for Director in that case,” Song Shuhang said with a smile.

In the next moment, Ye Si operated her life-bound golden book, heading toward Director’s last known location.

At this time, Director and three of his monster hunter companions were keeping watch in a spot that was 3 o’clock from the 250th branch. Their small team was in charge of this place.

“Our target this time is a weak organization of monsters. Although they are unlikely to bring harm to ordinary humans, we can’t let them run amuck. We must bring them back to our land and strictly guard them. When taking action this time, make sure to restrain your strength and capture the targets alive. Of course, if you encounter opponents that refuse to surrender and go all out to resist, you don’t need to go easy on them. After all, we are dealing with monsters, our archenemies,” a handsome middle-aged monster hunter said in a soft voice.

Whenever they saw monsters, monster hunters would get the irresistible urge to kill them off.

But when faced with relatively harmless monsters, monster hunters could somewhat restrain this urge of theirs. After dealing with those harmless monsters, they would bring them back to their land, where they would seal and guard them strictly so as to avoid these monsters causing disasters in the mortal world.

Director slightly nodded his head. However, he still sighed inwardly. Whether they were dealing with good monsters or bad monsters, they would have to seize them. Director was also helpless when faced with this innate urge monster hunters had. He had been trying to find a way to get rid of this urge, but he hadn’t had any success up until now.

“Half an hour later, we’ll follow the orders of the head group leader and enter into action, keep your runes and monster-vanquishing magical treasures ready,” that handsome middle-aged monster hunter said again.

Director and two other young monster hunters nodded their heads. Afterward, they re-inspected the equipment they were carrying along.

Clouds started to cover the sun, and the rising wind foreboded the coming storm.

The battle between the 250th branch of the [All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family] organization and the monster hunters could start at any time!

Just as if they had been affected by the oppressive aura surrounding the monster hunters, some nearby small birds flapped their wings and ran away from this place where trouble was brewing.

After seeing those small birds, the handsome middle-aged monster hunter faintly sighed.

A young monster hunter asked, “Brother Yan, why did you suddenly sigh?”

“Because I was reminded of the past.” That handsome middle-aged monster hunter called ‘Brother Yan’ looked at the far-off small birds, and said, “Forty years ago, I picked up a cute, wounded little bird. I brought this bird home and raised it for several years. The bird was very clever, and there was no need for me to use a birdcage. But just as I was raising it… one day, it suddenly left me. Thereupon, whenever I see these small birds, I can’t help but sigh with emotion in my heart.”

Director was speechless.

Brother Yan started raising this cute small bird forty years ago, which then ran away… and although forty years had passed, Brother Yan was still reminded of the past whenever he saw a bird?

Director had no idea where to start to ridicule Brother Yan!

In the 250th branch of the [All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family] organization.

Immortal Fairy Bie Xue didn’t personally come over. She entrusted her assistant to go to the 250th branch and deliver to the monsters of the branch eight tablefuls of dishes for the Human-Morphing Feast.

Actually, the number of monsters in the 250th branch could only fill around six tables, but some of these monsters had an especially big build and could occupy two or three seats alone.

The number of monsters was getting fewer and fewer nowadays, and it was very rare to see monsters who had turned into spirits by themselves like Lady Onion. It was hard to find a similar monster even in ten years.

The elder of the 250th branch accommodated Lady Onion at the third table.

At this time, on her right, a cute little bird and a female monster who had assumed human form but still had fish scales growing on her body were seated there.

The small bird and the female monster were acquainted with one another, and they were whispering something in a low voice.

“Little Cai, are you really sure about it?” the female monster asked in a soft voice.

“Yes, I want to see him one last time,” the small bird said with a nod. “Even after all this time, I was unable to break through, and I don’t have much to live anymore. Thereupon, I wanted to ask the branch elder to pack up my share of the Human-Morphing Feast. That way, I can look for him and see him one last time while in human form.”

The topic of conversation seemed somewhat sad, and there was also a layer of romanticism.

This small bird that didn’t have much left to live wanted to take advantage of the Human-Morphing Feast to assume human form and meet with her beloved one last time.

It resembled one of those love stories seen in movies.

