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This part of the movie where the Immaterial Cloud Sect was getting destroyed had reached its climax.

As the beautiful performance of the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group continued, the elders and disciples of the Immaterial Cloud Sect 'died' one after another.

The roles of the ordinary disciples of the sect were mostly played by Venerable Spirit Butterfly's subordinates, and their average strength was either of the Second or the Third Stage.

While facing the assault of the demons of the Netherworld, they resisted a bit, then happily lay on the ground, playing dead. A transparent defensive barrier similar to the one covering True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple and True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon covered their bodies as well, protecting them from harm.

The demons of the Netherworld were about to have a mental breakdown.

Just what was happening?

Those powerful cultivators lying on the ground and playing dead were one thing... but now, even these ordinary cultivators of the Second and Third Stage were doing the same?

Since the battle between the two parties had started, the number of the demons of the Netherworld had incessantly decreased... but there hadn't been a single casualty amongst this group of human cultivators! All the people lying on the ground were just playing dead!

How could they continue to happily battle given the situation?


Regardless of how much the demons of the Netherworld complained, the shooting of the movie continued.

It was finally Northern River's Loose Cultivator's turn to enter into action.

The treatment he received was completely different than Fellow Daoist 'When the Bright Moon Appears'. As soon as Northern River's Loose Cultivator entered the fray, the main and auxiliary cameras all focused on him.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator was playing the role of Daoist Priest Wudao—the junior brother of Daoist Priest Wuwei, who was the sect master of the Immaterial Cloud Sect.

After entering the fray, Northern River's Loose Cultivator applied some blood onto his face, and arrived next to the sect master.

Then, with extreme sorrow and unwillingness, he said, "Senior Brother, we failed to protect the Immaterial Cloud Sect, and the other sects won't be able to lend us a hand within a short period of time. We have to leave..."

True Monarch Fallout, who was playing the role of Daoist Priest Wuwei, had a stiff expression on his face at this moment. He struggled for a while, and finally sighed deeply, saying. "Junior Brother Wudao, you should take some of the disciples with you and leave this place first... they are the seeds of the Immaterial Cloud Sect. As long as they stay alive, the Immaterial Cloud Sect won't die!"

Northern River's Loose Cultivator furrowed his brows and asked, "But what about you, Senior Brother?"

"I'll delay these creatures from the demonic realm and give you lot the time to escape. You don't need to worry about me. I don't have much time left, anyway. If this old body of mine can win you some time, I'll achieve my goal." True Monarch Fallout gently smiled. He was playing the role of the white-haired Daoist Priest Wuwei. This character had a white beard and a face full of wrinkles. His lifespan had almost reached the end.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator, who played the role of Daoist Priest Wudao, said firmly, "No, Senior Brother. You are the sect master, the backbone of the Immaterial Cloud Sect! Leave the task to bring up the rear to me!"

Northern River's Loose Cultivator didn't wait for his senior brother to reply, but darted forward, gathering all the disciples of the sect that were willing to stay behind with him and bring up the rear.

Daoist Priest Wuwei faintly sighed.

Then, he glanced at a nearby monk, and said, "Fellow Daoist Silence... forgive me for involving you in this matter. You were just a guest of the Immaterial Cloud Sect, but are now involved in this mess as well."

The nearby 'Great Master Silence', who was interpreted by Great Master Profound Principle, joined his palms together and silently shook his head, revealing a gentle smile.

Daoist Priest Wuwei continued, "This poor daoist would like to make an unreasonable request to you. Fellow Daoist Silence, could you escort the elite disciples of the Immaterial Cloud Sect and help them flee this place?"

Great Master Silence first glanced at Daoist Priest Wuwei, then nodded his head, agreeing to the request.

Thereupon, with the arrangement of the sect master—Daoist Priest Wuwei, the young disciples of the Immaterial Cloud Sect were gathered together and sent away through a secret passage under the protection of Great Master Silence, the guardian divine beast of the Immaterial Cloud Sect—the Heaven Devouring Cat, and a few coolheaded elders.

On the battlefield, Su Clan's Sixteen, who was playing the role of 'Traceless Saber'—a guest from the White Sword Sect—abandoned her fight and left the place together with the young disciples of the sect while escorting them.

Sixteen's small face was full of regret. She hadn't fought enough just now.


While shooting this scene, at least three cameras were continuously focusing on the character that True Monarch Fallout was interpreting, Daoist Priest Wuwei.

In the enemy camp, Fellow Daoist When the Bright Moon Appears' eye sockets were red... how was this even fair!

He was also a True Monarch, and he was likewise the leader of a faction... therefore, just on what basis the scene focused on True Monarch Fallout for so long when it focused on him for something like two seconds?! In addition, there was only one camera that focused on him.

This was simply too unfair!

As soon as the shooting of this part was over, he would complain about these mean cameramen to Director Jacob.


In the meantime.

Song Shuhang rode Meteor Sword and arrived at the holiday residence.

Meteor Sword's speed had reached extreme levels as it whizzed forward and passed through the periphery of the mountain residence.

Even Scholar Xian Gong and his helpers, who were standing on guard outside the holiday residence, were unable to see clearly what had flown past them.

Scholar Flying Fish rubbed her eyes concealed beneath her long bangs, and said, "Fellow Daoist Xian Gong, what was that thing that passed just now?"

