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After adding those funds to Senior Thrice Reckless Mad Saber's account, Song Shuhang put his mobile phone away.

At the same time, Venerable White and Fairy Lychee—as well as the camera on her shoulder—also descended from the level of the demons of the Fifth Stage, their expressions very satisfied. Along the way, Venerable White saw Song Shuhang's team of three, and waved at them. "Oh! Shuhang, how many demons did you guys kill?"

"We killed more than 1500 demons of the Fourth Stage altogether," Song Shuhang replied. "It's all thanks to your Meteor Sword, Senior White."

"Ahaha. In that case, you guys can keep killing these demons," Venerable White said with a nod.

It seemed he had no intention of taking 'Meteor Sword' back. After all, he didn't really need it at the moment, since he was planning to head back with Fairy Lychee and take a look at the various scenes they'd just recorded earlier.

"Right. Senior White, do those several seniors from the scholarly faction have any chance of killing those ten demonic hives of the Eighth Stage?" Song Shuhang asked.

"Hmm... if we were talking about normal demonic hives of the Eighth Stage, the scholarly faction wouldn't have any way of dealing with them. However, the ten demonic hives of the Eighth Stage that came over this time are somewhat strange," Venerable White replied as he held his chin.

"Oh? There is something wrong with them? Is it possible that they aren't normal creatures of the Eighth Stage? In that case, Senior White, would you have a way to deal with those several demonic hives of the Eighth Stage if you were to fight against them?" Yu Jiaojiao asked out of curiosity.

Venerable White pondered for a moment, and said, "Hmm, it's going to be quite troublesome to deal with them with my current level of strength... however, you don't need to worry. Although it's going to be troublesome to fight them, it won't be a problem to bring you guys away from this place in case something happens. And if there is really no other choice... I can break through and bring down the heavenly tribulation. That should be enough to take care of these demonic hives of the Eighth Stage."

"..." Song Shuhang.

Senior White, are you implying that you have already reached the point where you can break through at any moment?


Just as they were discussing, the old scholar and the senior cultivators of the scholarly faction started their battle against the demonic hives of the Eighth Stage.

Each move of these cultivators of the Eighth Stage Realm had the strength to move mountains and seas. All that incredible energy was compressed inside the various magical techniques, sword attacks, or saber attacks. This kind of battle was something that went way beyond the imagination of low-level cultivators.

Song Shuhang tried to lift his head and look at the battle between the old scholar and the demonic hives of the Eighth Stage. However, he felt a stabbing pain spreading through his mind after glancing in that direction. Immediately after, he felt as if his eyeballs were about to explode.

It wasn't only him, for the nearby Su Clan's Sixteen and Yu Jiaojiao were also in the same situation, and could only suck in a deep breath due to the sharp pain.

But right at that time, Fairy Lychee quickly moved and arrived next to Song Shuhang and the others. She stretched out her hand and patted the foreheads of the trio with her palm. In the next moment, a gentle wisp of spiritual energy flowed into their eye sockets and glabella, instantly alleviating the pain the trio was feeling.

"Hehe, don't be impatient. It's going to be quite difficult for you guys to watch a battle of this rank with your current strength. Close your eyes and use your mind to 'feel' the battle. As for the actual fighting scene, I will record it down, and you can watch it later by combining it with what you 'sense' now, alright?" Fairy Lychee said.

A battle between Eighth Stage Profound Sages was really scary! If cultivators of the Fourth Stage or below used their naked eyes to watch it, their mental energy would fall into a chaotic state and their eyes would get injured!

Song Shuhang and the others still had a lingering fear from what happened earlier.


In the Netherworld Realm, within the holy pond below the ground.

The current volume of the Sinful Black Lotus was at least five times larger than the one Song Shuhang had seen in his dream. From time to time, the demons of the Netherworld would come over and throw into the holy pond the corpses of the cultivators of the scholarly faction.

These scholars were precisely the cultivators of the scholarly faction that had died during the battle between the White Cloud Academy and the Netherworld Realm just now. Part of the corpses was recovered by their fellow disciples, and another part was carried off by the demons of the Netherworld.

While shuttling back and forth, the ten demonic hives in the airspace of the White Cloud Academy weren't only loading the demons of the Netherworld inside their bodies, but they were also bringing back to the Netherworld Realm the corpses of the scholarly disciples that had died in battle.

Along with the corpses of the scholarly disciples ending up in the 'holy pond', the volume of the Sinful Black Lotus increased again. At this time, it had already reached its maximum size, and it couldn't grow any further. Additionally, it no longer produced lotus seeds since the calyx of the flower was now closed.

All those demons that were continuously throwing corpses into the holy pond stopped.

Afterward, a happy expression flashed through their eyes. Although the Sinful Black Lotus would no longer produce 'lotus seeds', the benefits they were going to obtain now that it had fully matured were even better!

"At last... it's about to succeed." Above the Sinful Black Lotus, one of the rulers of the Netherworld Realm—the ball of liquid metal—was currently hovering there in an invisible state. "In addition, it's time to let those ten demonic hives 'die'. It's a pity, though. I've spent a great deal of effort to bring those demonic hives up."

In the holy pond.

A small rune quietly appeared on the corpse of a scholarly disciple.

This rune was the same as the one the demonic hamster left on Song Shuhang's chest with a kick.

As one might guess, it was something the demonic hamster secretly left on the corpse.


