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Chapter 650: Who do you think you are? Guan Yu?
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

What had happened was simply too scary! Cave Lord Dragon was an existence of the Sixth Stage rank that possessed the body of a demodragon. Amidst Sixth Stage True Monarchs, its strength was definitely on the high-end level! But now, the powerful Cave Lord Dragon had been turned into a meat skewer after it casually bumped into someone's sword?

The monster willow Qing Wu was terrified. What is the realm of this gentle mister? How come Cave Lord Dragon, a powerhouse of the Sixth Stage rank, doesn't even have the strength to fight back while facing him?

"Don't worry. I didn't come to the Netherworld Realm to deal with you. It's just that my flying sword was going too fast and something unexpected happened during the trip. As a result, I ended up in the Netherworld Realm," Venerable White said while waving at the monster willow. After comforting her, he asked, "Little monster willow, do you know how I can leave the Netherworld Realm?"

Speaking of which, it was Venerable White's first time coming to the Netherworld Realm. Therefore, he didn't know much about the place.

The monster willow Qing Wu said while trembling, "Y-you can leave from where you came..."

"Oh, so that's how it was. Thanks," Venerable White said with a smile. "Right, I still need to thank you for your tree branch. The quality of the wood was very high, and the flying sword I manufacture thanks to it is also excellent. Its speed isn't inferior to that of my life-bound flying sword."

The monster willow Qing Wu was speechless.

After greeting the monster willow, Venerable White glanced at the tip of his disposable flying sword 004 edition, which was now piercing the body of a muscular demodragon.

The fists of the muscular demodragon were crisscrossed as it was pierced by the sword qi. The sword qi pierced through its arms and reached its chest, with the tip of the sword also puncturing its body. At this time, the muscular demodragon was continuously struggling, trying to break free from Venerable White's sword.

Unfortunately, Venerable White sword qi was also releasing a special type of purifying strength, the same strength that the monster willow Qing Qu had experienced earlier.

The purifying strength was continuously driving out the foul energy in the body of the demodragon. In addition, it had the capacity to weaken the demons of the Netherworld, and even a powerhouse of the Sixth Stage rank such as Cave Lord Dragon became weak and feeble as the purifying strength injected into its body directly. Cave Lord Dragon couldn't muster the strength to break free from the tip of the sword at this time.

"Eh? It's unexpectedly a demodragon?" Venerable White said, somewhat surprised, as he smelled Cave Lord Dragon's blood.

This short and stocky evil creature turned out to be a cosmic demon—a demodragon, to be more precise.

A cosmic demon and also a demon of the Netherworld Realm... this one had to be eliminated!

Thereupon, Venerable White gently tapped on the flying sword with his right foot. Immediately after, his sword intent exploded.

The sword intent directly cut into the body of the demodragon.


In the next moment, the body of the demodragon stiffened. Then, an amber-like substance emerged from its body, instantaneously wrapping it up and turning it into a huge amber-colored statue.

Just in this fashion, the amber-colored statue hardened with the tip of the disposable flying sword still inside.

The life aura of Cave Lord Dragon quickly disappeared. It wasn't only the body of the demodragon; the insect inside was also petrified, thoroughly dying.

The powerful cave lord of the Evil Dragon Cave, which was situated on the Mountain of Next Life, had died in its home territory before it could even set out for battle.

"Cave Lord Dragon God!" the monster willow Qing Wu called out in alarm.

'Dragon God' was the real name of 'Cave Lord Dragon'. Its name when it was just an insect was 'King', but after taking the possession of the body of this demodragon, it decided to upgrade it to 'Dragon God'!

"Eh? You knew this demodragon?" Venerable White turned his head around and glanced at the monster willow.

Qing Wu's face whitened. Then, she firmly shook her head and said, "N-no, I totally don't know it!"

True Monarch White Crane sneered, "Didn't you just call its name right now, Cave Lord Dragon God? Hmph! As expected, this monster willow can't be trusted, either. Senior White, please, let me turn her into firewood."

"No!" Qing Wu got a scare. She pulled her roots out of the soil of the Netherworld and soared into the sky, fleeing to a distant place! Although she couldn't change her form, she was a monster of the Fifth Stage rank that had condensed a Monster Core. Therefore, she was capable of flight.

But how could her speed be a match for the six-winged True Monarch White Crane if she couldn't even ride a flying sword?

True Monarch White Crane flapped its wings and instantaneously appeared next to the monster willow.

Next, it attacked her with its right palm.


The monster willow was sent flying while upside down and fell in front of Venerable White.

True Monarch White Crane's body flickered again and appeared beside Qing Wu. Then, its finger turned into a sword and prepared to turn the monster willow into firewood.

"White Crane, wait," Venerable White said and stopped it.

True Monarch White Crane immediately held back its sword qi and glanced at Venerable White in puzzlement. "Senior White, is something the matter?"

"I feel there is some fate between her and me. Therefore, let's forgive her and bring her back with us. Afterward, I'll need to find a way to drive out the energy of the Netherworld in her body and purify her." Venerable White held his chin and then added, "With that, if I feel like manufacturing a disposable flying sword in the future, I can have an unlimited source of high-quality branches at my disposal. Perhaps I can even create a new series of disposable flying swords, the disposable monster willow series?"

