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Chapter 287: 287、Duel with a Class B! (Part 2)

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Lu Shu gave chase in the direction of the forest. The old priest, who had been sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed and resting, opened his eyes again and said to Lu Shu’s back, “No need to chase him, you are not even at Class C. Impossible to beat him.”

“Without a fight, how would we know?” Lu Shu sped up and rushed headlong into the forest, to be instantly engulfed by the bizarre splendour of the shimmering forest. Chen Baili suddenly felt that something seemed to be amiss, why are the weird trees not attacking Lu Shu? Still, Lu Shu was too fast, like the wind between branches, and it seemed as if the trees were making futile attempts at seizing him.

Chen Baili carried on with his resting in the lotus position. However, the image of the youth saying how would they know without a fight kept swirling in his mind.

If time could be turned back, he himself was probably like that too, utterly unafraid of anything. Chen Baili suddenly felt that perhaps the one he should pass on his skills to should be Lu Shu rather than Lu Xiaoyu.

Only thing is, he did not know if time was still on his side.

Lu Shu looked at the direction his compass was pointing to while racing madly through the forest. Gradually, he even began to feel himself closing in speedily with a pulsing energy emanating from the forest ahead.

The other person not only gave up expending energy by attempting to burrow and hide underground, but had also began to slow down.

All of a sudden, Lu Shu felt that something was not quite right. The person’s energy pulse had vanished suddenly.

A split second later, Lu Shu suddenly saw that the earth beside him started advancing towards him like a tornado. The gritty sands were razor sharp and instantly pulverized any leaf or branch they came into contact with.

The opponent actually wanted to turn around to finish him off!

In an instant, Lu Shu had whipped out his Celestial Cloak for protection. His right leg took a small step forward as Lu Shu sent a punch straight into the sand tornado.

The sparkling leaves of the monster trees started to break into pieces before Lu Shu’s eyes. The starlights within were initially strewn about on the Celestial Map, but suddenly coalesced rapidly and flowed out as a galactic stream towards the fist.

Nothing was held back in this punch!

A thunderous roar resonated as Lu Shu’s hair stood on end. The surrounding branches shook wildly as if in a hurricane and an initially cool air started to become hot and dry.

This was a showdown between two experts, with the usually much-feared monster trees reduced to playing foil.

The sand landed pattering on the Celestial Cloak and one by one, were reduced to powder.

Only now did Lu Shu have a clear look at the white person before him. Lu Shu was no longer concerned about the distress points of his back-end income recorder. A small hole on the person’s waist was gushing blood steadily and his face was deathly pale.

The person’s garment was probably torn to pieces during his fight with Chen Baili. Lu Shu took a closer look at his waist. His skin appeared as though protected by a fine cover of sand, yet was forcefully pierced through with Chen Baili’s little green sword to produce the bloodied wound.

Now, the layer of sand over his wound was frighteningly cracked like a tortoise shell under the sun. On his chin was another small area which was equally cracked and frightfully gruesome.

The person seemed to be surprised that Lu Shu could fend off his ambush and display such physical prowess; and even possessing a mysterious energy cloak for protection!

One must be aware that possessing a protective armor is a means only given to practitioners Class C and above. The saying that a Class C master fears no firearm was exactly due to this. A typical firearm not imbued with magical powers would find it impossible to penetrate a protective armor in one try.

However, why was it that the power and form of this armor was unheard of?

After exchanging blows, the Class B white master already understood that in his current state, he could not afford to even take down this extraordinary youth!

One must know that his aim was never anyone else but Chen Baili! Somebody had presented him with an ancient earth system artefact in exchange for Chen Baili’s head. If not for the double temptation of the Matrix Eye and the artefact, why would he have bothered!

If he were to let Chen Baili lick his wound in peace while he had to fight with another worthy opponent, the situation would not be to his advantage at all.

This remains was like a colossal prison between heaven and earth. It would be impossible to find a way out without getting hold of the Matrix Eye. If Chen Baili were to recover earlier than expected, and he had to fight him without first obtaining the Matrix Eye, his trip to China this time round would become extremely perilous.

Moreover, from what he understood about Chen Baili, it was highly probable that Chen would fight to his last breath to keep him here!

Lu Shu chased the white man down the forest among the trees. All of a sudden, before the person could decide on how to act, Lu Shu already made his first move. The Corpsedog emerged with a deafening roar and rushed straight for the opponent’s head!

The trees that Lu Shu and the white man were taking cover behind cracked loudly as they were penetrated by the Corpsedog as if they were simply matchsticks.

The white master’s heart skipped a beat. Flying sword, the move unique to China!

A massive amount of sand were swept up behind the white man. The individual grains of sand flew like bullets towards the Corpsedog, trying to block it. For a moment, loud crashed could be heard reverberating through the forest.

If one were to only hear the sound, he or she would have thought that it was bullets hitting steel plates. However, it was actually the sand hitting the Corpsedog dagger!

When an individual strength could be comparable to a human form and deal massive damage to a lethal weapon, it was horrifying indeed!

However, the white man was still badly hurt. Killing an average Class C would not have been an issue, but Lu Shu was no typical Class C!

The Corpsedog’s speed was cut by the onslaught of sand but still continued its way towards the opponent.

As he was running, the white expert tilted his head to the right and the Corpsedog glanced his cheek, leaving a bloody cut. Inexplicably, he felt that the sharpness of the sword was much more fearsome than that of Chen Baili’s.

With the new scar as the centre, the skin surrounding it began to crack once again.

However, just as he thought that things have ended, the white man suddenly felt… the soul in his body seemed to be sealed by something, making him instantaneously melancholic, as if the sword took away all his happiness. He even began to think about his death, and how would his family deal with it!

He was seized with anxiety, what move is this?

At his level, he could feel, faintly, that the damage inflicted upon him by the sword was not irreparable; but at the moment, he simply could not liven his mood, as if being laid a curse by Lu Shu!

Must not be careless, something is wrong with this sword!

He used all his strength to control the sand. The layer of sand armour on his body came off and streamed onto his palm like rivulets of whiteness. Raising his hand, the sand swept forth towards the Corpsedog.

Lu Shu was about to make the Corpsedog to turn back when he noticed a stony white frost condensing on the sword, making it more and more difficult to be controlled!

I have underestimated this Class B expert, so many tricks up his sleeves!

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