“But if your share of the Human-Morphing Feast gets packed up, it will be reduced to one-tenth of its original size. The duration of your human form, which would have lasted for around four hours otherwise, will also be reduced to one-tenth of its original duration. The resulting effects will be much weaker, and you’ll only have ten minutes of transformation left at most.” The female monster gritted her teeth, and said, “How about this… I’ll have my share packed up as well, and I’ll let you take it away. With that, you’ll have around twenty minutes to meet that person.”

“Thank you, but there is no need.” The small bird smiled as it refused. “As far as I’m concerned, ten minutes are more than enough. Still, thanks for your care.”

Lady Onion was very touched. Therefore, she acted on a whim, and said, “Ten minutes are really too short. Why don’t you take my share of the Human-Morphing Feast as well? After all, my human form is already perfect, and I don’t need to improve it further.”

“Thank you, but there is really no need.” The small bird smiled and rejected again.

In the end…

The small bird was unable to refuse the kind intentions of her friend and Lady Onion.

As such, Lady Onion and that female monster had their shares packed up before giving them to the small bird.

“Where is this person you want to see? Will you be able to find him?” Lady Onion asked out of curiosity.

“He lives in the Jiangnan area. During the past few years, I frequently sat on a branch outside his house and looked at him from afar. It’s been forty years since I’ve last met him, and he has aged quite a bit during this time,” the small bird said in a gentle voice.

“That’s good. Can we help you in any other way?” Lady Onion asked out of curiosity.

“I don’t think you can. Anyway, I’m really grateful for what you two did for me. Especially you, Lady Onion. It’s obviously our first time meeting, and you still helped me a lot.” That bird called Little Cai was very moved.

“No need to thank me. After all, isn’t the name of our organization [All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family]? Doesn’t this mean that we are a family? Ahaha.” Lady Onion cracked a joke.

That bird called Little Cai also laughed.

After pondering for a moment…

“Right, it just so happens that I have something to give to you two.” After saying this much, that bird called Little Cai opened her mouth and lightly regurgitated.

Two small golden pearls with an irregular shape were regurgitated out.

She gave the two pearls to Lady Onion and that female monster, and said, “This is something I recovered from the body of a dead senior monk forty-three years ago. It’s not a very powerful magical treasure, but if one has this item with them, they will feel their body warm. In addition, their cultivation speed will also increase a little. It’s pointless for me to keep this item, and it’s better if I just give it to you two.”

Then, without waiting for Lady Onion and the female monster to refuse, that bird called Little Cai happily picked up the three packed up portions of the Human-Morphing Feast and spread its wings, leaving the 250th branch.

The place where the monster hunters were stationed.

That handsome middle-aged man called Brother Yan, Director, and those two other young monster hunters were sitting on two stone benches that pedestrians could use if they felt like resting.

The monster hunters had some talismans with them to weaken their aura and make them look like ordinary people.

There was still a little bit of time before they would have to get into action.

Song Shuhang and Ye Si had quietly arrived in the airspace above these monster hunters while still invisible. However, Ye Si hadn’t made a move, and had yet to put Director and the others to sleep. After taking a look at their position, Ye Si quickly discovered the whereabouts of the other monster hunters too.

The strength of the monster hunters that had come over this time wasn’t high. As such, Ye Si was planning to lock onto the position of each monster hunter and then put them to sleep all together.

But right at this time, a cute little bird carrying three lunch boxes flew over the heads of those monster hunters.

The body of the small bird suddenly stiffened when it saw that handsome middle-aged monster hunter below called ‘Brother Yan’.

She had found him. She hadn’t expected that he would be this close!

What a pity… if she had known earlier that he was this close, she would have eaten her share of the Human-Morphing Feast while still in the branch, and then come out to meet him.

However, it was too late now.

Little Cai flew to a tree branch and quickly consumed the three portions of the Human-Morphing Feast.

Soon after, she transformed into a beautiful woman wearing colored clothes.

“I only have thirty minutes,” Little Cai said in a soft voice.

She had to seize this opportunity…

She wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to confess to him.

Little Cai wasn’t afraid that he would reject her… because she only wanted to let him know that there was this girl that loved him.

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