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Afterward, Venerable White reminded all those present, "Fellow Daoists, from now on, you should pay extra attention to your surroundings while fighting against the demons of the Netherworld and take note if they are doing anything suspicious so as to avoid getting dragged to that strange battle dimension like our little friend Shuhang earlier."

The various fellow daoists nodded one after another.

At this moment, Song Shuhang felt as if he had become a bad example that the others shouldn't follow.

"Good, this matter has been taken care of. Fellow Daoist Lychee, let's continue with the shooting of the movie. I feel that a lot of troublesome things are happening today. Hopefully, nothing unexpected will happen next, and we'll be able to finish the shooting of the various scenes without problems," Venerable White muttered to himself.

"Hehe." Fairy Lychee smiled sweetly.

Perhaps things would really proceed smoothly from now on?


Venerable White brought Fairy Lychee back to the level of the demons of the Fifth Stage, and kept shooting those scenes where Ling Ye had to kill X enemies after Y steps.

Medicine Master and his wife also went to hunt their share of demons.

On the other hand, Yu Jiaojiao decided to stick with Song Shuhang and Su Clan's Sixteen. With that, they would be able to look after each other.

As such, everyone got busy again with this event promoted by the White Cloud Academy where one had the possibility to exchange the corpses of the demons of the Netherworld for the seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus.

However, right at this time, little friend Song Shuhang activated his God mode cheat!

He brandished the treasured sword in his hand, and didn't even have to use a 'sword technique'. He just had to use the ❮Virtuous Man's Ten Thousand Mile Walk❯ or ❮Celestial Sprint❯ footwork whenever he saw a demon of the Fourth Stage to get in front of them and slash down.

Sword techniques, martial skills, and so on were completely useless... Shuhang just had to casually slash down!

Afterward, the pitiful cry of a demon of the Fourth Stage would follow, and its lifeless body would fall to the ground, with demon blood sprinkling all over.

Song Shuhang didn't need a second slash to kill a demon!

In the rear, the little Lady Onion would quietly stuff the corpse of the demon into her cosmos bag. Song Shuhang had borrowed this cosmos bag from True Monarch Yellow Mountain so that he could store the corpses of the demons of the Netherworld inside, exchanging them for the seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus later. True Monarch Yellow Mountain was very generous, and gave Song Shuhang a total of three cosmos bags. These three bags would be enough for him to store 300 or 400 demons.

Just in this fashion, one Song Shuhang and one sword swept over this level where the demons of the Fourth Stage were gathered. Not a single demon in this level was a match for his sword.

As soon as he caught up to a demon and slashed down, the opposite party had no way to survive, and could only die.

One sword attack was enough to take the life of a demon of the Fourth Stage; it was as easy as mowing down grass.

The event unfolding before their eyes was shocking and capable of stirring up the hearts of the onlookers.


Just what was happening?

Was it possible that Song Shuhang had a sudden realization after his battle with the demonic hamster and comprehended an incredible sword technique, becoming invincible in this level where only the demons of the Fourth Stage were present?

Of course... that wasn't the case!

Even if Song Shuhang were to study to perfection the 'Otherworldly Flying Demon' sword technique of that demonic hamster, he would still not be able to mow down these demons of the Fourth Stage as though they were delicate blades of grass!

Actually, the real reason for this power-up was that little friend Song Shuhang had just obtained a powerful godly weapon from a high-level player—the treasured sword 'Meteor Sword'!

Ding! You've just obtained the sword of a Seventh Stage Venerable!


Venerable White forgot to bring Meteor Sword back with him when he brought Fairy Lychee to the levels of the demons of the Fifth Stage, and the sword was left in Song Shuhang's hands as a consequence.

Only after Venerable White left did Song Shuhang discover that he forgot to return him Meteor Sword.

Since things had already reached this point, wasn't it better to make use of Meteor Sword to kill a few demons of the Fourth Stage before returning it to Venerable White?

As one might guess, Song Shuhang's suggestion received full approval from both Su Clan's Sixteen and Yu Jiaojiao.

As such, Yu Jiaojiao became responsible for defending and killing demons if there was an opportunity, while Su Clan's Sixteen became responsible for drawing in demons and killing them if the chance came. Song Shuhang was responsible solely for killing demons, and Lady Onion was responsible solely for collecting the spoils of war.

Two humans and two monsters joined their forces to give birth to the above-mentioned scene.

In the end, it turned out that Meteor Sword's strength far surpassed Song Shuhang, Su Clan's Sixteen, and Yu Jiaojiao's imagination!

In front of this intelligent godly weapon, ordinary demons of the Fourth Stage were getting cut down as if they were butter, collapsing at the first blow! One slash was enough to either kill or severely injure them.

As if that wasn't enough, the severely wounded demons would get affected by the energy of the heavenly tribulation accumulated inside Meteor Sword.

The power of the heavenly tribulation was like a deadly poison for these demons, and they would thoroughly die after getting affected by it.

Meteor Sword was a godly weapon with the ability to one-shot-kill demons!

Luckily, this intelligent godly weapon didn't dislike the fact that Song Shuhang was using it to kill demons. As such, Song Shuhang was able to wield it and activate the God mode cheat.

As for the attacks of the opposing demons, Yu Jiaojiao was the one in charge of blocking them.

As such, Song Shuhang didn't need to bother about defense, and only had to lock down a demon and use Meteor Sword to chop it down. It was simply too exciting!


Around ten minutes later.

"Sixteen, how many demons did we kill in total?" Song Shuhang asked.

"I only counted them roughly, but we should have killed at least 200 demons of the Fourth Stage." Su Clan's Sixteen was left speechless.

This efficiency was simply too scary.

