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Chapter 632: A traffic collision in the parking area
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Thereupon, Dharma King Creation who opened his mouth started singing again amidst the desperation of the 300,000 viewers. "When will the moon be clear and bright~? With a cup of wine in my hand, I ask the clear sky~ In the heavens on this night, I wonder what season it would be~?"

It was coming again! That fearsome storm-like voice was coming again!

This time, the 300,000 viewers didn't have the strength to resist and were like dead fishes thrown into a tsunami, completely at Dharma King Creation's mercy.

"Aaaaah! This time, I'm really dying..." said someone weakly.

"Doctor, save me, please. I feel that there is still hope for me..."

"Mom, this world is simply too scary. I won't look at a live stream ever again..."

"I won't survive this... I'm surely not going to survive this..."

"Elders, I was mistaken... I shouldn't have turned the audio on. Please, save me, elders!" called out in grief a layman disciple of the Warring Buddha Sect.

"Lascivious activities can lead to bitter consequences! Those fairy maidens really led to my demise! I won't love a fairy maiden ever again..."

...But was making such an oath really okay?

"From tomorrow onwards, I'll become a real monk and abstain from sex, alcohol, and meat. I'll stop being a layman disciple and return to the Warring Buddha Sect to become a real monk." Someone had finally seen through the vanity of the mortal world.

"The god of Creation really made fools of people!"

All kinds of wails echoed.

From the looks of it, China's hospitals would be filled with additional 300,000 patients once Dharma King Creation's song was over.

As for the symptoms of the patients... dizziness, vomiting, lack of strength, and so on.

Amongst them, some would probably end up suffering from 'music-phobia' and 'old songs-phobia', while the majority would develop 'live broadcast-phobia'.

'Water Melody' had become a nightmare of 300,000 people today.

It was unknown how the authorities were going to process this situation...

There were also the recordings of Dharma King Creation's voice... would they become terrifying pollution-free weapons that surpassed conventional weapons some day in the future?


At this time, in Yu Jiaojiao's villa.

Song Shuhang said goodbye to Yu Jiaojiao, Daoist Priest Horizon, and Immortal Fairy Bie Xue, heading toward Venerable White's garage situated next to Jiangnan University Town together with Lady Onion.

This time, Lady Onion absolutely didn't want to stay behind and gladly followed Song Shuhang. She changed back to her green onion form and obediently hid in Song Shuhang's size-reducing purse. Her natural enemy, Immortal Fairy Bie Xue, had been eyeing her covetously all along.

Lady Onion feared that her green onion sprout would become part of a dish the following day if she were to stay inside Yu Jiaojiao's villa any longer.


After arriving at Venerable White's garage, Song Shuhang decided to drive a SUV made in China and switched the navigator on, setting Jiangnan area's City of Cinema as the destination.

Hopefully, Fairy Firefly would have already left by the time he got there. Only then would he be able to meet with Su Clan's Sixteen openly. Song Shuhang secretly offered his prayers.

Then, just as he started the vehicle and prepared to get out of the garage, he discovered that an uncle dressed up as an office worker was waiting for him at the entrance.

"Eh? It's you, Uncle!" Song Shuhang immediately recognized the man after seeing him. It was that uncle who went with the dao name 'Zheng De'.

He was a disciple of the Immortal Farming Sect that mistakenly believed that Su Clan's Seven stole the Seven Colors Wonder Fruit from their sect after getting played by Young Master Hai.

Afterward, this uncle followed Su Clan's Sixteen's traces and arrived at Jiangnan University Town. Then, a lot of things happened between him, Sixteen, and Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang stopped the vehicle and looked at Zheng De, who was a cultivator at the peak of the Second Stage Realm, very close to reaching the Third Stage. From what he remembered, this uncle had become the new sect master of the Immortal Farming Sect. Such being the case, what was he doing here in Jiangnan University Town?

Moreover, it seemed as though he was waiting for him?

Zheng De also looked at Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang was now a little taller, and even his build seemed to have gotten stronger. His short hair now reached the waist, and his eyebrows were gone.

Then, as for his realm... what the hell? The corner of Zheng De's mouth twitched. When he saw this boy two months ago, he hadn't even completed his foundation establishment and got KO'd by one of his punches. But when they met again today, that boy had reached the Third Stage Realm!

Zheng De couldn't help but blurt out, "What kind of bug did you exploit!"

"Ahaha, Uncle Zheng De seems very trendy as of late; it seems you have grasped some modern words as well," Song Shuhang said with a forced smile. Then, he got out of the car and continued, "Actually, I had a fortuitous encounter recently, which increased my cultivation speed a little. But since I've been breaking through too quickly, I have to put in twice the effort while practicing so as to consolidate my foundation properly."

After all, the only reason he quickly advanced in realm while he was in the Second Stage was someone imparting him their strength. This caused his realm to become somewhat unstable. Therefore, he had to spend the next period of time to stabilize his foundation as much as possible.

Zheng De faintly sighed. A fortuitous encounter that slightly increased his cultivation speed? Other cultivators might start crying if they were to discover how quickly you advanced in realm, do you get that?

