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"Don't worry. I assure you that the scene of Senior Brother Gao Sheng's sacrifice will be absolutely outstanding!" Song Shuhang quickly wore the daoist robe and got two bags of blood from Yu Jiaojiao, hiding them under his robe.

According to the script, he would play Senior Brother Gao Sheng's role and die in battle while protecting all the junior brothers and junior sisters busy running away from the sect.

He would even say a very cool sentence before dying... 'I'm the senior brother, and it's my duty to protect all these junior brothers and junior sisters. Therefore... leave the enemy to me. I'll hold them back for you!'

Afterward, Senior Brother Gao Sheng would die in the middle of the secret passage while blocking tens of enemies from the demonic realm all by himself, finally getting stabbed to death.

The daoist robe that Yu Jiaojiao prepared for Shuhang was also a particular type of stage prop, and there was a hidden mechanism inside.

During the scene of Senior Brother Gao Sheng's sacrifice, Song Shuhang would press the button hidden in the sleeve of the daoist robe and release a dazzling light. In the next moment, thirteen sword hilts would pop out from the robe and 'stab' Song Shuhang, making it seem as though several swords had pierced through his body.

At that point, Song Shuhang would find a good posture and lay down, starting to play dead.

Yu Jiaojiao clenched her claws, and said to Song Shuhang, "Shuhang, you must play this part well, and your performance can't be inferior to that of the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group! After all, this movie is something that we created together with Gao Moumou."

Song Shuhang laughed.

Then, he made Venerable White's statue stand erect, putting it away in a good place. As for the corpse of the four-headed snake demon, he placed it next to the statue. Meteor Sword latched onto Venerable White's waist on its own, protecting its master while the latter was in secluded meditation.

"Alright, I'm leaving." Song Shuhang waved his hand at Yu Jiaojiao, and ran toward the secret passage of the Immaterial Cloud Sect.

Yu Jiaojiao also waved at him, then turned around, getting busy with other matters.

She had already finished playing her part. Therefore, she decided to help the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group prepare the various stage props.

However, what neither Yu Jiaojiao nor Song Shuhang noticed was that there was also a 'talisman' in the cabinet where Senior Brother Gao Sheng's daoist robe was placed.

It was a talisman that could generate an invisible defensive barrier, protecting the actors that were feigning death from any harm the demons might cause them.


The secret passage of the Immaterial Cloud Sect was situated on the western side of Venerable White's holiday residence. This mountain residence was originally the territory of a medium-sized sect, and Venerable White had merely repaired it without changing its basic structure.

Luckily, that medium-size sect already had a secret passage that was suitable for the shooting of the movie.

Song Shuhang took advantage of the fact that the camera was focusing somewhere else to quickly run toward the secret passage, sneaking into that group of disciples fleeing from the Immaterial Cloud Sect.

Su Clan's Sixteen waved at him, and said, "Shuhang, you are back."

"Yes, I managed to return safely," Song Shuhang said with a smile, then asked, "Sixteen, how did it feel to participate in the shooting of the movie?"

"It felt pretty good." Su Clan's Sixteen cleaned her short saber, then added, "It's just that I hadn't enjoyed myself to my heart's content when Great Master Profound Principle and Senior Phoenix Slayer dragged me away."

Sixteen hadn't had enough fun.

Great Master Profound Principle joined his palms together and smiled faintly.

Senior Phoenix Slayer forced a smile, and said, "Sixteen's personality is getting more and more similar to that of Fellow Daoist Seven... Sixteen, you are a girl! You absolutely can't become a battle maniac like Seven and start challenging sects and schools left and right!"

"You don't have to worry, Senior Phoenix Slayer. I won't become like Seven. After all, I don't think I can go around stirring up sects and schools alone." The corner of Su Clan's Sixteen's mouth rose as she said, "It's just that I like fighting."

"..." Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

After seeing Senior Phoenix Slayer, Song Shuhang thought of a matter, and said, "Senior Phoenix Slayer, there was something I wanted to ask you."

"What did you want to ask?" Young Master Phoenix Slayer asked.

"Senior, is your CPU available for rent? How much do you charge for a session?" Song Shuhang asked expectantly.

He had recently learned the third volume of the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique❯ and the ❮Demon Subduing Buddhist Fist Technique❯, as well as the ❮Celestial Sprint❯ footwork that the lustrous scholar passed onto him. There were also the 'Aura Concealing' and 'Aura Detecting' methods that he learned from Su Clan's Sixteen.

He had barely cultivated these skills to beginner level up until now, and he felt that there were many parts about these cultivation techniques and martial skills that he didn't understand.

If he could borrow Senior Phoenix Slayer's CPU, he would be able to easily push all these cultivation techniques and martial skills to the master level without having to go through any hardships.

"Get the hell out of here!" Young Master Phoenix Slayer bellowed. Did he take me for a human computer? He wants to borrow my CPU, and seemingly more than once?

Ugh! Why am I calling it CPU? That Song Shuhang fellow is having a bad effect on me.

"Senior Phoenix Slayer, can't we negotiate a bit?" Song Shuhang said, somewhat unwilling.

"Don't even think about it!" Young Master Phoenix Slayer flatly refused.

Well, that was truly regrettable...

From the looks of it, he would have to ask in the Nine Provinces Number One Group what Young Master Phoenix Slayer's hobbies were. If he could cater to his tastes, he might be able to borrow his CPU!

