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A ball of yellow colored flame rippled with a destructive aura exploded on the giant door. The air within a radius of several dozen kilometers seemed to have been stomped by an invisible Divine King, violently jumping up and down. ()

Safe and sound!

The Extinction Gold Pill that Wei Suo had directly casted was refined using the Jindan of the Sage Coiling Dragon. Coiling Dragon was a late stage Jindan Stage Third Stage cultivator. How powerful was this Jindan? However, it directly exploded on the door. The giant door was completely unscathed and completely unscathed.

"This is …" Behind the giant door, Xu Qianyuan's body was motionless, as if she was stuck in a still picture. This huge door came from one of his aperture and seemed to be one with him at the moment. It needed a large amount of true essence to draw it from his body, making him as immobile as if he was carrying a giant tablet. However, a mocking expression appeared on his face as he opened his mouth to speak.


However, just as he spoke these two words, Wei Suo's face became expressionless without the slightest bit of hesitation. Another Destructive Gold Pill exploded in front of the giant gate.


Within the giant starlight door, several dazzling ribbons of light collapsed.

"The Zhen Wu gate is about to break?"

"This is the energy of Adept Coiling Dragon and the Ancient Alligator Cave Lord. He understands the art of refining Golden Annihilation Pills!" The Jindan of both Adept Coiling Dragon and the Ancient Alligator Cavemaster were refined into the Jindan for Extermination! "

Spiritual Master Bai Yu was already completely shocked by the confrontation between Wei Suo and the Martial Star Gate.

Although Wei Suo and the others didn't know about it, the highly regarded Daoist Master Bai Yu of the True Martial Sect was very clear that the Zhen Wu Gate was one of the supreme secret arts of the True Martial Sect, and only cultivators at the second level of the Divine Profound Realm or above could refine and use it.

At this moment, the opening of the Zhen Wu Gate was like the incarnation of the head of the Zhen Wu sect. The might of the opening of the Zhen Wu gate was no different from the power of the head of the Zhen Wu sect himself. It was the equivalent of a cultivator at the second level of the Divine Profound Realm using a technique in front of him!

However, at this moment, it was as if the True Martial Gate was about to be destroyed by Wei Suo!

"How is this possible!"

"Ahhhhh!" Xu Qianhuan, who had originally thought that she was in control of everything, let out a loud cry.

He knew the might of the Zhen Wu Gate better than anyone. If it was him in front of the Zhen Wu Gate, then he would have already been swept into the door by the godly Xuan expert's terrifying power and turned into ashes. However, at this moment, before the opposing party's resistance, the True Martial Gate actually began to emit a shattering sound.

"There's still one more round to fight!"

Li Jun's eyes instantly lit up.

He took a step out of the three-legged Yellow Jade cauldron, and the huge spiritual energy around him that was like a mountain started to congeal and crumble.

At the same time, the black crescent moon completely shattered all the power that was blocking its path.

Adept Whitedemon's expression suddenly changed. While he continued to unleash the power of his lifeblood magic treasure, he slashed out with his two hands, sending two streaks of white light towards Li Hanyi.

The Zhen Wu gate had already issued a cracking sound. If he didn't stop Li Hanwen from using the ancient ten attack techniques, the Zhen Wu gate might really collapse if it was attacked by the waning crescent moons.

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Yet another dark gray crescent moon appeared in the sky, smashing apart the two streaks of white light and the divine light emanating from Adept Whitedemon's lifeblood magic treasure. But at the same time, Spiritual Master Bai Yu and Li Jiuyi both vomited out a mouthful of blood. Many wounds appeared on their skin, and many streams of blood and true essence sprayed out from the wounds.

In this instant, the speed at which the two of them casted their spells had completely exceeded the limits of what their bodies could endure. Under the intense flow of true essence, his meridians could no longer withstand it.


"Wei Suo!"

At this moment, the three-legged Yellow Jade Cauldron was wrapped in all kinds of lights, shining out from the starlight like the setting sun. In fact, from the start of Wei Suo's fight with Xu Qianyan, it had only taken a few blinks of an eye for the Zhen Wu gate to appear. Both sides only had time to cast a few spells each. When the three-legged Yellow Jade Cauldron appeared, Ji Ya, Nangong Yuqing, Shui Ling'er, and Han Weiwei let out an exclamation at the same time.

"Haha!" How could you possibly stop the power of the Divine Profound Realm! " At the same time, Xu Qianhui laughed out loud.

This was because even though the huge Zhen Wu Gate was emitting a cracking sound, it did not collapse. The incomparable power still sucked in Wei Suo and the huge golden core in front of him.

The multicolored light that was emitted by his aurous core, as well as the dark golden sword radiance and black flames, all disappeared in an instant. They were completely unable to contend against the heaven shocking might of a Mysterious God.

On Wei Suo's body, a silver light also flashed. It was obvious that it was because his body was extremely strong. Otherwise, if it was the bodies of the other ordinary cultivators, they would have already collapsed.

At this moment, his golden core and body left a trail of silver light in the air. He was now less than dozens of feet away from the True Martial Gate!