Song Shuhang asked, "Uncle Zheng De, did you need something since you were waiting for me?"

"Yes. I was looking for you, but had no idea where you lived. Therefore, I had no choice but to wait for you close to the university," Zheng De replied.

He waited close to Jiangnan University Town for the past few days because he was looking for Song Shuhang. But since the university was closed due to holidays, he was able to meet Song Shuhang only today.

"Uncle, how can I help you?" Song Shuhang asked.

Zheng De took a seed out of his clothes. The seed was emanating a seven-colored radiance. It was obviously something very valuable.

"This is the seed of the Seven Colors Wonder Fruit. The ripe 'Seven Colors Wonder Fruit' of our Immortal Farming Sect was stolen by the people of the Moon Saber Sect back then. If we wish to cultivate it again until it matures, it's going to take us simply too much time. During the past two months, we have been able to obtain only a few seeds, and they'll need at least a hundred years together with a large number of natural resources to mature." A bitter smile appeared on Zheng De's face after he had said this much.

"Uncle, are you planning to give this seed to me?" Song Shuhang asked in puzzlement. Since when had the relationship between him and the Immortal Farming Sect become so good that they were ready to hand him out something as valuable as the seed of the Seven Colors Wonder Fruit?

Uncle Zheng De's face blushed, and he forced a smile, saying, "About that... actually, I wanted to give this seed to that little girl from the Spirit River Su Clan. I heard she was injured by the heavenly tribulation, and although the effects of this seed are no match for that of a ripe Seven Colors Wonder Fruit, it should still help her treating her injuries if she were to eat it."

Song Shuhang's face also became awkward. From the looks of it, Zheng De was thinking of delivering the seed to Su Clan's Sixteen through him.

"Uncle, why didn't you deliver the seed to Su Clan's Sixteen directly?" Song Shuhang asked.

Uncle Zheng De forced a smile. "I'm too ashamed to meet her or Su Clan's Seven."

Back then, he almost ended up worsening Sixteen's condition due to his stubbornness. But afterward, not only Su Clan's Seven didn't settle the accounts with him, he even gave him a wooden token of authority to protect the Immortal Farming Sect.

Zheng De had firmly kept in mind Seven's righteousness and benevolence.

Song Shuhang took the seed of the Seven Colors Wonder Fruit from Uncle Zheng De's hand and said, "Alright. In that case, I'll pass the seed to Su Clan's Sixteen. I was just planning to meet her."

"Little friend Shuhang, thank you very much," Zheng De said earnestly.

"Uncle, do you need anything else?" Song Shuhang asked.

Zheng De shook his head.

This uncle hadn't changed in the least. He had waited for several days here just to give him the seed of the Seven Colors Wonder Fruit.

"Right. Uncle Zheng De, do you have a phone? How about giving me your phone number? With that, you can directly call me if you need something in the future," Song Shuhang said as he took out his mobile phone. The quality of the phone Venerable White had magically modified was superb, and it didn't break even though he was transcending the heavenly tribulation earlier. However, a black burned layer had appeared on its surface.

"Yeah?" Uncle Zheng De took out his mobile phone and started to frantically fiddle with it, finally exchanging phone numbers with Song Shuhang.

The Immortal Farming Sect was basically living in seclusion before. The fact that Uncle Zheng De had managed to learn how to use all these modern devices within just two months was already quite something.


After exchanging phone numbers, Song Shuhang thought of something and said, "Right. Uncle Zheng De, does your Immortal Farming Sect sell medicinal materials?"

Recently, he had gotten the formula of a 'medicinal bath' from Senior Medicine Master. It was precisely the formula of that medicinal bath he took in the golden coffin of Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue back then.

Its effects were quite good, and it could increase the strength of his constitution quite a lot.

Although he had already reached the Third Stage, the medicinal bath would still have some effect. In addition, the medicinal bath could be used to strengthen the body of ordinary people as well after the strength of the medicinal materials was diluted. Song Shuhang could have his family members take the bath for example.

"Little friend, you want to buy medicinal materials? Which type do you need?" Zheng De asked.

Song Shuhang gave him the list of medicinal materials he needed and asked for the price.

Zheng De made a few calculations in his mind and said, "These medicinal herbs are all low-level ones. We have all of them. The price of the whole set is around seven spirit stones of the Third Stage."

This price was the same as the one Miss Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue proposed to him in the grave. From the looks of it, the price she proposed was really close to the base price.

"That's fine. Such being the case, give me a few sets." Song Shuhang took out a spirit stone of the Sixth Stage and said, "You can convert the entire spirit stone into medicinal materials."

Zheng De took the spirit stone of the Sixth Stage and made a few calculations. "A spirit stone of the Sixth Stage can be converted into around 857 sets of medicinal materials. I'll round up the number and give you 860 sets of medicinal materials the next time, is that alright? However, this number is pretty high. I'll need to return to the sect first to prepare the needed medicinal materials. I'll deliver them to your place as soon as everything is ready."

