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Song Shuhang's eyes immediately lit up as he said, "Is it possible that this is a very incredible skill?"

The Lotus Blossoming Tongue... from the name, it seemed something rather good, right?

"Yes, from a certain point of view, it is indeed very... incredible." True Monarch Eternal Fire continued, "For example, it's very delicious to eat."

"..." Song Shuhang.

What do you mean 'very delicious to eat'!

The aroma it released was indeed very good, and greatly stimulated one's appetite.

But if one felt like eating something, they would look for an immortal chef like Immortal Fairy Bie Xue! No matter the place or the situation, as long as you were hungry and felt like eating, immortal chefs could prepare you delicacies that would satisfy you for sure!

Additionally, even if this lotus flower had suddenly condensed in the air, it was still a skill related to this Mouth Aperture, how was he supposed to eat this thing?

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand, and poked at the white lotus flower hovering midair; it was icy cold.

When he poked at it, its aroma scattered in all directions. The smell of all sorts of table delicacies was mixed in the aroma.

"Growl~" Su Clan's Sixteen's belly growled.

Next, it was Fairy Lychee's turn.

Well, that was rather embarrassing~

Song Shuhang quickly blew toward the white lotus flower, scattering it in all directions and making it disappear.

The special skill was canceled.

From the looks of it, the special skills one would obtain after eating the seed of the Virtuous Golden Lotus were somewhat different from magical techniques or innate skills. They were more like 'superpowers'.


"Senior Eternal Fire... does this Lotus Blossoming Tongue skill have any other practical use aside from being delicious?" Song Shuhang wanted to cry but had no tears.

"It should... not have any." True Monarch Eternal Fire stretched out his hand and gently patted Song Shuhang's shoulder, comforting him. "Actually, this skill isn't too bad, either. You can use it to create food and eat your fill whenever you are in need. Especially now that you have yet to learn how to survive without eating, it can come in handy if you carelessly fall into a trap while braving risks outside and can't come out."

"But we have fasting pills for that," Song Shuhang replied.

"But your fasting pills might run out at some point. Whenever that happens, you won't have to worry about starving with your 'Lotus Blossoming Tongue' skill." True Monarch Eternal Fire tried his best to find an example that could help him comfort Song Shuhang.

"..." Song Shuhang.

With a smile, Fairy Lychee said, "Little friend Shuhang, once the level of your cultivation is high enough and you have to hold a speech to impart some knowledge to your disciples, you can use your Lotus Blossoming Tongue skill to impress them. Multiple white lotus flowers will appear at once, giving quite the shock to the cultivators and disciples listening to your speech."

Song Shuhang said, "I don't want to give them that kind of shock!"

Now then, when he was praying to Senior White earlier, he asked for a special skill that had some actual use... but this Lotus Blossoming Tongue skill didn't have any!


Wait a moment, I feel that there is something wrong here...

The Lotus Blossoming Tongue skill is... an edible skill?

An edible skill? A skill that had actual use? 1

Song Shuhang: 😫

Dammit, had I known earlier, I would have asked Senior White to bestow me with a combat-type skill!

However, it was too late to regret his decision now.


On one side, Venerable White pondered for a moment, and said, "Shuhang, try to use your Lotus Blossoming Tongue skill again."

Is it possible that Senior White noticed something peculiar about the Lotus Blossoming Tongue skill with his great insight, something that others failed to see? Song Shuhang was very happy. He took a deep breath and used his Lotus Blossoming Tongue skill once more.

"Ah~" Song Shuhang lightly exhaled a mouthful of air. Afterward, another sparkling white lotus flower condensed midair while emitting a faint aroma.

This aroma had the power to stimulate the appetite of whomever smelled it.

"Very good. Keep it up and don't let it disappear," Venerable White repeated.

Song Shuhang quickly nodded his head.

Then, he saw Venerable White take out an earthenware cooking pot from his spatial equipment, as well as spirit rice.

Venerable White skillfully rinsed the rice and placed it inside the pot. Afterward, he stretched out his hand and made a seal, activating a fire-type magical technique. In just a few breaths, the rice was cooked, and the appetizing smell spread in the surrounding area.

"Good, good. My rice cooking skills haven't declined." Venerable White nodded, satisfied. Then, he took out a few bowls and chopsticks and poured himself a bowl of rice.

After that, he said to Fairy Lychee and Su Clan's Sixteen, "If you two are hungry, you can also fill a bowl with rice!"

After he was done filling his bowl with rice, Venerable White also took out several cold dishes, opening them one after another.

At last, he stretched out his finger and gently poked at the white lotus flower floating in front of Song Shuhang. Immediately after, a captivating aroma spread from it.

Several different smells were mixed within this aroma... meat, vegetables, spices, and the scent of several other different delicacies. After the aroma spread out, it stimulated the appetite of all those present.

If they took into account only the aroma, it was comparable to the aroma that spread out when Immortal Fairy Bie Xue opened the pots with her immortal dishes inside.

Su Clan's Sixteen and Fairy Lychee felt their bellies growling.

"Not bad," Venerable White said. "After smelling this aroma, I really felt like eating a large bowl of cooked rice. After eating Immortal Fairy Bie Xue's dishes a few days ago, my stomach became really picky, and I didn't feel like eating anything during the past few days. But today, my appetite was finally stimulated again."