If they killed 200 demons in ten minutes, it meant that they had killed on average twenty demons of the Fourth Stage every minute!

"If we continue like this, does it mean that the three of us will be able to kill a total of 1000 demons in another 40 minutes? At that time, every one of us will be able to get a seed of the Virtuous Golden Lotus," Song Shuhang said, very satisfied.

They needed 900 demons of the Fourth Stage to get three lotus seeds. However, even if those 900 demons didn't revolt and were to arrange themselves in a line, begging Song Shuhang to kill them, his hands would very likely become numb from all the chopping.

Yu Jiaojiao said, "It's not going to be that easy. The demons of the Fourth Stage have above-average intelligence. They won't keep lumping together as they did just now and wait for us to chop them to pieces. I'm pretty sure that they will start to avoid us from now on, and our efficiency when it comes to killing demons will drop by more than a half."

"Even if our efficiency drops by more than a half, we can collect enough corpses in around two hours," Song Shuhang said as he gently waved Meteor Sword.

There was no need to waste time discussing... it was better to keep making use of this God mode cheat and kill as many demons of the Fourth Stage as possible before Venerable White remembered to take back Meteor Sword!

Yu Jiaojiao, Su Clan's Sixteen, and Song Shuhang looked at each other. "Time is valuable, let's keep killing demons!"

After thinking up to this point, the trio got into action.


One and a half hours later.

Song Shuhang's hands were somewhat numb already.

"Jiaojiao, Sixteen, do we have enough demons now?" Song Shuhang asked while gasping for breath. He had kept fighting with all his strength for two hours already, and he had consumed a lot of energy.

At the same time, he silently operated the ❮True Self Meditation Scripture❯ to keep his state of mind in good condition.

At first, he felt great while killing demons with each slash while wielding Meteor Sword... but after killing 500-600 of them, he felt that his mind was getting somewhat tired.

Although killing these demons was as easy as squashing a mosquito or a fly—and the mind of a cultivator wouldn't receive any stress no matter how many of them they killed—things would start to change if they killed too many within a short period of time. A feeling of numbness and exhaustion would pervade their mind if that happened.

Of course, this feeling of numbness and exhaustion wouldn't cause any harm to the cultivator. On the contrary, it was just another method they could make use of to temper their mind.

"We should have about enough." Yu Jiaojiao raised her head, and said, "Otherwise, how about we go to exchange these demons for the seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus first? I'm starting to feel somewhat tired."

"I agree," Su Clan's Sixteen said.

It was a pity that Meteor Sword was an intelligent weapon. Midway, Yu Jiaojiao and Su Clan's Sixteen had tried to wield it to slash down their enemies, but even if Meteor Sword didn't resist when the two of them grabbed it, it didn't cooperate with them, either.

While Yu Jiaojiao and Su Clan's Sixteen were wielding it, Meteor Sword was just a very sharp, and rather heavy, treasured sword. For Sixteen, it wasn't even as good as her own short saber.

Therefore, the responsibility to kill the demons fell on Song Shuhang's shoulders alone.

"It's a shame that our strength isn't high enough. Otherwise, we could have just killed twenty demons of the Fifth Stage, exchanging it for a seed of the Virtuous Golden Lotus," Su Clan's Sixteen said.

If they were strong enough, they wouldn't need to mow down demons of the Fourth Stage until getting tired.


Afterward, Yu Jiaojiao used a flying-type magical treasure to bring Song Shuhang, Sixteen, and Lady Onion back to the White Cloud Academy from the level of the demons of the Fourth Stage.

At this time, the White Cloud Academy was filled with seriously injured scholars, as well as with cultivators from different sects that had stayed behind to lend a hand.

Those scholarly disciples in charge of treating the wounded were currently feeding them medicinal pills to treat their injuries.

Even if they could count on those filtering nets that had the power to weaken the incoming demons, the number of enemies was simply too high.

In addition, even if demons at the peak of the Fourth Stage receive the weakening effect of the filtering nets, they would still have a strength of the mid-tier Fourth Stage or even higher.

Last but not least, the scholarly disciples didn't have a cheat-like godly weapon such as Meteor Sword, and even if they could pass through the nets at any time, it was unavoidable to get injured or even die.

After all, how could there be a war without casualties?

Song Shuhang took a look at the wounded, as well as at those that had died. It was just a war between the scholarly faction and the Netherworld, and yet, it felt as though it was a major 'World War'.

The world of cultivators wasn't always peaceful.

Song Shuhang knew this much since the day he'd decided to become a cultivator, but after seeing the scene before his eyes, he got a better understanding of how brutal and cruel the world of cultivator was.

"Mister Song Shuhang, why are you so sad?" Su Clan's Sixteen gently smiled and stretched out her fist, putting in front of Song Shuhang's lips as though she was holding a mic.

Song Shuhang looked at Su Clan's Sixteen, and laughed. "Thank you."

"Ah?" Su Clan's Sixteen blinked her eyes.

"It's nothing," Song Shuhang replied.


After a short moment, the trio arrived at the place where the exchange was carried out.

At this time, True Monarch Eternal Fire just happened to be standing amidst the exchange site. Of course, the one standing there was just True Monarch Eternal Fire's puppet clone, who was in charge of handling the various minor matters taking place during the chaotic war.

True Monarch Eternal Fire's real body had already headed to the level of the demons of the Sixth Stage to kill enemies of the True Monarch rank.

"Little friends, are you here to exchange your demons for the seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus?" True Monarch Eternal Fire's puppet clone welcomed them with a smile.

"Yes! Senior Eternal Fire, please take a look at the number of demons." Song Shuhang, Su Clan's Sixteen, and Yu Jiaojiao handed down their cosmos bags.

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