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Who won? Who lost?

"You will never be able to enter tenth heaven, never!"

The voices came from all directions.

The ten days and nine stages began to shake crazily, the God Killing power beneath the killing god altar started to surge.

The emperor Xuan was high above, his figure glowing with a golden light.

He was like a great emperor.

He looked down on the world with contempt, eternal and undying.

With just a glance, he completely crushed Long Fei.

Long Fei, who only had a third of his body remaining, was fundamentally unable to endure it. The disappearance of the Raging God's power and the disappearance of the Soul Blood's power, meant that there was not the slightest hint of power within the illusionary body.

His body began to sink.

"Just a little more..."

"Just a little more!"

Long Fei was still fighting with all his might. He wanted to let Jojo see a completely different world.

"Ahh …"

He roared again!

The afterimage of Long Fei rushed forward once again.

He did not bother with the emperor Xuan.

He only wanted to take a step forward, with one step, he would be able to step onto tenth heaven and see the world on tenth heaven.


Long Fei had not even stepped foot on it yet.

Yet another bolt of heavenly lightning came crashing down.


Bang! He heavily smashed onto the body of the illusory Long Fei, causing his body to sink and crack. He was unable to hold on, and could no longer hold on.

He landed on the ground of the ninth heaven.

Hu hu hu hu ….

Hu hu hu hu ….

Long Fei gasped for breath, with a sinister look, he charged again.

He did not care about the emperor Xuan's coercion.

He just wanted to rush up to the tenth heaven and take a look was enough.

One look was enough!

when it once again hit the air, the emperor Xuan disdainfully sneered, and said indifferently: "I said it before, you will never be able to step onto the tenth heaven, forever!"

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The shadow of the emperor Xuan moved.

A powerful strike came down, and firmly crushed half of Long Fei's illusion on the ground.

He was nailed to the ground like a nail.

The pain came.

Even if Long Fei had the Arrogant God Force, he still had an existence that he couldn't resist against. It was truly a power that was like the heavens.

The emperor Xuan descended.

Floating in the air above tenth heaven, he looked at Long Fei with an ice-cold gaze, and said: "You think you can withstand god's tribe?"

"You think that you can rise just because the Dragon Manor and the Mu Clan have placed the ancient inheritance on you?"


"You want to overturn the heavens with just these?"

"You overestimate yourself!"

emperor Xuan's voice was ice-cold and filled with disdain.

He had never even looked at Long Fei, because Long Fei did not have the qualifications to do so.

He is the emperor Xuan.

He is the Zhi Zun of the Universal Large World.

"You want to defy the heavens?"

"The Dragon Manor is not good, the Mu Clan is not good, any ancient family is bad, a mere lower realm person, you think killing a few powerhouse of god's tribe s is impressive?"


"You're too weak. In my eyes, your life is not even comparable to a pile of dog shit. I won't step on dog shit, and you … " As soon as the emperor Xuan finished speaking.


In the air, a gigantic foot lifted up high and stomped down heavily towards the half shadow of Long Fei.



Lightning raged, and space distorted.

Layer upon layer of cracks began to appear.

Long Fei looked up at the sky.

The flames of fury soared to the sky!

A gush of steam rose.

Long Fei clenched both his fists tightly, with an exceptionally determined look in his eyes. He enunciated word by word: "If I hadn't died today, I would have definitely killed you!"

Anger, hatred, and killing intent madly interweaved.

emperor Xuan sneered, and said: "In this world, there is no one who can kill me, and bring me down to the underworld? Even if we enter the Yellow Springs, the Yellow Springs Great Emperor will still be crushed by me. "

"I am a Paragon! Ten days, nine days!"

As soon as he finished.

He stomped heavily on the ground.

Long Fei did not close his eyes, and did not let out any screams either. Even with his gloomy eyes, he looked at the sky, looking at the gigantic illusion of emperor Xuan.

He had to remember this face.

Even if he died, he had to remember.

Inscribed in the heart, branded on the soul.

He had to remember this face.


As long as he didn't die, he would definitely take revenge!




… ….

Enormous sounds exploded one after another. Long Fei's silhouette was stomped down from the Ninth Heaven's floor all the way. When the Ninth Heaven exploded, it went from nine to zero.

Long Fei's shadow was hit back into the battleground.

And his body was dissipating.

Above tenth heaven, emperor Xuan glanced at Long Fei coldly, and said indifferently: "You're overestimating yourself!"


His gaze flickered as it swept out in all directions.

"Do you really think the powerhouse of god's tribe can die that easily?"


"With just him?"

All of the powerhouse of god's tribe s who were killed by Long Fei stood up at the same time. Whether it was their cultivation, or the god's tribe's blood vein s, they all recovered in that instant.

It was the same for the three patriarchs of the powerhouse s.

Instant revival!

Those powerhouse who were watching from the sky were dumbstruck.

"What secret skill is this?"

"Can revive the dead? This, this, this emperor Xuan's cultivation has already reached such a terrifying realm? "

"It looks like... No one in the Universal Large World can kill him now. "

"Grandmist Sovereign!"


The powerhouse s who were watching all knelt down in unison and kowtowed down, "Honorable Hong Meng, Supreme Hong Meng, eternal and eternal!"

All worshipping.

At the same time.

They also felt slightly relieved.

If even they couldn't do it, how could a mere mortal from a lower realm do it?

All of this was because the emperor Xuan wanted to humiliate the Long Residence.

It was just a farce.

In the Universal World, the god's tribe was the ruler, an unshakable existence.

The emperor Xuan is the absolute ruler of this world!

The most powerhouse!

emperor Xuan swept his gaze over them, and then glanced coldly at Long Fei, who only had a little bit of his shadow left, before turning and disappearing.

However …

A few seconds later.

emperor Xuan's voice sounded from the Heavenly Palace.

"Cleansing Dragon Manor, Mu Clan!"

"Find all families that support them, clean them up once, and let them know the consequences of provoking our god's tribe!"

His voice was filled with rage.

If he did not make a move today, a mere mortal would break through the tenth heaven, causing the god's tribe's prestige to be greatly damaged.

If this matter was not resolved, who knew how many people like Long Fei would appear?

"Yes sir!"

"Yes sir!"

"Yes sir!"

In the Heavenly Palace, everyone shouted in unison.

Sky Guard Warrior flew out, rushing out from all directions.

… ….

"Junior brother, do you feel that something is wrong?" After reviving, the White-beard Ancestors felt that something was amiss, but he did not feel that something was amiss.

Not just him.

Everyone who was killed by Long Fei had the same feeling.

He felt his body becoming strange!


An old man from the god's tribe suddenly said: "My Universe Ring is missing."

It was also at this time.

A young disciple added, "Mine is gone too!"

"Mine too!"

"My Space Ring still has a lot of god's tribe's Elixir pills."

"I still have quite a few Magic Weapon."

… ….

The three patriarch-level powerhouse s also immediately felt it as their expressions changed.


Their Space Ring was also gone.

White-beard Ancestors's expression was the ugliest as he said solemnly: "My Earth Destruction gobbledegook … It's gone! "

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