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Chapter 649: My boss was just turned into a meat skewer, what to do now?
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"There is no need to make a fuss about it. White Crane, return her to the Netherworld Realm and then seal the space passage," Venerable White said while stepping on the flying sword.

"Senior White, is that really fine? She is an evil creature of the Netherworld!" True Monarch White Crane said, somewhat worried.

Venerable White faintly smiled and said, "Don't worry. If she was one of those frenzied demons, I would have turned her into woodchips the instant she came out of the passage."

The quality of her wood was rather good. Therefore, Venerable White's first impression of her was a positive one.

After hearing Venerable White's words, True Monarch White Crane nodded its head. Then, the six wings on its back unfurled and violently flapped at the monster willow.

A fierce gale sprang up and headed toward the monster willow.

"Aaaaah!" Qing Wu screamed as she was sent back to the Netherworld Realm. She was currently in a weakened state and didn't have the strength to resist the wind.

Next, True Monarch White Crane formed a hand seal and used a sealing technique on that passage that led to the Netherworld Realm.


Qing Wu clenched her teeth and said, "Dammit."

After she was sent back, the energy of the Netherworld poured into her body and made her recover her strength.

Then, she took something that resembled a beetle out of her branches.

Due to the chaotic energy of the Netherworld Realm, it was impossible to use electric equipment to communicate over long distances, and even the range of thousand mile sound transmitters and such was very limited.

However, the demons of the Netherworld Realm still managed to research and create various methods that could allow them to communicate over long distances. For example, this beetle was something used to carry out long-distance conversations.

Qing Wu decided to use it to get in contact with Cave Lord Dragon as soon as possible.


At this time, Cave Lord Dragon was inside its Evil Dragon Cave with several other cave lords of the Mountain of Next Life it had invited over. They were all discussing how to deal with that evil survivor of the Jingang Temple.

Although that evil survivor of the Jingang Temple was only a cultivator of the Third Stage Realm, Cave Lord Dragon didn't dare to be careless. After all, there were still other cultivators together with that person. Thereupon, Cave Lord Dragon called several other cave lords to its cave and invited them to go to Earth to kill that survivor of the Jingang Temple and kidnap a bunch of human cultivators while they were at it.

Human cultivators could provide great nourishment for the demons of the Netherworld Realm. The demons could greatly increase their power by either eating them or bringing them back to the Netherworld Realm to carry out sexual intercourse with them to steal away their strength. Although Cave Lord Dragon said it was heading to Earth to kill that evil survivor of the Jingang Temple, the truth was that it wanted to seize this opportunity to form a 'hunting team' and increase its strength as well.

The other cave lords also got rather excited after hearing about the hunt.

Everyone instantly became of the same mind.

The discussion had already reached the final stage. Cave Lord Dragon and the other cave lords had agreed upon the time and shared the data related to Song Shuhang's aura.

At the appointed time, they would lock onto Song Shuhang's coordinates and launch a joint attack.

But right at this time, Cave Lord Dragon received a 'call' from the monster willow Qing Wu.

"Qing Wu, is something the matter?" Cave Lord Dragon asked in a grave tone.

"Cave Lord, I was blocked right at the exit of the Netherworld Realm. The opposite party threw me back here and even sealed the space passage I managed to find with much difficulty," the monster willow Qing Wu said.

Cave Lord Dragon furrowed its brows. Although Qing Wu was relatively weak amongst the senior generals under its command, she was still a monster of the Fifth Stage rank! In addition, her body was very hard. If she were to get serious, her strength could reach that of a middle-rank senior general.

"What was the strength of the opposite party?" Although Cave Lord Dragon was a demodragon, its true nature was that of an insect that could possess other creatures. It wasn't hotheaded or impulsive.

"There were two people. One had the strength of the Sixth Stage rank. I'm not sure about the other, but he should also have the strength of the Sixth Stage or above," the monster willow Qing Wu replied.

"Wait for me there. I'll immediately come over." After hearing that the strength of the opposite party was only of the Sixth Stage rank, Cave Lord Dragon relaxed.

Demodragons had excellent fighting capacity amidst cosmic demons and were stronger than blood demons. Although they didn't have any intellect, several human cultivators of the same rank had to team up to take them down!

But that wasn't all. The demodragon that this insect had taken over had stayed in the Netherworld for a very long time, getting influenced by its energy. Therefore, it wasn't a problem for it to fight twenty human cultivators of the Sixth Stage at the same time!

As such, Cave Lord Dragon bid farewell to other cave lords and quickly headed towards Qing Wu's position.

The other cave lords also took their leave one after another, returning to their territories and preparing for the upcoming battle.



True Monarch White Crane was almost done sealing that space passage that connected Earth to the Netherworld Realm.

"Get sealed!" True Monarch White Crane said in a grave tone as he used his sealing technique. Soon after, the space passage leading to the Netherworld slowly started to close.

This tailor-made magical technique that had the capacity to seal space passages connecting Earth to the Netherworld Realm had spread amidst human cultivators a long time ago.

Although True Monarch White Crane's strength was only of the Sixth Stage True Monarch Realm, even demons of the Seventh Stage Venerable rank would have a hard time opening this passage once it was sealed... and that was with True Monarch White Crane's seal still being in an embryonic form!

"Senior White, I've finished setting up the embryonic form of the seal. I'll have to rely on you to strengthen it," True Monarch White Crane said.

