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"While the event lasts, it is possible to exchange thirty corpses of demons of the Fifth Stage for one seed of the Virtuous Golden Lotus. It's a very good offer that will be available only during the event." True Monarch Eternal Fire's tone made Song Shuhang recall those vendors in the streets shouting about wanting old mobile phones in exchange for stainless steel washbowls or stainless steel kitchen knives...

"Fellow Daoist Eternal Fire, are you sure you won't suffer a loss this way?" Fairy Lychee asked. The seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus not only could allow people to awaken special skills, but would also increase the lifespan of ordinary people and cultivators by fifty years!

It was a miraculous medicine that could increase one's lifespan by fifty years. This point alone would convince a lot of cultivators to stay behind—in particular those powerful cultivators that had gotten old and didn't have much to live. Let alone fifty years, even something that could increase their lifespan by ten years would be enough to convince them to stay behind and fight.

"You can't have your cake and eat it too." True Monarch Eternal Fire laughed, and said, "Such being the case, are you fellow daoists interested in taking part in this event?"

While speaking, True Monarch Eternal Fire's vision mainly concentrated on Venerable White. At this time, he looked like a poor wretch looking at hundreds of thousands of gold coins... well, not exactly. It was more like a poor man with low-level luck gazing at the God of Luck himself.

True Monarch Eternal Fire wanted to ask Venerable White to stay behind and make him join the camp of the White Cloud Academy.

It was fine even if Venerable White didn't do anything. True Monarch Eternal Fire only wanted Venerable White to assume the command of the rear. It would be perfectly fine if he handsomely just stood there acted as a mascot.

As long as Venerable White stayed behind, they would have advantageous timing, as well as favorable geographical and human conditions. At that time, the army of demons coming from the Netherworld could only suffer death!

"Fellow Daoist Eternal Fire, don't stare at me like that. You are scaring me," Venerable White said.

True Monarch Eternal Fire made a hollow laugh, the expression on his face somewhat awkward.

Venerable White held his chin, and said, "Anyway, I guarantee you that I'll help you fight against this army of demons coming from the Netherworld. After all, we are old friends, and I still happen to have some scenes to shoot."

"Ahaha, if you can help us, it couldn't be better," True Monarch Eternal Fire said happily. The day the demons of the Netherworld attacked, he would have Venerable White take command of the rear!

Right at this time, Song Shuhang asked in puzzlement, "Senior White, which scenes do you still need to shoot?"

Venerable White pointed at himself, and said, "We still lack several scenes where the main character Ling Ye fights against the creatures of the demonic realm at the frontline. We need a lot of different battle scenes... therefore, I'll cause a massacre amidst the troops of the Netherworld Realm when the demons come over. Then, I'll change location and clothes, continuing to kill and repeating the process several times until we have a few scenes where the main character Ling Ye engages in bloody battles at the frontline."

"It makes sense," Su Clan's Sixteen said.

Fairy Lychee nodded and approved.

Song Shuhang pondered for a while, and said, "But won't it be troublesome to shoot the scenes in this situation? In addition, the members of Jacob's Production Team are just ordinary humans... isn't it dangerous to let them shoot the movie during the attack of the army of the Netherworld?"

This time, even existences such as demonic hives of the Eighth Stage rank would get into action. Their presence alone would scare to death the members of Jacob's Production Team, who were nothing but ordinary humans.

"Indeed. That's why I was thinking of having our own people shoot these scenes. There should be someone in the Nine Provinces Number One Group that knows how to use the camera. We'll just shoot the scenes and leave the editing to Jacob's Production Team," Venerable White said.

Fairy Lychee raised her hand, and said, "Oooh. Senior White, I know how to use the camera. However, if I'm in charge of shooting the scenes, I can't get into action and kill demons. I'm rather interested in the seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus."

True Monarch Eternal Fire felt that he was unable to butt into this conversation now that Venerable White and the others were talking about the shooting of the movie. It seemed as though there was a generation gap between the two parties.

But Fairy Lychee's words finally gave True Monarch Eternal Fire the opportunity to interject. "Two seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus! Fellow Daoist Lychee, as long as you are willing to shoot those scenes for Fellow Daoist White, our White Cloud Academy will give you two golden lotus seeds as remuneration, how about it?"

True Monarch Eternal Fire knew that Venerable White was shooting a movie. According to what he knew, Venerable White was also the main character of this movie. It was a rather good opportunity. If the scholars successfully survived the calamity, he would bring the disciples to see the movie after it was screened!

"Ahaha, that seems too much," Fairy Lychee said politely.

True Monarch Eternal Fire patted his chest, and said, "Fairy Lychee, no need to be this polite! In addition, as long as you have the corpse of a demon of the Netherworld with you, don't hesitate and just give it to me. I'll immediately trade it with lotus seeds."

Song Shuhang's eyes immediately lit up as he asked, "True Monarch, if I have the corpse of a demon of the Netherworld here with me, can I exchange it for a lotus seed?"

True Monarch Eternal Fire replied straightforwardly, "Yes. However, do you have thirty corpses of demons of the Fifth Stage with you, little friend Shuhang?"

"We killed several demons of the Netherworld while shooting the movie yesterday, and there were many corpses left behind. Amongst them were even some corpses of demons of the Sixth Stage rank. However, I don't have those corpses with me," Song Shuhang said.

