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Had this True Monarch named 'Eight-Armed Sword Sage' really died just like that? If they weren't present on the site themselves, perhaps these demons of the Third and Fourth Stage would have even believed this story...

But at this time, the thousands of WTFs flashing through their minds had fused into a single gigantic WTF!

Just what the f*ck was going on?!

Even though that Eight-Armed Sword Sage dropped to the ground and 'died', his life aura was as strong as ever, and as dazzling as the rising sun.

In addition, there was a transparent and very powerful defensive barrier covering his body. Even if all the demons of the Netherworld on the scene were to join their forces and attack him, they wouldn't be able to harm this Eight-Armed Sword Sage at all.

That demon of the Fourth Stage that 'killed' him had no idea what was going on, and stood in its original place absent-mindedly. Was there something wrong with the brains of these human cultivators? Just what was happening?

Before the demons could sort their thoughts out, a heroic and sad roar was transmitted from a not too distant place.

"Eight-Armed Sword Sage!!! You bastards actually dared to kill my junior brother! I'll kill every one of you!" a man cried out with all his might while surrounded by three demons of the Fourth Stage.

The glistening of tears appeared in the dragon-like eyes of the man, and his cry was able to bring tears to one's eyes. He was acting as if that Eight-Armed Sword Sage had died for real.

After roaring, the man released all his spiritual energy, and the powerful aura of a flood dragon spread from his body.

"I'll kill every one of you!!! I, Dragon God Fist, vow not to rest until I've killed EVERY—SINGLE—ONE—OF—YOU! Today, I'll be buried together with my junior brother!" that man with the flood dragon aura radiating from his body roared. Then, he jumped upward, and the projection of a huge flood dragon appeared behind his back!

This was a flood dragon on the verge of completing its transformation.

The murderous aura his body was emitting was shocking.

This person was also a True Monarch!

As if that wasn't enough, he was a flood dragon that had become a True Monarch... in other words, a first-class powerhouse amidst Sixth Stage True Monarchs! None of the six cave lords that had come over this time was going to be a match for this flood dragon of the True Monarch rank.

In the next moment, it felt as though this flood dragon of the Sixth Stage Realm known as 'Dragon God Fist' had activated some kind of 'God mode' cheat. His fists continually burst in the direction of that crowd composed of demons of the Netherworld, each fist having the projection of a flood dragon behind it.

The world was instantly filled with the cry of a dragon... as well as the pitiful cries of the demons of the Netherworld Realm.

Dammit! Can't you get a pair of glasses?! That junior brother of yours known as 'Eight-Armed Sword Sage' is alive and kicking! The life aura emanating from his body is as dazzling as the sun; are you blind or something?! The demons of the Netherworld wished they could bleach the eyes of this guy called 'Dragon God Fist'.

He was a cultivator, so he couldn't possibly have such a bad sight, right?

Because if he really had such a bad sight, maybe they could still win!

Just as the demons of the Netherworld were about to spit out a mouthful of blood due to anger, that person called 'Dragon God Fist' charged toward that demon of the Fourth Stage that had 'killed' that 'Eight-Armed Sword Sage'.

"Take this move of mine and die! Fist of the Tyrannical Flood Dragon!" Dragon God Fist shouted angrily. In the next moment, his fist rumbled in the air, drawing some kind of picture as he assumed the stance of a seemingly very powerful fist technique.

It took him a long time to prepare this fist technique... however, all the demons in the surrounding area felt their bodies very heavy due to the pressure emanating from the body of this 'Dragon God Fist'. They were thus unable to seize this opportunity to attack him.

As soon as he finished drawing that picture in midair, 'Dragon God Fist' finally punched!

The cry of a dragon reverberated in the air, resounding throughout the whole sky!

Afterward, a lifelike flood dragon made of spiritual qi shot out of the fist of this person called 'Dragon God Fist', bursting toward that demon of the Fourth Stage.

"Aaaah!" Since it was overwhelmed by the pressure, that demon of the Netherworld was unable to dodge, and could only stiffly stand in its original position. As such, the flood dragon made of spiritual qi shredded it to pieces while it was still alive.

"Junior Brother, I have avenged you!" Dragon God Fist gave a long, mournful cry with tears in his eyes.

Then... less than one minute later.

'Dragon God Fist' got surrounded by three demons of the Third Stage, and was finally 'unable to hold on'. The three demons continuously attacked him, tearing his daoist robe to pieces.

"Aaaaah~ Heavens, why do you want to destroy my Immaterial Cloud Sect!!!" Dragon God Fist uttered this classic line while showing immense grief and indignation on his face.

Afterward, a lot of blood spurted out of his body, and his whole person tumbled backward, falling to the ground and 'dying'.

Just as that Eight-Armed Sword Sage from before... although this Dragon God Fist was supposedly 'dead', his life aura was dazzling to the point of blinding the eyes of the nearby demons.

At the same time, a transparent defensive barrier had covered his body, protecting him from any harm.

The demons of the Netherworld were speechless.

Just what the f*ck was happening?

Had these human cultivators gone mad? Had they eaten the wrong medicine today?

But regardless of what was going on in the heads of these human cultivators, it was a good thing for the demons of the Netherworld as long as these two cultivators of the True Monarch rank lay on the ground and played dead, not attacking them.

At the very least, it would greatly reduce their casualties, and allow them to better concentrate and deal with the other human cultivators.

Just as this thought flashed through their minds, something that confused the demons even further happened.

Without them noticing, a human cultivator that had the air of a 'retired scholar' appeared in the rear of their camp.

