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Song Shuhang said, "Senior Northern River, Venerable White and I are on our way back to the holiday residence. Anyway, Senior... what do you mean by 'It's your turn to die next'?"

"Little friend Shuhang, as soon as that four-headed snake demon took you away, another large wave of demons coming from the Netherworld Realm came over and attacked us. It was at that point that Young Master Phoenix Slayer had a sudden inspiration and suggested to seize this opportunity to shoot the scene of the Immaterial Cloud Sect getting destroyed. As such, we discussed with Director Jacob a bit and started with the shooting of that part where the Immaterial Cloud Sect gets destroyed. True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple, who was playing the role of the Eight-Armed Sword Sage, has already died in battle. Now is Medicine Master and Riverly Purple Mist's turn to die, and after the death of some minor characters, it will be your turn to kick the bucket while playing Senior Brother Gao Sheng's role. Therefore, you should quickly hurry back and not delay the shooting of this exciting scene further.

"Anyway, I don't have much time for explanations right now... it just so happens that I have to play the role of the vice-sect master of the Immaterial Cloud Sect, Daoist Priest Wudao, and heroically die in battle as well. I'm going on stage now... Miss Jiaojiao, are my stage props ready? Maybe prepare some more bags of blood for that lower part of the body made of plastic. According to the script, a demon will cleave me into two with one attack. Therefore, the amount of blood that will spurt out will be pretty large. Quickly, I'm about to go on stage!" Northern River's Loose Cultivator's voice was transmitted from the other end of the phone.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator also added, "Little friend Shuhang, another thing. Tell Senior White to prepare as well. After the arc of the destruction of the Immaterial Cloud Sect is over, there is the scene of the main character Ling Ye coming back and kneeling in front of the ruins of the sect, crying copiously. Therefore, tell Senior White to prepare to play this tragic part so that he can immediately empathize with the main character when the time comes!"

Song Shuhang forced a smile, and said, "Senior Northern River... Senior White is currently in secluded meditation."

Northern River's Loose Cultivator was dumbfounded. "What? Senior White is in secluded meditation? When did that happen, and for how long is he closing up?"

He wasn't planning to close up for tens or hundreds of years, right?!

How were they supposed to continue with the shooting of the movie if the main character suddenly closed up for tens or hundreds of years? Would they have to bring Fellow Daoist Copper Trigram over and have him disguise as Venerable White to complete the shooting of the movie?

Song Shuhang replied, "Senior Northern River, you don't need to worry. Senior White is not closing up for too long, only about a couple of hours. Anyway, Senior White was already closing up when that four-headed snake demon descended from the sky and took us away. Therefore, it's likely he started as soon as he fell unconscious to the ground during the shooting of the movie."

Northern River's Loose Cultivator was speechless. "Shuhang, in that case, how did you manage to escape from that four-headed snake demon?"

Song Shuhang replied, "I have no idea, either. I only remember that the four-headed snake demon wanted to bring Senior White and me back to the Netherworld Realm. Then, I was knocked out, and when I woke up, I discovered that both Senior White and I were lying on the layer of light that Meteor Sword had generated. As for that four-headed snake demon, it was hanging above Meteor Sword. It seems someone else took care of it."

Northern River's Loose Cultivator pondered for a moment, then guessed, "Is it possible that a meteorite suddenly fell from the sky and killed that four-headed snake demon?"

Given Venerable White's luck, something of the sort happening wasn't that strange.

Song Shuhang glanced at the almost flattened four-headed snake demon, and said, "That's not out of the question... after all, it seems that something rolled over the body of this four-headed snake time and again."

Northern River's Loose Cultivator said, "Alright, alright. We don't have too much time; we'll talk about it once Venerable White and you return to the holiday residence. As for that scene where Venerable White has to play Ling Ye's role and kneel in front of the ruins of the sect and cry, we'll think of a solution. If we can't think of anything, we can just wait and shoot it as soon as Venerable White wakes up, adding this scene to the movie later. Anyway, you should try to return as quickly as possible. The scene of Senior Brother Gao Sheng heroically dying in battle is one of the most touching scenes of the story; we absolutely can't miss it."

Song Shuhang replied, "I know. I'll tell Meteor Sword to head back at the fastest speed."

"In that case, I'll hang up first. It's time for me to go on stage, see you in a while~ I'm coming, I'm coming. No need to shout, Miss Jiaojiao. I'm immediately heading over. Don't worry, I already put myself in the shoes of the character. I can assure you that it will be a beautiful and magnificent death. I won't mess up!" Northern River's Loose Cultivator's voice was transmitted from the other end of the phone.

"..." Song Shuhang.

It felt strange to see Senior Northern River 'seeking death' on own initiative.

After hanging up, Song Shuhang glanced at Venerable White's statue and the corpse of the four-headed snake demon.

Then, he sighed and patted Meteor Sword, saying, "Meteor Sword, do you remember the coordinates of that holiday mountain residence? We have to head there as quickly as possible."

As soon as he had finished saying these words, Song Shuhang had a bad feeling. Did he say something wrong just now?

"Buzz, buzz, buzz~" Meteor Sword issued a buzzing sound, and seemed very happy.

Very soon, Song Shuhang realized why he just had that bad feeling.

Meteor Sword's dashed forward at full speed, accelerating continuously. It was getting faster and faster, just as though there was no limit to the speed it could reach!

After three breaths of time, Meteor Sword's speed had already surpassed that of a 'disposable flying sword' by fifty times.

Although it didn't have any of the special effects that the 'disposable meteor sword' had, this simple and pure 'speed' was still extremely scary. The scenery on both sides started to become unclear.

