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Just as Yu Jiaojiao said, this ultrcool extraordinary skill was very useful in melee.

Although it was unknown how strong Yu Jiaojiao's new claws were, she seemed very satisfied with the final result. In addition, it was possible to upgrade the extraordinary skills obtained through the seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus. Even if their strength wasn't too high in the beginning, it was possible to increase it until it reached the same strength as a godly weapon.

However, how would the appearance of Yu Jiaojiao's claws change if she were to use this skill in her human form in the future?

Would her ten fingernails become longer and sharper? Or would it be more like Wolverine from the X-Men, with her sharp claws emerging from the back of her hands?

Wolvejiao? It sounded quite cool!


Several minutes later.

Song Shuhang wielded Meteor Sword and teamed up with Su Clan's Sixteen and Yu Jiaojiao again, starting to hunt down the demons of the Fourth Stage.

While killing demons, the trio approached Riverly Purple Mist and Medicine Master, telling them via secret sound transmission about those matters related to the 'Sinful Black Lotus in the Netherworld Realm' and the 'Virtuous Golden Lotus in the scholarly faction' that Song Shuhang had discovered earlier.

Medicine Master and Riverly Purple Mist also used the same method to transmit these two pieces of information to the other members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, urging the various fellow daoists to pay more attention and not get careless.

Beyond that, the speed at which Song Shuhang's team was killing the demons of the Fourth Stage had returned to the previous level, when they massacred 200 demons of the Fourth Stage in ten minutes.

It wasn't that the demons of the Fourth Stage had poor memory... the reason was that the group of demons that had seen Song Shuhang's team in action earlier had already turned into the spoils of war of the scholars. They were wrapped up and delivered to the 'unholy pond', becoming the food of the Virtuous Golden Lotus.

Those demons died so quickly because the scholarly faction deployed a large number of battle puppets within the filtering nets. These battle puppets were produced by the Jet-Black Sect, and their quality was superb. As long as the spirit stones that these battle puppets were using as a source of energy weren't completely depleted, and their bodies weren't thoroughly destroyed, they would keep fighting. Even if only their core was left, they could self-destruct and die together with the enemy. They were quite scary.

All the demons of the Fourth Stage present in this level were thrown out of the bodies of those demonic hives of the Eighth Stage just recently.

Therefore, they were completely unaware of how high Song Shuhang, Su Clan's Sixteen, and Yu Jiaojiao's efficiency was while killing demons.

When they saw Song Shuhang (a weak human of the Third Stage Realm) and Su Clan's Sixteen (another weak human of the Third Stage Realm) rush into the level of the demons of the Fourth Stage under Yu Jiaojiao's leadership (a female monster of the Fourth Stage Realm), all the surrounding demons were rather happy.

The Netherworld Realm was a place where strength was everything. As such, these two little flowers deserved to die in their hands.

Thereupon, the newly arrived demons of the Netherworld roared and charged toward Song Shuhang's team, fighting to be the first ones to kill this team composed of two weak members and another that was just average.

However, even though crushing a little flower wasn't difficult... things would change if the little flower was wearing a set of steel armor; crushing it wouldn't be as easy as before.

Eventually, that crowd of demons of the Fourth Stage that rushed toward Song Shuhang's team was completely killed.

The battlefield was again littered with corpses, and demon blood was flowing copiously.

In the rear, Lady Onion's hands had become numb from picking up the spoils of war.


"It's going pretty well! Perhaps we can get four lotus seeds once again," Yu Jiaojiao said.

"I'm of the same idea," Su Clan's Sixteen said.

Song Shuhang faintly smiled. Then, he looked southeast, and his expression turned grave.

"Shuhang, what happened?" Su Clan's Sixteen asked.

"That old scholar finally appeared... it seems that the scholarly faction is preparing to take down those demonic hives of the Eighth Stage," Song Shuhang replied via secret sound transmission.

By following Song Shuhang's gaze, one could see an old scholar with white hair and a white beard stepping in the air and heading toward the outermost layer of the filtering nets, where the demonic hives of the Eighth Stage were gathered.

Soon after, Venerable Tornado—who was bullying the demons of the Sixth Stage in their respective level—suddenly stopped, and seemingly started to chat with someone via secret sound transmission. After a short moment, Venerable Tornado obtained the answer he wanted, and followed behind the old scholar with the Space Cutting Mother-Child Wheel in hand, heading toward the outermost level of the filtering nets together with him.

At the same time—in the depths of the White Cloud Academy—a few scholars with smiling faces and resolute eyes jumped upward, dashing toward the old scholar.

Their movements attracted the attention of all those present.

Song Shuhang couldn't make out the strength of the old scholar or those other cultivators of the scholarly faction in the rear... but since the old scholar planned to kill those demonic hives of the Eighth Stage, their strength should be at the Eighth Stage Realm or above.

"Eighth Stage Profound Sages that have shown their divinity in front of the masses... a battle of this scale is rarely seen even in a thousand years. If we can personally witness a battle of this level, we might obtain a lot of benefits," a cultivator helping the White Cloud Academy said with an expectant look on his face.

"But will those filtering nets that the scholars arranged earlier be able to withstand the shock waves of a battle between Eighth Stage Profound Sages?" Some cultivators were worried.

A battle of the 'Eighth Stage Profound Sage' rank already surpassed the concept of 'overturning mountains and seas'. If the people involved in this battle went all out, their attacks would be as destructive as atomic bombs. If several of these attacks were launched in rapid succession, the entire White Cloud Academy would be reduced to ashes.