"I didn't see it clearly, either." Scholar Xian Gong held the tobacco pipe in his mouth and took a deep breath. "But it should be Venerable White. Earlier, that stupid four-headed snake kidnapped Venerable White and little friend Song Shuhang, flying toward a distant place. Just now, I smelled the scent of that stupid snake again."

"Venerable White? Oh, that one." Scholar Flying Fish nodded, and stopped paying attention to that flying sword that brushed past them.

Although it was said that Venerable White was handsome to the point of causing cities and nations to fall, she wasn't interested in him. She only liked fairy maidens with tender and delicate skin.


After a short moment...

Meteor Sword could instantly stop if it wanted to. Therefore, it abruptly stopped midair even though it was going very fast earlier. Song Shuhang felt that his small heart might not be able to make it if this continued.

After Meteor Sword stopped, his shivering hands let go of Venerable White's statue.

"Even today, I managed to survive," Song Shuhang muttered to himself. From today onwards, he would never use the words 'fast' or 'quick' in the presence of Venerable White's magical treasures or flying swords again. He didn't want to die so young!

After taking a deep breath, Song Shuhang lowered his head and looked downward.

At the same time, he wondered where they were shooting the scene of the destruction of the Immaterial Cloud Sect.

Coincidentally, as soon as Song Shuhang looked downward, he saw the scene of Northern River's Loose Cultivator heroically 'sacrificing' himself.


Far from the camera, Fairy Lychee stretched out her hand and made a grabbing motion, blocking a mantis-shaped demon and bringing it in front of her.

Fairy Lychee wasn't supposed to make her appearance in this act. Therefore, she decided to help the other fellow daoists from the sidelines.

After capturing this mantis-shaped demon, Fairy Lychee raised it with her hand, then gently threw it forward.

The terrified demon shot out like a bullet, and ended up crashing into Northern River's Loose Cultivator.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator, who was killing ordinary demons of the Netherworld at that time, had already prepared himself. When the demonic mantis arrived in front of him, he adjusted his posture and welcomed it...

Blade light flashed throughout the surrounding area, and the raptorial forelegs of the demonic mantis slashed Northern River's Loose Cultivator's waist. In the next moment, the fake lower half of the body that Northern River had prepared ahead of time was cut off. Blood spurted out from the blood bags hidden within, and sprayed the face of the demonic mantis.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator played the role of Daoist Priest Wudao; full of unwillingness, he roared, "Aaaah! I was mortally wounded by this mean surprise attack..."

The demonic mantis rolled its large eyes over... Surprise attack your sister!

It was your companion that threw me here, and you allowed yourself to be slashed by my two forelegs on purpose! I'm getting framed!

Unfortunately, the demonic mantis didn't have the time to cry out against this injustice that the upper half of Daoist Priest Wudao's body ruthlessly hit its head with a palm attack.

A single palm was enough to crush the head of the demonic mantis.

Afterward, the upper half of Northern River's Loose Cultivator's body revealed a smile, and said, "Senior Brother, I did everything in my power..."

After saying these words, he loudly fell to the ground. Blood incessantly gushed out of the cut that separated his upper and lower half. Very lifelike intestines and such were visible as well.

While lying on the ground and playing dead, Northern River's Loose Cultivator could feel all the cameras focusing on his 'corpse'.

He was extremely satisfied at this time. After all, he had put a lot of effort into preparing that fake lower half of the body.

The blood and the dangling intestines felt almost real!

It seemed that the effort he put into it wasn't wasted. With the addition of such lifelike stage props, he would become the focus of several scenes even after his death!

'Only those that are ready can seize opportunity at the right time.'

Northern River's Loose Cultivator firmly believed in this sentence!


After a short moment, Northern River's Loose Cultivator heard with his powerful hearing the conversation of Jacob's Production Team.

"Isn't this scene a little too realistic? It feels somewhat gory."

"The scene just now seemed almost real!"

"But this movie isn't R18, right? Isn't it too much if intestines and the likes are flowing out like that?"

"Still, this scene was truly good. Should we pixelate it?"

"No, leave it. We can make an 'uncut version' of the movie with this scene and give it to Mister Song and his friends. But in the version that will be screened in the cinema, this part will be edited."

"That works too."

"Seems good."

"..." Northern River's Loose Cultivator.

It was too realistic and seemed gory? They want to censor it for this reason...?

I feel really wronged at this time! Northern River's Loose Cultivator ridiculed them in his heart.

Right at this time, Medicine Master passed beside Northern River's Loose Cultivator's 'corpse', and said in a soft voice, "Brother Northern River, you take everything too seriously, but sometimes, it's better not to take things too seriously. Hehe, look at mine and Purple Mist's performance!"

It was the time for the scene where Medicine Master and Riverly Purple Mist would sacrifice themselves.


Right at this time, Song Shuhang quietly descended in the rear of the shooting location.

Yu Jiaojiao came forward, and said, "Shuhang, you have arrived. You were rather quick."

Song Shuhang forced a smile. It was indeed quick, so quick that his legs were somewhat soft.

Yu Jiaojiao passed him a new daoist robe with a smile, and said, "Quickly change your clothes and find an opportunity to sneak into that group of disciples of the Immaterial Cloud Sect that is running away. As soon as the demons of the Netherworld catch up, it will be your turn to play Senior Brother Gao Sheng's role and die."

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