In another part of the Netherworld Realm, the demonic hamster arrived in front of Senior White Two, and handed him the vial of demodragon medicine it had obtained from Song Shuhang.

At the same time, it gave an account of Song Shuhang's fighting capacity to Senior White Two.

Senior White Two took the vial of demodragon medicine, and slightly nodded. Meanwhile, his eyes were seemingly looking through space itself and gazing in another direction.

...In that direction were the holy pond and the Sinful Black Lotus.

"Heh." Senior White Two gently smiled.

The rune in the holy pond was something he'd entrusted to the demonic hamster earlier, ordering it to secretly leave it behind so that he could take a look at the tricks the ball of liquid metal had up its sleeve.

Below the scholarly faction are the Virtuous Golden Lotus and the unholy pond; below the Netherworld Realm are the Sinful Black Lotus and the holy pond. In addition, there is also that 'autonomous world'... what is this guy planning to do? Two dimensions, one good, one evil; one virtuous, one sinful... is that guy trying to find a way to leave the Netherworld Realm? The corner of Senior White Two's mouth rose.

This is very likely the case... after all, something happened to the counterpart of the ball of liquid metal in the main world. At the same time, my presence in the Netherworld Realm is holding it back and preventing it from becoming the sole ruler of the Netherworld.

If this situation continues, that ball of liquid metal would have no choice but to disappear without a trace.

Therefore, it's quite reasonable that it is urgently looking for a way to leave the Netherworld Realm and cling to that slim chance of survival.

But how can it be so easy to leave the Netherworld Realm? That guy is too naive, Senior White Two thought to himself.

Whatever... no matter what that ball of liquid metal was planning to do, he wouldn't let it do as it wished, and he had also left behind some room for maneuver.

After all, how could such an interesting matter be short of him?


In the meantime, outside the filtering nets of the White Cloud Academy.

A space gate suddenly appeared amidst the warring Eighth Stage Profound Sages.

"A space gate?" The old scholar gasped for breath, and stared at the space gate. This gate was different from the space crack Venerable Tornado had opened earlier through his godly weapon of the Tribulation Transcender-rank. This space gate was the work of a real Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender.

A Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender was about to appear, and its objective was to meddle in this battle between the scholarly faction and the Netherworld Realm...

Was this person a friend or a foe?

The old scholar secretly clutched the page of a golden book. If the incoming person was a Tribulation Transcender of the Netherworld Realm, he would make use of this page. It was one of the techniques the Sage left behind, and it was enough to restrain or even seal ordinary Tribulation Transcenders.

Soon after, a figure drilled out of the space gate.

It was a man dressed up as a scholar. His body was pure both on the inside and the outside, and was emitting a lustrous shine all over. Both the eyes of the scholar were red, full of insanity and madness.

After making his appearance, the lustrous scholar didn't speak, but grabbed the long sword hanging at his waist.

In the next moment, he used the scholarly ❮Celestial Sprint❯ footwork and instantly appeared above the head of a gigantic demonic hive.

The long sword in his hand slashed down without mercy as the sword qi exploded!

In front of the gigantic body of the demonic hive, his long sword wasn't any different from a toothpick...but as soon as the sword qi inside the long sword exploded, the head of the demonic hive burst open. One sword attack was enough to claim the life of this demonic hive, thoroughly killing it. In the next moment, its huge body crashed toward the filtering nets...

However, it was only the beginning. The lustrous scholar stretched out his hand and slashed in the air, opening another space gate and drilling inside it.

In the next moment, he simultaneously appeared above the heads of the four other demonic hives, just as though he had split his body.

Just like before, he aimed his sword toward the heads of the four demonic hives and slashed down.

Sword qi exploded once more!

The heads of the various demonic hives exploded like watermelons. These entities of the Eighth Stage rank had died before they could even get the opportunity to put up a struggle.

Not even three seconds had passed since the moment the lustrous scholar appeared and finished killing the five demonic hives.

"Boom, boom, boom~"

The corpses of the demonic hives crashed on the filtering net one after another.

Not even cutting vegetables was this easy.

After killing the five demonic hives, the body of the lustrous scholar stopped for a moment.

Afterward, he raised his head and looked toward a distant place... the other five demonic hives were currently transporting the new batch of demons toward the White Cloud Academy.

However, they were all dumbfounded when they saw that lustrous scholar instantly killing their five companions.

They quickly turned around and headed back to that temporary space passage leading to the Netherworld Realm.

To deal with a Tribulation Transcender... they had to rely on another Tribulation Transcender! Their only hope was to flee to the Netherworld Realm and request a demon of the Tribulation Transcender-rank to deal with this lustrous scholar.

"Hmph!" The lustrous scholar snorted, and drilled into another space gate.

In the next moment, bright sword light exploded above the heads of the five demonic hives that were trying to run away.

Were they really considering running away from the hands of a Tribulation Transcender that could control the power of space? Laughable!

Those ten demonic hives of the Eighth Stage that had no rivals in the world were completely obliterated in just seven or eight seconds.

The demons of the Netherworld Realm were shocked...

The disciples of the scholarly faction were shocked...

Song Shuhang was also shocked...

Isn't that one of those thirteen Tribulation Transcenders that were under the command of the Sage, the lustrous scholar? He is still alive?

Didn't that guy leave for the Netherworld Realm after borrowing my 'ghost spirit', thoroughly dying as he was fighting a demon of the Tribulation Transcender-rank?

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