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Chapter 607: This daoist priest will help you finish the plot
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Daoist Priest Horizon felt that he had to remind this young author writing the plot about a few things.

Thereupon, Daoist Priest Horizon coughed and said, "Little friend, don't you feel that summarizing all the ranks as Bronze, Silver, and Golden Immortal is a bit too lame?"

Gao Moumou got a scare. Although he had been standing in the shade of the tree adjacent to the villa for quite some time, he hadn't noticed at all that there was someone else next to him!

When he turned his head around, he saw a white-haired daoist priest with a ruddy complexion. Except for a few wrinkles around the corner of his eyes, there were no other traces of the passage of time on his face.

This daoist priest had taken really good care of his health!

In addition, he had a kind-looking face, and the first impression of whoever saw him was a favorable one. After glancing at him, people subconsciously felt that they could trust him and be friends with him.

It was Daoist Priest Horizon's innate aura of kindness, and it could increase the favorable impression strangers had of him by 50 points!

It was precisely due to this strange ability of his to draw people to him that Daoist Priest Horizon had managed to continuously find young cultivators and obtain their favorable impression in the past 300 years, finally managing to sell them his services!

For this very reason, Gao Moumou's first impression of Daoist Priest Horizon was also a good one.

Such being the case, he might as well listen to what this daoist priest had to say!

"Hello, daoist priest," Gao Moumou said. Was it really okay to summarize all cultivation levels as Bronze, Silver, and Golden Immortal in front of a daoist priest? However, what he wanted to do was shooting a movie and not making cultivation popular! As long as it was amusing, there was no problem.

The white-haired daoist priest cupped his fists and said to Gao Moumou, "I know that little friend is writing the plot of a movie... Oh, sorry, I just happened to listen to you talking to yourself earlier. Therefore, I roughly know what is going on."

"It's fine, Daoist Priest. Moreover, what I wrote just now was only the setting." Gao Moumou gently smiled and added, "Such being the case, how does Daoist Priest think I should set the cultivation system?"

Daoist Priest Horizon continued with his explanation, "The power level ranking can't be too casual. I suggest using something like First Class, Second Class, Third Class, Fourth Class, and so on!"

"..." Gao Moumou.

Can't we just keep my bronze, silver, and golden ranks in that case? At most, I can add platinum, diamond, grandmaster, sovereign, and so on as extra ranks.

"It won't do?" Daoist Priest Horizon could see from Gao Moumou's expression that the latter didn't like his suggestion too much.

Gao Moumou nodded and replied honestly, "To be frank, First Class, Second Class, Third Class, and so on... remind me of the First Grade, First Second, Third Grade, etc., of primary school."

"..." Daoist Priest Horizon.

After a short moment, the daoist priest clenched his teeth and said, "In that case, how about changing it to 'Stage'. First Stage, Second Stage, Third Stage, and so on... how about it?"

Gao Moumou silently looked at the daoist priest.

Can't this daoist priest come up with something that is a bit more original than simple numerical power levels?

Whatever, I'll note down First Stage, Second Stage, Third Stage, and so on just in case.

At that time, he would let Shuhang and Miss Yu Jiaojiao decide if they wanted power levels based on metals or if they preferred numerical ones.

Thereupon, Gao Moumou noted down the various 'Stages' in his notebook.

Daoist Priest Horizon was immediately very satisfied. As long as he could make this youngster fix the cultivation levels, his objective could be considered completed.

Then, since he had already reached his goal, Daoist Priest Horizon should have naturally left... but for some unknown reason, he suddenly started to discuss the plot of the movie with Gao Moumou.

Daoist Priest Horizon himself was also baffled and had no idea why he was doing it!

His original intention was to give a piece of advice to this youngster in regards to the cultivation system...

But for some reason, he found the youth before his eyes someone pleasant to chat with, and just as the two of them were chatting, they ended up discussing how to write down the plot of the movie.

Although Daoist Priest Horizon hadn't ever written a novel, he had experienced a lot of things in his life!

Him disclosing a little bit of the many things he had experienced in his life greatly benefitted Gao Moumou.

For example...

Daoist Priest Horizon said, "I heard little friend say that he wanted to write a plot that could move people to tears, is that correct? In addition, you wanted the main character to be very miserable so that could people could sympathize with him, right?"

"Yes. Daoist Priest, do you have any good suggestion to make the main character even more miserable?" Gao Moumou asked. After chatting with the white-haired daoist priest for a while, Gao Moumou had already started to admire the opposite party quite a lot. The daoist priest had a lot of experience and could see things from a different perspective, allowing him to get great inspiration.

"Actually, when you mentioned that the first love of the main character ended up marrying someone else, I recalled something that happened a long time ago. There was this fellow daoist from a sect close by, and his life experiences left a deep impression on me." Daoist Priest Horizon heaved a long sigh and recalled what had happened back in those years.

Old people really really liked recalling things that had happened in the past.

"At that time, that fellow daoist experienced something similar to what the main character of your story did. He was in love with a junior sister, and the junior sister was also in love with him. The duo had been in love for more ten years, but then, an elder of the girl arranged a marriage for her. As if that wasn't enough, the wedding was going to be held a few days later.