Song Shuhang wasn't planning to give up on the idea of borrowing Senior Phoenix Slayer's CPU that easily.

The nearby Su Clan's Sixteen asked in puzzlement, "CPU? What CPU?"

Song Shuhang explained to Sixteen in a soft voice, "CPU is just the name I gave it. When I speak of CPU, I refer to Senior Phoenix Slayer's—"

"Hmph!" Young Master Phoenix Slayer stretched out his hand and covered Song Shuhang's mouth. "Little friend Shuhang, stop advertising this matter everywhere! You are making me feel awkward!"

As long as he was the only one to know that Shuhang wished to borrow his body and brain, it was fine. But if others were to know about it as well, it would make him feel awkward!

Song Shuhang looked at Senior Phoenix Slayer in puzzlement, but ultimately nodded. If Senior Phoenix Slayer didn't want others to know about this matter, he would protect his privacy.

Su Clan's Sixteen was confused, and had no idea what was happening.


On the battlefield outside the secret passage, the disciples of the Immaterial Cloud Sect that the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were playing were dying in battle one after another.

Riverly Purple Mist, who was cast as Senior Sister Murong Hua, was currently surrounded by five demons of the Third Stage.

It should be about time, right? Riverly Purple Mist thought to herself.

In a distant place, Fairy Lychee stretched out her hand again and made a grabbing motion, attracting a monkey-shaped demon of the Netherworld.

The demonic monkey was holding a sharp sword in its hand—exactly what they needed.

"It's your turn to go on stage." Fairy Lychee laughed and raised the hand holding the demonic monkey, throwing it at Riverly Purple Mist.

The demonic monkey was so scared that it wet itself... although it was just a demon of the Third Stage, its intelligence was relatively high since it was a humanoid demon.

It clearly remembered that a demonic mantis was caught by this beautiful fairy maiden standing on one side earlier. In the next moment, the demonic mantis was thrown toward Daoist Priest Wudao, a cultivator at the peak of the Spiritual Emperor Realm.

The fate of that demonic mantis was truly tragic. The palm attack of that Daoist Priest Wudao instantly crushed its head.

And now... it was attracted over just like that demonic mantis, and thrown toward that female cultivator named Murong Hua. Was it possible that it would end the same way as that mantis, with its head crushed after a palm attack of this woman named Murong Hua?

"No!" the demonic monkey shouted while midair. In the next moment, a pair of bat-like wings grew on its back.

With the wings flapping incessantly, the demonic monkey was able to stop its body, starting to hover midair.

At this time, there was still a distance of a dozen or so meters between it and that female cultivator named Murong Hua.

This distance should be enough to assure its safety.

"Haa... haa..." After barely escaping death, the demonic monkey opened its mouth and gasped for breath.

Luckily, it still had this trick up its sleeve. Otherwise, had it arrived in front of that female cultivator, she would have killed it, then started to randomly lose blood, ultimately falling to the ground and feigning death like those other cultivators.

It won't be so easy to kill me!

I'll become a cave lord of the Mountain of Next Life one day. There is no way I'll die so easily, the demonic monkey thought to itself.

Then, just as it thought that it had escaped misfortune, a voice echoed behind it. "Why are you frozen there? Quickly, go kill them! Those weaklings of the Immaterial Cloud Sect can't stop us from advancing anymore! Wipe out every single one of them, and destroy the Immaterial Cloud Sect!"

Afterward, the person behind stretched out his hand, and gently patted the back of the demonic monkey.

The demonic monkey felt a terrifying burst of strength transmitting from the back that pushed it forward!

"Aaaaah~" the monkey called out pitifully as it headed toward that female cultivator named Murong Hua once again.

"Now we are speaking the same language! Go and kill them, massacre the disciples of the Immaterial Cloud Sect! I'll personally tell the Evil Lord about your deeds!" That overbearing and grave voice echoed once again.

Evil Lord your sister! Who the hell is this Evil Lord anyway?!

F*cking moron, didn't you see that I managed to stop myself with much difficulty, yet you unexpectedly pushed me into the abyss of death! From where did this dogshiet teammate even come from?!

The demonic monkey unwillingly turned its head around, and glanced behind it.

In the next moment, it saw a figure wearing a scary black armor and holding a more than two meters long chopping blade in its hand.

It was precisely that mentally retarded human cultivator known as 'Evil General Mingyue' that had proclaimed himself the warlord of the demons.

"I bang your momma!" The demonic monkey used the dialect of its tribe to insult Evil General Mingyue.

In the next moment, a wave of piercing pain was transmitted to its body; it had crashed into an invisible wall!

The sword in its hand also bumped into the invisible wall and broke to pieces; only the hilt was left.

"Awooo!" The expression of the demonic monkey twisted due to the pain.

Once it faintly opened its eyes, it discovered that that female cultivator named Murong Hua was giving it the back.


"Aaah~" Murong Hua likewise let out a miserable shriek and slowly turned her head around. Her expression was one of shock, pain, and unwillingness.

Then, red blood started to flow from the corner of her mouth.

Her hand was tightly pressed against her chest area. Fresh blood had started to flow out from there as well, dying her daoist robe red. However, what was even more unbelievable was that there was a shiny blade popping out from her chest area.

The demonic monkey was speechless.

Where had this blade that pierced through her body come from?

My sword broke already, and only the hilt is left! Even if I wanted to stab her, I would have had no other choice but to use the naked hilt of the sword. How did I manage to pierce her heart with just the hilt?!

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