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Chapter 698: A Rampage

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Ling Xian was already boiling with anger when he saw how heavily wounded Chu Zhong Tian was. After learning that everything was caused by this group of people and their provocation, his anger intensified.

Yet before his eyes, these people were not showing the slightest regret. On the contrary, they were being extremely presumptuous and claimed that to be wanted by their House was an honor. Not only was this extremely unreasonable, but it also meant they wanted to humiliate him!

Therefore, Ling Xian was utterly furious.

He didn’t want to waste any more time and words with these unreasonable people. He merely wanted to use force to express his anger.

Noticing his intention to fight, the group of people led by Leader Lan all laughed.

Honestly speaking, his Qi was overpowering. But there were six people up against him, thus they were confident. Their words remained careless and mocking.

“You idiot who do not know how weak you truly are. Do you even know how to spell ‘death’?”

“Haha, he is the same as the completion leveled cultivator from before. Both of them are without brains.”

“It’s better this way. After we kill him, nobody will stand in our way of taking over the City of Sin.”

Everyone chimed in. Their voices were full of contempt and they were looking at Ling Xian like he was already dead.

However, Ling Xian was not at all shaken up by this.

Since things have already unfolded this way, then no more words were needed. Only one word could solve everything.


Ling Xian made his move then.

The moment he moved, his entire being immediately transformed. If the him before was like an extraordinary immortal…

Then the him now was a demon bathing in blood. His killer’s intent was shocking the heavens! Utterly terrifying!

“All of you, accept your death!”

Ling Xian howled as his Halberd of the Divine Warrior swept across the air. With substantial weight, it headed straight towards the group of people.


The long Halberd sliced across the air, flickering with light. This heavy attack was loud like thunder and pressed down on everyone!

Immediately, everyone’s face changed color.

At first, they didn’t think anything of Ling Xian. Even though he had displayed Qi of the peak of the completion level, they didn’t think much of him. Now that his Halberd was out, their thinking changed.

These people were of the completion level after all. No matter how arrogant they were, they had some knowledge.

Therefore, they immediately judged Ling Xian’s real capabilities. It was true that he was of the peak of the completion level, but he was also of the undefeatable realm!

This meant, his capabilities surpasses other completion leveled cultivators!

“He is of the undefeatable realm!”

Elder Lan’s eyes constricted. The five people behind him all had a different expression on. However, the Halberd was already there. Thus, they had no time to think and could only fight in fear.


The drop of the Halberd split open the world. A terrifying amount of power crumbled the space.

The people on defense did not find this attack easy to escape. Other than Elder Lan, the rest of them began to drip blood from the corner of their mouth.

One strike had wounded five completion leveled cultivator!

This shocked everyone. They didn’t think Ling Xian was this dominating.

The five completion leveled cultivators were full of astonishment and stepped back a few steps.

However, since Ling Xian had made up his mind about killing them, then they no longer stood a chance against them. Stepping back a few times would not allow them to dodge danger.


Ling Xian’s expression was cold. He immediately appeared before an elder in white. His Halberd was dazzling with light as it struck again!

This person was in utter awe as he quickly used a defensive technique to stop this attack. However, he merely belonged to the advanced stage of the completion level thus there was no way for him to defend against Ling Xian.

After a split second, the elderly’s defensive technique was broken down and his entire physical body turned into bloody rain, shocking everyone!

Since Ling Xian began his attack till now, only a few minutes had passed. Yet after such a short period of time, he had killed a man. Why wouldn’t everyone there be shocked?

This was far too insane.

The man he killed was a powerhouse of the completion level. He was not a weak ant!

Everyone was now petrified. The group led by Elder Lan was particularly terrified.

However, Ling Xian didn’t give them any time to be scared. He was full of fury right now and needed an outlet.

“If you are distracted during a fight, you will lose your life. Especially when you are fighting against me.”

After making that statement, Ling Xian made a move under the bloody rain. In a flash, he reappeared before another elder in a black robe. Using terrifying suppressive energy, he forced this person backward by three steps.

However, he did not use his Halberd of the Divine Warrior. Instead, he tried out the new technique he had learned from the Cliff of Enlightenment.

The Hand of Breakage!

“Bind, expel.”

Ling Xian uttered out two words. First, his right hand wrapped around the elder’s arm, then, he removed the person’s entire arm.


The crisp sound of a bone breaking croaked out. The elder began to sweat from the pain. It wasn’t over, however, because then, Ling Xian placed his right hand onto the elder’s throat.

In the next second, the person’s eyes widened and he collapsed from midair.

Just like that, the man broke like a flower with a broken stem.

In the blink of an eye, another had died. The remaining people were now full of fear. However, they understood that the only option for them was to fight until their death. Therefore, they all began to summon their techniques to try and kill the monster!

Ling Xian didn’t pay the slightest attention to their attempts.

Those techniques, against his Aurora Light, were immediately dissolved. Not a single hair of his was touched by their attacks.

These people began to shake from fear.

Sadly, they didn’t have much time to be fearful. Because the rampage was about to continue.

“You are forcing me to do this. Letting you leave here alive is not a good message to send to my people.”

Ling Xian spoke and once again made his move. Like a demon, his killer’s intent extended to all nine levels of heaven and all 10 levels of hell.


Like a shooting star or an arrow that just left the bow, he immediately arrived before a middle-aged man. His Hand of Breakage softly touched his chest.

Though at this moment, the person chose to correctly defend, Ling Xian was far too powerful and crushed all of his organs into pieces.

Then, he leaped towards the old woman and his Halberd of the Divine Warrior pierced her heart.

Ling Xian didn’t stop. Using the Hand of Breakage, he snapped another person’s meridians.

Three people died just like that.

Without a doubt, this was the definition of a slaughter. Or in other words, this was the definition of domination.

Because the opponents were not of the same level!

Though five completion leveled were powerful as a group and scary to hear, before Ling Xian, they were no different than trash or ants.

What could they do, he was far too powerful.

Ever since the beginning, the result had been determined. He was destined to dominate and end everyone!

“Only one left.”

Ling Xian spoke softly and marched onward like a demon. Every step he took, his killer’s intent intensified. Elder Lan’s fear grew heavier as well.

By now, he was crushed by Ling Xian’s abilities. All he knew how to do now was to look at him with fear. He has even lost his courage to defend.

Only when the long cold blade was against his head, did he regain himself. Then, his entire being fell into a deeper state of horror.

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