The monster willow Qing Wu was speechless.

Dammit, I was moved for nothing!

Qing Wu was extremely touched after hearing the first part of Venerable White's speech, wishing she could give both her body and soul to this gentle and powerful mister, but when she heard the second half, she was directly thrown into the depths of hell.

True Monarch White Crane said, "Senior White has truly a great vision and farsightedness!"

Thereupon, Senior White used a magical technique and tied the monster willow to the back of the disposable flying sword 004 edition.

Qing Wu felt that the world was very cruel.


"Sit tight, we are heading back!" Venerable White said. Then, he made a hand seal, and the disposable flying sword carried off the three people and the muscular demodragon away, quickly heading toward the space crack.

The flying speed of the sword was terrifying.

Qing Wu felt that her roots had become soft. Luckily, she was a monster of the Fifth Stage rank and could clench her teeth and resist such speed.

Two breaths later.

Venerable White thought to himself, I'm getting more and more hungry. I'd better increase the speed.

Therefore, he made another hand seal, and the speed of the flying sword increased by more than five times!

True Monarch White Crane was able to resist the speed with its body of the Sixth Stage rank.

But the poor monster tree tied to the back of the flying sword with a magical rope couldn't bear it anymore. She had never experienced such incredible speed, and as if that wasn't enough, she was tied to the sword with a rope, which gave her all sorts of 'thrills' during the flight.

"Aaaaaaaah~" the monster tree called out in alarm. Her voice was like the cry of dolphin, high-pitched and giving no sign of going down.


In the meantime.

In the Jiangnan area, not too far away from Yu Jiaojiao's villa. Next to a sparsely populated road without a surveillance system.

A silver 'Wuling Hongguang' minivan quietly appeared on the road, speeding alongside it.

In the minivan, a man with a red face gently whistled.

"No one discovered me, very good. The destination is little friend Yu Jiaojiao's villa. Let's go," the man with the red face said with a smile, quickly speeding on the road with his made in China minivan.

Although what he was driving looked like a minivan, its true essence was that of an immortal boat. It was a cool vehicle that could fly in the sky, travel on the road, and even move underwater.

He had disguised it and changed its shape to that of a minivan so that it wouldn't draw too much attention.

The man with the red face driving the vehicle was on the verge of reaching little friend Song Shuhang's place!


Just as he was driving, he chanced upon the traffic police, which was currently checking for drunk drivers.

In recent years, the number of traffic accidents had increased along with the increasing number of private cars. Therefore, the police was really strict while checking for drunk drivers. The traffic police was very elusive, and no one knew where and at what time they would appear to check the drivers.

The man with the red face didn't seem to care and calmly drove over.

Then, his vehicle was forced to stop. There were three vehicles in front of him, and all the drivers were performing the preliminary breath test.

After the drivers in the front were done with the test, it was finally his turn.

He lowered the window and took out his driving license. But before he could even open his mouth to speak, the nearby young police officer said, "Please, show me your driving license... eh? You drank quite a lot, didn't you?"

The man with the red face that was about to hand over his driving license was dumbfounded. "What?"

"Don't play dumb. Your face is all red," the young police officer sneered. He glanced at the driving license and saw that the full name of the man was 'Xian Gong'. Surnamed Xian and named Gong? This name is rather strange.

Soon after, the young police officer took out the equipment for the preliminary breath test.

"I was born like this, my face is innately red!" the man with the red face said angrily.

"Hehe, who do you think you are to have an innately red face, Guan Yu 1 ? Enough chit-chat, blow here. As long as you are drunk, you'll get caught," the young police officer handed over the equipment for the preliminary breath test.

The man with the red face took it in his hands and blew into it.

In the next moment...

"Eh? You aren't drunk?" The young police officer was astonished. It wasn't his first time making a mistake while judging whether someone was drunk or not, but it was his first time seeing someone with a red face like this man before his eyes not being drunk! Was it possible that the man was really born with a red face? However, the color of his face was the same as those of drunkards!

"See? I was born like this, do you understand now?" The man with the red face wished he could spurt out all his saliva in the face of the young police officer.

So what if he had a red face? Was he getting discriminated against for this reason now?!

The embarrassed police officer let him pass.

The man with the red face drove away his vehicle, somewhat depressed, and headed toward Yu Jiaojiao's home.

I chanced upon the traffic police checking for drunk drivers... I feel that my luck isn't too good today! Scholar Xian Gong thought to himself. Yes, this man with a red face was precisely Scholar Xian Gong.

I hope nothing bad will happen to the demodragon... hopefully, it won't sneak-attack little friend Song Shuhang before my arrival. Dammit, I should hurry up and quickly reach the destination. I absolutely can't let the demodragon escape or fall into someone else's hands!

Very soon, Scholar Xian Gong arrived in the proximity of Yu Jiaojiao's villa.

"This is the place." Scholar Xian Gong got out of the minivan and glanced at Yu Jiaojiao's undamaged villa. From the looks of it, the demodragon had yet to arrive.

This was simply perfect.

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