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Chapter 2411 - Taking advantage of his illness to take his life

Unhappy, very unhappy!

Even though it was in an absolutely immortal state.

But after being beaten up for so long, the old flames of eight generations of Long Fei's ancestors had started to rage.

So what if he was a Universal Realm Ranker?

Even if he was the Celestial Emperor, he would still have a weakness.

As long as he could grab hold of that momentary opportunity, he would immediately knock it all out!

Then … That was great.


Sea King's landing spot... Not to mention Long Fei, even if the strongest True Martial Emperor of the Zhen Wu continent appeared, he wouldn't be able to see through it. Even if he could see through it, would he dare to kill Universal Realm with his current strength?

It could only be … a dream!

However …

Long Fei would never give in, he believed that there must be a way.


He seems to have found a way, Immortal Master Liu Yuan!

He thought to himself: "I definitely can't kill the Ocean King with my power. I can only rely on him to kill him. If he can seriously injure the Ocean King, then if you only give me 1 point of damage, then …"

Being stomped like that, Long Fei was actually thinking about how to kill this super big BOSS, Sea King.

He was a madman.

The Immortal Master Liu Yuan idea entered Long Fei's mind and said: "Brat, I will have the Blade Monster send you out later. As long as you leave Heaven Gate Peak, the Sea King will not chase after you."

Long Fei trembled, and said: "Leave?"

"I never thought of leaving!"

Immortal Master Liu Yuan was startled and asked: "Then what are you thinking about?"

The Immortal Master Liu Yuan did not dare to go head to head with the Ocean King whose cultivation was above him, so he could only use his defense to stall him and give Long Fei time to escape.

As long as Long Fei escaped from Savage Gate, Sea King would no longer chase after him.

However …

He never thought that Long Fei would actually not want to leave!

Long Fei said straightforwardly: "I want to kill him."

Immortal Master Liu Yuan:...

He was speechless!

Immortal Master Liu Yuan asked: "Do you know what level of cultivation he is at? If you can't even injure a single hair on his head with your strength, how are you going to kill him?"

Long Fei said: "Don't I have you?"

Immortal Master Liu Yuan:...

And then …

Immortal Master Liu Yuan said: "I am also not his opponent, his cultivation is a bit higher than mine, I can't kill him, so listen to me now, immediately leave."

Long Fei did not speak.

His mind was thinking of other things, "Arrogant God Energy Value plus this Blade Monster, I wonder if it's possible?"

"No matter what."

"I'll have to try it all out. If I can defeat this Boss, then I'll have unimaginable amounts of EXP." Long Fei clenched his fists.

"F * ck!"

Long Fei's eyes turned sinister as he roared loudly: "Grandson, you're here to kill grandfather! You want to kill grandfather, do you think you're worthy? So what if it was a powerhouse from another world? "You can't even harm a single hair on your father's head. You really aren't ordinary trash, hahaha …"

It had angered the Ocean King directly.

Anger would lead to chaos.

Chaos can only be an opportunity.


Sea King was already so angry that he was about to go berserk. His mind was not clear on the situation yet, but he only had one thought in his mind now, to crush Long Fei!

As soon as Long Fei finished his sentence.

Sea King was angry.

Immortal Master Liu Yuan was also stunned, "This brat … "It's just a trap!"

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Sea King's aura exploded and all the strength in his body surged. His eyes were bloodshot as he gripped his hands together and a huge sword appeared. He then moved in the air.

One slash!


A thin rift appeared in the vast sky.

It had been cut apart by his sword.

At this moment.

The golden light on Immortal Master Liu Yuan's body became even more dazzling.

It was like the blazing sun.




… ….

A loud sound rang out as the space was torn apart by the powerful force. The giant golden shield began to emit explosive sounds before shattering bit by bit.

Immortal Master Liu Yuan's internal organs started to churn, and blood started to gush out of his throat as he forcefully suppressed them.

Long Fei could not understand the fight just now.

A fight between deities.

He didn't know who would win or lose, and it didn't look much different.

This made him very anxious.


Time was running out and the Undead Powder only had a duration of three minutes. Once the time passed, Sea King could probably kill him with just a glance.

"No way!"

Long Fei was secretly shocked, "I have to give him a chance."

And then …

Long Fei moved and said to the Immortal Master Liu Yuan: "I'll give you a chance.

In that one move just now, Immortal Master Liu Yuan had already suffered internal injuries; he wouldn't be able to recover at all within eight to ten years.

To think that...

Long Fei still wants to fight!

His heart tensed up as he looked at Long Fei, and started to ponder deeply in his heart. If this continued, his old life would probably be forfeited!

But if he left now, even if Long Fei had the protection of the Undead Powder, he probably wouldn't be able to escape death.

He hesitated.

Just at this time, Long Fei had already jumped up. Pointing at Sea King's nose, he scolded, "Come, come, come and kill me! Do you think you can kill me?"

"Is that all you've got?"

"It's some powerhouse from another world, I think they're just trash from another world."

Sea King stared at Long Fei in anger, "Ah …."

He let out a furious roar.

The huge sword in his hand moved, and another ten thousand miles of sky was torn apart.

Long Fei's pupils tightened as he roared, "Opportunity!"

He did not try to avoid the attack, but rather used his full strength to block it.

Because …

The Undead Powder still had a little time, he would not die yet.

Immortal Master Liu Yuan woke up from being shocked by Long Fei. Clenching his fists, he gritted his teeth and roared in his heart: "I'm risking my life for this!"

Zhang Xuan exerted all of the strength in his body.


The moment Ocean King made his move, Immortal Master Liu Yuan also made his move.

Long Fei secretly thought in his heart: I have to seriously injure him, I have to cripple him, I have to...

Sea King only had Long Fei in his eyes.

All of his power was used on attacking. He did not care about the attacks from the Immortal Master Liu Yuan because … As long as Long Fei died, everything would be over.

Immortal Master Liu Yuan would never make a move again.

The key point was, Long Fei had to die!

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The huge sword slashed across the sky and landed directly on top of Long Fei's head.

Long Fei's body sank, and shot towards the ground like a bullet. His entire body was inserted into the ground, and he was in incomparable pain, but...

Not dead!

He just wouldn't die!

At the same time.

Long Fei stared at the sky angrily and bellowed, "Hahaha! You will never be able to kill me, hahaha … "

Still not dead?

The fury in Hai Wang's heart was monstrous, but it was also a mess.

And in that moment of life and death, the Immortal Master Liu Yuan's attack fell.

The powerful force knocked the Ocean King down from the sky. "Rumble!"

He hit the rock hard.

Sea King spurted out a mouthful of blood.

He fell off the cliff and hit the ground, unconscious.

Immortal Master Liu Yuan relaxed slightly in his heart, "Phew …"

At this time.

Long Fei's eyes flashed as his face revealed incomparable excitement, "A powerhouse from another world, right? Your ancestor's chance is here, hahaha … "

Take advantage of his illness and take his life!

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