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Chapter 633: Waiting for you to open your umbrella and pass by my side...
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Luckily, he decided to drive a heavy SUV this time. Otherwise, his vehicle would have been knocked flying by the strength of the impact just now!

Where had this crazy driver come from? The strength of the impact was simply unreal!

Song Shuhang turned his head around and looked backward. What bumped into him was an off-road vehicle of a brand he didn't recognize. The rear of the other vehicle was at this time on top of Song Shuhang's SUV. From the looks of it, the opposite party was reversing their vehicle but accelerated too much, causing the traffic collision.

It was a very rough off-road vehicle, and it felt as though its whole body was reinforced. In addition, thick railing to protect against collisions was installed on the rear of the vehicle.

No, wait! It wasn't only the rear of the vehicle... Song Shuhang could see from his viewpoint that the whole body of the vehicle was surrounded by railings to protect it from collisions. Just what kind of off-road vehicle was this?! It was more like those bumper cars used in amusement parks! However, it was the terroristic version of bumper car. It was the version used to take human lives, the 'bumper car of death'.

After the traffic collision, the rear of Song Shuhang's SUV was completely smashed, while the vehicle of the opposite party suffered no damage.

The owner of the other vehicle didn't do it on purpose, right?

"Aaaaah, dammit! I bumped into someone's vehicle again..." A familiar voice echoed from the off-road vehicle.

'I bumped into someone's vehicle AGAIN'... from the looks of it, it wasn't the first time that this driver had bumped into someone else. They were truly a kamikaze driver.

Song Shuhang saw through the rear-view mirror a beautiful woman jumping out of the rough off-road vehicle.

"..." Song Shuhang.

It was unexpectedly someone he knew.

It was Fairy Dongfang Six, the number one kamikaze driver of the Nine Provinces Number One Group. She left Song Shuhang a deep impression during the hand-guided tractor competition the last time.

Even now, Song Shuhang would immediately get a scare and wake up from his dreams whenever he recalled Fairy Dongfang Six driving her hand-guided tractor.

What was happening right was something very scary. Fairy Dongfang Six was unexpectedly driving on the streets?

Wasn't she afraid of causing terrific and deadly traffic collisions? With her driving skills, she was able to bump into someone even in the parking area... therefore, wouldn't she cause a massacre if she were to drive on the streets, and leave the police officers with several murder cases to solve...?


At this time, Fairy Dongfang Six opened her umbrella and ran toward Song Shuhang's vehicle, anxiously yelling, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! Dear friend in the car, are you alright?"

Song Shuhang thought of casually replying and greeting her. But then, he remembered that he had now changed his appearance.

Thereupon, he opened the window of the SUV and coughed once, looking at Fairy Dongfang Six with a serious expression on his face.

Just as he was planning to open his mouth and say something, Fairy Dongfang Six's eyes suddenly lit up. "Eh? Little friend Shuhang, what are you doing here?"

"What? I even changed my appearance. How was Fairy Dongfang Six still able to recognize me?" Song Shuhang exclaimed in surprise.

"Ahahaha, the cultivation technique I practice is the ❮Nine Bewitching Dance Steps❯. Thereupon, the innate skill of my Eye Aperture also ended up being the 'Bewitching Eyes', which allows me to see through ordinary illusory technique with but a glance," Fairy Dongfang Six said with a smile.

The ❮Nine Bewitching Dance Steps❯ were also a type of illusory technique. It was a first-class cultivation technique when it came to enchanting and captivating others. Fairy Dongfang was specialized in this field, and since even the innate skill of her Eye Aperture was the 'Bewitching Eyes', she needed but a glance to see through Song Shuhang's disguise.

"..." Song Shuhang.

"I got a scare earlier. I didn't think I would bump into someone while reversing the car! Luckily, the one I bumped into was little friend Shuhang and not an ordinary person. I had just gotten into the car and didn't even have the time to activate the 'Shock Absorbing Formation' when I bumped into you. It would have been quite troublesome if the victim had been an ordinary person," Fairy Dongfang Six explained.