Back then, the junior sister said to that fellow daoist: 'Come look for me the day of the marriage. As long as you come, I'll give everything up and marry you.'

Two days before the marriage, that fellow daoist rushed to the place where the wedding would be held, preparing to give his all to stop the marriage of his junior sister! But just as he was halfway there, he chanced upon something unexpected.... a wild monster beast. Eventually, the wild beast seriously injured him and caused him to lose his senses for several days. Then, as he regained his consciousness and looked for his junior sister, she had already gotten married to the other man."

After recalling the scene, Daoist Priest Horizon sighed with emotion. If the 'monster beast' had appeared due to someone's plot, he could have accepted what had happened. But later, he checked that place on behalf of that fellow daoist, and it turned out that the appearance of the monster beast had really been just a coincidence.

One could only say that it was the Heaven playing tricks on the man!

After sighing with emotion, Daoist Priest Horizon said, "I feel you can improve this part a little and keep it for the senior sister in your story."

"Excellent, truly excellent. Then, just as the main character loses his senior sister due to an unfortunate accident, his earth-shaking grief and tears should move to tear the audience as well." Gao Moumou took up his pen and quickly noted everything down on the notebook.

Daoist Priest Horizon faintly smiled and nodded. Then, he also added, "There is another thing... if you want the grief of the main character to turn into strength, the death of that senior sister and her husband is far from being enough. In addition, the patterns which the death of two lovers can lead to are too few. You should increase the scale and make the whole sect of the main character die in the hands of those evil and mysterious enemies. With that, the anger and grief in the heart of the main character will reach the maximum level and give him the greatest motivation! Additionally, the plot won't be limited to the love, hate, passion, and revenge of that small faction, but will be elevated until reaching a worldwide scale!"

"Daoist Priest, your explanation was very valuable." Gao Moumou felt that he had met a good teacher and helpful friend. After all, how could the death of a couple compare to the death of the whole sect?

Daoist Priest Horizon faintly smiled and continued, "Actually, we can give the main character the 'cough up blood' disease as well. As his sorrow reaches the highest level, he will gently cough and spit out blood. With that, the audience should sympathize with him even more."

"Excellent, excellent!" Gao Moumou quickly noted down.

Just in this fashion, Gao Moumou and Daoist Priest Horizon walked further and further away on this path where the main character was tortured and bullied, unable to turn back.


As soon as they came back to the villa, Song Shuhang and Yu Jiaojiao saw the scene of the white-haired daoist priest and Gao Moumou happily chatting together under the scorching sun.

The scene was simply too absurd and shocking.

Yu Jiaojiao called out in alarm, "This is bad! I thought that the Frenzied Strength Imparter had decided to let you go. I didn't think he would be so persistent and look for my house! He was simply waiting idly for the right opportunity!"

He wasn't the legendary 'Frenzied Strength Imparter' for nothing, he couldn't be so easy to deal with! According to the rumors, 80-90% of the young cultivators that the 'Frenzied Strength Imparter' had targeted ended up accepting his offer.

Was it possible that Song Shuhang had no way of avoiding this calamity?

"Should we return to the villa through the ground?" Song Shuhang asked.

But it was too late. The white-haired daoist priest in the front had already noticed Song Shuhang and Yu Jiaojiao. He turned his head around and smiled at the two of them.

From Shuhang and Yu Jiaojiao's perspective, that smile could cause the downfall of cities and nations... because the people of those cities and nations would get scared shitless and create an uproar.

After smiling, Daoist Priest Horizon cupped his hands and said to Song Shuhang, "Little friend, we meet again."

Song Shuhang forced a smile and returned the courtesy. "Daoist Priest, you are very persistent."

"Cough. Actually, I'm not that persistent." Daoist Priest Horizon blushed and explained, "The truth is that someone entrusted me to look for you... eh?"

Just as he was halfway through his speech, Daoist Priest Horizon noticed the large bag full of meat sandwiches Song Shuhang was holding in his hand.

Given its smell, it was definitely the meat sandwich that Immortal Fairy Bie Xue prepared.

Is it possible that this little fellow daoist went to that fish-head shop to buy meat sandwiches?

In that case, did he already meet with Immortal Fairy Bie Xue?

The nearby Gao Moumou asked in puzzlement, "Shuhang, are you an acquaintance of this daoist priest?"

Song Shuhang nodded and said, "I left to collect an express delivery early this morning and decided to buy some food on the way. It was at that time that I met this daoist priest."

Next, Shuhang asked Daoist Priest Horizon, "Daoist Priest Horizon, did you say that someone entrusted you to look for me?"

Daoist Priest Horizon looked at the large bag in Song Shuhang's hand and smiled mysteriously.

...It seems you already met the person that entrusted me to look for you.

Daoist Priest Horizon was just preparing to say this sentence when he felt something slam into him. His whole body was sent flying tens of meters away!

On the road, he even bumped into and broke a sapling.

Daoist Priest Horizon called out in pain.

Just what had happened?

Song Shuhang blinked his eyes. Why was Daoist Priest Horizon suddenly sent flying? Who had sneak-attacked him?

Gao Moumou was also baffled. The daoist priest had flown away in such an exaggerated way. Did he get hit by a truck weighing ten tons? However, the problem was that he hadn't seen anything bumping into the white-haired daoist priest!

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