At such a distance, even if Wei Suo had an even more powerful Termination Gold Pill, the moment it was activated, Wei Suo was sure that he would not be able to withstand the explosive power and would be turned into ashes.

But at this moment, with a "pa cha" sound, Wei Suo's entire person was suddenly enveloped in a layer of indescribable divine radiance. His aura instantly grew several times larger, as if all of his potential was completely stimulated and turned into a dazzling meteor. The aurous core in front of him actually directly shattered into countless unimaginable amounts of origin energy.

"What is this!?" Self-detonating Golden Core? It wasn't destroying the golden core! Even their life treasures are safe and sound, they did not self-destruct their golden cores! " Daoist Bai Yu, who vomited out a mouthful of blood and had the blood and vitality on his skin, was immediately thoroughly shocked.

The seemingly gigantic Jindan, which was larger than a human's body, directly collapsed. What kind of scene was this?

The impact that it gave to any cultivator was no less than the sudden appearance of the Zhen Wu Gate.

At this moment, after Wei Suo's unimaginable Jindan had been destroyed, the countless amount of Essence Qi did not dissipate in the slightest, including the raging river within it without the slightest damage. In an instant, it followed countless unimaginable and profound trails and entered Wei Suo's Spirit Meridians.


The empty space in front of Wei Suo seemed to have instantly caved in.

All the Essence in his body seemed to have been instantly drained. His cultivation seemed to have regressed in an instant. However, a transparent brilliance shot out from his mouth.


Xu Qianyan's eyes instantly widened as a mouthful of blood uncontrollably spilled out from her mouth.

At this moment, he was still behind the Zhen Wu gate. The Zhen Wu gate in front of him was like a huge shield blocking in front of him. However, the power generated by the oppressing space from the transparent light that was spat out from Wei Suo's mouth had already caused him to be seriously injured.


The transparent light hit the door.

Following that, the True Martial Gate shattered into pieces. It collapsed with a loud bang and scattered, turning into countless flowing lights.

It was like a True Martial Gate had personally arrived, and had turned to dust just like that!


Just like a piece of charcoal that had been completely burnt, Xu Qiuhuan's eyes revealed a desperate look. His entire body, along with the magical equipment in his hand, immediately turned into ashes. The heaven-shaking might that continued to surge forward blew it away completely without any trace.

A super great sect, the young master of the Zhen Wu Sect, who was at the fourth level of the Aurous Core Stage, was directly wiped out from the world.

At the same time, in a huge bronze hall that was tens of thousands of miles away. A shocking cultivator with skin as white as white jade, wearing a bright yellow magic robe and radiating divine light, still stretched out his hand into the air.

However, his originally calm face, which was devoid of any joy or surprise, was now filled with a shocked and furious expression.

His palm was filled with countless small holes, as if it had been burned by countless sparks.

With him at the center, the entire incomparably large green hall was almost completely shattered. It actually surrounded him, forming a deep crater that looked like a ring shaped volcano!

"What happened!"

This incomparably enormous bronze palace was surrounded by mountains, and it was covered with densely packed halls, as though multiple cities were gathering together. At the same time, almost all of the cultivators in the palaces were pouring out of the mountains. It made the mountains seem as though they were filled with ants.

All these cultivators looked up at the bronze palace in utter shock.

In the air above the enormous bronze palace, a bronze battle armor appeared. In the air above the massive bronze palace, an ancient Fiendgod's illusion appeared, dressed in bronze battle armor, holding a long shield and a spear in his hands.

At this moment, the demonic figure seemed to be roaring in all directions, causing the sky above to flicker with light, as though it was the end of the world.

… ….

"He actually killed the Young Lord!"

In the sky outside of Black Jade Ridge, Spiritual Master Baiyu's every pore was emitting a biting cold aura.

At this moment, he no longer had any will to fight in his heart. He turned into a white stream of light and rushed out of Black Jade Ridge.


Suddenly, the white light paused, and Adept White Feather was sent flying backwards once more.

Glazed Pure Land!

Before this, Xu Qianyan was afraid that Wei Suo and the others would escape, so she activated the Mysterious God's Ancient Divine Symbol!


The face of Adept Whitedemon changed dramatically.

Wei Suo's gaze fell upon him from afar. When he and Wei Suo looked at each other, they were so shocked by the peerless aura coming from Wei Suo's body that they trembled, unable to cast any spells for the moment.

"Bullying us rabbits is what happens to us!"

A dark gray crescent moon suppressed his body at this moment.

As the spiritual energy in the distant mountain around Li Jianyi began to collapse, Spiritual Master Bai Yu's body instantly collapsed and turned into ash!

Yet another astonishing True Martial Sect cultivator had fallen!

"Xu Qiuyan and Adept White Feather were both killed by him!" Meng Fengyu, who was hiding in a corner, suddenly fell to the ground.

Wei Suo's gaze immediately stopped on him.

"Spare me, fellow Daoist!" I am not a member of the True Martial Sect! " Meng Fengyu directly knelt on the ground, begging with a trembling voice.

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