Fairy Dongfang Six was also aware that her driving skills were very bad... or straight up dangerous. But if one wanted to improve their driving skills, they would have to practice and get better little by little, right? Thereupon, Fairy Dongfang Six had been practicing very hard lately to get rid of the 'kamikaze driver' title hanging above her head.

To avoid leaving a trail of corpses and destroyed vehicles on the streets while she was driving, she decided to add a 'Shock Absorbing Formation' on her car.

With this formation in play, the strength of the impact would be absorbed by the 'Shock Absorbing Formation' and completely shifted onto her body if she were to carelessly bump into other vehicle or objects.

With that, she didn't have to worry about causing a bloody massacre while she was driving on the streets.

But just now—before she could even activate the formation—she pressed onto the accelerator with too much strength and ended up crashing into the SUV behind her while reversing the car.

The rear of the poor SUV was completely smashed.

Fairy Dongfang Six was extremely worried. After all, it was going to be rather troublesome if the one involved in this traffic collision was an ordinary person.

But after discovering that she had bumped into little friend Song Shuhang's vehicle, she immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

It was truly fate! There were so many cars parked in there, and the one she crashed into was the one belonging to Song Shuhang!

"..." Song Shuhang.

"Little friend Shuhang, didn't Fellow Daoist Firefly deliver you to space? How come you are back already?" Fairy Dongfang Six asked. In addition, little friend Song Shuhang's current state was somewhat strange. His long hair reached the waist, but he didn't have eyebrows. This combination was rather strange.

"Fairy maiden, I hope you'll keep this matter a secret for my sake," Song Shuhang said softly. "I won't conceal the truth from you, Fairy Maiden. Actually, I was never sent to space a second time by Fairy Firefly. I'm guessing that Fairy Firefly sent into space someone that was disguised as me at that time."

"Someone disguised as you?" Fairy Dongfang Six's eyes immediately lit up. "Are you talking about that shady fortune teller?"

"I'm also guessing that it might be Senior Copper Trigram's doing." Song Shuhang happily sold out Senior Copper Trigram.

"Well, this is really an interesting piece of news," Fairy Dongfang Six said and stretched out her hand, swiping it over his body and giving him a general physical checkup. After determining that Song Shuhang was truly fine and wasn't injured, she was able to relax for good.

But... had she made a mistake while inspecting him earlier?

How come little friend Song Shuhang was now at the Third Stage Realm?

"Right. Little friend Shuhang, I completely destroyed the rear of your brand-new vehicle. I'll get you a new one later, alright?" Fairy Dongfang Six said.

Song Shuhang shook his head and said, "It's doesn't matter. This vehicle didn't belong to me in the first place. It was Venerable White's."

"Pfff~" Fairy Dongfang Six immediately spurted out a mouthful of saliva.

What? Venerable White's vehicle?

She stretched out her hand and pinched her thigh hard.

"Fairy Maiden, what are you doing?" Song Shuhang asked in puzzlement.

"Dammit, this isn't a dream. I really crashed into Venerable White's vehicle..." Fairy Dongfang Six muttered to herself. Crashing into Venerable White's vehicle equaled crashing into Venerable White himself. Now that she had offended Venerable White, wouldn't a meteorite suddenly fall from the sky and hit her?

"You don't have to worry. It's not a big deal, Fairy Dongfang Six," Song Shuhang replied. "These vehicles are something that True Monarch Yellow Mountain delivered to Senior White so that he could freely tear them apart and have fun with them. Senior White has already destroyed several of them after coming out of secluded meditation. But if you still don't feel at ease, you can provide Venerable White a few new vehicles as a compensation."

"Is that really enough?" Fairy Dongfang Six said happily.

"Yes, it's fine. In addition, only the rear of the vehicle was destroyed. I can just look for a repair shop later and have them fix it," Song Shuhang replied.

After hearing Song Shuhang's words, Fairy Dongfang Six finally heaved a sigh of relief.

