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Chapter 606: Gao Moumou's tragic plot
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Gao Moumou came out of the villa to welcome Lin Tubo.

Tubo had just called and told Moumou that he was inside a taxi. Unless there was a traffic jam, he would get there in around ten minutes.

Thereupon, Gao Moumou picked up his notebook and got out of the villa to welcome Tubo and relax a bit. Today, it was blazing hot outside, and although staying inside Yu Jiaojiao's villa under the air conditioner would have been much better, Gao Moumou had had enough of staying in that small black room during these past few days.

Therefore, he decided that he would rather go stand outside in the scorching sun than stay inside the small black room and enjoy the cool air.

All for the sake of freedom!

It was just a little hot, what was the big deal about that?

After thinking this much, Gao Moumou headed out and sat under a big tree near the entrance, cooling himself in its shade.

He was planning to think about the plot of the movie while waiting for Tubo.

"A xianxia world setting combined with a science fiction one... will they be able to shoot a good movie out of this? Wait, why am I worrying about this? Shuhang and his friends want to shoot a movie just to amuse themselves. Therefore, something like a world setting isn't even that important," Gao Moumou muttered to himself while noting things down on his notebook.

Actually, there were indeed similar world settings. However, those settings weren't truly 'xianxia' but had replaced the xianxia cultivation system with a powerful martial arts system, combining it with an apocalyptic or science fiction background. For example, a lot of modern superhero movies had a similar setting, and the thing was even more common in anime and manga.

"In that case, I'll simply replace that various martial arts system with a cultivation one. With this, the world setting has been taken care of. Then, if they want to shoot a movie based on it, the plot can only be something like fighting powerful invaders, reforming the corrupt world, or saving humanity from destruction...

Hmm, perhaps it's better to choose the most direct one, 'fighting powerful invaders'. This type of plot is usually more lighthearted and popular and not as tiring to watch as those battles of wits and strength," Gao Moumou said as he quickly noted everything down on his notebook.

"Then comes the main character... hehehe. The main character must be dogged by bad luck and suffer all the bitter experiences that a man can possibly suffer, like his first love getting married to someone else.

...Like his second love dying. Oh, wait! Since it's a xianxia setting, I can turn the second love of the main character into a ghost and make the main character fall in love with her without him knowing the truth. It should be rather interesting to see his reaction when he discovers that his sweetheart had already died.

After losing his first and second love, the main character will start to drown his sorrows in wine, feeling more dead than alive. It should work just fine as the original dispirited image of the main character. However... ghosts and such things are actually banned from appearing in current Chinese movies, right? Well, it doesn't matter. Song Shuhang's movie won't be screened at the cinema. It's a movie they are shooting just to have some fun.

Next comes my supporting role. I'll become the senior brother of the main character, and I will often compete against him in martial arts while harboring evil intentions, beating him black and blue each time and tormenting him for my pleasure! It sounds pretty good. However, so as to avoid Shuhang complaining, I'll need to make this character die in some way. But before getting rid of the senior brother character, I'll definitely try to make it come out clean. I can't risk ruining my image in Yayi's eyes.

Now then, there is that scene about the vehicle registration certificates that Shuhang asked me to include in the plot. In that case, there is a need to introduce a playboy that will later turn into the soul weapon of the main character or something similar. The playboy will carelessly crash into the drunk main character. The main character won't get hurt, but the playboy will be killed in the collision. Then, due to various coincidence, he will turn into the soul weapon of the main character... yeah, that's sounds pretty good too.

The story will be a tragedy for the most part and will move people to tears. Hehehe, who said that an author writing comedy novels could only write comedies? What a joke!"

A rough draft of the plot had taken shape just like that.

Gao Moumou quickly started to write everything down as he got this sudden burst of inspiration.

The setting of the story was going to be a futuristic world in a parallel universe.

The Earth in that world would suffer a surprise attack from mysterious enemies. No one knew what the origin of these mysterious enemies was. Perhaps they were the creatures of the underworld, or perhaps aliens? Or again, they might be crazy anti-human adventurers. No one knew who they were.

After the attack of these mysterious enemies, humanity suffered a great loss, and the world entered an apocalyptic state. If not for the fact that Earth had a mysterious influence protecting it from the shadows, perhaps humanity would have already ceased to exist.

Later, the mysterious influence protecting humanity would reveal itself.

The members of that influence were none other than the immortals mentioned in legends; their power was unparalleled. The strongest ones could move the mountains and drain the seas, as well as ride the clouds and fly on the mist.

To ward off the surprise attack of these mysterious enemies, cultivators joined forces and started to recruit disciples en masse, not hiding anymore and finally walking in the sun.

And the main character just happened to be one of the disciples of the cultivators' faction.

"The story will begin with that 'senior brother' making fun of and tormenting the main character on the martial arts stage and engaging in a glorious battle with him.

Of course, each time the main character is injured, a gentle senior sister will appear and dress his wounds, comforting him. This senior sister will be the first love of the main character.

Then, that senior sister will be forced to marry another man due to the pressure of her household. It's just too fun imagining Song Shuhang's crying face while he performs in this scene! Next, for plot development, that senior sister and her husband will die in the hands of those mysterious enemies, pushing the main character to take revenge." Gao Moumou continued to note down stuff on his notebook.

It was simply excellent!

The more he was writing, the more Gao Moumou was getting excited. He wished he could start shooting the movie immediately, throwing Song Shuhang on the ground and beating him black and blue while having an awe-inspiring expression on his face. It was simply too cool!

After writing the start of the story, Gao Moumou stopped for a moment.

He needed to slowly form the later part of the story in his mind.

"As for the next thing, I should create the xianxia power level system of the story. With a power level system, it will be very easy to determine who is stronger and who is weaker." Gao Moumou started to ponder.

Which system should he use?

Speaking of xianxia stories, everyone was familiar with that fixed set of stages: Foundation Establishment, Eye-Opening, Fusion, Heart Movement, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Astral Projection, Mental Projection, Body Fusion, Emptiness, Conveyance, Tribulation Transcendence...

But so many stages were going to be troublesome if they wanted to shoot a movie.

After all, a movie was different than a TV series, and there wasn't much time to describe all the cultivation realms.

"I've decided. I'll just use the Bronze Immortal, Silver Immortal, and Golden Immortal ranks. Want to argue that it isn't very xianxilike? Well, it's true. After all, I made everything up! Actually, it would be a cool surprise if this power level rank gets accepted," Gao Moumou said, laughing. Then, he noted this part down on the notebook as well.

However, Gao Moumou hadn't noticed that just as he decided to use the Bronze, Silver, and Golden Immortal power level system for cultivators, a white-haired daoist priest that had quietly appeared next to him and was staring at him.

What a joke!

Even if it was just a movie, how could the cultivation system be such a farce?

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