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Chapter 1527 - Enchanted

Huangpu Yingruo raised his two blood red machetes and looked at Qin Chao in threat.

"Come on, I don't care about your small cultivation …"

Huangpu Yingruo was only at flesh god, and he cultivated the death aura, which was much weaker than the power of gods.

In a spar with her, Qin Chao felt that they were all bullying her.

"A mere stinking man dares to look down on me?"

Huangpu Yingruo immediately opened his eyes wide, "I want to let you know, girls are not easy to mess with."

As he said that, a red blood fiend suddenly appeared around Qin Chao and began to wrap around his body.

These blood fiends rob human blood, Qin Chao immediately felt the blood in his body beginning to flow backwards.

This again.

It was no longer possible.

"You're out of date."

As Qin Chao spoke, the Little Universe in his body began to circulate, pulling on all of the blood in his body, making it so that Xue Sha had no blood to absorb.

"You should know that the same move has no effect on the Saints."


Lu Meijuan had never seen a Saints Star Arrow, so he was confused by Qin Chao's words.

"You stinking man, don't think that you're invincible just because you know some spells. If a woman were to be enraged, it would also be very scary."

As he said that, the blood fiend behind Qin Chao suddenly swelled up, and in the blink of an eye became a gigantic wild beast, which bit towards Qin Chao's head.


And the destructive golden light that exploded from Qin Chao's body was the power of the Vajra Scripture.

The blood fiend beast was instantly broken through by the golden light and spilled all over the bed.

"Tsk tsk, this is over. How am I supposed to sleep?"

Qin Chao looked at the blood, blanket, and sheets beside him.

Those who didn't know about it would think that there was a murder in this bed.

"Help me wash the bed sheets."

"Beautiful, I will never serve a man."

Huangpu Yingruo said as he clapped his hands.

The blood actually separated from the blanket and condensed into a line of blood aura, returning to Huangpu Yingruo's side and wrapping around her slender waist.

"Really? Then why don't you send me some fruits every day?"

Qin Chao crossed his legs, looking like a scoundrel as he said, "Aren't you serving me already?"

"This, this is my lord Ghost Mother's order."

Huangpu Yingruo was a little anxious, "Otherwise, do you think I would rush over to give you the fruits, it's so beautiful that you would die. This man, you're not only smelly, you're also shameless!"

"Hey, how do you know I stink?"

Qin Chao sniffed his arm, "Could it be that you took advantage of the fact that I'm sleeping … "Secretly, I smell it."

"You, don't talk nonsense."

Huangpu Yingruo panicked, "Who wants to smell that stinking man of yours!?"

"You've never smelled it before, how do you know it's smelly?"

Qin Chao suddenly hugged his arms tightly, "Oh god, so there were actually female perverts everywhere in your place. As expected, the reason you guys locked me up was not pure.

"You, you bastard!"

Huangpu Yingruo was so angry at Qin Chao's ability to turn black into white.

This guy, how could he be so shameless?


He was going crazy.

"Then tell me, why did you lock me up here? Wasn't it to do something to me?"

Qin Chao suddenly asked.

Let me tell you, if it wasn't for the fact that my lord Ghost Mother is going to marry you, I wouldn't even bother to serve you … "Ah!"

She suddenly widened her eyes from fright as she covered her mouth and looked at Qin Chao.

This is bad, why did I accidentally say this out loud.

my lord Ghost Mother had told him before that he absolutely could not tell this matter to Qin Chao …

It's over, it's over … If my lord Ghost Mother found out that she had leaked this information, she would definitely die.

What she did not know was that the one who was even more shocked was Qin Chao.

What the f * ck.

What was the meaning of shrimps?

To marry I.

I was a man, how could he marry her, Lu Meijuan?

Ah pei pei, what do you mean by marry below, it's impossible to marry.

What in the world was going on?

That Lu Meijuan was perfectly fine, why did she still "marry" him?

Didn't she never have any relationship with men?

"Are you satisfied now?"

Huangpu Yingruo felt so wronged that he wanted to cry, his big eyes were slightly red as he looked at Qin Chao and shouted angrily.

"If our my lord Ghost Mother wants to marry you, then you are going to be the Master Ma. We servants should be bullied to death by you."

"What nonsense are you talking about?"

Qin Chao raised his eyebrows, "Who wants to marry your my lord Ghost Mother?"

"If you say you don't want to marry, then don't."

Huangpu Yingruo curled his lips, "You are just a mere stinking man, this matter is not up to you to decide. my lord Ghost Mother being willing to marry you, that is a blessing that you have cultivated for tens of thousands of years."

"You call me a stinking man again."

Qin Chao was immediately a little angry.

This was all his fault.

Luo De, who was at the side, was still laughing non-stop. It was obvious that he was ridiculing Qin Chao for what he had done.