True Monarch Eternal Fire patted his chest as he said, "As long as little friend Shuhang and the others feel like it, you can come over to exchange. Others need 400 demons of the Fourth Stage to get one golden lotus seed, but you can guys can get one for only 300. Others need 30 demons of the Fifth Stage to get one golden lotus seed, but you guys can get one for only 20. As for demons of the Sixth Stage, one corpse can be exchanged for one golden lotus seed. Then, although we accept ordinary demons from the First to the Third Stage as well, we can only give you spirit stones for those."

"One demon of the Sixth Stage rank in exchange for one golden lotus seed? In that case..." Song Shuhang rummaged through his size-reducing purse.

"Found it." Song Shuhang took out the corpse of a four-headed snake. It was precisely that very bold four-headed snake demon that had kidnapped him and Venerable White.

True Monarch Eternal Fire blinked his eyes. This little friend actually had the corpse of a demon of the Sixth Stage True Monarch rank with him? From the looks of it, this demon had died not too long ago.

This little friend sure had some skills!

However, the body of the four-headed snake demon was in a rather pitiful state. It felt as though someone had violently pounded it with a hammer over and over again, completely crushing it. True Monarch Eternal Fire felt sad just by looking at it.

How had this four-headed snake demon exactly died to become like this afterward?

"Senior Eternal Fire, do you want to carry out this transaction?" Song Shuhang asked.

"Of course, of course," True Monarch Eternal Fire said with a smile. Then, he stretched out his hand and waved it, sucking that four-headed snake demon into his spatial equipment.

Then, he stretched out his other hand, revealing a golden seed which he handed to Song Shuhang.

It was precisely the seed of the Virtuous Golden Lotus!


Song Shuhang received the seed and continuously looked at it.

This thing could increase his lifespan by fifty years! If possible, he wanted to collect several of them and give them to his family members in the future.

"Shuhang, to whom do you want to give this golden lotus seed? Do you want to look for a pet and give it to the pet? I can tell you from experience that the little bird was very amusing whenever it opened its mouth to speak. It was even more amusing than Doudou," the nearby Venerable White said.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Senior White, do you think everyone is a spendthrift like you?!

"I was thinking of eating it myself to try out its effects." After he had said this much, Song Shuhang wiped the lotus seed and put it into his mouth.

But, just as he was about to swallow it down, he thought of something.

He joined his palms together and turned toward Senior White, closing his eyes and silently praying.

"..." Venerable White.

After he was done with his prayers, Song Shuhang chewed the lotus seed.

The lotus seed was somewhat bitter. In particular, when he ate the core of the seed, the bitter taste made his mouth become numb.


Around five breaths later.

Song Shuhang opened his eyes and exhaled a long mouthful of air.

He felt that his vitality had increased quite a bit at this time. This feeling was the same as the one he got after transcending the tribulation, when his lifespan increased. It was such a good feeling.

Su Clan's Sixteen curiously looked at him, and asked, "Well? What kind of ability did you awaken?"

"It's not the ability to regrow one's teeth, right?" Fairy Lychee asked, somewhat worried.

Song Shuhang inspected a bit, and then said happily, "Ahaha, it's a special skill related to the Mouth Aperture!"

Song Shuhang had awakened two innate skills while in the First Stage Realm. The first was the bullet time-like innate skill of his Eye Aperture that Song Shuhang had renamed 'Expert Sight'.

The second was the 'Illusory Sound' ability of his Mouth Aperture. When it was matched with the ❮Roaring Lion's Technique❯, Song Shuhang was able to stun cultivators of the Second Stage Realm for a moment while still in the First Stage Realm.

When Song Shuhang was praying to Venerable White earlier, he prayed to obtain a special skill that had some actual use. He didn't want those useless abilities that allowed one to control the length of their hair or change the color of their nails!

As expected, praying to Senior White had been effective. The special skill he had obtained was related to his Mouth Aperture. Perhaps he could use it together with the 'Illusory Sound' innate skill and give birth to an extremely powerful ability!

"It sounds interesting. Shuhang, give it a try," Fairy Lychee said curiously.

"Look at me." Song Shuhang took a deep breath.

Then, he opened his mouth and gently exhaled a mouthful of air. Just as he exhaled, his tongue faintly trembled a few times.

In the next moment, the spiritual energy in the surrounding area started to fluctuate. An invisible hand pulled over all the surrounding spiritual energy and gathered it together.. until it turned into a white lotus that floated before Song Shuhang's eyes.

The lotus flower was white, just like snow, and carried along an icy feeling as it calmly floated midair. At the same time, a sweet smell spread from the lotus flower, which stimulated the appetite of whoever smelled it.

Still, it felt as though there was something wrong overall!

"This... what type of special skill is this?" Fairy Lychee stretched out her hand and covered her mouth as she laughed loudly.

Su Clan's Sixteen blinked her eyes.

Venerable White said, "That's why I said that it was better to feed it to a pet. The pet would have at least learned how to speak in human language, lived for more than fifty years... all of this while being more adorable than Doudou."

"..." Song Shuhang.

He stiffly turned his head around and looked at True Monarch Eternal Fire.

True Monarch Eternal Fire laughed, and congratulated him, "Congratulations, little friend Song Shuhang. There are some records about this special skill. It's the 'Lotus Blossoming Tongue' skill."

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