"Right. Fairy Maiden, is your live broadcast already over?" Song Shuhang said.

Fairy Dongfang Six asked in puzzlement, "Live broadcast? Which live broadcast?"

"Eh? Didn't Dharma King Creation invite you fairies to perform in a live broadcast? After you, Fairy Firefly, and Sixteen were done singing and dancing and were taking a break, Dharma King Creation seized the opportunity to sing a song of his own. This is a hot topic in the Nine Provinces Number One Group right now. From what I've heard, Dharma King Creation created a calamity after he opened his mouth and started singing during the live stream," Song Shuhang said.

Fairy Dongfang Six's eyelid twitched. She grabbed her phone and started to fiddle with it.

After a short moment, her whole body felt uneasy.

What kind of joke was this? Didn't he say that he wanted to record a video? Why did it suddenly turn into a live broadcast where she, Fairy Firefly, and Sixteen were accompanying Dharma King Creation and performing together?

"Dharma King Creation, this scheming bastard..." Fairy Dongfang Six secretly clenched her teeth. Tonight, I'll run over his whole place and leave a trail of blood behind!

Song Shuhang had already understood what was going on. From the looks of it, Dharma King Creation didn't tell the three fairy maidens that he was going to start a live stream. It seemed he had secretly started the stream without informing anyone...

In that case, did it mean that he had casually sold out Dharma King Creation? Well, that was a rather awkward situation. After all, Dharma King Creation had been gentle enough to pass on to him a cultivation technique, the 'hair growing technique'!

However, it wasn't really the case, either. This matter had already spread to the Nine Provinces Number One Group, and the three fairy maidens would get knowledge of it as soon as they took their mobile phones in hand. Therefore, the result would have been the same even without his reminder, right?

Cough, will Senior Creation live long enough to see tomorrow's sunshine?


After Fairy Dongfang Six's mood settled down,

Song Shuhang asked, "Right. Fairy Dongfang Six, is Fairy Firefly still here?"

"Firefly came here with her flying sword, and after we finished shooting, she left the same way she came here. On the other hand, I was shopping close to this place before coming over and thus drove until here," Fairy Dongfang Six said. "As for Sixteen, Dharma King Creation went to pick her up earlier. But she said she didn't want to return to the Spirit River Su Clan just yet and decided to use the public transportation to leave."

"In that case, where is she now?" Song Shuhang asked.

"Before I left, she headed in another direction after leaving the City of Cinema. They have a train station there, she should be headed toward it," Fairy Dongfang said as she pointed in the direction of the train station.

"Thank you, Fairy Maiden," Song Shuhang replied.

Then, he bid farewell to Fairy Dongfang Six and drove away with his SUV with the smashed rear, quickly heading in the direction of the train station.

Hopefully, he would make it in time to meet with Sixteen.


Around five minutes later.

Song Shuhang parked the SUV in the parking area next to the train station.

Then, he quickly dashed toward an alley. Luckily, he managed to notice Su Clan's Sixteen proceeding toward the train station with an umbrella in her hand while he was driving over there.

At this time, the rain had gotten even stronger.

Song Shuhang ran under the eaves of the alley for a while, ultimately stopping. He leaned against the wall and gently breathed out. The rain had soaked his body, and the raindrops were falling to the ground after passing through his hair.

Afterward, he raised his head and looked towards a distant place.

Su Clan's Sixteen was slowly walking over while holding an umbrella in her hand.

She had short hair, and looked beautiful even without make-up.

She wore red clothing, a short red jacket, and a short red skirt. A scarf was tied around her waist, covering up her lower abdomen, and two adorable sandals were worn on her small jade-white feet.

When he saw Sixteen getting closer and closer, the corner of the Song Shuhang's mouth rose.

He was planning to suddenly jump out as soon as Sixteen got closer and give her a surprise.

Sixteen was holding the umbrella and seemed to be thinking of something; she was distracted.

But right at this time, a fierce-looking man with a strong build suddenly jumped out of the nearby alley and blocked her path; the man had a fiendish grin on his face...

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