Speaking of which, it was rather strange. This human cultivator was wearing a showy and scary black armor, as well as holding a more than two meters long chopping blade in his hand. From the way he was dressed, he should have had an evil and wicked aura... but as soon as the demons of the Netherworld saw him, they associated him with a retired scholar living in remote mountains.

Anyway, no one knew when this 'retired scholar' had run to the rear area of their camp.

Right at this time, that retired scholar wearing a black armor raised his large blade, and pointed it towards that group of crazy human cultivators. Afterward, he laughed wildly, and said, "Stupid disciples of the Immaterial Cloud Sect! You unexpectedly want to block the path of this warlord that goes by the name of Evil General Mingyue?! Everything under the heavens belongs to our demonic realm! Eternal glory will await those that follow me, and death those that oppose me! My subordinates, kill them! Kill everyone and destroy the Immaterial Cloud Sect!"

The demons of the Netherworld were speechless.

Who was this idiot? Why was he standing in the camp of the demons of the Netherworld and bossing them around?


It was really time to flip some tables! Everyone in this place had mental problems!

In the meantime, several demons of the Netherworld adjacent to the 'retired scholar' gritted their teeth and surrounded him, planning to put this madman to death.

But just as the demons were about to make their move, a terrifying aura spread from the body of this 'Evil General Mingyue'. It was likewise the aura of a Sixth Stage True Monarch... as if that wasn't enough, he was someone at the peak of the Sixth Stage!

The fearsome aura scared to death the demons of the Netherworld that were about to make their move.

In the next moment, Evil General Mingyue waved the blade in his hand. The whirlwind-like blade qi coiled around a group of demons next to him and sent them to the front area, right in the middle of that encirclement the human cultivators had created. "Why are you just standing there?! Follow the orders of this warlord and kill everyone! As long as you destroy the Immaterial Cloud Sect, your evil master will give you unimaginable rewards! But those that dare to retreat even one step... will die!"

The demons of the Netherworld were utterly confused, wondering what the hell was going on in this place.

A healthy brain was such a good thing; how they wished that this group of cultivators could have one as well!


Scholar Drunken Loon was extremely pleased at this moment. His acting just now had been excellent, absolutely terrific! He felt that he had simply brought to life the character of this eye-catching warlord from the enemy camp.

After the screening of the movie, he would surely pique the interest of a lot of people!

Due to this special technique he practiced since childhood, he ended up becoming an invisible man. Even in the Nine Provinces Number One Group, he was like a semi-invisible entity. His fellow daoists frequently couldn't remember his dao name. Sometimes, they would read his dao name wrong even though they were directly staring at it! But even if he was a semi-invisible entity, he wanted to have his moment of glory and be the center of attention for once!

Even if he appeared in just a few scenes in this movie, he would be content as long as he had a good presence in those scenes.

Speaking of which, did the camera capture my performance just now?

My pose while interpreting this ultrpowerful demonic general from the enemy camp was rather cool and flashy. They should have recorded all of it, right? Scholar Drunken Soon thought to himself.

Then, he glanced with the corner of his eye at the cameraman in charge of recording the scene.

He wasn't sure if it was just his misconception, but... although the scene just now should have belonged to him, the cameraman was currently aiming the camera at Su Clan's Sixteen, who was desperately fighting amidst the army of demons.

One couldn't help but admit that Su Clan's Sixteen was truly dazzling at this time. Her stature was short, and even the saber in her hand was a short one. And yet, the saber qi she was releasing with each attack seemed unstoppable and extremely overbearing!

Her petite body and the unstoppable saber qi created a beautiful contrast, giving birth to an explosion of cuteness.

Scholar Drunken Noon envied Su Clan's Sixteen a little at this time.

Anyway, the camera seemed glued to Sixteen, and gave her a close-up for a very long, long time.

Scholar Drunken Coon was speechless.

You have got to be kidding me, right? According to the script, wasn't I supposed to be the focus of the scene just now?

They actually didn't record that part where I was so awe-inspiring?

Cameraman! Quickly turn the camera toward me!

Scholar Drunken Boon started to wave the large blade in his hand, continuously picking up the demons of the Netherworld next to him and throwing them toward the cultivators ahead in the hoping of stealing the show.

At last, the conscience of the cameraman was pricked. He returned to his senses and stopped focusing on Su Clan's Sixteen, finally moving the camera toward Scholar Drunken Goon.

"The camera is aiming at me. The scene is finally mine." Scholar Drunken Coon assumed the coolest pose he knew, and fully released the aura of a great demon capable of destroying the world.

The cameraman was very satisfied and gave Scholar Drunken Hoon the thumbs up... then, less than two seconds later, he moved the camera toward another side, aiming at Riverly Purple Mist, who was playing Senior Sister Murong Hua's role.

Like Su Clan's Sixteen, Riverly Purple Mist also had a relatively petite figure. However, her bearing was completely different than Sixteen's.

Su Clan's Sixteen's fighting style was overbearing, while Riverly Purple Mist's was somewhat eerie.

The cameraman felt that he had captured the scene perfectly.

During the screening of the movie, the spectators would surely praise his hard work. Such beautiful women were very hard to come by, yet several of them were going to appear in this movie!

Scholar Drunken Yoon: 😳


(╯‵□′)╯︵ /(.□ . )

He was going to flip everything!

He couldn't even happily participate in the movie now? How was this scene—shorter than two seconds—supposed to fully display the powerful presence of the great villain he was playing?!

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