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True Monarch Eternal Fire took the cosmos bags in their hands, and swept them with his mental energy.

In the next moment, he discovered that the number of demons of the Fourth Stage inside the various cosmos bags surpassed 1180. In addition, there were also the corpses of a few demons of the Third Stage.

"Eh?" True Monarch Eternal Fire raised his head, and looked at Song Shuhang and the others with a curious expression on his face. Even if it was just a puppet clone, it could still easily discern the strength of the trio. Two of them were at the Third Stage, and one at the Fourth Stage.

How were these three little friends able to kill so many demons after they joined their forces? Even if the demons suffered the weakening effects of the filtering nets, it was quite the feat to kill so many in such a short amount of time.

But in the next moment, True Monarch Eternal Fire saw that Song Shuhang was holding Meteor Sword in his hand—it was Venerable White's sword.

Was it possible that Venerable White's and the others had helped these little friends?

Perhaps Venerable White and the other seniors directly took action and killed the demons on behalf of these three little friends?

Thereupon, True Monarch Eternal Fire's puppet smiled, and said, "Little friends, you gathered a total of 1181 demons of the Fourth Stage!"

"Ah? 1181? Don't we need just another twentyish demons to get an extra seed of the Virtuous Golden Lotus?" Yu Jiaojiao muttered to herself.

"Should we head back to kill the remaining nineteen demons and fill in the numbers?" Su Clan's Sixteen said.

"Alright. Senior Eternal Fire, can you wait for a moment? Just the time for us to head back and return here," Song Shuhang said, looking very energetic. With Venerable White's godly weapon in hand, it wouldn't take them long to kill the remaining nineteen demons of the Fourth Stage and return here.

True Monarch Eternal Fire's puppet clone laughed, and repeatedly waved his hand. "Little friends, you don't need to worry. There are just nineteen demons missing, and I can just use the remaining demons of the Third Stage in the cosmos bags to make up for it. If the demons of the Third Stage are added to those of the Fourth Stage, you will reach a quantity equivalent to 1200 demons of the Fourth Stage, which you can exchange for four seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus. Is that alright?"

Among these three little friends, one was the beloved daughter of True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon, one was the little genius from the Spirit River Su Clan, and the last one was Venerable White's junior. As such, there was no harm in doing them this favor, since it required next to no effort.

"In that case, sorry for inconveniencing you," Yu Jiaojiao said.

"Thank you, Senior Eternal Fire." Song Shuhang finally relaxed. He was rather close to reaching his limit. Although there wouldn't be any problem in going for another round of killing, it was better if they could catch a small break fighting again.

"Thank you, Senior." Su Clan's Sixteen likewise thanked him.

True Monarch Eternal Fire's puppet clone revealed a smile, and took out a large gunny sack from behind his back after taking the cosmos bags from Song Shuhang and the others. This gunny sack was also a type of cosmos bag, just bigger.

True Monarch Eternal Fire's puppet clone used a magical technique, activating the formation engraved on the large cosmos bag. In the next moment, the whole content stored within the cosmos bags belonging to Song Shuhang and the others was poured into the large gunny sack.

Afterward, he returned the empty cosmos bags to Song Shuhang and the others, and took out four of the seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus, giving them to the trio. "Here are your four lotus seeds. Little friends, accept them."

"Thank you, Senior." Song Shuhang received the lotus seeds.

"You are welcome. You three went through a lot of trouble, and I should be the one thanking you on behalf of the scholarly faction," True Monarch Eternal Fire said in a soft voice.


After leaving the exchange site, Song Shuhang and the others didn't immediately head back to kill the demons of the Netherworld Realm.

The three of them decided to return to that courtyard the White Cloud Academy had prepared for the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group to rest.

While they were taking a break, the low-level disciples of the White Cloud Academy rushed toward their location, and brought them tea and exquisite snacks so that they could replenish their energy.

Song Shuhang took out the seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus, and said, "We have four seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus in total!"

"I'm fine as long as I get one," Su Clan's Sixteen said.

"I'm the same. After all, it's you, Shuhang, who single-handedly cut down those 1200 demons. Sixteen and I only assisted you while you did most of the work. Therefore, you can have two," Yu Jiaojiao also said.

Song Shuhang looked at Sixteen and Yu Jiaojiao. Afterward, he nodded with a smile, and said, "In that case, I will gladly accept!"

He could give these two lotus seeds to his mother and father.

Each of the seeds could increase one's lifespan by fifty years, and he could use these two treasures to prolong the life of his parents.

After they were done dividing the spoils of war...

Su Clan's Sixteen suggested, "We will start killing demons again in a while, right? In that case, we should do our best and get our hands on as many seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus as possible. If we miss this chance, it's going to be very quite difficult to obtain the seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus from the scholarly faction once this special event is over."

"I don't have any objection," Yu Jiaojiao said.

"Alright. If Senior White doesn't call back Meteor Sword by that time, we can again decimate the demons of the Fourth Stage," Song Shuhang said with a nod.

As they were discussing, Shuhang lowered his head, and shot a glance at Lady Onion, who still had the appearance of a green onion at this time.

At this time, Lady Onion was holding a small, tailor-made teacup, and was drinking Spirit Green Tea with great gusto.

She was still stuck on the enlightenment stone at this moment, but Venerable White had personally engraved a formation on the enlightenment stone to conceal its presence.