Qin Chao waved his hand, and Huangpu Yingruo's body instantly took a few steps forward before crashing into Qin Chao's embrace.

And Qin Chao's big hand, also very disobediently grabbed onto Huangpu Yingruo's perky little butt.


Huangpu Yingruo couldn't help but let out a scream.

Her Blood Fiend subconsciously moved, transforming into a blood python. It had a big, bloody mouth, and bit towards Qin Chao.

Qin Chao merely extended his other hand and caught the blood python in his palm.

This is the Nine You Devil Palm.

The blood python cried out repeatedly as it was burned to death by the Nine You Ying Fire. It was in extreme pain.

"You, what do you want to do?"

Huangpu Yingruo shouted in fear.

She only felt that her back felt somewhat painful from being squeezed. At the same time, she also had a strange feeling.

That guy's fingers, so, so hateful …

It was fine if he was pinching it, but it was still sliding between his fingers …

Oh, yes, I can't take it anymore...

It felt so itchy, as if he had been lightly scratched by a bolt of heavenly lightning. It felt so soft and numb …

"Didn't you say I'm a smelly man? I'll let you smell it now. Am I smelly?"

As Qin Chao spoke, his eyes slightly reddened, and he directly kissed Huangpu Yingruo's rosy lips.

Instantly, Huangpu Yingruo's eyes widened.

It was filled with an inconceivable feeling.

Her kiss was taken away just like that.

His little tongue was quickly seized and sucked into the hateful creature's mouth.

Damn it, this guy had invaded and violated me, I should have killed him.

However, why was he so weak...

What, what method did he use on me …

Damn it... Hmm, why would it be like this …

He … he was only here to deliver the fruits …

Very quickly, Huangpu Yingruo's body softened from the kiss. Qin Chao carried her in his arms, and then walked towards the bed.

"Damn, this guy has been possessed by inner demons again."

Luo De sighed.

"I have never liked blocking good things like this before, but if I do that, then inner demons will become stronger and slowly invade his body."

"We need to cooperate. Speak, little fellow …"

Li Yin said in an aged voice.

Luo De was depressed. No matter what, he was once the awesome and powerful Great Devil God, but now, he was being called a little fellow by a little dragon girl who looked like a little girl.

However, when it comes to age, there was no difference.

Forget it, it was just a loss.

"I need Senior Xiao Tian Feng Long's help. I will bring out the Ying Yang Bell later, and Senior Xiao Tian Feng Long can borrow the power of the music to awaken bloke Qin."

"No problem, I will fully cooperate with you."

Begonia nodded.

"Good. Then, I shall begin."

Luo De started to use techniques to activate the Ying Yang Bell.

At this time, Qin Chao had already carried Huangpu Yingruo onto the bed.

Huangpu Yingruo laid on the bed, her face flushed red. She wanted to say something, but Qin Chao did not give her the chance to do so, locking her mouth tightly, causing her mind to go blank, unable to think of anything.

Woo woo … *

Could it be that he was going to be eaten like this...

my lord Ghost Mother was right … This man was indeed terrifying …

He would really eat himself clean, bit by bit...

Just as Huangpu Yingruo was lost in her emotions, Qin Chao's fingers slipped into her skirt.

A sensitive spot below was instantly occupied, Huangpu Yingruo's entire body violently trembled, his body felt as though he had gone past an electric current.

"Ugh …"

She originally wanted to groan out loud, but her mouth was still blocked by Qin Chao.

So, what a weird feeling.

[I … What happened to me …]

Could it be that he had become a bad person?

Did she become like those despicable women who only knew how to use water to make flowers …

Wuuuu, she didn't want to do this …

Huangpu Yingruo struggled a few times, but her strength could not force Qin Chao at all, furthermore, her body was extremely weak, she could not even use a bit of strength.

Qin Chao's eyes also turned more and more red.

His original anger, combined with his lust, had completely blinded him.

He was almost unable to hold back and pulled up Huangpu Yingruo's long skirt.

Suddenly, a pair of long legs appeared before his eyes, adding to his inner devil fire.

His own little Qin Chao, had also become a lethal weapon. Separated by the last layer of his underpants, he directly stuck himself in Huangpu Yingruo's valley.

Although they were still separated by a level, Huangpu Yingruo was trembling so badly that he was about to surrender.

Qin Chao seemed to be planning to break his pants too.

Just as he was about to break through all the obstacles and deal the final blow to the Yellow Dragon, a melodious bell suddenly rang by his ear.

The sound was strangely fierce and carried a kind of mournfulness. In an instant, the two people who were entangled by emotions came to their senses.


Who knew where Huangpu Yingruo got the strength from, and pushed him away.

Qin Chao sat up straight, his eyes slowly becoming clearer.

He stared straight at Huangpu Yingruo who was lying on the bed, her dress was messy, her thighs seductive, her face flushed red, and he was completely dumbfounded.

What, what was going on …

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