"Many thanks, Uncle Zheng De. Notify me when you are ready to deliver them, I'll tell you address of the place," Song Shuhang said, beaming with joy.

"If you need more medicinal materials in the future, don't hesitate and look for me. Even if our Immortal Farming Sect doesn't have the medicinal materials, we can buy them at a price lower than the market price from a few sects that specialize in cultivating spirit herbs. When the time comes, we'll sell the materials to little friend Shuhang at a fair price," Uncle Zheng De said with a smile.

"Sure. It's a pleasure to cooperate with you, Uncle." Song Shuhang and Zheng De shook their hands.

While practicing, both medicinal pills and natural treasures were essentials for cultivators.

Song Shuhang hadn't had a channel to buy medicinal materials earlier. Therefore, even if he wanted to refine the lowest-level 'body tempering liquid', he could only rely on the medicinal materials that Soft Feather sent him back then, and he couldn't do anything once he used them up.

But now that he could count on the help of the Immortal Farming Sect, Song Shuhang would be able to save up a lot of spirit stones if he were to refine a few medicinal pills after learning a bit more about alchemy from Senior Medicine Master.


After saying goodbye to Uncle Zheng De, Song Shuhang got back into his SUV and headed toward the City of Cinema.

By the way, perhaps because he had reached the Third Stage, with his physique and eyesight getting stronger, or perhaps because he had gotten used to Senior White's '10x speed increasing formation', he was a little bored now that the vehicle was proceeding at normal speed. He was going simply too slow. He felt as though he was riding an electric motorbike.

Speaking of which, how were Senior White and the others doing during their exploration of the ancient ruins?

Song Shuhang gently touched Meteor Sword, which was now hanging around his waist. That 'forbidden area' that the loose cultivator Li Tiansu had discovered was still waiting for him to come and explore it. All their hopes to cure little Li Yinzhu were pinned on that forbidden area.

But he could explore that forbidden area only if Venerable White had free time.


Afternoon, at 3 PM. Song Shuhang finally arrived at the new City of Cinema.

During this period of time, the weather was changing randomly. The sun was shining brightly in the morning, but now that it was afternoon, there was heavy rain.

The torrential rain had cooled down the burning hot temperature quite a bit.

"Dharma King Creation, Sixteen, and the others are here somewhere in the City of Cinema." Song Shuhang looked at the insides of the City of Cinema from afar. There was a huge defensive formation with buddhist runes engraved on it. From the looks of it, it was something that Senior Dharma King Creation had arranged personally. Had Fairy Firefly and the others finished recording the video?

Song Shuhang parked the vehicle in the parking area of the City of Cinema. Then, he took out the 'shapeshifting brooch' and wore it on his chest. It was a brooch that Venerable Spirit Butterfly had manufactured personally, and its shapeshifting ability was very strong. If one was a little careful after the transformation, they could even use the ❮Sea Urchin Warriors' Aura Concealing Technique❯. Even if he were to meet Fairy Firefly, there was a high probability that she wouldn't recognize him.

Song Shuhang turned into a man with a fierce look and strong build, weakening his aura as far as possible.

Then, he took out his mobile phone and swiped on the screen, opening the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

The Nine Provinces Number One Group was very lively at this time.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman: Dammit, the Soul King started singing again!"

Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "Seven Lives Talisman, weren't you going to break through? How come you are listening to Dharma King Creation singing?"

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman: "I'm not! I haven't started breaking through yet. I haven't gone to see Fellow Daoist Creation singing, either. The last time, the natives of the island decided to seek death and revolt against me. As such, I've decided to stay here for some more time and teach them the ❮Book of Odes❯ before leaving. Actually, it's pretty funny what happened the last time when they wanted to revolt. They surrounded my house and started to perform calisthenics radio music moves. Ahahaha."

Song Shuhang's face was burning with shame. The one that had taught the natives about those 'calisthenics radio music moves' was none other than his foreign disciple Joseph.

Speaking of which, Joseph had now moved next to him, and they were neighbors. If there was still fate between them, he might really receive him as a disciple in the future...

This thought flashed through Song Shuhang's mind.

At this time, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman also wrote: "I just received the complaint of a fellow daoist. He said that a layman disciple of the Warring Buddha Sect tricked him and made him watch a live stream. At first, there were three fairy maidens dancing and singing... but then, Dharma King Creation suddenly made his appearance and started singing. In addition, he sang over and over again... at this time, the friend of that fellow daoist is still foaming at the mouth and both his feet and arms have gone soft. When he heard that I was acquainted with Dharma King Creation, he especially came to me to state his grievances."

"..." Northern River's Loose Cultivator.

F*ck, did Dharma King Creation deceive the three fairy maidens earlier? He wasn't planning to record a video, but to open a live stream and sing?


After reading up to this point, Song Shuhang's whole body trembled.

He recalled how painful it had been to listen to Dharma King Creation singing from point-blank range. If Dharma King Creation were to broadcast his performance, that would be something comparable to a natural calamity!


Song Shuhang suddenly felt his vehicle shaking. Someone had bumped into him.

A traffic collision?

What kind of joke is this! My vehicle is parked in the parking area!

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