As such, little friend Song Shuhang's acrophobia flared up again. Meteor Sword was simply too fast, and its speed far surpassed the maximum speed he could withstand.

He cautiously grabbed the leg of Venerable White's statue and closed his eyes in fear. This was going to be another piece of black history added to his life.

Song Shuhang shouted, "Meteor Sword, s-slow down a bit!"

However, Meteor Sword was like a wild horse at this time. It was unable to stop, and its speed kept increasing!

Our little friend Song Shuhang was someone that had just advanced to the Third Stage, and there was a long way for him to advance to the Fourth Stage—a whole great realm.

At this time, he had made up his mind and was even more determined to put a guardrail around his flying sword or flying saber in the future.

One had to put safety first. Long live safety!


In the meantime, at the periphery of Venerable White's luxurious holiday residence.

Scholar Xian Gong operated the trapping formations at full strength, and surrounded the five demons of the Sixth Stage and the several other powerful demons of the Fifth Stage under their control.

Then, he opened his mouth and shouted, "Beat them without mercy! Capture alive the demons of the Sixth Stage and those particularly powerful demons of the Fifth Stage, don't let them run! As for those ordinary demons of the Third and Fourth Stage, as well as those of the Fifth Stage that aren't too strong, let them pass through!"

The blue-haired Scholar Flying Fish spun the knives in her hands. Her hawk-like eyes hidden beneath the bangs closely stared at the prey. "Fellow Daoist Xian Gong, those three demons of the Fifth Stage in the top right corner have some special ability. They have been calling for their companions all along."

"In that case, have them stay behind; let them continue with what they are doing. As for the demons of the Third and Fourth Stage, let them pass so that they can help the fellow daoists inside shoot the movie," Scholar Xian Gong said.

At the same time, he started to search through the group of demons.

Where was the demodragon?

Why wasn't that demodragon amongst these several demons of the Sixth Stage that had rushed over from the Netherworld?

Where was it at this time?

Was it possible that it had been clever enough to hide in the back lines?

Dammit, I have no choice but to capture these several demons of the Sixth Stage alive and ask them where the demodragon is! Scholar Xian Gong thought to himself.

As a consequence, all the demons at the peak of the Fifth Stage or stronger got blocked with the joint efforts of Scholar Xian Gong, Scholar Flying Fish, Scholar Rice Cake, and the other helpers.

As for the demons of the Third and Fourth Stage, as well the ordinary ones of the Fifth Stage, they were allowed to pass through and break into the holiday residence.

There, the various fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group had already turned into superstars, ready to enjoy themselves.


At this time, the demons of the Netherworld that had managed to break into the holiday residence with much difficulty were all dumbfounded.

As soon as they barged into the residence, a large crowd of powerful cultivators appeared in front of them. These cultivators were particularly sinister. They hid their auras and disguised themselves as weaklings, revealing their fangs only after the demons of the Netherworld had come over.

But since they were already there, they might as well fight it out!

After all, whenever demons of the Netherworld and human cultivators met, it was going to be a life-and-death battle.

If cultivators won, they would use the demons to refine pills and manufacture magical treasures. If the demons won, they would capture the cultivators alive and bring them back to the Netherworld as sex slaves...

War was inevitable.

But just as the demons of the Netherworld were getting ready to face a bloody war... those powerful cultivators started to call out pitifully, dropping 'dead' one after another during the battle.

For example, there was this powerful cultivator of the Sixth Stage True Monarch Realm, whose strength was comparable to the six cave lords in charge of the attack this time.

The fighting capacity of this True Monarch was outstanding. He could grow six arms on his back and wield a sword with each arm.

The way he entered the fray was also majestic. He pointed his sword at the demons of the Netherworld, and shouted, "Evil creatures! The Eight-Armed Sword Sage of the Immaterial Cloud Sect has arrived! If you want to bring destruction upon the Immaterial Cloud Sect, you'll have to get past my corpse!"

Afterward, he charged into the group of demons. He was simply like a wolf charging into a flock of sheep. No, perhaps more like an ancient, colossal dragon charging into a flock of sheep.

Amongst the demons of the Third and Fourth Stage, none could resist a single attack of his. Even amongst the ordinary demons of the Fifth Stage, very few could resist five attacks.

The demons of the Netherworld were beaten so badly that they were on the verge of tears. In addition, what was the deal with this Immaterial Cloud Sect?

This time, they hadn't come to destroy any sect! The reason they came here was to capture an evil survivor of the Jingang Temple and kidnap a few ordinary human cultivators. Why did it turn out as them attacking and destroying a sect now?

Then, just as the demons of the Netherworld were getting massacred... the True Monarch suddenly roared, and charged toward a single demon of the Fourth Stage Realm.

Next, a great battle between the two started!

This demon of the Fourth Stage that shouldn't have been able to withstand a single attack of that terrifying Eight-Armed Sword Sage was now evenly fighting with him... no, it even held a slight advantage!

The demons weren't seeing things. In this battle between a Sixth Stage True Monarch and a demon of the Fourth Stage, the demon was actually winning!

Was it some kind of illusory technique?

Just as they were in deep thoughts, that demon of the Fourth Stage clenched its teeth and erupted with all its strength, sending out over ten consecutive palm attacks.

The Eight-Armed Sword Sage was unable to dodge in time, and got hit by the consecutive palm attacks!

"Aaaaah~ Heavens, why do you want to destroy my Immaterial Cloud Sect!!!" After shouting these words, the Eight-Armed Sword Sage loudly fell to the ground; his eight treasured swords also scattered all around him.

Blood continuously sprayed out from his mouth and chest area.

He looked really miserable.

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