"They should be able to resist. Otherwise, the scholarly disciples in the upper levels would have evacuated already," someone replied.

Nonetheless, a lot of cultivators started to leave the filtering nets after swiftly killing the demons they were fighting against and collecting their corpses. They didn't want to get involved in this battle of the 'Eighth Stage Profound Sage' rank.


"Shuhang, should we continue killing demons?" Su Clan's Sixteen asked while holding her short saber. At the same time, she slightly opened her lips, and a sharp streak of saber qi shot out of her mouth, cutting off one arm of a demon of the Fourth Stage right in front of them.

Sixteen was getting better and better at using this extraordinary skill that allowed her to shoot saber qi from her mouth. Now, she could already compress several streaks of saber qi together and shoot them out all at once. The saber qi was sharp enough to cut the body of a demon of the Fourth Stage—although a weakened one.

Song Shuhang was extremely envious.

Then, he replied to Sixteen's question. "There is no rush. Senior White and the others haven't left yet. I will take a look at the group first to see if any of the seniors sent any important message."

After saying much, Song Shuhang took out his mobile phone.

In the Nine Provinces Number One Group, there was really a senior sending messages... it was Thrice Reckless Mad Saber.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber: "I heard that you guys are going to hunt the demons of the Netherworld. It seems such an interesting thing to do, please take me along with you! Senior White, I made a mistake! Please, let me go!"

The message was sent not too long ago—from the looks of it, there was nothing important going on in the group.

As for the message before this one, it was also from Senior Thrice Reckless Mad Saber.

The two messages were sent at intervals of one hour.

In the previous message, Thrice Reckless was seeking help.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber: "I'm about to go crazy. Just now, I was watching a movie on a certain site when they suddenly started to play ads. After I pressed on the X icon to dismiss them, another page suddenly opened, asking me to add funds to my account—which I can't even close. Now that I can't even watch movies, I really feel like going crazy in here. Who can do me a favor and add funds to my account? My account number is the same as my 'chat number', but with the pinyin of the last part of my name added in front of it!"

From this message, one could see that Senior Thrice Reckless Mad Saber had already found a way to amuse himself inside that 'Secret Realm of Slowness'.

In the Secret Realm of Slowness, Thrice Reckless needed fifteen seconds to lift his arm, fifteen seconds to tap on the screen of his mobile phone, etc.

However, only the movements of his body were slowed down... the mobile phone itself wasn't affected!

Thereupon, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber quickly found a way to have fun while stuck there and started to watch movies. As long as he spent enough 'fifteen seconds' to find the movie he liked, he could happily watch it.

But little did he expect that his membership would expire just as he was watching a movie and they would ask him to add more funds to his account.

Were they trying to f*ck with him?!

...Or was this Senior White's fearsome luck at work?

Thereupon, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber braced himself, and spent an unknown amount of 'fifteen seconds' to ask for help in the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Unfortunately, no one replied to his message.

Actually... the fellow daoists of the group were really busy, and they wouldn't flood in the group every day.

In particular, even the always online holy warrior of the group, Northern River's Loose Cultivator, was busy killing demons today. Therefore, no one replied to Thrice Reckless Mad Saber's message.

That was the reason there wasn't a reply to his message even after one hour had passed, truly a tragic matter.

"Senior Thrice Reckless is really pitiful," Yu Jiaojiao said as she acted as a shield for the others.

"Should we add those funds to his account?" Su Clan's Sixteen suggested.

The fact that someone as active as Senior Thrice Reckless Mad Saber was stuck in the Secret Realm of Slowness and couldn't even watch a movie was truly tragic.

"Alright. In that case, I will add the necessary funds to Senior Thrice Reckless' account." Song Shuhang nodded, and quietly added to Thrice Reckless Mad Saber's account the funds for a monthly subscription.

In the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Tyrannical Saber Song One: "👍🏼 Senior Thrice Reckless, I've added enough funds to get a monthly subscription for that movie site. Junior can only help you this much."

One minute and thirty seconds later, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber wrote: "😭😘"

In the Secret Realm of Slowness, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber had an excited expression on his face. At this critical moment, little friend Song Shuhang turned out to be someone very reliable.

Thanks to this monthly subscription, he would be able to have some fun in this Secret Realm of Slowness and avoid going mad.

Thrice Reckless was very happy, and after spending several 'fifteen seconds', he finally returned to the page of the movie, looking forward to continuing from where he had left.

But right at this time, something unexpected happened.

[Dear 'kuangdao××××××', someone logged in to your account from another location, and you have been forced to log out from your current device. If you have no knowledge of this access, it is very likely that your password has been leaked. We advise you to change your password. To change your password, go to *******.]

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber was speechless.

His lungs were about to explode from anger!


In the Spirit Butterfly Island.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly quietly took a sip of his Spirit Green Tea while tapping on the keyboard of his computer. He was like one of those good Samaritans that didn't like to boast about their deeds.

Anyway, he totally wasn't retaliating against Thrice Reckless Mad Saber for stating a few days ago that he was a 'small caterpillar' that had practiced until becoming a 'spirit butterfly'.

...He just saw that the password of Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless Mad Saber's account was a little too simple, and decided to give him a hand to change it into a more complex one so that no one would be able to steal his account.

Yes, that was it.

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