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Chapter 1003 - Killing another one!

Xiang Wenxuan and the rest had retreated several steps before they finally stopped falling into the pit.

A moment later, the five of them stabilized themselves at the edge of the pit.

Seeing the scene they had created, their faces all paled. The shock in their hearts couldn't be described with words. When Tang Huan fought against five, not only did he not fall into a disadvantageous position, he even smashed their attacks in an instant.

They thought that if they were to stand on Tang Huan's position, they would have long lost their lives, and definitely wouldn't be this beautiful.

Under Tang Huan's counterattack, the five of them were actually all internally injured.

Xiang Wenxuan, Cen Shizhong, and Liu Shuichuan were slightly better off, but the thin middle-aged man and the gray-robed man had blood surging in their chest, ready to vomit blood.

However, to them, the level of combat skill Tang Huan had just displayed, must have consumed an extremely terrifying amount of true essence. Tang Huan might be able to withstand one or two, three or four of the terrifying attacks the five of them had launched together, but he might not be able to block them five or six times.


Xiang Wenxuan's expression was dark and uncertain as he yelled out.

At this time, other than continuing their fierce attacks on Tang Huan, it seemed like they had no other good idea. If the remaining five people were forced to flee after only one clash, then they would truly become the laughingstock of this "Heavenly Desolate Secret Realm" and even the entire Forging God Great World.

Only by killing Tang Huan with their lives, would they be able to save some face.

However, before they could attack again, in the middle of the pit that was more than ten metres deep, Tang Huan's blurry figure suddenly disappeared.

In the next moment, Tang Huan appeared in front of the skinny middle-aged man.

"Lu Qi, be careful!"

"Tang Huan is there!"


Xiang Wen Xuan and the rest immediately noticed Tang Huan's movements and shouted out in shock.

Seeing this, the skinny middle-aged man named "Lu Qi" became even more frightened. The moment he had noticed Tang Huan, the extremely sharp fiery red spear image had already appeared a few meters in front of him. The blazing aura surged forth like a wave in the blink of an eye, as if it was about to burn him into ashes.

Without any hesitation, Lu Qi's body quickly retreated, and the black whip in his hand immediately lashed out.


Amidst the ear-piercing explosion, the black Strength Qi roared out from the whip like a broken dam, as though a fierce dragon had rushed out from Dark Abyss, and with an endless, cold and gloomy aura, it bared its fangs and brandished its claws, as though it was trying to wrap itself around the Fire Red Long Spear, as though it wanted to pulverize it.

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The neon light shattered, the Strength Qi surged, and another loud sound rang out.

Tang Huan's arm trembled, the long spear trembled, the evil dragon immediately exploded and disappeared, the black whip immediately revealed itself, but it was uncontrollably cracked and the black light on the whip immediately dimmed down.

It was only a single strike, but the Spirit Map in the whip had already suffered damage! Lu Qi didn't even have time to be shocked before he heard another sharp sound.


A spear glow that was already gathered and ready to be unleashed shot out like lightning from the top of the flaming spear. It was incomparably sharp and powerful, and even if there was a gigantic mountain in front of it, it could still penetrate through it in an instant.

Lu Qi was frightened out of his wits. While he was desperately retreating, a zhen yuan layer had already condensed in front of him. At almost the same time, the spear light had already landed on the ground.


The spear light exploded, but that terrifying and blazing Strength Qi still surged forward mightily, as if it could destroy everything in its path, as if it was unstoppable.

Almost in the next moment, the thick and solid true essence barrier collapsed under the violent impact of the Strength Qi. Fortunately, at this time, Lu Qi's second true essence barrier had already condensed, forcibly enduring the blazing and wild power that continued to roar.


With an explosive sound, the true essence barrier shattered again.

Suddenly, Lu Qi felt as if he was hit by a giant rock. Blood spurted out of his mouth, and he kept falling back. However, Lu Qi couldn't help but to let out a sigh of relief inside. Tang Huan's attack had finally been stopped, although his weapon was damaged and his internal organs were heavily injured, at least he had managed to preserve his life.

However, before he could even feel happy for a moment, his pupils dilated.

Unexpectedly, Tang Huan didn't pause at all as she passed through the violently churning Strength Qi, chasing after him like her shadow. In her line of sight, the sharp spear tip that was bright red like fire was expanding at a frightening speed, the tip of the spear had already ripped apart the robe on her chest.


Lu Qi opened his mouth. As soon as the scream came out, it stopped abruptly. The spearhead had penetrated his entire chest. The flame that was lingering around the spearhead roared. In an instant, his body was covered and then melted away.

"Lu Qi!"

Xiang Wenxuan and the others cried out in shock.

They never thought that Tang Huan would be so quick!

From the moment Tang Huan appeared in front of Lu Qi to when Lu Qi was shot by Tang Huan, everything happened in a split-second. Even the grey-robed man closest to him didn't have enough time to save him.

In just a short span of time, two out of the six Void Calamity Realm cultivators were already killed by Tang Huan with lightning speed. If this continued, the remaining four people might be destroyed one by one, and in the end, all of them would be annihilated.

In a split-second, they realized that this conjecture might very well turn into reality!

After killing Lu Qi, Tang Huan's figure suddenly disappeared from where they were. The few of them had a bad premonition, Tang Huan suddenly appeared in front of the gray-robed man. At this moment, the gray-robed man couldn't help but reveal an unconcealable expression of shock.

"Lian Heng, retreat!"

"Be careful!"

"Kill —"

Xiang Wenxuan, Cen Shizhong, and Liu Shuichuan's expressions instantly turned extremely ugly. The moment Tang Huan appeared again, they shot towards the gray-robed man without hesitation.

They all knew very well that if they didn't want to run away with their faces covered in dirt, then they had to save Lian Heng. Otherwise, their situation would be even worse, and the possibility of them getting rid of Tang Huan would become even slimmer.


The gray-robed man called Lian Heng's reaction was even faster. Almost at the same time that Xiang Wenxuan and the rest roared, he had already retreated backwards, the spear in his hand thrusting forward as well. The spear's momentum was entangled, the Strength Qi intersected horizontally, and the space in front of him once again seemed to transform into a terrifying swamp, as if it could swallow everything in the world.

However, Tang Huan's speed was even faster than Lian Heng's!

In the blink of an eye, Tang Huan's Conqueror Spear that was wrapped in raging flames arrived, and billions of rays of light that condensed into substance shot out of the spear, illuminating the entire sky red.

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