Since there was this concealing formation in effect, Song Shuhang had started to allow Lady Onion to come out for a stroll once in a while.

Actually, Lady Onion was already able to assume her human form... but for some unknown reason, she would stay in her green onion form most of the time, and very rarely assume her human form.

Actually, the truth was...

Lady Onion felt that she wouldn't be able to separate from the enlightenment stone within a short period of time and get away from Song Shuhang's evil clutches. As such, she felt that maintaining her green onion form was the safest thing to do.

Song Shuhang didn't have a girlfriend, and didn't seem interested in becoming a buddhist monk, either... therefore, wouldn't it be dangerous to frequently assume her human form in front of him? After all, she was a hot and pretty lady!


Luckily, Song Shuhang didn't have the ability to read minds, and had no idea what Lady Onion was thinking.

Otherwise, there would probably be an extra pile of green onion sprouts in his size-reducing purse.

Song Shuhang said to Lady Onion, "If our next harvest is as good as the last one, I will give a seed of the Virtuous Golden Lotus to you as well, Lady Onion."

After all, Lady Onion had helped them pick up the demons, and had gone through a lot of trouble too.

Lady Onion briefly stopped sipping her tea. Then, she gently snorted, and said, "Even if you give me a lotus seed to curry favor with me, I won't be happy. If you really want to curry favor with me, set me free!"

"..." In a low voice, Song Shuhang said, "If you have a method to extract your root from the enlightenment stone, I can set you free. How about this?"

Lady Onion clenched her teeth. She had no idea what happened to her root. She only knew that it had firmly stuck onto the enlightenment stone, and she was simply unable to get it out of the stone.

From the looks of it, she would have to practice until the Fifth Stage Realm and condense a Monster Core before being able to get away from the enlightenment stone.

However... she was still very, very far from reaching the Fifth Stage Realm.

"Don't worry... once my strength reaches a high enough level, I won't need the enlightenment stone anymore. I can set you free at that time," Song Shuhang added.

"Which realm do you need to reach?" Lady Onion's eyes immediately lit up.

"I think I will need to reach at least Senior White's realm first?" Song Shuhang guessed.

Lady Onion rolled her eyes. In the current world of cultivators, the number of Seventh Stage Venerables was very low.

Back in the days, the ultrdazzling 'True Monarch Flaunting Tempest' advanced to the Seventh Realm and changed his name to 'Venerable Tornado', becoming a well-known figure in the world of cultivators. Recently, the established 'True Monarch Seven Lightnings' from the Purple Lightning Temple—who had entered a state of deep meditation—managed to break through and become 'Venerable Seven Lightnings', giving rise to a huge commotion. Afterward, the Daily Cultivator especially went to look for 'Venerable Seven Lightnings' to interview them.

Song Shuhang had just advanced to the Third Stage, and although the speed he was advancing at was very fast, Lady Onion believed that he could forget about reaching the Seventh Stage within the next thousand years.

A whole thousand years! Perhaps her green onion root would have already started to rot by that time!


After drinking tea and eating snacks, Song Shuhang and the others sat in meditation and started to rest.

Just as Song Shuhang entered into a meditative state, the mental energy between his eyebrows fluctuated. In the next moment, the dim radiance of a rune was transmitted from the place the demonic hamster kicked back then.

Song Shuhang had a very bad premonition.

The rune that the hamster left on his body earlier had yet to disappear!

He had been too careless!

Was he going to get dragged to that 'Battle Arena Dimension' again?

That guy was worse than a lingering ghost... Song Shuhang secretly clenched his teeth, and decided that he would glue all the magical treasures at his disposal onto the face of that demonic hamster as soon as he saw it.

Who knew, perhaps he might even kill the demonic hamster amidst the confusion?

Just as this thought flashed through his mind, Song Shuhang's consciousness left his body.

This feeling was different from when entered the 'Battle Arena Dimension'!

Wait a moment, was it possible that Senior White Two was dragging him into that infinite make-up test dimension again?

However, Senior White Two should have already received the demodragon medicine... in that case, why would he drag him to that place? Perhaps he wanted to ask him how to spin a cocoon?

This was bad... he didn't even go to look for funny jokes since he didn't think that Senior White Two would drag him back to that infinite make-up test dimension so quickly!

What would he do if Senior White Two decided not to let him go until he told him a funny joke?


After a short moment of panic, Song Shuhang's eyes suddenly lit up.

He wasn't dragged into that infinite make-up test dimension, but entered into a strange state instead.

His consciousness had shrunk until it managed to get inside a 'rune'. Then, he relied on this rune to feel out the surrounding area and voices.

He wasn't seeing through his eyes or listening through his ears. Instead, he felt as though he was inside a 'dreamland'; everything was surreal.

This rune was the same rune that the demonic hamster left behind when it kicked his chest.

At this time, his consciousness had been stored inside the rune, and engraved onto the body of a demon of the Fourth Stage that had been cut into two halves. Song Shuhang remembered this demon. It was the first demon of the Fourth Stage he'd killed after getting ahold of Meteor Sword.

Now, a scholarly disciple was carrying the corpse of this demon on his shoulder while slowly walking through a deep tunnel.

Song Shuhang could 'see' through his mind that there was a long line of scholarly disciples in front of the one carrying him. All of them were low-level disciples.

Then, it just happened that each of these scholarly disciples was carrying the corpse of a demon of the Netherworld on its shoulder...

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