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When examining closely, you could see that Mr. Anthony’s body was trembling.

Was Mr. Anthony excited?

My name is Li Xihua, I am a young aviation academy flying instructor. My marital status is single.

I have good relations with people. Within the aviation academy, everyone cordially calls me Li Jr.

I have always loved the blue skies since I was young. When I was a child, I wished I could be a small bird, because if I were a small bird, I would be able to fly freely in the sky with no constraints.

I yearned for the sky just like that… and the more mysterious and vast space above it!

Thereafter, I started to strive hard for my goals.

After I grew older, I became a flying instructor at an aviation academy. I learned how to fly and frequently flew in the skies. I had fulfilled my childhood dreams.

After that, I had a new dream, that is… if the opportunity arises, I want to operate supersonic aircraft, to charge in the sky at top speed without any obstructions!

Due to the fact that the helicopter I’m using to teach students is too slow, even though I had fulfilled my blue sky dream, I had no opportunities to fly freely in the sky.

Moreover, ultimately, speed is every man’s passion! Think about it, when the aircraft surpasses the speed of sound, it rumbles and begins supersonic flight. Just based on the fact that it’s faster than the speed of sound, it feels awesome!

Of course, this wish was fundamentally impossible to fulfill—after all, I am just an ordinary private aircraft instructor. It is impossible for me to have an opportunity to fly a supersonic aircraft.

Actually… deep down in my heart, I have a more preposterous dream—I want to enter space and personally touch an asteroid with my own hands.

I want to see how a space station actually looks like, and I want to stand outside the atmospheric layer and use my own eyes to see what the sun looks like, as well as the stars and moon, not forgetting the Earth.

This dream, is definitely much more absurd.

However, suddenly one day, when I woke up from a nap, I found myself within a metal cabin, wearing a spacesuit, in the midst of descending to the ground.

What is actually happening? Why am I wearing a spacesuit?

I don’t have no recollections of it at all!

After the metal cabin successfully landed, my whole body felt weak and devoid of strength. Thereafter, there were two people who came to open the door and helped the other astronaut and me up, and seated us on our respective chairs.

In front, there was a bunch of foreigners with blue eyes; they kept cheering in English, and then shouting a name, "Anthony, Anthony!" while facing us.

"In that case, welcoming the return of our hero, firstly—it’s Mr. Aguero!" said a pretty Caucasian lady.

The audience around started cheering.

The fella wearing a spacesuit next to me took off his helmet, revealing his bald head. He smiled and raised his hands, reveling in the cheers of the audience.

Can anybody tell me… just what exactly is going on here?

Let me try to recall—I remember that due to the fact that we urgently needed a large sum of money recently, we accepted a risky mission at the aviation academy, that is to guide two complete newbies to operate aircraft in the sky.

As for the two rich newbies, it is said that they had never even touched a plane before but they already want to start flying in the sky. Accepting this mission was indeed putting our lives at risk.

Thereafter, from what I remember, I met up with the two newbies. One of them was a university student with a bashful smile, and the other was a handsome and charming young man.

And after that… I had no more recollection. Vaguely, it seemed as though a lot of things had happened, but I have no memory of them whatsoever, like I just woke up from slumber.

But when I opened my eyes, it was this very scene right before my eyes.

At this time, the beautiful Caucasian lady called out once again, "The other hero is… Anthony!"

"Anthony! Anthony!" the surrounding audience started cheering again… are they calling me?

I am Anthony?

This can’t be right, I am Li Xihua, the flying instructor Li Xihua!

The big problem is, my body is trembling—if I am Li Xihua, then where did Anthony go?

If I am Anthony, then why do I have Li Xihua’s memories?

"Everyone calm down, Anthony is perhaps still trying to get used to the earth’s gravitational force. It’s ok, can the staff please help him remove his helmet!" requested the bald-headed Aguero next to him.

Don’t, don’t remove my helmet! I cried out in my heart.

However, my body is too weak, I’m unable to move.

The two staff smiled and went up to me and helped me undo the connector connecting the spacesuit and the helmet before removing it.

In the next moment… everyone at the site quietened down.

Pin drop silence!

The bald man Aguero opened his mouth, what happened? The person whose helmet was removed wasn’t Anthony but another young Asian man!

What was happening? What about his fellow partner Anthony, where did Anthony go?

What exactly happened at the space station? Why didn’t he have a single memory of it?

The audience at the sides rubbed their eyes—oh God, who’d be able to tell them where did this young Asian man come from?

What about Mr. Anthony?

This pin drop silence lasted for a very long time.

After a long time, there was still not a reaction from a single soul.

Jiangshui’s Civil Aviation Training Center.

"Splat!!!" a flying instructor who was in the midst of drinking water spat out his water before choking on it, and continued coughing.

He reached out his hand and pointed at the zoomed-in face of an Asian man on the television screen.