Venerable White nodded and stretched out his hand, adding several formations to the seal True Monarch White Crane had arranged. Now, it was impossible to untie this seal unless a demon of the Eighth Stage Profound Sage rank suddenly appeared on the other side. Therefore, there was no need to worry about the demons of the Netherworld coming out of this space passage within a short period of time.

The sealing process was finally over.

"Senior White, should we set out?" True Monarch White Crane asked.

It was somewhat excited at this time. Very soon, both it and Venerable White would ride the same flying sword!

Although Venerable White's disposable flying swords traumatized it quite a bit back then, it wasn't a problem as long as it was together with Senior White! With Senior White there, it could overcome all hardships!


Venerable White made a hand seal, making the disposable flying sword 004 edition emit a gentle sword light. In the next moment, just as the flying sword picked him up, True Monarch White Crane also mustered its courage and shamelessly stepped on the disposable flying sword.

Venerable White asked, "Eh? White Crane, aren't you going to ride your flying boat?"

"Senior White, I feel that the speed of the flying boat is too slow. In addition, I would prefer to closely follow Senior White and not get left behind!" True Monarch White Crane said earnestly.

"Alright. Stand firmly then." Venerable White didn't seem to mind.

Venerable White made another hand seal, and the disposable flying sword 004 edition emitted a sword cry, starting to shake.

In the next moment, the disposable flying sword shot forward at extreme speed...

So fast! It's even faster than the disposable meteor sword from the last time, True Monarch White Crane thought to itself.

This time, Venerable White had obtained many benefits after exploring the ancient ruins Immortal Cheng Lin had left behind. Perhaps even his strength had increased.

Then, just as True Monarch White Crane was in deep thoughts, Venerable White's flying sword suddenly came to a stop.

"Senior White, is something the matter?" True Monarch White Crane asked. It almost lost its balance earlier and was nearly flung off the flying sword.

Venerable White raised his head and looked all around, saying, "Not good. The flying sword was too fast earlier, and while I wasn't paying attention, we barged into a space crack."

"..." True Monarch White Crane asked, "Senior White, where does this space crack we barged into lead to?"

"If I'm not mistaken, we will arrive in the Netherworld Realm soon," Venerable White replied

"..." True Monarch White Crane.

They had directly barged into the Netherworld Realm?

Actually, that was rather troublesome. White Crane possessed the bloodline of a divine beast and was born with the 'light' attribute. On Earth, it was the natural enemy of all the evil creatures of the Netherworld Realm.

But now that it was the one being in the Netherworld Realm... f*ck.

"Senior White, are we still in time to make a U-turn and go back?" True Monarch White Crane asked.

Venerable White replied, "It's too late for that."

Just as they were talking, the disposable flying sword 004 edition got out the space passage and arrived in a dark and evil world.

A nauseating smell immediately rushed to their noses. True Monarch White Crane felt very uncomfortable in this place. After all, the attribute here was the complete opposite of the one it possessed. Its fighting strength was directly cut in half in here.

How can I be so unlucky?!

Wait, that's incorrect. As long as I'm with Senior White, any situation, no matter how unlucky, is bearable!

Look how I overcome the puny Netherworld Realm!


In the Netherworld Realm.

"Dammit, the space passage was sealed." The monster willow Qing Wu was extremely sad at this time. The passage before her eyes had been thoroughly sealed and there was no way for her to open it.

From the looks of it, she would have to find another space passage if they wanted to sneak into China.

"Qing Wu, how is the situation?" Just as she was in deep thoughts, a muscular dragon quickly arrived next to her.

Although the muscular dragon was short and stocky, its speed was extremely fast. It managed to reach Qing Wu's current position from the Evil Dragon Cave in such a short amount of time.

"Cave Lord Dragon, you were one step late. The passage has been sealed already." Qing Wu pointed at the sealed passage ahead.

Cave Lord Dragon inspected the space passage and furrowed its brows, saying, "That's troublesome. A powerhouse of the Sixth Stage rank arranged this seal. In addition, the seal is something created to deal with the Netherworld Realm. I'm afraid we won't be able to break it unless we can find a powerhouse of the Seventh Stage rank or above. There seems to be no other way... we can only let them go for now. Qing Wu, look for another space passage. If we meet those two people while dealing with that evil survivor of the Jingang Temple, I promise to take care of them in your stead."

"This seems the only way," the monster willow Qing Wu replied.

Just as they were talking, a burst of swift and fierce sword qi pierced the space and headed toward Cave Lord Dragon and Qing Wu.

"Who is there?" the muscular demodragon said in a grave tone as it suddenly turned around, using its fist to punch at the incoming sword qi.

But in the next moment, a feeling of pain was transmitted from its fists.

The fists it was so proud of were wounded by the sword qi of the opposite party.

But it didn't end here. The strength of the sword qi didn't diminish and directly pierced through its body. In the end, the whole sword punctured its body and carried it away.

"Oh, we just bumped into something."

"Senior White, it doesn't matter. We are in the Netherworld Realm; it's fine regardless of what we bump into," another voice comforted.

"Let me take a look. It seems we bumped into a dragon-type demon," Venerable White said and turned his head around, noticing a dumbfounded monster tree standing not too far from them.

Venerable White felt that there was some fate between himself and this monster tree. Thereupon, he waved his hand and greeted her. "Eh? Isn't that the same monster willow from before? Hey, how are you? We meet again!"

Qing Wu was so scared that even her teeth were chattering. When she saw that gentle mister turn Cave Lord Dragon into a meat skewer with his sword, even her roots became soft. She was unable to speak even after a while.

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