"..." Song Shuhang asked, "Senior White, did you find anything peculiar about my Lotus Blossoming Tongue skill?"

"Of course. This ability to stimulate one's appetite is truly incredible!" Venerable White nodded his head, very satisfied.

At this time, Fairy Lychee and Su Clan's Sixteen, who were standing behind Senior White, quietly took out a fasting pill and ate it.

"..." Song Shuhang.


While Venerable White was having his meal, Song Shuhang kept studying his Lotus Blossoming Tongue skill.

"Senior White, do you think the lotus flowers will undergo a change if I manage to fuse this superpower with the innate skill of my Mouth Aperture, the Illusory Sound?"

Venerable White's chopsticks stopped for a moment as he pondered. "It might be worth giving it a try!"

Song Shuhang said happily, "You think so too?"

"Indeed, if you manage to merge this special skill with an illusion, your lotus flowers might not be limited to aroma alone. Perhaps you will be able to transform them into all sorts of delicacies, stimulating one's appetite even further," Venerable White pointed out.

Song Shuhang didn't feel like discussing this subject with Venerable White anymore.

His liver was too painful; it was simply unbearable!

This was the seed of the Virtuous Golden Lotus that belonged to scholars... as such, why didn't he awaken the ability to use words as swords?!

That, too, would have been a mouth-related superpower, with the difference that using words as swords was much more cooler! After one had recited the line of a poem, a sword made of qi would shoot out of their mouth, killing monsters and vanquishing demons just by moving their lips!

On the other hand, this Lotus Blossoming Tongue skill could only release a nice aroma that would stimulate the appetite of whoever smelled it. Perhaps it would help increase the appetite of the monsters and demons that were about to eat him?

Wait a moment... these skills can be upgraded! Earlier, Fairy Lychee said that it was possible to strengthen the special skill obtained through this lotus seed with practice.

Song Shuhang wasn't ready to give up yet, and asked, "Senior Eternal Fire, how will this Lotus Blossoming Tongue skill change once it is upgraded? Will the lotus flowers gain some kind of offensive power?"

"In the past, someone had tried to eat several lotus seeds after awakening this skill to strengthen it. After the upgrade, the Lotus Blossoming Tongue skill started to produce four lotus flowers instead of one," True Monarch Eternal Fire told him the truth.

Song Shuhang sighed, and said, "If it's just four lotus flowers, I might as well not even bother upgrading it!"

One would obtain only one ability after eating the seed of the Virtuous Golden Lotus. If they were to eat another seed, they would just strengthen the ability they already had and not awaken a new one.

There was no option to 'reset' the skill once awakened.

Had he known earlier that things would take this turn, he would have washed his hands, burned some incense, and then offered his sincere prayers to Senior White... only after that would he have eaten the seed of the Virtuous Golden Lotus!

At this time, Venerable White finally finished eating that bowl of cooked rice.

Afterward, he took out a pot with a monster willow planted in it. It was precisely that monster tree called 'Qing Wu'. After Venerable White thoroughly purified her, her leaves weren't black anymore, and even the evil aura of the Netherworld on her body had basically disappeared.

There was no need for Venerable White to order her around. The monster willow quickly stretched out her branches and started to put in order the bowls, chopsticks, and pots...

What a capable monster willow!

Song Shuhang immediately thought of Lady Onion. Lady Onion had stayed together with him for so long and kept thinking about escaping all day long. Couldn't she help him a bit in his everyday life?

Why was the plant-type monster on the other side of the fence always greener?

After eating his fill, Venerable White gently patted Song Shuhang's shoulder and comforted him, "Shuhang, don't worry. There are no trash skills in this world, only trash users! I feel that the Lotus Blossoming Tongue skill will reach new heights in your hands."

"..." Song Shuhang.



Venerable White and the others left True Monarch Eternal Fire's immortal cave.

After all, they had already agreed to help True Monarch Eternal Fire fight against the demons of the Netherworld Realm.

As such, there was no point in staying inside the immortal cave.

And even more importantly, the members of Jacob's Production Team were already done with their break, and were ready to shoot the following scenes of the movie.

Along the way, Fairy Lychee said, "Little friend Shuhang, you should send a message in the group and tell the various fellow daoists about the event the White Cloud Academy wants to hold. Being able to exchange the corpses of the demons of the Netherworld for the seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus is a pretty good deal. After knowing this piece of information, the fellow daoists in the group will be happy for sure, and even more people would want to stay behind and fight."

"Sure," Song Shuhang replied.

Venerable White also thought of something, and said, "Right, Shuhang. While you are at it, ask in the group if there is any fellow daoist with free time that can help me gather a few tree branches. It would be better if they are willow tree branches... I was planning to manufacture a bunch of disposable flying sword 005 edition. Although the scholars seem to have prepared, the army of the Netherworld is bearing down on us menacingly. Therefore, it would be wiser to prepare a few extra gadgets to keep ourselves safe."

"Good, I'll relay the message to the people in the group," Song Shuhang said with a nod.

Venerable White pondered for a moment, and asked, "Speaking of which, why is the White Cloud Academy collecting the corpses of the demons of the Netherworld? What do they want to do with them?"

"Perhaps they need them to manufacture some type of magical treasure?" Fairy Lychee replied. The words 'edible' and 'actual use' have the same pronunciation in Chinese, hence the confusion.

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