"Li Jr! It’s Li Jr, right!? I did not recognize the wrong person, it definitely is Li Jr! That hairstyle of his was done at the hair salon two days ago with me!" said this flying instructor.

Truth to be told, nobody needed his reminder, for the flying instructors around who knew Li Jr. were already shocked. Their mouths were wide open, enough to fit a fist in them.

"What happened, why did Li Jr. appear within the Soyuz spacecraft that returned from the space station? And became a hero who had returned from space?"

"Return from space? A few hours ago, Li Jr. was just accompanying two nouveau riche to fly a helicopter, what space are you talking about?"

"Could that be Li Jr.’s distant relative? Previously, they introduced him as ‘Anthony’ or something?"

"Impossible, if Li Jr. had such a relative, how would I not know? I am his prospective future brother-in-law—I am very familiar with the relatives he has in his family!"

"It is definitely Li Jr. himself, you see the black mole under his left ear, even if he were a twin, they wouldn’t have the exact same mole, right?"

A huge commotion began in Jiangshui’s Civil Aviation Training Center, everyone started having a discussion at the same time.

Caselli also looked at the television screen; what she was thinking was much deeper than these instructors—she thought of a fella named Song Shuhang.

Before he entered the helicopter, he insisted on wearing the spacesuit.

Such an odd act, Caselli couldn’t help but to think a lot about it!

In the sky, the helicopter operated by Doudou quietly descended and the workers rushed over to provide support.

Doudou openly jumped out of the aircraft and the workers beside did not stop him. Miss Caselli instructed them before not to hurt this pekingese, and just to be careful and not allow it to come in contact with other aircraft.

Song Shuhang stood on Senior White’s flying sword, both of them were invisible. Song Shuhang’s gaze shifted to the scene broadcasted on the television in the Jiangshui’s Civil Aviation Training Center.

And, he saw instructor Li Jr’s stiff face filling the entire television screen.

Song Shuhang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry; ultimately, Senior White and he were one step behind, instructor Li Jr. had already been brought back to earth.

Venerable White pointed at instructor Li Jr. on the screen and asked, "What should we do? Save him?"

"What can we even do? We can only leave him there for the time being!" Song Shuhang secretly let out a sigh. He fished out his phone and dialed True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s number.

Very soon, True Monarch Yellow Mountain picked up the phone.

Song Shuhang said, "True Monarch, Doudou is already here."

True Monarch Yellow Mountain sighed deeply and said, "That’s good, keep an eye on him, don’t let him stir up any trouble! As for the other stuff, I will send someone to settle it; it won’t have any consequences, so you don’t have to worry."

"Also, the helicopter that we broke apart previously was tossed in the outskirts of Jiangnan City… shall I send the coordinates to you on a map?" Song Shuhang asked.

"No problem, later when the staff settles Doudou’s issue, they will also settle the helicopter problem while they are at it." True Monarch Yellow Mountain answered readily.

Based on True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s capabilities, a few minutes was good enough to settle the problems.

"And one last thing." Song Shuhang said embarrassingly, "Today, didn’t America sent the Soyuz to the space station to fetch two astronauts back…"

"The space station that both of you crashed into, right? Since you’ve already crashed into it, it’s no big deal. Nobody in the chat group invested in that space station.You can rest assured." True Monarch Yellow Mountain laughed.

"Cough, this isn’t the problem I’m about to tell you. Honestly, because of various kinds of reasons… we accidentally left the flying instructor Li Jr., who was in charge of teaching us, behind on the space station, and brought an astronaut named ‘Anthony’, who was originally in the space station, back with us. Right now, it is being broadcasted live on television—instructor Li Jr. was mistaken as an astronaut and got brought to America. He is being interviewed at the moment." Song Shuhang forced a laugh.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain on the end of the line rubbed his face with all his might.

Wasn’t every single one of them too good at getting into trouble?

Not only did he stir trouble all the way to the space station, he also stirred trouble all the way back on earth—on the other side, in America.

For some reason, recently, he kept having a nagging feeling that his fellow daoist friends’ abilities to stir trouble were topping one another.

His head hurt; and liver too!

"What about that Instructor Li Jr. now?" True Monarch Yellow Mountain sighed.

"The live broadcast showed that he is still sitting on the chair, looking as though he’s about to cry. Oh… seems like someone is coming over to pick him up. It’s hard to tell whether it’s FBI or CIA, I couldn’t see clearly." Song Shuhang said weakly.

"You guys wait, I’ll get people to come pick you guys up. Right now, the guy called "Anthony" is still with you, right? I will contact a friend and get Instructor Li Jr. in exchange. But, perhaps it’s gonna take a few days."

"Sorry to cause you such inconvenience," said Song Shuhang apologetically.

"It was also hard on you." True Monarch Yellow Mountain encouraged Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang looked at the television screen… Hopefully Instructor Li Jr. returns home safely after being taken away. It was said that Americans’ taste was very unique, and Instructor Li Jr. was quite good-looking—which bode ill for his chastity.

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